Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.







Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), or (C) on your answer sheet.

7. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

8. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

9. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

10. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

11. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

15. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

16. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

20. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

21. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

22. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

25. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

27. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

30. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

31. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

32.  Why did the man call?

        (A) To find out when the doctor is available

        (B) To cancel an appointment

        (C) To report an emergency

        (D) To take a special exam

33.  What does the woman offer to do for the caller?

        (A) Contact the doctor for him.

        (B) Review some medical record

        (C) Assign him to a different project

        (D) Reschedule his appointment

34.  Why does the man decide to call her back later?

        (A) He needs to wait for a call from his company.

        (B) He needs directions to the doctor’s office.

        (C) He wants to stay in Asia longer.

        (D) He does not know when he will be free.

35.  What is stated about Ms. Long?

        (A) She is looking for a job overseas.

        (B) She has been recently promoted.

        (C) She has traveled overseas a lot.

        (D) She is moving into a new house.

36.  What will Ms. Long need to do?

        (A) Make a presentation to the board

        (B) Train new staff

        (C) Work for public relations

        (D) Hire new employees

37.  What does the woman say about her friend Elliot?

        (A) He is a marketing expert.

        (B) He has a lot of experience.

        (C) He will be interested in the job.

        (D) He is from France.

38.  According to the speakers, what is the problem with the television?

        (A) The product is broken.

        (B) The shipment is incomplete.

        (C) The order was sent to a wrong place.

        (D) The wrong computer model was sent.

39.  What does the man recommend doing?

        (A) Buying another remote control

        (B) Complaining to the manager

        (C) Finding a receipt

        (D) Checking the list

40.  What time does the store close?

        (A) At 1 o’clock

        (B) At 5 o’clock

        (C) At 6 o’clock

        (D) At 7 o’clock

41.  What problem are they talking about?

        (A) Their business received customer complaints.

        (B) Their business is out of supplies.

        (C) A shipment of merchandise has been delayed.

        (D) Some employees are not available for consultation.

42.  What does the man say he will do this afternoon?

        (A) Place an order

        (B) Meet with a supervisor

        (C) Update a database

        (D) Call up a technician

43.  What is the man asked to do immediately?

        (A) Create an inventory list

        (B) Update the work schedule

        (C) Unpack some boxes

        (D) Go to a store

44.  Why does the woman want to talk to Mr. Gonzales?

        (A) To inquire about his former colleague

        (B) To confirm the time of an interview

        (C) To introduce him to new employees

        (D) To invite him to a sales conference

45.  What will the woman do tomorrow morning?

        (A) Accept a job offer

        (B) Meet with Mr. Gonzales

        (C) Arrange a travel plan

        (D) Interview an applicant

46.  What does the man offer to do?

        (A) Give Mr. Gonzales’ number

        (B) Stop by at the woman’s office

        (C) Email the information

        (D) Have someone call her

47.  What are the speakers discussing?

        (A) Attending a seminar

        (B) Trying food from other countries

        (C) Scheduling a flight

        (D) Entertaining a visitor

48.  What does the Raymond Adams plan to do Friday afternoon?

        (A) Attend a lecture

        (B) Visit his relatives

        (C) Meet with his partner

        (D) Plan for the next trip

49.  What will the speakers probably do on Friday evening?

        (A) Visit an art museum

        (B) Attend a theatric performance

        (C) Have a business meeting

        (D) Eat at a restaurant

50.  What does the man imply when he says, “Do you have any problems using our service”?

        (A) He wants to change his mobile phone service.

        (B) His company recently moved into a new place.

        (C) He thinks she might not be satisfied with his company.

        (D) He has the same problem before.

51.  What has recently happened to the woman?

        (A) She relocated to a new place.

        (B) She got promoted at her company.

        (C) She found a better company to do business with.

        (D) She misplaced her phone and lost track of it.

52.  What does the man offer to do?

        (A) Meet the woman in person

        (B) Send another bill to the address

        (C) Provide a special coupon for her

        (D) Waive some fees

53.  What are the speakers mainly discussing?

        (A) Ways to reduce a travel budget

        (B) Possible locations for a conference

        (C) Whom they should take to the event

        (D) Plans for an upcoming business trip

54.  What problem do the speakers have?

        (A) Their business cards didn’t arrive.

        (B) The reservation was made on the wrong date.

        (C) The transportation arrangements are not complete.

        (D) Some of the conference materials are not ready.

55.  What does the woman suggest they do?

        (A) Contact a hotel

        (B) Cancel the order

        (C) Postpone a decision

        (D) Reserve an extra space

56.  What are the speakers discussing?

        (A) Starting new employment

        (B) Relocating to a new place

        (C) Interviewing potential employees

        (D) Scheduling a lunch appointment

57.  What does the man mean when he says, “I don’t mind working late as long as the pay is competitive”?

        (A) He used to work at the competitor’s company.

        (B) He wants to receive a high salary.

        (C) He doesn’t like to work overtime.

        (D) His work hours are pretty flexible.

58.  When was the man’s interview?

        (A) Yesterday

        (B) Last week

        (C) Two weeks ago

        (D) Two months ago

59.  What does the man ask the woman to do?

        (A) Wear safety gears

        (B) Check a procedure

        (C) Find some data

        (D) Hire some temporary workers

60.  Why is the woman unable to help?

        (A) She is conducting an experiment.

        (B) She is delivering a speech at the meeting.

        (C) She is packing some materials.

        (D) She needs to complete a data entry.

61.  What does the woman say she will do tomorrow?

        (A) Meet with a researcher

        (B) Give presentation in front of the board

        (C) Help the man with the test

        (D) Begin writing a new report

62.  What are the speakers talking about?

        (A) Latest news from a magazine

        (B) Price estimate for a job

        (C) Features of two products

        (D) Standards of quality control

63.  Look at the graphic. Which model will the man be likely to purchase?

        (A) PX 40

        (B) PX 50

        (C) PX 70

        (D) Wait for a new model

64.  What will the woman probably do next?

        (A) She will talk with the manager.

        (B) She will demonstrate the printer.

        (C) She will find a box of product from a stockroom.

        (D) She will receive the payment from the man.

65.  Where does the man most likely work?

        (A) At a local restaurant

        (B) At a shipping company

        (C) At a furniture store

        (D) At an assembly factory

66.  Look at the graphic. What is the woman missing?

        (A) Part A

        (B) Part B

        (C) Part C

        (D) Assembly instructions

67.  What does the man offer to do?

        (A) Cancel the original order

        (B) Arrange a delivery

        (C) Provide some assembly instructions

        (D) Take the woman to the store

68.  What business does the woman work for?

        (A) A magazine publisher

        (B) A vehicle manufacturer

        (C) An advertising firm

        (D) A professional research center

69.  Why has there been some delay?

        (A) They had to modify the initial prototypes.

        (B) The research costed more than expected.

        (C) Communicating in global environment was difficult.

        (D) Some machinery in the factory malfunctioned.

70.  Look at the graphic. Which date is no longer accurate?

        (A) Feb 15th

        (B) April 1st

        (C) May 1st

        (D) May 15th

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

71.  What is the main purpose of this announcement?

        (A) To encourage people to visit an exhibit

        (B) To introduce a gift idea

        (C) To inform extended hours

        (D) To announce a closing time

72.  When will the gift shop in the museum close?

        (A) At 4:00

        (B) At 4:10

        (C) At 5:00

        (D) At 5:10

73.  What will happen next month?

        (A) A new exhibit will be held.

        (B) A coat room will be added.

        (C) Online registration service will begin.

        (D) A section will be closed for renovation.

74.  What is this announcement about?

        (A) A change in security practice

        (B) An ordering procedure for new equipment

        (C) A plan to evaluate factory’s employees

        (D) A schedule for the regular inspection

75.  According to the announcement, why should some employees go to the security office?

        (A) To pick up an instruction booklet

        (B) To register the new program

        (C) To get an identification badge

        (D) To receive orientation materials

76.  What does the man imply when he says, “call your department to clear your ID”?

        (A) Call an emergency hot line for information.

        (B) The department store is out of inventory.

        (C) You cannot access the building without an ID.

        (D) Employees should keep their IDs at their offices.

77.  What is the purpose of this talk?

        (A) To introduce an instruction video

        (B) To promote a new product

        (C) To change the order she had placed

        (D) To welcome a group of new employees

78.  What will the listeners be reviewing?

        (A) Detailed terms of a contract

        (B) Specific images they have gathered

        (C) Many helpful online sites

        (D) Various functions of a camera

79.  What are the listeners asked to do?

        (A) Carry the handbook all the time

        (B) Sign up at the online site

        (C) Explore the functions on their own

        (D) Send the images to their company

80.  What is the purpose of the speech?

        (A) To welcome new employees

        (B) To inform a schedule change

        (C) To present an employee award

        (D) To report company’s successful year

81.  What kind of company does the speaker probably work for?

        (A) An advertising agency

        (B) An airline company

        (C) A soft drinks company

        (D) An accounting firm

82.  What does the woman imply when she says, “helped a lot to increase our clients’ sales”?

        (A) They used to work at the clients’ companies.

        (B) The commercials for the clients were effective.

        (C) Creativity is the most important factor in the advertisement.

        (D) Ms. Wilson will become an executive of this company soon.

83.  What type of event does Stewards Food specialize in?

        (A) Outdoor events

        (B) Corporate functions

        (C) International business

        (D) Family celebrations

84.  What is available on the Stewards Food’s website?

        (A) Chef’s contact information

        (B) Pictures of the service staff

        (C) Price estimates for various functions

        (D) Sample menus for the event

85. According to the advertisement, how can listeners request a price estimate?

        (A) By linking to a website

        (B) By calling a catering specialist

        (C) By sending the request form by fax

        (D) By contacting the person in charge

86.  Where does the caller probably work?

        (A) At a print shop.

        (B) At an art gallery

        (C) At a publishing company

        (D) At a bookstore

87.  What is the message concerned about?

        (A) Ordering more products

        (B) Handling customer complaints

        (C) Setting up a new display

        (D) Writing an article for the next month’s issue

88.  What does the caller ask Amy to do?

        (A) Keep a detailed record

        (B) Locate a missing item

        (C) Create a work schedule

        (D) Contact customers for an input

89.  Where are the listeners?

        (A) At a technical training

        (B) At an auto maker’s conference

        (C) On an assembly floor

        (D) At an annual sales seminar

90.  What is the purpose of the talk?

        (A) To explain today’s schedule

        (B) To inform changes in the program

        (C) To get a discount coupon for an item

        (D) To promote new electronic equipment

91.  What does the woman mean when she says, “The outer appearance can be customized”?

        (A) Customers buy products solely depend on its appearance.

        (B) There will be extra charges for changing the outer designs.

        (C) The products could look different from one another.

        (D) The company is the only one which offers this kind of premium service.

92.  Who is Mark Planko?

        (A) A radio show host

        (B) A news reporter

        (C) A psychologist

        (D) A company executive

93.  What will be the main subject of the program?

        (A) An advertising technique

        (B) A new radio program

        (C) New writing technique

        (D) New product campaign

94.  What did Mark Planko do recently?

        (A) He launched a new product.

        (B) He got an award for his advertisement.

        (C) He published some research.

        (D) He traveled around the world.

95.  What kind of business does the speaker work for?

        (A) A restaurant chain

        (B) A marketing research firm

        (C) A cleaning service

        (D) An assembly factory

96.  Look at the graphic. What does the speaker want to discuss with the listeners?

        (A) Quality

        (B) Customer service

        (C) Price

        (D) Atmosphere

97.  What will Mr. Bones do?

        (A) Survey the customers again

        (B) Calculate where the money is leaking

        (C) Locate an unprofitable branch

        (D) Create a detailed report

98.  Look at the graphic. Which company will have the biggest market share next month?

        (A) Newswide

        (B) Daily Globe

        (C) Sunnydale

        (D) Starlight Magazine

99.  Who is Jack Johnson?

        (A) A company executive

        (B) A newspaper editor

        (C) A mayor of the city

        (D) A radio reporter

100. What event took place this morning?

        (A) A news conference was held.

        (B) A merger contract was signed.

        (C) The president made a special announcement.

        (D) They moved into a new headquarters building.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1. (B)     2. (B)     3. (C)     4. (D)     5. (B)

6. (D)     7. (C)     8. (B)     9. (A)     10. (A)

11. (C)     12. (B)     13. (C)     14. (A)     15. (A)

16. (C)     17. (A)     18. (C)     19. (B)     20. (B)

21. (B)     22. (C)     23. (B)     24. (A)     25. (C)

26. (C)     27. (C)     28. (B)     29. (C)     30. (A)

31. (C)     32. (B)     33. (D)     34. (D)     35. (B)

36. (D)     37. (C)     38. (B)     39. (D)     40. (C)

41. (B)     42. (A)     43. (D)     44. (A)     45. (D)

46. (D)     47. (D)     48. (C)     49. (D)     50. (C)

51. (A)     52. (D)     53. (D)     54. (C)     55. (A)

56. (A)     57. (B)     58. (D)     59. (B)     60. (D)

61. (A)     62. (C)     63. (A)     64. (C)     65. (C)

66. (C)     67. (B)     68. (B)     69. (C)     70. (B)

71. (D)     72. (C)     73. (A)     74. (A)     75. (C)

76. (C)     77. (A)     78. (D)     79. (B)     80. (C)

81. (A)     82. (B)     83. (B)     84. (D)     85. (A)

86. (D)     87. (C)     88. (A)     89. (B)     90. (D)

91. (C)     92. (C)     93. (A)     94. (C)     95. (A)

96. (B)     97. (D)     98. (C)     99. (D)     100. (A)