Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.







Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), or (C) on your answer sheet.

7. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

8. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

9. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

10. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

11. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

15. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

16. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

20. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

21. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

22. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

25. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

27. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

30. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

31. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

32.  What are the speakers discussing?

        (A) Looking for a job

        (B) Designing a website

        (C) Finding a place to live

        (D) Maintaining a personal relationship

33.  What problem does the woman mention?

        (A) Unfriendly landlord

        (B) Small space

        (C) Long commute

        (D) High prices

34.  What will the woman most likely do next?

        (A) Talk to a leasing agent

        (B) Call the man’s friends

        (C) Hire some professional help

        (D) Consult some websites

35.  What does Marianne want to discuss with Mr. Ford?

        (A) The details of an order

        (B) The designs of a catalog

        (C) A schedule change

        (D) Upcoming business meetings

36.  Why is Mr. Ford unavailable at this time?

        (A) He’s out of town.

        (B) He has a doctor’s appointment.

        (C) He’s helping other customers.

        (D) He has left work for the day.

37.  What does the man ask Marianne to do?

        (A) Provide information on her preferences

        (B) Look at the product brochures

        (C) Modify the design to show the company logo

        (D) Pay for the business cards she ordered

38.  What are the speakers discussing?

        (A) Reservation for a hotel

        (B) Donation to a charity

        (C) A famous performer

        (D) Plan for the weekend

39.  Who is the woman scheduled to meet?

        (A) A band member

        (B) A relative

        (C) An overseas sales associate

        (D) A travel agent

40.  What does the man offer to find out?

        (A) Arrival time of a plane

        (B) Location of the concert

        (C) Price for a trip

        (D) Ticket availability

41.  What is the purpose of the call?

        (A) To check the status of his order

        (B) To order more products

        (C) To find out prices of new glasses

        (D) To get an accurate estimate of a job

42.  What is the problem with the product?

        (A) Its price has increased.

        (B) It has been shipped to a wrong place.

        (C) It’s unavailable at the moment.

        (D) They offer special prices online.

43.  What will the woman do next?

        (A) Order glasses for him

        (B) Cancel the previous order

        (C) Send out the shipment

        (D) Log on to a computer

44.  Where does this conversation take place?

        (A) At an office

        (B) At the airport

        (C) At a taxi stand

        (D) At a bus terminal

45.  Why does the man want to leave early?

        (A) He likes to get on the plane early.

        (B) He doesn’t like to hurry at the last minute.

        (C) He’s afraid the traffic will be bad.

        (D) He wants to try a new way to the airport.

46.  What will the woman do next?

        (A) Check the airline information

        (B) Log on to the Internet

        (C) Contact a travel agency

        (D) Change the flight schedule

47.  Why does the woman say, “I’m back today with my receipt to clear things up”?

        (A) She wants to obtain a refund.

        (B) She’s here to purchase new books.

        (C) She’s already talked with the manager.

        (D) She is complaining about the product quality.

48.  What does the woman notice while she is in the store?

        (A) Merchandize has been rearranged.

        (B) Only a few cashiers are on duty.

        (C) The store is unusually crowded.

        (D) A new section of the store has opened.

49.  What is being offered today?

        (A) A signed copy of a best-selling book

        (B) A free beverage for all customers

        (C) A discount coupon for a future purchase

        (D) A complimentary piece of cake

50.  Where most likely do the speakers work?

        (A) At a community park

        (B) At a gift shop

        (C) At a bicycle store

        (D) At a travel agency

51.  Why did the woman change a plan?

        (A) A tour guide is unavailable.

        (B) A location is too far.

        (C) The facility is closed.

        (D) The admission fee is too expensive.

52.  What does the woman suggest?

        (A) Talking to some customers

        (B) Finding a new employee

        (C) Providing a handout

        (D) Changing the bikes

53.  What message does the woman give the man?

        (A) A document is needed.

        (B) A supervisor is not available.

        (C) The construction is behind schedule.

        (D) A meeting has to be held.

54.  What was recently updated?

        (A) A contact list

        (B) Budget figures

        (C) A building plan

        (D) Construction equipment

55.  What does the woman offer?

        (A) She would call the supervisor.

        (B) She would write the report.

        (C) She would postpone the construction.

        (D) She would make a delivery.

56.  What does woman imply when she says, “We will have so much more customers”?

        (A) Customers will like the new book.

        (B) The discount sale will take place soon.

        (C) The relocation will help the business.

        (D) The woman likes to shop at his store.

57.  What is the man concerned about?

        (A) Reducing operating costs

        (B) Completing the work in time

        (C) Ordering new books for business

        (D) Hiring maintenance staff

58.  What will happen next week?

        (A) A new manager will come.

        (B) Customers can order products.

        (C) New furniture will be delivered.

        (D) A new store will open.

59.  What is the purpose of the call?

        (A) To attract more customers

        (B) To promote an upcoming event

        (C) To offer an cost estimate

        (D) To raise money for a project

60.  What would the library like to do?

        (A) Survey its members

        (B) Hold special workshops

        (C) Buy more books

        (D) Expand its facility

61.  What does the man mean when he says, “it’s important to support the community projects”?

        (A) He will donate some money for a cause.

        (B) He used to work at the library.

        (C) He has children of his own.

        (D) He will write a book about the story.

62.  What is the conversation mainly about?

        (A) Launching a new product

        (B) A training schedule

        (C) A possible business deal

        (D) An employee evaluation

63.  What will happen later this week?

        (A) A procedure will be reviewed.

        (B) A public announcement will be made.

        (C) They will be moving into a new building.

        (D) New employees will be hired.

64.  What new task might the speakers be responsible for?

        (A) Negotiating contract terms

        (B) Making production manuals

        (C) Arranging press conferences

        (D) Holding training sessions

65. What does the man want to purchase?

        (A) A television set

        (B) A cellular phone

        (C) A briefcase

        (D) A phone card

66.  Why does the woman recommend Ericsson Store?

        (A) It carries on the products from major manufacturers.

        (B) It is close to the office.

        (C) The prices are reasonable.

        (D) The staff members are dependable.

67.  Look at the graphic. Which exit should the man take to get to Ericsson Store?

        (A) Exit 11

        (B) Exit 12

        (C) Exit 13

        (D) Exit 14

68.  What does the man ask the woman to do?

        (A) Purchase the newspaper subscription

        (B) Make arrangements for a meeting

        (C) Increase the length of an article

        (D) Correct a mistake in a document

69.  Look at the graphic. Which article’s deadline will be changed?

        (A) The Presidential Candidates

        (B) Smart Money

        (C) Nature Walk in New Zealand

        (D) TECH Gizmo

70.  What does the woman say she will give to the man?

        (A) An itinerary

        (B) Customer survey results

        (C) Notes from a meeting

        (D) Ideas for future articles

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

71.  What is being advertised?

        (A) A cleaning device

        (B) Magazi0e subscription

        (C) Office supplies

        (D) A ticket outlet

72.  Where was the product recently featured?

        (A) In a newspaper

        (B) In a promotional flyer

        (C) In a professional magazine

        (D) In a company newsletter

73.  What is offered today?

        (A) Extra dust bags

        (B) Free deliver service

        (C) Personal consultation

        (D) A discounted price

74.  Why is this announcement being made?

        (A) Passengers cannot find right trains.

        (B) Special promotion is being announced.

        (C) Some transportation will be delayed for a while.

        (D) A maintenance job will be conducted.

75.  What should listeners do at East river Street Station?

        (A) Change trains

        (B) Receive special vouchers

        (C) Exit the station

        (D) Find the conductor

76.  Why are the listeners asked to go to the customer service desk?

        (A) To get a map of train lines

        (B) To pick up their luggage

        (C) To buy tickets to the next destination

        (D) To receive a transfer coupon

77.  Where is this speech probably being given?

        (A) At a product demonstration

        (B) At a shareholders’ meeting

        (C) At a retirement dinner

        (D) At a customer appreciation banquet

78.  What has Doug done for the last 5 years?

        (A) He increased the company sales.

        (B) He reduced the expenses.

        (C) He consulted many clients.

        (D) He developed a new program.

79.  What will Doug Hanson do next month?

        (A) Travel around the world

        (B) Come back and visit his colleagues

        (C) Run his own business

        (D) Start a part-time job

80.  What does the speaker indicate about the software?

        (A) It’s been introduced to the market before.

        (B) It does not have any difficult functions.

        (C) It was developed by an overseas office.

        (D) Customers would be interested in buying it.

81.  What will the listeners learn to do first today?

        (A) Communicate with each other

        (B) Enter the data into the system

        (C) Mail the letters to customers

        (D) Sort the information into different groups

82.  According to the speaker, what should listeners do if they have problems?

        (A) Call the man

        (B) Refer to the manual

        (C) Check the website

        (D) Contact the help center

83.  What is the purpose of this telephone message?

        (A) To inquire about the food order

        (B) To suggest a new book for the meeting

        (C) To notify a member of a change

        (D) To introduce a new member to the club

84.  What does the woman mean when she says, “sorry for the confusion”?

        (A) She’s sorry to change the book of the discussion.

        (B) She was confused about the direction she got before.

        (C) She had to change the venue because of her personal reason.

        (D) She’s late for the meeting and wants to make up for it.

85.  What can be inferred about John Faulkner?

        (A) He is a new member.

        (B) He will be at the meeting.

        (C) He has a house in the area.

        (D) He writes stories.

86.  What type of company does the speaker work for?

        (A) A news station

        (B) An advertising company

        (C) An automobile manufacturer

        (D) A certified dealership

87.  Why is the speaker contacting Mr. Norris?

        (A) To encourage him to buy a new product

        (B) To offer him a special deal

        (C) To ask him to participate in a discussion

        (D) To provide him with more information about the meeting

88.  What is Mr. Norris asked to do by Friday?

        (A) Submit a payment

        (B) Visit a website

        (C) Mail a registration form

        (D) Return a phone call

89.  Where does the speaker say Bestville Complex is located?

        (A) In a downtown neighborhood

        (B) Close to a shopping mall

        (C) Next to a public transportation

        (D) Near a famous mountain

90.  What does the man imply when he says, “These new updated units are available”?

        (A) They have just built a new apartment complex.

        (B) Some units have been remodeled.

        (C) They are selling appliances at the lowest prices.

        (D) Some information was printed incorrectly.

91.  According to the speaker, what is free for all residents of Bestville Complex?

        (A) A storage space

        (B) Free Internet access

        (C) A swimming facility

        (D) Parking spaces

92.  Where does the speaker work?

        (A) An architectural firm

        (B) A restaurant

        (C) A tourist center

        (D) A convention center

93.  What is the speaker mainly discussing?

        (A) Hosting a big scale banquet

        (B) Organizing an international convention

        (C) Renovating a property

        (D) Relocating to a new facility

94.  Look at the graphic. How long will the duration for Carpets & Vinyl floor?

        (A) Two days

        (B) Three days

        (C) Four days

        (D) Five days

95.  Where would you hear this message?

        (A) At a new employees’ workshop

        (B) In a language classroom

        (C) At a press conference

        (D) At a local job fair

96.  What is the purpose of the talk?

        (A) To inform participants of a closing

        (B) To sort people into different groups

        (C) To warn employees about a possible danger

        (D) To show the features of a product

97.  Look at the graphic. How much would a participant with a flyer pay for M-Pro Intensive?

        (A) $ 60.00

        (B) $ 80.00

        (C) $ 90.00

        (D) $ 100.00

98.  What did the speaker review yesterday?

        (A) Product samples

        (B) An advertising proposal

        (C) Some sales data

        (D) A new website

99.  Look at the graphic. Which item was most loved by health conscious customers?

        (A) Yogurt and Sherbet

        (B) Fish fillet

        (C) Meat dish

        (D) Veggie platter

100. What is the purpose of the survey?

        (A) To determine customer interest in new products

        (B) To identify the market for frozen food

        (C) To find the best way to attract new customers

        (D) To ask about the recent sales experience

Answer Key

Answer Key

1. (D)     2. (B)     3. (D)     4. (B)     5. (C)

6. (C)     7. (A)     8. (B)     9. (A)     10. (C)

11. (B)     12. (A)     13. (A)     14. (C)     15. (A)

16. (C)     17. (B)     18. (B)     19. (A)     20. (B)

21. (A)     22. (C)     23. (B)     24. (C)     25. (A)

26. (A)     27. (B)     28. (C)     29. (B)     30. (A)

31. (C)     32. (C)     33. (D)     34. (D)     35. (A)

36. (D)     37. (A)     38. (D)     39. (B)     40. (D)

41. (A)     42. (C)     43. (D)     44. (A)     45. (C)

46. (B)     47. (A)     48. (D)     49. (B)     50. (C)

51. (B)     52. (C)     53. (A)     54. (C)     55. (D)

56. (C)     57. (B)     58. (D)     59. (D)     60. (D)

61. (A)     62. (C)     63. (B)     64. (D)     65. (B)

66. (C)     67. (B)     68. (C)     69. (C)     70. (D)

71. (A)     72. (C)     73. (D)     74. (C)     75. (A)

76. (D)     77. (C)     78. (B)     79. (D)     80. (C)

81. (B)     82. (D)     83. (C)     84. (C)     85. (D)

86. (B)     87. (C)     88. (D)     89. (D)     90. (B)

91. (C)     92. (A)     93. (C)     94. (C)     95. (D)

96. (D)     97. (C)     98. (C)     99. (D)     100. (A)