Part 1

1.    (A) A man is looking at the monitors.

        (B) A man is pushing a cart.

        (C) A man is holding a map.

        (D) A man is talking over the phone.

2.    (A) They are shopping for home appliances.

        (B) The woman is carrying the basket around the market.

        (C) Various types of clothes are on display at a store.

        (D) The indoor market is selling a variety of products.

3.    (A) There are several people riding motorcycles.

        (B) There are some children playing in a square.

        (C) The area is rocky and dry.

        (D) Some children are leaning against the statue.

4.    (A) The vehicles are being towed on the road.

        (B) The traffic on the street is very heavy.

        (C) Vehicles are parked in the outdoor parking lot.

        (D) A car has been placed on the truck.

5.    (A) There is a bridge across the river.

        (B) The buildings are reflected in the water.

        (C) Many boats are in the river.

        (D) People are walking beside the river.

6.    (A) Many tall buildings line the street.

        (B) The city has many buildings for sale.

        (C) The buildings are all the same size.

        (D) The buildings are crowded with people.

Part 2

7. When does the product demonstration begin?

        (A) No, the next station. ·

        (B) In two hours.

        (C) The conference room down the hall.

8. What’s the due date for the job application?

        (A) No, I don’t.

        (B) By the end of the month.

        (C) Only there.

9. Where’s the platform for the express train for Berlin?

        (A) It’s raining in Berlin.

        (B) On the left side.

        (C) In half an hour.

10. Is the hiking trail still closed, or has it reopened?

        (A) I have no idea.

        (B) Every morning.

        (C) It’s close to the bank.

11. Didn’t you contact the service center about repairing the copier?

        (A) A new high-speed copier.

        (B) Yes, a technician is on the way.

        (C) It’s in the contract.

12. Who would you like to speak to?

        (A) I’m trying to reach the regional manager.

        (B) A short speech.

        (C) I’d like a menu, please.

13. Could you do me a favor?

        (A) I’d be happy to.

        (B) It’s one of my favorite dishes.

        (C) It’s not very good.

14. John, there’s a phone message for you in the office.

        (A) No, it’s warm.

        (B) Who is it from?

        (C) At five thirty.

15. Where did Mr. Herman leave the fabric samples?

        (A) Tomorrow morning.

        (B) It’s really soft.

        (C) He gave them to me.

16. We haven’t missed the bus, have we?

        (A) No, it’s not expensive.

        (B) He’s been gone since last week.

        (C) I’m afraid it left just a minute ago.

17. This coffee maker is perfect for the office.

        (A) How much does it cost?

        (B) Three copies will be enough.

        (C) About five percent.

18. Why don’t we meet in a good restaurant after work?

        (A) Okay, what about Morton’s Steakhouse?

        (B) Great. It’s still the lunch time.

        (C) My apartment is in the city.

19. Is this your first visit to New York?

        (A) Yes, we’ve never been here before.

        (B) No, the second one from the right.

        (C) She promised she’d be on time.

20. Who handles complaints regarding product defects?

        (A) We send our products by air.

        (B) Mr. Marshall likely does.

        (C) The little one with handles.

21. Why is Ms. Moreno taking another job?

        (A) It’s already taken.

        (B) Another one will.

        (C) She’s been offered better pay.

22. How many people are attending the trade conference in Paris?

        (A) It tends to be.

        (B) We have good trade relations.

        (C) About seven hundred signed up.

23. I wonder why Ms. Shiroto left a message with the receptionist.

        (A) On Thursday at 2 o’clock.

        (B) Because she lost her cell-phone with your number in it.

        (C) No thanks, I don’t need it.

24. Shouldn’t we start advertising the new location of the office?

        (A) We start work every day at 9 A.M.

        (B) Let’s start by sending e-mails to our customers.

        (C) Yes, I really like the new location.

25. Haven’t you taken the training course before?

        (A) Yes, it was a long time ago.

        (B) You were in the same train with me.

        (C) I didn’t take all the brochures for the course.

26. Hello, are there any seats available for the 2 o’clock train to Brighton?

        (A) Let me check.

        (B) The seats are comfortable.

        (C) Yes, it’s very bright in here.

27. Could you come to my office before you leave?

        (A) I’m not sure. She hasn’t come in yet.

        (B) Yes, I’m planning to take a leave of absence this month.

        (C) Sure, I’m on my way out now.

28. When do you expect the proposal to be approved?

        (A) Very soon, I think.

        (B) She proposed a great idea.

        (C) Yes, things should improve.

29. We can’t drive to Calgary in this weather, can we?

        (A) I don’t know whether he will come.

        (B) Let’s see if the sky clears up.

        (C) On the top shelf near the back.

30. How many hours should we bill Rivera Export for the market research project?

        (A) I worked on it for six full weeks.

        (B) The stock market opens at 10.

        (C) Exports went up last month.

31. Would you like for me to print out the document or shall I send it to you by e-mail?

        (A) Yes, I went to the Vision Screen.

        (B) I’d like you to send it to me.

        (C) It’s a very old printer.

Part 3

Questions 32-34 refer to the following conversation.

W   Hello, welcome to Sunrise Enterprise. May I help you, please?

M    Yes. I’m here for an appointment with Kevin Monty at 2:30.

W   Okay, sir. One moment please, while I contact Mr. Monty on the fifth floor. Who should I tell him is here?

M    Oh, I am Robert Carlson. I have an interview for the management position.

Questions 35-37 refer to the following conversation.

W   Good morning Mr. Rash, this is Jenny Smith calling from Backpack Travel. I was wondering if you were still interested in the discounted tickets for the flight to Seoul. Today is the last day they’re on sale.

M    Right, thank you for calling, Ms. Smith. But you know what? I’m really busy at the moment, so can I get back to you in the afternoon to talk about that?

W   Of course. I’ll be at my office until 5 P.M. Be sure to call today, because tomorrow, the offer will be gone.

M    I will. I’m definitely interested. You’ll hear from me around 3 P.M.

Questions 38-40 refer to the following conversation.

W   There’s a bunch of customers waiting to order food, and I can’t find all the menus. Where have you been?

M    Oh, I was in the kitchen adjusting the changed main menu for today. I brought back all the menus with me.

W   Okay, good. And do me a favor and bring some water and napkins to the customer at table 5.

M    Sure. I’ll take care of that.

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.

W   Thank you for calling Alberta Electricity Company. How can I help you?

M    Hello, I have a question about my electric bill for this month. My air conditioner usage hasn’t changed recently, but the charges seem much higher this time.

W   It might be that the electric rates went up in your area, but let me look at your customer record to be sure. What’s the customer number?

M    It’s 30204. I live in Calgary.

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.

M    Excuse me, ma’am. I don’t have an umbrella with me, and I just heard on the news that it’ll be raining the next few days. Are there any shops in the building where I can buy an umbrella?

W   Of course. You can find a hotel gift shop on the B1 floor. It usually opens at 10 A.M.

M    All right, thanks. I should stop by there after breakfast then.

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.

W   Hi, come and get free tickets for this evening’s performance, here at the Main Theater!

M    Free tickets? Wow, what kind of performance is it?

W   The actors from the City Culture Center are performing a play. They’ve really rehearsed a lot for this event. It’s going to be fantastic!

M    It sure sounds like it. Can I get two tickets, please? I want to come with my wife.

Questions 50-52 refer to the following conversation with three speakers.

W     I went to check on the construction this morning, and I became a little worried.

M1   Why? What happened?

W     I don’t think your crew has made much progress on my restaurant.

M2   Well, we are a little behind schedule at the moment due to the rain throughout last week. But we expect all the work to be done on time.

W     You know, the grand opening will be on July 12th, so I was thinking about having all the kitchen supplies arrive at least by the end of June.

M1   That’s not going to be a problem. Even if there’s more rain coming up, we will have the building ready by the beginning of June at the latest.

M2   That’s right! Don’t worry.

Questions 53-55 refer to the following conversation.

W    Will Eddie be back from his trip before the general staff meeting on Tuesday?

M    He said he will arrive Tuesday night, so he won’t be back at the office until Wednesday. Do you think we should reschedule the meeting?

W    No, I don’t think that’s necessary. I can review the final report with him when he gets back.

M    Great!

Questions 56-58 refer to the following conversation.

W    Hi, I’m Susan Lyle at the Publication Department. Could you check to see if there’s a package for me?

M    Let me check, Ms. Lyle.

W    It should have been delivered this morning.

M    Uh, I’m afraid I can’t find anything here delivered to you.

W    Then could you try finding it under the name Irene Somers, my assistant? It’s probably in a big box. I ordered some ink cartridges and a bunch of printing paper.

M    Oh, yes. There’s a package for Ms. Somers. I’ll be distributing all the morning mail in about five minutes. You will get your supplies soon.

Questions 59-61 refer to the following conversation.

M    Karen, do you happen to know where today’s paper is? I left it on this table this morning.

W   I think somebody took it to the guest lounge.

M    I have to take another look at an advertisement.

W   What advertisement do you need?

M    Well, I am thinking of buying a home theater set for my sister, and I think I saw a 30% off ad in the paper.

W   I know what you’re talking about, I saw that too. But it’s 30 dollars off, not percent. I can give you a list of websites that offer better deals if you want.

Questions 62-64 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hey, Jennifer. Have you decided about going to the movies with me tonight?

W    Yes, I did, and I don’t think I can go. My sister Maggie is coming to stay with me today, and we want to try dinner at the new Italian restaurant downtown. How about going with us?

M    Well, I’d love to. Did you make a reservation?

W    I was actually about to. I heard that the place is really expensive and also very popular.

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation and schedule.

M    Hi, I want to know your business hours. Does the bank open on weekends, as well?

W   We’re closed on Sundays. But on Saturdays, we open at 9 A.M. and close at 3 P.M., which is earlier than weekdays.

M    Oh, okay. If I arrive at around 4:30 tomorrow afternoon, can I open a new bank account?

W   Of course. Sometimes, it’s very crowded though.

M    And does it usually take long to open a new account?

W   It depends. Usually it takes about thirty minutes, but if you bring a downloaded application form all filled out before the visit, it can save some time. You can download it from our website. Oh, and you must bring some identification.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation and schedule.

M    Hello, Ms. Jefferson. This is Mike, at Bluebird Supplies. I want to schedule a delivery for the office furniture you ordered last week.

W   Wow, already? That’s good news. Let me check the calendar. Today is Monday, September 12th. We have a big meeting this Friday, and we would like to use the new tables and chairs. When should I make the total payment?

M    That can wait for a while. Fortunately, we got most of the products you ordered earlier than scheduled, except for the desk lamp. You can make the final payment when the lamp arrives next week.

W   Perfect! Thank you.

Part 4

Questions 71-73 refer to the following voice mail message.

This is Monica from Dr. Rickman’s office. I’m calling to confirm your doctor’s appointment for Tuesday, August 10th at a o’clock. You’re scheduled for a routine checkup including a blood test. Because of the blood test, I should remind you not to eat or drink anything after 10 P.M. the night before. We look forward to seeing you on the 10th. Please call the office if you have any questions or need to reschedule.

Questions 74-76 refer to the following radio report.

And now for the WRLH evening traffic report. Traffic is congested across the city this evening due to the heavy rain we are experiencing. Motorists traveling east on Interstate 4 should expect delays between the Hollins Road and Silver Spring exits. Heavy traffic there is due to a three car accident in the two left lanes. And if you are traveling either direction on Jackson Boulevard, be prepared for backups at the Howard St. intersection because the traffic signal is down due to a power outage. Police should be on the scene soon to direct traffic. This is Lisa King for WRLH radio, Springfield’s most trusted source for news and information. Stay tuned for the latest sports report coming up right after this commercial break.

Questions 77-79 refer to the following talk.

Good evening. As you’re all aware, we are here tonight to honor the retirement of one of our most cherished employees, Mr. Henry Montgomery. Henry has been with us since Vandalay Industries started 35 years ago. At that time, it was a very small operation consisting of just 5 people, but as the company grew, so did Henry’s career. He spent his first few years working in the mail room. Then, he moved over to our advertising department where he spent the next 12 years. For the past 20 years, he’s been our Vice President of Operations, where he’s been actively involved in all facets of managing the growth and success of this company. Tonight we’d like to celebrate Henry for his professional accomplishments and for being a trusted friend to many of you in this room.

Questions 80-82 refer to the following talk.

I’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new legal interns who will be working with our firm this summer. I’ve been a lawyer with this firm for the last 15 years and during my tenure, I’ve learned not only the importance of hard work but also being patient and always respectful of our clients and colleagues. One of the greatest challenges I’ve faced is the ability to multi-task and deal with various issues all at once. It’s crucial to get this skill. Fortunately, the advancements in digital technology have helped cope with some of these tasks. I now feel as though balancing a variety of tasks has become one of my professional strengths. It’s probably one of the most valuable skills any lawyer can possess. Please keep this in mind as you work with us over the next two months and try not to get discouraged. Once again, welcome and best of luck.

Questions 83-85 refer to the following advertisement.

Are you tired of that same old boring job? Are you looking for an exciting new career opportunity? If the answer is yes, then we might have what you’re looking for. We are actively recruiting friendly, outgoing individuals to work as waiters in a new restaurant opening this fall. Our internationally-renowned restaurant specializes in a wide variety of European cuisines. We provide free introductory training to all new employees, but prefer candidates with at least some experience in the food service industry, preferably as wait staff. All interested applicants can call us at 1-888-555-3000 to ask any questions or to request an application form. We look forward to discussing this exciting opportunity with you! Please call now before all the positions are filled.

Questions 86-88 refer to the following talk.

Good morning and welcome to the European Union Tourism Conference. First off, I’d like to acknowledge those of you who have traveled far distances to be with us today. We trust that the trip will be worthwhile. I’m pleased to announce that we have our best turnout for this event including participants from over twenty different countries. Throughout the next few days, hundreds of different resorts and travel companies will set up booths in the banquet hall to present the latest trends in tourism. Please feel free to head over to the banquet hall at your convenience. We will also be serving coffee and refreshments in the main lobby for those who are interested.

Questions 89- 91 refer to the following talk.

Good afternoon, colleagues and friends. As you all know, this has been a tough year for the auto industry. Unfortunately, Nova Motor Corporation has seen our profits shrink by 20% and our costs increase by 10% over the past year. Although much of this is due to the bad economy, we have to find a way to improve these figures next year. In an effort to do this, we will be unveiling ours on May 1. It’s our newest family minivan, the Novastar T100. Here to tell us more about the marketing strategies you will use to attract more customers to the Novastar T100 is Alexa Hart, our marketing manager. Could someone please dim the lights for Ms. Hart’s slide presentation?

Questions 92- 94 refer to the following recorded message and table.

Hello. Mr. Jackson. This is Dan Tylor from Best-Water. Thank you for your interest in our service and for contacting us. We are pleased to work with you to determine which dispenser model meets your needs for your company. You are interested in renting water dispenser with built-in heating and cooling, right? Also, you want to order regular drinking-water delivery to your office. The twenty-liter systems are typically for residential use. The thirty-liter model is the most popular for businesses. In addition to the refill costs, our service requires a one-time refundable deposit of $50 with your first order. We’re happy to send a sales representative to your office to discuss the proposed contract with you. Please contact me at 404-895-8282 to make an appointment. Thank you.

Questions 95-97 refer to the following excerpt from a meeting and agenda.

This meeting is to familiarize our team with changes to the orientation programs for new employees. First, I’ll give you a quick overview of these changes. Then, we’ll read new manuals that were created for all new hires. However, we’ll spend most of our time talking about the revisions to the new brochure. It will take about 50 minutes, and then Ms. Timber will close with a brief review of new safety regulations. Because we don’t have enough time this morning, I’d ask that you hold any questions until we’ve gotten through all the agenda points.

Questions 98-100 refer to the following recorded message and table.

Hello. Mr. Simpson. This is Alice Johns from accounting. I’m returning your call. I received your monthly expense report for October. In normal circumstances we do require that all reports be submitted by the first day of the month, Generally, reports that are not received by this date are not considered until the following month. However, I will make an exception in your case due to your illness. I spoke with your supervisor earlier this week and he confirmed that you were out of the office on sick leave. In reviewing your report, I noticed that you provided receipts for only the last 3 items listed. Please ensure that you provide receipts for all expenses claimed. Otherwise, we will be unable to reimburse you.

Answer Key

Answer Key

01. (A)   02. (D)   03. (B)   04. (C)   05. (A)

06. (A)   07. (B)   08. (B)   09. (B)   10. (A)

11. (B)   12. (A)   13. (A)   14. (B)   15. (C)

16. (C)   17. (A)   18. (A)   19. (A)   20. (B)

21. (C)   22. (C)   23. (B)   24. (B)   25. (A)

26. (A)   27. (C)   28. (A)   29. (B)   30. (A)

31. (B)   32. (A)   33. (D)   34. (C)   35. (D)

36. (A)   37. (B)   38. (B)   39. (D)   40. (A)

41. (C)   42. (A)   43. (B)   44. (C)   45. (B)

46. (A)   47. (A)   48. (B)   49. (C)   50. (C)

51. (A)   52. (C)   53. (C)   54. (B)   55. (D)

56. (B)   57. (C)   58. (C)   59. (B)   60. (B)

61. (C)   62. (B)   63. (A)   64. (C)   65. (C)

66. (C)   67. (B)   68. (D)   69. (C)   70. (D)

71. (C)   72. (B)   73. (C)   74. (D)   75. (B)

76. (C)   77. (C)   78. (B)   79. (D)   80. (B)

81. (B)   82. (B)   83. (D)   84. (B)   85. (B)

86. (A)   87. (C)   88. (A)   89. (C)   90. (A)

91. (D)   92. (A)   93. (D)   94. (C)   95. (C)

96. (C)   97. (B)   98. (B)   99. (A)   100. (B)