Part 1

1.    (A) They’re greeting each other.

        (B) They’re walking beside the lake.

        (C) They’re suntanning on the grass.

        (D) They’re carrying backpacks on their shoulders.

2.    (A) The passengers are boarding the aircraft.

        (B) The flight is departing for the destination.

        (C) The plane has landed at the airport for a time.

        (D) The surface of the plane is damaged.

3.     (A) Several ships are docked at a pier.

        (B) The liner is passing under the bridge.

        (C) The sailors are lowering the sails.

        (D) The motorboat is cruising through the harbor.

4.     (A) A woman is setting the table.

        (B) The restaurant is open for business.

        (C) People are sitting outdoors.

        (D) All the seats are not occupied.

5.     (A) People are waiting for a bus.

        (B) People are blocking the entrance.

        (C) People are crossing the street.

        (D) People are standing in a line.

6.    (A) Some products are stacked on the rack.

        (B) A boat is floating on the water.

        (C) Some people are rowing a boat.

        (D) A man is putting on a cap.

Part 2

7. When are you leaving?

        (A) Only a few days.

        (B) With my wife.

        (C) In half an hour.

8. Is Ms. Daniels out of the office today?

        (A) She left it at home.

        (B) The office is open at 8 o’clock.

        (C) Yes, she’s on vacation until Wednesday.

9. How many computers will you need for this training?

        (A) No, I’ve taken the training course.

        (B) At least 20, I guess.

        (C) He is an IT specialist.

10. What’s the weather like today?

        (A) The weather is beautiful this summer.

        (B) It’s rainy today.

        (C) I like to dress casually.

11. Did you go to the concert last night?

        (A) That must have been interesting.

        (B) They are about the same.

        (C) It was cancelled.

12. Is there a subway station around here?

        (A) About 10 minutes ago.

        (B) Yes, right across the street.

        (C) I’m glad to hear that.

13. Where is that noise coming from?

        (A) Yes, she has a nice voice.

        (B) From the fan in the back of the refrigerator.

        (C) He is coming in July.

14. Why have we spent so much on safety gear?

        (A) We needed so much of it.

        (B) In the supply cabinet.

        (C) Yes, it was quite a lot.

15. If you need any help with your new assignment, just ask.

        (A) Yes, you got another assignment.

        (B) Please help yourself.

        (C) Thanks, I will.

16. The tailor altered the waist of my suit to fit me.

        (A) No, I’m afraid she can’t.

        (B) Oh, how much did it cost?

        (C) When can I leave?

17. I really enjoy the book I am reading.

        (A) What’s the title?

        (B) No, Rebecca is the leader.

        (C) You lead the group, right?

18. The oranges are delicious, aren’t they?

        (A) No, they are very good.

        (B) Yes, I’ve already had lunch.

        (C) Yes, very juicy and sweet.

19. Why don’t you come to the movie with us?

        (A) I have too much work to do.

        (B) I’ll move it over there.

        (C) I’ll come earlier tomorrow.

20. When will my car be ready?

        (A) A car is coming to pick you up.

        (B) How soon do you need it?

        (C) It’s the bigger one.

21. Who did you speak to on the phone?

        (A) For five minutes.

        (B) No, did you?

        (C) One of my former colleagues.

22. Mr. Chow will be arriving tomorrow morning, won’t he?

        (A) Breakfast is ready.

        (B) You’re welcome.

        (C) No, he arrives next week.

23. Could you please email me your catering menu with prices?

        (A) The check list is completed.

        (B) No, that’s the right price.

        (C) Yes, I’ll send it right away.

24. Can we discuss this now or should I wait for the meeting?

        (A) At 10 o’clock, I heard.

        (B) You can weigh it on a postage scale.

        (C) Later would be better.

25. Why can’t we take the Washington Bridge?

        (A) Let’s go by taxi.

        (B) It’s blocked because of the road construction.

        (C) About 2 kilometers long.

26. Haven’t you already installed the new battery in the car?

        (A) Something comfortable.

        (B) No, not yet.

        (C) Yes, very tall.

27. Would you be interested in joining the company basketball team?

        (A) That sounds interesting.

        (B) At the new stadium.

        (C) It’s in the basket.

28. When is the deadline for submitting an application for admission?

        (A) That should be enough time.

        (B) For nearly five years.

        (C) You should send it by the end of May.

29. The new bridge is going to be ready this year, isn’t it?

        (A) Well, the construction is quite behind schedule.

        (B) We have drawn up a new agreement.

        (C) I’ll be ready to go in a minute.

30. Why did you decide to apply for this job?

        (A) I’ve already decided not to accept the offer.

        (B) I applied for the job before.

        (C) I was interested in working in the computer game industry.

31. Have you been working in the field of legal since you graduated from university?

        (A) No, I started out as a medicine assistant.

        (B) Are the legal documents nearly ready?

        (C) He’s well known in the field.

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34 refer to the following conversation.

W   Did you know that our company did all of the architectural designs for this restaurant? The funny thing is, I worked on the project and I’ve never eaten here before.

M    Oh really? I haven’t either, but a friend of mine highly recommended it. He said the food is delicious. That’s why I decided to bring our clients here for lunch before we tour the building.

W   That’s a good idea. Not only will our clients have a nice lunch, but they’ll also get to see how the blueprints we design turn out after construction.

M    Right! Also, maybe they’ll get some ideas about what they want for their own building.

Questions 35 through 37 refer to the following conversation.

W   Thank you for calling Lane Stadium. How may I help you?

M    Hi. Last Friday, I called and ordered tickets to tomorrow’s baseball game, but they haven’t arrived in the mail yet. What should I do?

W   I’m sorry to hear that. If they don’t come today or tomorrow for some reason, then just come to the ticket office at least one hour before the game and we’ll print out new ones for you.

M    Okay! Thank you so much.

Questions 38 through 40 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hi, Monica, it’s Stephen. I’m at the train station and I need a lift but Theodore isn’t anywhere to be found: I tried calling him but he hasn’t answered. Any idea where he might be?

W   Theodore thought your train was arriving at four. He’s probably still in a meeting with a client.

M    Do you know when he’ll be finished with the meeting? If it’s going to be much longer, I can just take a taxi.

W   Hold on. Theodore just walked in. I’ll tell him you’re waiting for him. I’m sure he’ll leave right away and be there shortly.

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.

M    Good morning, Business Monthly circulation department. What can I do for you?

W   Hello. My latest issue of Business Monthly Magazine still hasn’t arrived and I think it may have been sent to the wrong address.

M    Oh! I’m terribly sorry about that.

W   Could I have another one delivered, please?

M    Sure! Would you please give me your name and address?

W   My name is Stephanie Davis. My address is 2344 Commons Lane, Maryland. Zip code is 21043.

M    Okay. I got it. I’ll make sure that another copy is sent to you immediately.

W   Oh thanks, but I should point out that the same thing happened last month as well. Is the address on file correct and is my subscription still valid?

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.

W   Are you going to the company’s Christmas party on Friday?

M    I’m trying to, but I have a ton of work to finish by Friday.

W   Really? I heard there’s going to be a pretty good turnout.

M    I know, but it’s already Wednesday and I still have a few reports to complete. I may have to work late on Thursday evening.

W   Well, I’m tied up with a project today but I should be finished by midday tomorrow. Would you like me to come by your office and help finish whatever needs to be done?

M    Yes! That would save me. I might be able to go to the party after all.

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.

M    Good afternoon, how can I help you?

W   Hello, I’m interested in having a sign made for my new coffee shop. I was really impressed with the sign you made for the bakery nearby, so I’d like you to give me a quote on one.

M    Certainly. I could send someone over to your shop tomorrow to take some measurements and give you a quote.

W   Great! I’m glad to hear that.

M    But I’m afraid our schedule’s pretty full at the moment, so we won’t be able to make it right away. How soon do you need it? The earliest we can have it ready is mid-December.

W   Ok, that sounds fine. I just want to have it finished by the end of the year.

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation.

W   Andrew! Did the final shipment of men’s work boots go out? Last week’s shipment was late so I don’t want it to happen again. The store manager wasn’t very happy.

M    We’re making our best efforts but we might have a slight delay. One of the forklifts in the shipping area malfunctioned last night but we were able to repair it and finished loading this morning. The shipment should arrive at the store by late tomorrow.

W   That’s not good enough. I need those boots to be there first thing tomorrow morning. You’d better call the person in charge and put a rush on the shipment.

Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation.

W    Good afternoon, Alex! I’m back from my lunch meeting. Is there anything urgent for me to attend to?

M    Welcome back, Ms. Jones. Yes, there were two messages for you, one from Mr. Landon and the other from Mr. Abrams. They both wanted to discuss the upcoming seminar. How was your lunch meeting?

W    It went well, thank you. We finalized the schedule and prepared the list of the presenters. I’m relieved that everything seems to be coming together in time. I think this is going to be our most successful event to date.

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.

M    Good morning, my name is Thomas Fox. I have an appointment with Ms. Saunders to discuss my employee benefits.

W   Ms. Saunders is finishing a meeting with another employee right now, but here is a brochure with information on the health benefits that you can look at while you’re waiting. Are you a new employee?

M    Yes, I started working in the IT department last week.

W   Oh, then you may have met Rita Haywood. She’s been a programmer here for a few months, and we’ve been friends since high school.

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation with three speakers.

M1   We are very pleased that you accepted our offer to take the managerial position in our public relations division. Ms. Butler.

W     Thank you. I’m so excited.

M2   Please, remember that orientation for the new employees will begin on Wednesday morning.

W     This Wednesday morning? Do you know when the orientation programs will end?

M2   Well, the session ends at 12 and then we’ll have lunch together.

W     I didn’t realize that I would start so soon.

M2   Also, our president will introduce you to other managers and employees. Do you have any other appointment?

W     Actually, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment that day at 4 o’clock.

M1   It will be fine. You should be done by around 3. Also, you will need to have your photo taken for your employee ID badge.

W     That’s great. The doctor’s office isn’t far, so I should have plenty of time to get there.

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation and map.

W    Good morning, How can I help you?

M    I’m sorry to bother you. Is there a major building which name starts with “Ritz” in the neighborhood? I believe it must be large enough to hold a major-size conference.

W    Ah, you’re probably talking about Ritz Plaza Hotel. Are you going to the Aviation Safety Conference?

M    Yes, that’s the conference I’m attending. Where is this Ritz Plaza Hotel?

W    Do you see that brown and white building next to the metro station? Just make a right turn on the corner and you’ll see the entryway to the hotel across the street.

M    That’s a tall building near enough. How come I can’t find the signboard?

W    Because of the overpass blocking your view.

M    Ah, I think I know how to get there. Thank you.

W    You’re welcome. Mind that you have to make a U-turn at the gas station.

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation and price list.

W   Excuse me. I’d like to mail this package to Seattle.

M    Let me check it first. It is small in size but weighs 2 kilograms. It costs 27 dollars via regular mail and takes three days to be delivered.

W   Then, it’s going to be delivered on Friday. Is there any faster way? This package must be opened on Thursday morning, so I want it to arrive by Wednesday evening.

M    Sure, we do have express delivery also available. It costs more, but we guarantee it to be delivered before 6 o’clock Wednesday.

W   Fair enough. Here’s the money.

M    You need to pay one more dollar, I’m afraid. It is a medium sized parcel because it weight more than the limit.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation and coupon.

W   Excuse me, I’m looking for a present for my cousin, I think she’d like one of these sweaters, but do you have any in pink?

M    I’m pretty sure everything we have is out here on the display table, but I can check the stock room in the back if you’d like.

W   Thanks. That will be great. You know they look perfect for four seasons. She could wear it both indoors and outdoors.

M    I also bought one for my sister, and she wears it a lot, so I’m sure your cousin would like one.

W    Great! And I brought this discount coupon with me.

M    Let me see. Yes, we accept this coupon. Now I’m going to see if we’ve still got a pink one in the stock room.

Part 4

Questions 71 -73 refer to the following telephone message.

Good morning, Mr. Manning. This is Elizabeth from Star Graphic Design. I’m calling because the designs we discussed in your office last Tuesday are ready. I was hoping to schedule a meeting to review which ones you’d like to use in your new catalog. Once you approve the designs, I’ll send them to your printing division by e-mail. I know that your deadline is fast approaching, so hopefully we can meet soon. My schedule is wide open today and tomorrow. Please give me a call as soon as possible. Thank you.

Questions 74-76 refer to the following advertisement.

Rogers Community College is pleased to present its annual Family Festival this Saturday from 12 P.M. to 5 P.M. in the Rogers Sports Center. This annual festival is open to everyone and admission is free! Planned events will include an obstacle course, face painting and a wide selection of delicious food. Students from the college will be hosting activities throughout the sports center, including children’s games and a variety of arts and crafts. A 50/50 raffle will also take place. So if you’re feeling lucky, be sure to buy lots of tickets. Each ticket will be sold for two dollars with half the proceeds going to the winner and the other half being donated to charity. We hope to see you this Saturday.

Questions 77-79 refer to the following broadcast.

This is Ryan Crestfield. Thank you for tuning in to WSAZ Broadcasting, your #1 local news and weather station. On Wednesday, Yorkfield town officials approved plans for the construction of a new high school. The school, which will be completed in 2 years, will hold about 2,000 students from 9th to 12th grade. Harold Reynolds, the mayor of Yorkfield, said that the new building is needed to reduce crowding at the current high school. It is estimated that the total cost of the construction will be 10 million dollars. In addition, about 90 new teachers will be hired, said Reynolds. And now for an update on the weekend weather forecast.

Questions 80-82 refer to the following telephone message.

Hello Mr. Jackson. This is Meredith Hazelet from the admissions office at Riverside College. I’m calling to confirm that we received your graduate school application for admission into our MBA Program. In order to complete the application process, we also require two letters of recommendation. One of these letters must come from your previous professor. Please fax your references to me at 555-1099 by the end of the week. After we’ve received everything, our admissions staff will review your application.

Questions 83-85 refer to the following notice.

This notice is for all employees working in the Production Department. Tomorrow morning, the first thing you should do when you get to work, is to check to see which office you will be working in for the next project. Leave a signature next to your name so that we can confirm that you’ve checked the office where you will be working in. Also be sure to read the daily announcement posted on the notice board in front of the manager’s office. And last but not least, be sure that you receive a pair of protection glasses from your manager.

Questions 86-88 refer to the following announcement.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome you tonight to the Grand Theater. Before we begin our concert, I would like to remind you of theater rules. First of all, food of any kind is not allowed in the theater. And we request that you turn off your mobile phones. Also, taking pictures during the performance is prohibited. So if you want to photograph the musicians, please wait until the show is over. One more thing. If you want to know the schedule of upcoming Grand Theater events, just pick up a pamphlet by the exit on your way out. Thank you very much for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy the performance.

Questions 89-91 refer to the following advertisement.

For this week only, all electronics at Tech World will be on sale. Everything has been discounted up to 50% off! Don’t risk missing out on these incredible events! Come and choose from the widest selection of electronics including TVs, home stereos, and refrigerators. Our store is located on MacDonald Boulevard. Just follow the signs to “Tech World”. Hurry up before everything is sold out.

Questions 92-94 refer to the following talk.

Good morning everyone and welcome to the Ventura Doors factory. I’d like to mention a few things before we start the tour of our production facility. Many of you probably know that Ventura has been around for a long time. In fact, Robert Ventura founded the company in 1915, which makes us the oldest door manufacturer in the country. There’s a good chance that the doors in your offices and homes are made by Ventura. Before we go into the factory to see how our products are made, please put on a pair of safety glasses provided in the bins to your left. Now that everyone is ready, please follow me.

Questions 95-97 refer to the following recorded message and invoice.

Hello, this is Sue Timbers. I ordered some products from your online shop. I received the products and invoice this morning, but there are a couple of mistakes with my order. The invoice states that I ordered two chairs, but in fact, I ordered and received one. I would like to make sure that I am refunded the extra money I paid for the extra chair. Also, even though the price of one tablecloth is listed as $1 O on your website, I was overcharged. I would like to be paid back the difference. Please, correct the errors as soon as possible. Thank you and bye.

Questions 98-100 refer to the following announcement and boarding pass.

Attention passengers travelling on flight 347 to Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the plane you’ll be boarding has been delayed in New York due to the heavy snow. It is scheduled to arrive in about one hour. As soon as it arrives. Our crew will prepare the aircraft for departure and we will board everyone as quickly and safely as possible. We ask that you stay near the gate in case we have any further announcements. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your cooperation.

Answer Key

Answer Key

01. (D)   02. (C)   03. (A)   04. (B)   05. (C)

06. (B)   07. (C)   08. (C)   09. (B)   10. (B)

11. (C)   12. (B)   13. (B)   14. (A)   15. (C)

16. (B)   17. (A)   18. (C)   19. (A)   20. (B)

21. (C)   22. (C)   23. (C)   24. (C)   25. (B)

26. (B)   27. (A)   28. (C)   29. (A)   30. (C)

31. (A)   32. (A)   33. (B)   34. (D)   35. (C)

36. (C)   37. (C)   38. (B)   39. (D)   40. (C)

41. (B)   42. (C)   43. (A)   44. (D)   45. (C)

46. (A)   47. (A)   48. (B)   49. (D)   50. (A)

51. (C)   52. (C)   53. (C)   54. (B)   55. (A)

56. (A)   57. (C)   58. (C)   59. (B)   60. (D)

61. (A)   62. (D)   63. (C)   64. (B)   65. (C)

66. (C)   67. (D)   68. (D)   69. (C)   70. (C)

71. (A)   72. (B)   73. (A)   74. (A)   75. (A)

76. (C)   77. (C)   78. (B)   79. (D)   80. (C)

81. (D)   82. (B)   83. (A)   84. (C)   85. (A)

86. (D)   87. (B)   88. (C)   89. (B)   90. (D)

91. (A)   92. (B)   93. (A)   94. (D)   95. (D)

96. (D)   97. (A)   98. (C)   99. (D)   100. (D)