Part 1

1.    (A) She is sipping her drink.

        (B) She is putting on a pair of earrings.

        (C) She is addressing the crowd.

        (D) She is looking for a place to sit.

2.    (A) A boy is adjusting his hat.

        (B) Construction is going on the site.

        (C) A boy is playing outdoors.

        (D) A ladder is leaning on the house.

3.    (A) A mechanic is checking the hood of the car.

        (B) A vehicle has been lifted for repairs.

        (C) He’s exercising outdoors.

        (D) He’s wearing an apron.

4.    (A) They’re using exercise equipment.

        (B) They’re racing each other.

        (C) They’re running on an outdoor track.

        (D) They’re looking out of the window.

5.    (A) They’re about to step on the ladder.

        (B) None of them are wearing a hat.

        (C) Two men are cooperating with each other.

        (D) They’re opening the window.

6.    (A) Most of the people are applauding.

        (B) An award is being given.

        (C) All the seats are taken.

        (D) The lights of the room have been turned off.

Part 2

7.    Who is the assistant to the Chief Executive Officer?

        (A) Mr. Harbaugh.

        (B) She made an executive decision.

        (C) Yes, I’d be happy to help.

8.    What is that program on the monitor?

        (A) On the left of the screen.

        (B) A file I’m editing.

        (C) I’ll turn it on in a minute.

9.    Which of those jackets is Jennifer’s?

        (A) She bought a jacket yesterday.

        (B) No, it’s not hers.

        (C) The long black one.

10.  Do you feel like loaning me that magazine after you’re done?

        (A) Yes, I’ll e-mail it to her.

        (B) No, I just memorized it.

        (C) Sure, it’s no problem.

11.  Would you like to go to a movie this evening?

        (A) Mostly just horror films.

        (B) I thought it was really funny.

        (C) Sorry, I already have plans.

12.  When is the work shift schedule due?

        (A) By 3 P.M. this Friday.

        (B) For the part-time employees.

        (C) The warehouse.

13.  Do you have more batteries or should I get some from the shop?

        (A) I will just recharge the device.

        (B) I’m shutting it down now.

        (C) At the shop around the corner.

14.  Which job are you applying for?

        (A) Director of sales.

        (B) She’s applying online.

        (C) No, next time.

15.  How can I get in touch with you on weekends?

        (A) Yes, every Saturday.

        (B) By text message.

        (C) That’s fine.

16.  I can’t believe it has already been a year since our grand opening.

        (A) Time really flies, doesn’t it?

        (B) We made our biggest profit last month.

        (C) I’d rather you keep them closed.

17.  What would you like to drink with your meal?

        (A) I’ll just have a glass of water.

        (B) Let’s order some dessert.

        (C) Yes, I drink coffee every morning.

18.  There aren’t any more buses downtown tonight, are there?

        (A) Take a left and walk straight.

        (B) Only three more stops.

        (C) Not until the morning.

19.  How much did your new car cost?

        (A) Yes, it did cost a lot.

        (B) Twice the price of the old one.

        (C) By making monthly payments.

20.  Aren’t you flying to Singapore next week?

        (A) Business class seats.

        (B) On a travel Web site.

        (C) No, I had to cancel.

21.  Who updates the inventory for our online shopping mall?

        (A) The webmaster, I guess.

        (B) He was hired only two months ago.

        (C) We accept all major credit cards.

22.  Should I read this list of projects aloud?

        (A) Yes, you’re allowed to leave.

        (B) No, we each have a copy.

        (C) Sarah will make a great leader.

23.  Where did you learn bookkeeping?

        (A) Actually, I taught myself.

        (B) There were a few matters to attend to.

        (C) About a year ago.

24.  I need a word with you about the Henderson contract.

        (A) Try calling his cell phone.

        (B) Is anything the matter with it?

        (C) You can leave it on his desk.

25.  Has next year’s budget been discussed yet?

        (A) No, I can’t afford that.

        (B) Yes, at yesterday’s meeting.

        (C) Forward the details to me.

26.  Would you like black and white or color copies?

        (A) It’s a nice poster.

        (B) Is the price different?

        (C) There’s a wide range.

27.  Can we attract more gym members?

        (A) Sure, if we advertise online.

        (B) We can track it for you.

        (C) I don’t remember, either.

28.  When can I expect to hear your decision?

        (A) That’s better than I thought.

        (B) Yes, I heard the same thing.

        (C) Within a few days.

29.  Our ovens weren’t turned on in time to serve breakfast right away.

        (A) Should we open on time anyway?

        (B) Yes, every day at exactly 9 A.M.

        (C) A mushroom omelet with a side of bacon.

30.  How can we be certain that employees read the memo?

        (A) We reviewed the invoice.

        (B) Post it on the bulletin board.

        (C) You should memorize the password.

31.  It’ll be easier to understand if you put the figures beside each column.

        (A) It’s actually too heavy to move.

        (B) I thought they were very understanding.

        (C) I need more space on the page.

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34

W: Hey, Tsusuka. It’s been such a long time since you left our office for your new position. What’s it like being at a (32) major publishing company?

M: Well, I’m usually busy meeting so many famous authors, but (33) I’m really satisfied with my work.

W: That sounds incredible. I’m actually looking for something new and interesting to read because I’m going on a vacation in a few weeks. Do you have any ideas about what I can get?

M: Hmm, well, I can’t think of anything right now. Let me think about it for a bit, and (34) I’ll send you a list of books I think you’d like.

Questions 35 through 37

M:      Hi, Ursula…Hi, Charlotte. Did you hear that (35) Amy Sutherland will be signing copies of her new novel at Watermark Books next Wednesday? I know you’re both big fans.

W1:    Oh, really? I would love to go and get my copy signed.

W2:    Me, too! What time does it begin on Wednesday?

M:     It starts at 5 P.M. (36) The problem is that our manager hasn’t finalized next week’s schedule yet, so we don’t know what time we will be able to leave.

W1:    Hmm… (37) Charlotte, why don’t we go and speak to her now and request to finish by 4?

W2:    (37) Great idea. I think she’s in her office.

Questions 38 through 40

M: (38) I’m looking forward to getting together with you for lunch tomorrow to discuss possible new exhibits for our museum. The only problem is that I heard it’s incredibly difficult to get lunch reservations at Bastian’s Bistro. It is always packed around that time.

W: I heard that, too. Actually, (39) I contacted the restaurant manager for seats a few minutes ago and she said that they are fully booked all week for lunch.

M: Well, I know that their business slows down in the evening, so (40) would you prefer to just meet for dinner?

Questions 41 through 43

W1:    Welcome to Cedar Lakes Campgrounds. I’m the camp director, and this is Martha, the owner. (41) You’re interested in holding your company retreat here?

M:      I am. I work for Firefly Electronics, and (41) I’m in charge of organizing our annual teambuilding retreat in July for over one hundred employees.

W2:    Well, as you can see, it’s a beautiful campground, and we have ample lodging available if you intend for it to be an overnight stay.

M:      Yes, it’s gorgeous here – very scenic. (42) What kind of activities could we plan for everyone to participate in?

W1:    There are numerous hiking trails, and the lake can be used for water sports.

W2:    And keep in mind, (43) we have free parking if your employees choose to drive themselves.

Questions 44 through 46

M: Hello, I assume you are Ms. Alduin? I’m Marcellus Pike from Marpike Industries. I’m sorry for being a little early, but I thought it would be better to come as soon as possible (44) to check what furniture you’d like to recommend for my office.

W: Oh, yes. Good morning. I’m glad to meet you. Here, you can see firsthand (45) the style of furniture we specialize in. Our chairs, sofas, and tables are considered by critics to be the best available in the area.

M: Would you say that they mainly enjoy the look of your furniture?

W: Not really. (46) They are more impressed that we specialize in simple, practical designs using various recycled materials.

Questions 47 through 49

M: Gloria, how are things going at your new apartment? Are you settled in?

W: Yes, I just have a few more things to buy, and then I’ll be all set.

M: Great! What kind of things are you looking for?

W: Well, (47) I’d really like to get a new Typhoon dishwasher. (48) I’m hoping I can get one for around $500.

M: (48) For a brand new one? You’ll be lucky!

W: Oh, well… that’s all I have left to spend. Perhaps I’ll need to wait and save up a little more.

M: (49) Why don’t you try a Whizz dishwasher instead? They’re pretty comparable to the Typhoon models in terms of performance, but much more affordable.

W: Hmm… I’ll look into it. Thanks.

Questions 50 through 52

W: Hey, Oliver. I have some bad news. It appears that (50) yesterday was the expiration date for the corporate credit card issued to our department.

M: Are we going to have a new one by Friday? (51) I’m responsible for purchasing all of the food for the staff party, and it’ll cost too much for me to pay for it by myself.

W: I doubt it. I’ll need to talk to the credit card company and have them send us a new one. Even if I have them rush the delivery, it probably won’t arrive for a few days.

M: (52) Maybe I could talk to the manager at the place I ordered from last time and see if he would allow us to pay next week.

Questions 53 through 55

W: Hello, is this Mr. Jerome Jenkins, the president of Jenkins Industries? This is Esmeralda Metcalf from Occam Employment Connections, (53) calling to administer this year’s survey about our services.

M: Actually, (54) many employees that you send to my company do not really seem to have enough experience to be working here. I spend a lot of time giving them extra training. How could I ensure that we are assigned better workers?

W: Well, Mr. Jenkins, we try to make sure that everyone we assign is as qualified as possible. In fact, (55) I have given everyone who has applied to our employment agency proficiency exams to make sure they can handle whichever jobs we assign them.

Questions 56 through 58

W: Well, it has been our busiest day of the year, and I think all of our employees have performed well.

M: Absolutely! (56) We sold more extra value meals than ever before, and nobody waited too long for their food.

W: That’s great! (57) I think we should start letting some of our staff go home. Who has been here the longest today?

M: Well, Pedro has been here since 6 A.M.

W: Okay, let him know the good news. And then (58) please remind our customers that we will be closing in around ten minutes.

M: No problem.

Questions 59 through 61

M: Good morning. (59) I’m here to check if you would be able to cater an event on August 12. My company will be hosting a party in the Orchid Building at 5:30 P.M.

W: Of course we can. We have a variety of menu options to choose from that we could serve on that day. Would you also like to have a wine service?

M: Well, the event will have two separate parts. (60) There will only be employees in attendance until 7 o’clock, with family members joining after that. (61) Is it possible to have a wine service available even if there are children at the event?

W: That should be OK. But if children are present, you are asked to pay a small fee so (61) we can hand out wristbands to tell the underage guests apart from the adults.

Questions 62 through 64

W: Jason, I tried to reserve the meeting room for our client presentation, but it seems that (62) Allan Ripley has already booked the room when we need it.

M: Oh, that’s too bad. Well, (63) how about giving our presentation in the IT lounge instead? It’s normally empty around that time.

W: I’d rather do it in the meeting room, as it has all the equipment we planned to use. (64) I could try to call Allan and ask him to give us his time slot. What do you think?

M: It’s worth a try. His extension is three-zero-one.

Questions 65 through 67

M: Hi, this is Kenneth calling. I just got a message that (65) you stopped by my office earlier today. I believe you wanted to meet with me sometime this week.

W: That’s right. I’d like to get your advice on (66) the blueprint I’m creating for the new hospital in Greenhaven. I’m having a bit of trouble designing the entrance lobby and reception area.

M: Oh, I’d love to help, but I’m afraid my schedule is full all week. (67) Would you be able to send me the document by e-mail? Then I can reply to you with some notes.

W: Sure, that would be a big help.

Questions 68 through 70

W: Richard, hold on a moment. I think (68) we should buy some souvenirs for our coworkers before we get on our flight. I noticed a few duty free shops not far from our gate.

M: Hmm… Okay. But, (69) we’d better hurry. Our plane will be taking off at 7:45, and we don’t want to be late for the boarding call.

W: Don’t worry… We still have plenty of time. (70) We’re in row twenty-five, so we’ll be two of the last passengers to board the plane.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73

Welcome back, everyone. You’re listening to WKRP Radio and I am your host, Hari Schultz. Next, I’d like to welcome Molly Singer to the studio. Many of you are probably familiar with Ms. Singer from her popular cable television show, (71) House Guru, in which (71) (72) Ms. Singer helps people to decorate their homes and make each room stylish and attractive. What you might not be aware of, though, is that (72) Ms. Singer first got interested in interior design when she began writing a magazine column offering general household tips. (73) Today, she’s going to tell us her top three tips for how to conserve heat and energy at home this winter. Now, it is my pleasure to welcome Molly Singer.

Questions 74 through 76

Good afternoon. This is Jeremy Blake from Pebbles Appliances. I am calling about our conversation the other day regarding our air conditioners. If you would still like our new model, you should act quickly as there are only a few left. Sadly, though, (74) we would not be able to deliver it before the weekend. (75) If you think you can wait until next Monday, our delivery truck will be returned from the auto mechanics shop by then and ready to go. Please let me know if you would like to order one (76) so I can write a note to our sales staff later today stating that you are eligible for free delivery. Whenever you are ready, please call us back at 555-6788. Thank you.

Questions 77 through 79

The last thing to discuss at this week’s meeting is (77) the CEO’s decision to change the overtime rate. Starting next month, if you work overtime, you’ll only be paid at a time-and-a-half rate, not the typical double time rate. (77) The company has been forced to modify this policy because it is going through a particularly difficult financial period. (78) Earnings have been getting lower and lower over the past six months, so this type of action is unavoidable. Just like you, I’m not happy about this news. In fact, (79) I visited headquarters to try to persuade the CEO to change his mind, but… it’s too late.

Questions 80 through 82

With computer technology advancing at an incredible pace, many of you (80) freelance computer programmers believe you need to frequently purchase new equipment in order to remain competitive. This can be a needless expense, (81) as many of you probably aren’t using your existing computers and networks as efficiently as you could be. Before spending a fortune on new systems, it’s worth looking at what you have now. (82) Internal memory can be upgraded for just a small amount of money, and by regularly checking developers’ Web sites for software updates, you can ensure that you always have the most recent version of your essential software.

Questions 83 through 85

Before we get started this morning, I have some exciting news to share. As you all know, ever since we launched our local commercial, we’ve received a lot of new clients at our beauty salon. (83) However, some of them are already displeased. Three weeks is a long time to wait for an appointment. Because of this, I’ve decided to open an additional location in the city center. (84) The rent will start next month, so we’ll be able to see more clients. Of course, we will need to also hire additional staff, so later this afternoon, (85) I would ask that some of you help me review recent applications.

Questions 86 through 88

Hello, this is Rick from (86) Carpet King Wholesale. I just spoke with our representative at the manufacturing factory, and it turns out that (86) (87) the carpeting you ordered for your lobby has been recalled and is no longer available. I still have a list of the other options you were looking at, though you’ll need to make a decision quickly if we want to stay on schedule. (88) How about I stop by your office tomorrow and we can discuss your other choices? Thank you for your understanding.

Questions 89 through 91

Hello, everyone. My name is Vic Pounder, (90) the tour director here at Pudge’s Chocolate Factory. I’m glad that you all have decided to take part in today’s tour of the facility. (89) We’ll use the first couple of minutes to talk about what we will do today before moving on to actually seeing the facility at work. To begin with, everyone will receive their guest cards and gift packets. After that, we’ll all take a look around the building. Then, we will be headed for the Popple Room, where we will be met by (91) Pudge’s spokesperson, Penelope Prudhomme. She will show you a short video and take questions about it. Finally, we will move on to the Pudge Cafeteria, where everyone can sample some of our finest products.

Questions 92 through 94

Gather around, shoppers. (92) Let me tell you all about the new and amazing blender from Dillon Electronics. This versatile device can be used to make delicious fruit smoothies and wholesome soups, and it comes with a five-year money-back warranty! As you can see, it has been elegantly designed, and (93) thanks to our advanced sound-dampening technology, you’ll barely know it’s there! The three specially-angled blades easily cut through all foods and even ice. (94) To prove it, I’ll make some frozen strawberry smoothie right now. Pay attention, everyone!

Questions 95 through 97

Good morning, everyone. As you know, this is the last time I’ll be teaching you here at Alton Community Center. So, (95) I’d like to give you a chance to meet your new teacher, Steve Jensen. (96) Steve will be running your beginners classes starting from next Saturday. He has a lot of experience as a swimming coach, and he has even won awards for competing in national swimming competitions. As I previously mentioned, (97) I’m planning to open a sports store in the city center next month, so I hope I see some of you from time to time. I’ll stock a wide variety of swimming gear. Now, I’ll let Steve say a few words.

Questions 98 through 100

As employees of Hanley’s Department Store, you’ll be delighted to hear that (98) the company will implement a special staff incentive plan from today onward. What that means is that (99) the employees who manage to sell the most clothing items and jewelry in our department will be rewarded with gift certificates and cash bonuses, based on their performance. In order to keep track of each individual’s sales performance, I need you to record each sale, and (100) hand in a full sales report to me at the end of each shift. Those who are eligible for a reward will be informed at the end of each month.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1 (A)   2 (C)   3 (B)   4 (A)  

5 (C)   6 (A)

7 (A)   8 (B)   9 (C)   10 (C)  

11 (C)   12 (A)   13 (A)   14 (A)  

15 (B)   16 (A)   17 (A)   18 (C)  

19 (B)   20 (C)   21 (A)   22 (B)  

23 (A)   24 (B)   25 (B)   26 (B)  

27 (A)   28 (C)   29 (A)   30 (B)  

31 (C)  

32 (D)   33 (B)   34 (B)   35 (D)  

36 (C)   37 (B)   38 (A)   39 (D)  

40 (A)   41 (C)   42 (C)   43 (A)  

44 (D)   45 (C)   46 (D)   47 (B)  

48 (C)   49 (D)   50 (B)   51 (A)  

52 (D)   53 (D)   54 (B)   55 (C)  

56 (C)   57 (C)   58 (D)   59 (C)  

60 (D)   61 (B)   62 (C)   63 (D)  

64 (B)   65 (B)   66 (D)   67 (A)  

68 (C)   69 (D)   70 (D)  

71 (D)   72 (A)   73 (B)   74 (C)  

75 (D)   76 (B)   77 (B)   78 (A)  

79 (C)   80 (D)   81 (C)   82 (A)  

83 (C)   84 (D)   85 (A)   86 (D)  

87 (C)   88 (A)   89 (D)   90 (C)  

91 (B)   92 (C)   93 (D)   94 (A)  

95 (C)   96 (A)   97 (D)   98 (D)  

99 (B)   100 (C)