Part 1

1.     (A) She is playing some music.

        (B) She is going up to the next level.

        (C) She is staring at the signs.

        (D) She is wearing a pair of headphones.

2.    (A) They’re shopping at an outdoor market.

        (B) They’re holding shopping bags in their hands.

        (C) They’re walking home.

        (D) They’re paying for their purchase.

3.    (A) They’re going to hitchhike.

        (B) They’re checking information in the books.

        (C) They’re lost in the desert.

        (D) They’re asking for directions.

4.    (A) He is pouring liquid into a cup.

        (B) The scientists are walking arm in arm.

        (C) They’re using some lab equipment.

        (D) The test tubes are empty.

5.    (A) A woman is sitting with her legs crossed.

        (B) A crowd of people is viewing the artwork.

        (C) The art gallery is being cleaned.

        (D) She is trying to move the sofa.

6.    (A) The windows are being wiped.

        (B) The gardener is taking care of the plants.

        (C) There are so many flowers in the garden.

        (D) The flower is being picked.

Part 2

7.    What was the weather like in Chicago?

        (A) It depends on which airline I use.

        (B) I’m not sure whether it did.

        (C) It rained the entire time.

8.    Should we go for dinner now?

        (A) I still have a thing or two to get done.

        (B) He contacted us this morning.

        (C) Well, how about Tuesday?

9.    Who was at the banquet?

        (A) More people were invited this year.

        (B) We expected Garcia to come.

        (C) Here’s the list of attendees.

10.  He’s the new head of finance, isn’t he?

        (A) The company’s headquarters.

        (B) Yes, I just reviewed your finance report.

        (C) You mean the man with the bow tie?

11.  The delegates will be arriving any minute now.

        (A) We’d better get ready to greet them.

        (B) Whenever you like.

        (C) It’s due at five this afternoon.

12.  When did you buy that car?

        (A) Not until next month.

        (B) It actually belongs to my company.

        (C) At the dealership downtown.

13.  How much paper should I order?

        (A) Three boxes should do.

        (B) Fifty-nine dollars in total

        (C) Please check with me first.

14.  Did that package ever make it to the Paris branch?

        (A) I was told they received it.

        (B) Yes, they’re all ready to be shipped.

        (C) I wonder how much they weighed.

15.  Whose laptop is that on the table?

        (A) Mr. Jacobs booked a table for 4.

        (B) Mostly for visitors to the store.

        (C) The client must have left it by accident.

16.  I’m having trouble with my car.

        (A) That’d be a breakthrough.

        (B) Why not take it to the shop?

        (C) Do you know when it ended?

17.  Where do you want this stack of books?

        (A) At least 100, I think.

        (B) Can you do it for me by Friday?

        (C) Let me make some room.

18.  How long have the technicians been working on the problem?

        (A) About a week ago.

        (B) It hasn’t been very long at all.

        (C) During the next three days.

19.  Do you have time to review the proposal now or would you prefer to do it later?

        (A) If you don’t mind, thanks.

        (B) Let me get something to eat first.

        (C) It would be quite noisy in there.

20.  Aren’t you finished using this computer?

        (A) I’m nearly done with it.

        (B) It should be the latest model.

        (C) Let me show you how.

21.  Who told you to put a hold on the order of supplies?

        (A) My secretary put them in order.

        (B) Well, let’s postpone it until Friday.

        (C) The manager said we had enough of everything.

22.  Where can I see today’s lunch menu?

        (A) It’s posted on our Web site.

        (B) Probably at noon.

        (C) I’ll have the soup of the day.

23.  Ms. Huang will be back to work soon, won’t she?

        (A) From 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

        (B) She said she’ll get it back to us tomorrow.

        (C) The date hasn’t been decided yet.

24.  When is the award winner going to be announced?

        (A) It arrives at 5 o’clock.

        (B) During the year-end reception.

        (C) At the municipal auditorium.

25.  What if I want to end the lease agreement early?

        (A) We’ll end up rushing to finish on time.

        (B) You may have to pay an extra fee.

        (C) The first one leaves this morning.

26.  Is there any way to have these charts ready for tomorrow’s meeting?

        (A) Why don’t you prepare for your speech?

        (B) He should be there by ten.

        (C) I suppose so, if I work late.

27.  You haven’t seen the updated list of suppliers, have you?

        (A) I think I saw him downstairs.

        (B) It’s still being compiled.

        (C) We’re running low on supplies.

28.  Why aren’t more customers subscribing to our new online service?

        (A) It seems that the menu is difficult to use.

        (B) It’s quite time-consuming for us.

        (C) You can register on our Web site.

29.  Could you give the visitors a tour of our production facility?

        (A) Our plant was understaffed.

        (B) Productivity is on the rise.

        (C) Sure. Where are they?

30.  This tie doesn’t match my suit for the party.

        (A) Wear the other one.

        (B) They’re our new partners.

        (C) In the corporate ballroom.

31.  Has the meeting been rescheduled for Tuesday or Thursday?

        (A) I’m not sure, but I can find out.

        (B) Let me know what you decide.

        (C) Could we do it both ways?

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34

M: Hello. (32) I have a suit I’d like to have dry cleaned, but I’m checking out tomorrow morning. Can your cleaning service take care of it that quickly?

W: It normally takes up to 48 hours for a suit, but we have an in-house express service, (33) which costs an extra five dollars. If we get the suit before noon, we can have it ready for you by 8 P.M.

M: I definitely need it for my meeting tomorrow, so I don’t mind paying more.

W: Okay, (34) I’ll send someone up to collect the suit now. May I have your room number?

Questions 35 through 37

W1:    Eddie, (35) have you finished cooking all of the dishes for the client’s wedding reception?

M:     Yes, everything is done and ready to go. (36) Emma is just about to drive everything over to the banquet hall.

W2:    That’s right… I’m just loading up the truck. I should be ready to go in about ten minutes.

W1:    Great work, guys. Are you going to take the expressway?

W2:    Yes, that’s the plan. I think it’s the quickest way.

M:      Oh, I wouldn’t do that, if I were you. When I used it this morning, (37) there were traffic jams due to road maintenance. You’d be quicker going along Marina Road.

Questions 38 through 40

W: Jim, (38) I’ve heard that you’re giving the opening speech at next month’s conference. Are you looking forward to it?

M: Actually, (38) I’m rather nervous. I’ve never been very confident addressing a large audience, and I heard that they’re expecting over 300 participants this year.

W: I used to feel the same way about speaking to large groups as well, but (39) I bought an excellent book on the subject by David Reese. It really helped me a lot. If you’re working tomorrow, I can bring it in for you.

M: Actually, (40) I will be out inspecting the plant all day. If you leave the book on my desk, I’ll take a look at it when I’m back in the office on the following day. Thanks, I need all the help I can get.

Questions 41 through 43

W: Mr. Olson, (41) there’s no Betafix cereal left. This is the second month in a row that (41) we’ve run out before getting the next shipment.

M: It’s certainly been selling very well since the manufacturer lowered its prices.

W: Yes, lots of customers have been asking for it. I told the cashiers to suggest other brands, but (42) maybe we should put in a bigger order next month.

M: That’s a great idea. (43) I’d hate to lose business to other stores because of this. I’ll tell the purchasing manager to order larger quantities of the cereal.

Questions 44 through 46

W:      Rupert, Harry… (44) we have a problem on Aisle 5. A customer has dropped a carton of eggs and I need you to clean up the mess before somebody slips.

M1:    No problem. I’ll grab the mop from the storeroom. (45) What should Harry do?

W:     (45) Please place a sign next to the spillage warning customers that the floor is slippery.

M2:    Got it. Can I get one of those from the store room?

W:     That’s right. Rupert will show you where everything is. And (46) don’t forget that the store will shut at 6 tonight instead of 7, so you’ll need to finish all of your other tasks quickly.

Questions 47 through 49

M: Hi, Wendy. I heard that your department’s bid for the Wapshot project was accepted. Well done.

W: Thanks. To be honest, though, (47) I’m a little concerned about our ability to finish the work on time. (48) Our department has won a lot of new contracts lately, so everyone has a very hectic schedule, especially since Ron retired.

M: We’re pretty busy in the Accounting Department these days as well. We’re getting the annual expense report ready for the board meeting next week. But after that, (49) I could spare one or two staff members if you need help.

Questions 50 through 52

M: Diana, (50) I’m really struggling to sell the 2-bedroom apartment down by the waterfront. I think the owner’s asking price is just too high.

W: Yes, I guess property prices are soaring at the waterfront because of the new cinema that’s being built there.

M: Right, and that’s only the beginning. (51) The council has mentioned a brand new sports complex and swimming pool, too.

W: Wow! It’s certainly gonna be a desirable neighborhood.

M: Definitely. Oh, that reminds me… (52) I have a couple of other apartments there that I need to add to our online listings. I’ll catch up with you later.

Questions 53 through 55

W1:    These (53) floral arrangements (54) aren’t creating the right kind of visual impact because the tables are just too big by comparison. What should we do? We don’t have much time before the reception starts.

W2:    (54) I was sure we’d ordered enough flowers, but you’re right. (53) We’ll need to get more to fill out the centerpieces. How about plates? We have enough for all of the attendees, don’t we?

W1:    Yes, we have ample dinnerware, but we could use a few extra chairs. Could you get about ten more in case any unexpected guests show up at the function?

W2:    Sure. I’ll go ask the front desk staff if we can borrow some from the hotel. In the meantime, (55) Bob is headed to the restaurant to pick up the appetizers and main courses right now. I’ll give him a call and ask him to drop by the florist on his way back.

Questions 56 through 58

M: Elizabeth, I’m afraid that (56) our AccountTec software is already out-of-date.

W: Really? (56) We just launched the current edition a few months ago. What’s the problem?

M: I just looked at Gigasoft’s new EZBooks software, which was released last week. It’s the same price as our AccountTec software, but (57) it has many more advanced features and is much more powerful. It looks like it’ll soon be outselling us in the market.

W: Even if we start work on a new version immediately, it’s going to take at least six months to develop. Well, (58) after I finish reviewing the sales data, I’ll talk to the supervisor and ask what we can do about it.

Questions 59 through 61

M: Christina, (59) are you interested in going to see the new Mark Holland film at the cinema tonight?

W: Sure, Chris. I’d love to. Do we need to get tickets in advance?

M: Well, I was going to book them online using my phone, (60) but my battery has died. Can I use yours?

W: Go right ahead. (60) The code is 6-7-2-3.

M: Thanks. Let’s see… (61) Oh, it seems like there are no seats left for this evening’s showing.

W: That’s a shame. Well, how about going this weekend instead? I don’t have any plans.

M: That’s fine with me. I’ll just stop by the box office tomorrow to get us some seats.

Questions 62 through 64

M: Hello, you’ve reached the IT Department. What can I do for you?

W: Hi, I just started working in the west wing of the facility. However, (62) I’m having difficulty using the keycard scanner when I arrive for work, so I always need to ask someone else to open the door for me.

M: Oh, that’s strange. I guess (63) there must be a problem with your card. If you’d like to stop by my department sometime today, I can issue a new one to you. Would you mind giving me your name and work location in advance?

W: Sure. I’m Greta Nisbet, and (64) I work in the Biochemistry lab. I’ll stop by your department after lunch. Thanks for your help!

Questions 65 through 67

W: Todd, you must be getting excited about your trip to Nessus Island! How does the weather forecast look?

M:  It’s not too bad. Luckily, (65) I get there the day after a big thunderstorm, and then I have some sunny days to enjoy.

W: Great! So, do you have a lot of things planned during your vacation?

M: Not really. (66) I mostly plan to relax on the beach and get a sun tan.

W: Well, it will certainly be a lot more relaxing than being here in the office! (67) How long will you be gone?

M: (67) Just seven days. I’ll be back in time for our monthly management meeting on the 23rd.

Questions 68 through 70

W: Thank you for calling Derry Tours. How can I help you today?

M: Hi, this is Jon Lanegan. (68) I called yesterday to book four spots on one of your tours this weekend. But, due to a family emergency, we won’t be able to participate.

W: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Can you please remind me which tour you signed up for?

M: Umm… (69) it was the one that visits the castle in the morning, followed by the walk along the waterfront. And then a trip to the market at night.

W: Ah, yes, I’ve found your booking. (70) To issue a refund, I’ll need the number of the card you used to pay for the tour.

M: Sure. It’s 4435-3210-6784. Thank you.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73

Hi, Josh. This is Valerie. I’m calling about the brochure that you asked me to send to the printers. I’ve been looking it over, and there seem to be several errors. First, the brochure lists the price of our J-50 portable heater as 78 dollars, but the company Web site has it listed as 68 dollars. Also, (71) I believe the picture above the HS-35 ceiling fan listing is actually a photo of the HS-40. Finally, (72) the brochure has a listing for the A-70 air conditioner, but that model was discontinued last year. Obviously, (73) I will hold off on sending in the brochure until I hear back from you, so please call me as soon as you get this.

Questions 74 through 76

(74) Thanks for attending this unveiling of the new smartphone by Lexx Electronics, the Polaris 4. My name is Elizabeth Munro, and I was the head of the design team for this new model. (75) It’s my great honor to be able to show you all of the phone’s innovative features, such as its amazing 3D display. You won’t believe it! We expect this new model to exceed sales of our current best-seller, the Polaris 3, by the end of this year. And, to celebrate its launch, (76) we’re going to give each of you a coupon that entitles you to receive $100 off the retail price of a new Polaris 4 smartphone.

Questions 77 through 79

Well, everyone, that concludes your Smiling Cow (77) cheese factory experience. Now, get ready for something truly special. On the other side of the door, you’ll find more than 50 varieties of (77) cheese produced on site. (78) You’re welcome to taste whatever you like, and, of course, purchase some to take home with you. (79) On your way out, you’ll pass by the pasture. Please be sure to offer some grass to our cows. They’ve worked hard to bring you this delicious cheese!

Questions 80 through 82

I have one final announcement before we conclude today’s meeting. Our CEO has accepted my suggestion that (80) (81) all of us in Customer Service be given our own personal office. Our department manager, Ms. Bucher, explained to the CEO how this change could help us enhance our reputation in terms of meeting the demands of our customers. Consequently, the Marketing Department will develop a commercial in which our customers throw huge parties to celebrate how hospitable we are. Offices will be apportioned on a first-come, first-served basis, so to select which one you want, (82) grab a request form from Ms. Bucher’s office as soon as you can.

Questions 83 through 85

Welcome to Entertainment Talk. Tonight we’ll be speaking to members of the famous Attam Family. The Attam Family has performed at the Mackenzie Auditorium every summer, but (83) this year the concert will not feature the voice of Batima Attam. It will instead be a guitar recital by her brothers. The music is taken from their upcoming album Dance Without Words. The brothers will speak on tonight’s show about this album and about guitarists who have inspired them. Later, (84) they will answer your questions and play three of the tunes from the new album right here in the studio. (85) But first we’ll talk to actor-turned-director Molly Hanson about her recent movie.

Questions 86 through 88

Thanks for coming to this workshop on public speaking. (86) The park owner has recruited me to help you become more entertaining and adaptable tour guides. Basically, the better the job you do, the better the guests will feel about their visit. (87) First, we will discuss jokes and stories you can tell during the tour to make your guests laugh and feel comfortable. Then, we’ll role play through some possible difficult situations that you might face. Throughout the workshop, we’ll be quite active, especially as we practice our scripts. (88) That’s why we didn’t schedule a meal break. However, I was told there are snacks available in the lobby.

Questions 89 through 91

(89) I appreciate everyone finding the time to participate in this computer training workshop. Before you leave, (90) please take a few moments to complete the comment cards included inside your package of course materials. Your input will be very beneficial in helping us refine our teaching techniques for the course. I’d also like to inform you of a seminar that will be introduced this fall. It is a full-day seminar entitled “Advanced Corporate Strategies”. It covers all the practical tips needed to accomplish your business objectives. (91) You can read about all the other workshops and training seminars available to company staff in the document I’m going to pass out now.

Questions 92 through 94

(92) Welcome, everyone, to your first day at Trident Manufacturing. My name is Dave Sparks, and I’m the HR manager here at the factory. I’ll be giving you a tour of the building here this morning, and I’ll also be providing you with information about our company’s wide range of products as well as its goals over the next decade. At noon, we’ll take a break for lunch. (93) We have a staff cafeteria, but there are also some coffee shops and restaurants nearby. You have several options. (94) At 2 P.M., you’ll all be sent to your respective departments, where you’ll be introduced to your direct supervisors. I hope you all have an enjoyable day.

Questions 95 through 97

Before we start our hike today, (95) I need to remind you about some guidelines you need to follow when hiking through Deer Horn National Park. First of all, please do not drop any litter anywhere. Not only does this ruin the park’s natural appearance, but it also poses a danger to local wildlife. Also, visitors are not permitted to remove any local plants from the park without written permission from the rangers’ office. Finally, (96) please be careful when walking along the trail. Some of the ground is a little damp, and I don’t want anyone to slip and fall. Now, let’s get going. (97) This is the easiest trail in the park, so we should be back within a few hours.

Questions 98 through 100

I’ve called this department meeting because (98) a staff member informed me that our bins are not being emptied. That employee was unhappy because it makes our workplace look very untidy and unprofessional. I have to agree! I came down to check the bins early this morning, and I was disappointed to see that most of them were almost full. In fact, (99) I had to empty the green one myself because it was overflowing. To ensure that these bins are being emptied regularly, (100) I’m going to post this emptying schedule next to them. Please take a moment to check it.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1 (D)   2 (B)   3 (B)   4 (C)  

5 (A)   6 (C)

7 (C)   8 (A)   9 (C)   10 (C)  

11 (A)   12 (B)   13 (A)   14 (A)  

15 (C)   16 (B)   17 (C)   18 (B)  

19 (B)   20 (A)   21 (C)   22 (A)  

23 (C)   24 (B)   25 (B)   26 (C)  

27 (B)   28 (A)   29 (C)   30 (A)  

31 (A)  

32 (B)   33 (B)   34 (D)   35 (C)  

36 (C)   37 (B)   38 (C)   39 (B)  

40 (A)   41 (A)   42 (B)   43 (B)  

44 (D)   45 (A)   46 (C)   47 (D)  

48 (C)   49 (C)   50 (C)   51 (C)  

52 (A)   53 (D)   54 (A)   55 (D)  

56 (D)   57 (A)   58 (B)   59 (D)  

60 (C)   61 (C)   62 (A)   63 (C)  

64 (D)   65 (B)   66 (D)   67 (B)  

68 (D)   69 (C)   70 (C)  

71 (C)   72 (D)   73 (C)   74 (D)  

75 (B)   76 (C)   77 (B)   78 (C)  

79 (A)   80 (B)   81 (B)   82 (B)  

83 (A)   84 (C)   85 (C)   86 (B)  

87 (D)   88 (A)   89 (C)   90 (A)  

91 (D)   92 (C)   93 (B)   94 (A)  

95 (C)   96 (D)   97 (B)   98 (D)  

99 (B)   100 (B)