Part 1

1.     (A) They’re working outdoors.

        (B) They’re wearing shorts.

        (C) They’re picking up the rocks.

        (D) They’re waiting in a line.

2.    (A) A boy is building a sand castle.

        (B) There is a boat floating in the water.

        (C) The wave is very high.

        (D) A boy is standing on the sand.

3.     (A) A woman is putting on a pair of gloves.

        (B) Children are looking at their teacher.

        (C) The woman is pointing at something.

        (D) They are running in the classroom.

4.    (A) A sheep is lying on the grass.

        (B) A ship is floating on the water.

        (C) An animal is being fed.

        (D) Sheep are drinking water from the lake.

5.     (A) Flowers are being planted.

        (B) The man is taking care of the plants.

        (C) The water fountain is in operation at the moment.

        (D) The park is full of flowers.

6.    (A) They are standing next to each other.

        (B) One woman is having an injection in the arm.

        (C) They are waiting for the doctor to come.

        (D) One woman is attending to the other.

Part 2

7.    Where are the batteries I bought the other day?

        (A) It’s good for two days.

        (B) We used them up already.

        (C) Yes, it’s much better.

8.    Who is going to run the new retail location?

        (A) It hasn’t been confirmed yet.

        (B) It will be a clothing store.

        (C) Over on 42nd Avenue.

9.    When is the annual shareholders meeting?

        (A) In the conference room.

        (B) No, we had it last year.

        (C) On the first day of October.

10.  Is the band bringing its own instruments?

        (A) They’ll be here soon.

        (B) Put them down on the stage.

        (C) No, we have to provide them.

11.  Where did you hear that the shipment would be delayed?

        (A) By more than three days.

        (B) It was sent from Atlanta.

        (C) We received an e-mail this morning.

12.  How often do they publish the company newsletter?

        (A) Every two months.

        (B) For a week.

        (C) I subscribed to the paper.

13.  Hasn’t Jerome Smith worked here longer than you?

        (A) I’ll start work in October.

        (B) By more than two years.

        (C) No, he hasn’t found a job.

14.  Don’t you need directions to the hotel?

        (A) He’s the director.

        (B) I’ve been there before.

        (C) A two-night reservation.

15.  When will the production of the new car model begin?

        (A) Sometime in the spring.

        (B) For two years.

        (C) At the Montecito plant.

16.  Which bus goes to the Lisbon Music Hall?

        (A) About a mile.

        (B) Number 302 stops there.

        (C) Yes, we hold many large events.

17.  You are not going to be around this Wednesday, are you?

        (A) Yes, it’s just around the corner.

        (B) That sounds good to me.

        (C) No, I have an expo to go to.

18.  Donna is the best candidate for the internship, isn’t she?

        (A) Yes, she sent out the applications.

        (B) At least twenty candidates.

        (C) I think Carol is more qualified.

19.  Who did Charles attend the conference with?

        (A) Actually, I went there by myself.

        (B) A couple of the salespeople.

        (C) Yes, he attended last week.

20.  Did she know about the printing deadline?

        (A) Yes, around 30 copies.

        (B) I got an extension.

        (C) No, I forgot to update her.

21.  What was the reason for the promotional event being unsuccessful?

        (A) Yes, it was very successful.

        (B) It was poorly advertised.

        (C) I was promoted last week.

22.  How long have you been on hold?

        (A) We can hold items for 2 days.

        (B) Longer, if you like.

        (C) At least twenty minutes.

23.  Will you be able to review these figures or should I just go over them myself?

        (A) I’ll go with you.

        (B) I was quite surprised by the view.

        (C) I’m actually done with them.

24.  Let’s ask the general affairs office about the new policy.

        (A) That’s today’s date.

        (B) To lease an apartment.

        (C) I tried to call them earlier.

25.  Your boss will give you a 5% raise, won’t he?

        (A) I think he’s considering it.

        (B) No, our sales rose by 10%.

        (C) He’s leaving at 6.

26.  Has he been in charge of overseas sales for many years?

        (A) Yes, he plans to study abroad.

        (B) No, he mostly handles domestic sales.

        (C) It hasn’t been discussed.

27.  George negotiated a higher wage with the firm.

        (A) He deserves it.

        (B) We need to hire more staff.

        (C) A competitive salary.

28.  Mr. Potter transferred to the head office, right?

        (A) The bus has been delayed.

        (B) At the Chicago branch.

        (C) As far as I know, yes.

29.  Do you know where I can find a stapler?

        (A) There are more staples in the drawer.

        (B) Yes, I’m still looking.

        (C) Check with Mr. Hopkins.

30.  This new laptop computer is so powerful and it weighs only 8 pounds.

        (A) It must have cost a lot.

        (B) Your diet must be working.

        (C) That’s a great price.

31.  Why does Richard want to apply for a position that no one is interested in?

        (A) Yes, we’ve received several applications.

        (B) To buy some office appliances.

        (C) I guess he just wants to try something different.

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34

M: This has been an interesting tour. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the state-of-the-art (32) facilities in our new plant. (33) Now I should get back to the office and report to the director.

W: Aren’t you going to go to lunch with us? There’s a nice restaurant right across from the factory.

M: I’m sorry, but now that I have seen the plant I have some recommendations for the director about the building and machinery.

W: Well, I guess you should let him know right away (34) since we will commence operations at the plant from next month.

Questions 35 through 37

M: Hello. My name is Peter Waters. I received your telephone message about a problem with your computer. How can I help you?

W: Oh, thanks for getting back to me so fast. (35) The problem is that I accidentally spilled water on the keyboard and now it won’t work.

M: Well, it might be possible to rectify the problem quite easily, although it might require some replacement parts. (36) Could you bring it in to our service center downtown and let me have a look at it?

W: Sure, that sounds great. But I’m new to this city and don’t really know my way around yet. (37) Can you please explain the best way to get to your business? I live in the Clarksdale neighborhood.

Questions 38 through 40

W1:    (38) I’d like to thank both of you for all your help with putting up the decorations in the office. I think the Christmas party is going to be a lot of fun this year.

M:      It was our pleasure. (39) I’m pretty shocked that the company gave us so much money for this year’s party.

W2:    Me, too. What are we going to spend it all on?

W1:    Well, I’m glad you asked, Isabel. (40) I’d like you to start looking for a band that could play music at the event. Try to book one with lots of experience.

Questions 41 through 43

W: Hi, Mark. Can you tell me how much your monthly phone bill usually is? (41) My phone bills have been outrageously high these past few months. The latest one is over $200.

M: Really? Mine are usually around $50. (42) If you get a telephone membership card, you receive 100 free minutes of calls.

W: I didn’t know that! I think I should definitely go out and get one right now. Do you know where I can go to get one?

M: You can get one at (43) any of your mobile phone company’s business locations. Actually, there’s one just around the corner. (43) Let’s go there together and I can show you how to do it.

Questions 44 through 46

M: Margaret, would you like to do some sightseeing when you’re in Toronto next week?

W: I normally would, but I just won’t have enough time. (44) My sculpture exhibition is scheduled to finish on Thursday and I will have to be back in Chicago by Friday morning.

M: That’s too bad. (45) I really wanted to take you to a few of my favorite places.

W: 46) I will have more time when I return in December. I’ll be in town for around ten days and I’ll just be visiting some of my colleagues, (46) so perhaps we can meet up then.

Questions 47 through 49

M: Hi, Nicole. I was thinking that (47) I’d like to make March 28 the first day of the sale so that we can take advantage of the holiday weekend.

W: Unfortunately, I don’t think we can start it until April 2. (48) The problem is that none of our advertisements will appear in the newspapers until that date.

M: Well, that means we’re going to miss one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.

W: You’re probably right, but if we start selling before the advertisements begin, then we won’t be able to make the best of the sale. (49) Let’s see what Carol in Marketing thinks. She might come up with a good solution.

Questions 50 through 52

W: (50) I’m looking for the third volume of the Detective Steve Smart series. Do you have it here?

M: Ah, the title of that one is The Mystery of the Golden Idol. I’m afraid we’re sold out right now.

W: (51) Can I place an order to have a copy shipped here? I’d like to give it to my husband for his birthday.

M: Sure, (52) you can leave half the book price as a deposit and pay the balance when you pick up the book. It will arrive in about a week.

Questions 53 through 55

M: I just heard that (53) the company president wants us to make several changes to the product packaging designs we submitted yesterday.

W: Oh, okay. (54) How about getting together after lunch tomorrow to work on them?

M: What’s wrong with today? We don’t have any other urgent work to finish, and the conference room is free at 2 P.M.

W: I suppose you’re right. Should I bring some of the (55) alternative designs that we worked on?

M: Yes. And (55) would you mind sending them to me right now by e-mail? I’d like to start working on them.

W: (55) No problem. Just give me a couple of minutes.

Questions 56 through 58

W: Hello, I’m one of the new staff members here at the department store. (56) My supervisor advised me to report to the personnel office to get an extra work uniform, but I’m not sure how to get there. Can you tell me where it is?

M: Oh, this store is massive, isn’t it? (57) I think I should tell the personnel manager to include a map of the building in the employee handbook. Anyway, you will find the personnel office up on the third floor adjacent to the staff meeting room.

W: Okay, thanks. Oh, I left my employee access card in my locker. Will I need it in order to go up to the third floor?

M: Actually, you will. But, if you hold on for just a moment, (58) I’ll bring you a temporary access card so that you can gain entry to that part of the building.

Questions 59 through 61

M: Hello, (59) I’d like two tickets to see the play called Midwinter Fire on September 25.

W: Okay, but do you have cash? (60) I’m sorry, but our credit card reader has malfunctioned, and we won’t have a new one until tomorrow.

M: Oh, well, that means I’ll need to come back again tomorrow unless I can borrow some cash from a friend here in town.

W: There’s no need to rush. (61) The tickets only just went on sale, and we don’t expect the event to sell out fast.

M: In that case, I’ll just come back in the morning. Thanks!

Questions 62 through 64

M: Patricia, I’m growing a little concerned about the rising number of complaints (62) here at Midvale Bank.

W: I know what you mean. In fact, I’m going through a list of customer complaints we received yesterday and calling them to apologize. The last customer I spoke to was really upset.

M: Oh, really? What was the problem?

W: (63) According to our homepage, our branch is open until 6 P.M. on Fridays. Well, he turned up at that time and found that we were closed.

M: Well, I’m not surprised he was upset. (64) Please make sure that the closing time on our site is changed to 5:30, like it should be.

W: Okay, I’ll get right on it.

Questions 65 through 67

W: Mr. Peacock, I thought you might like to see the figures for our Web site traffic over the past six months. We’ve seen a fairly steady increase (65) (66) since you opened the business in January.

M: Thanks, Katy. Hmm… It looks like (66) we saw a sharp rise in visitors when the IT team redesigned the Web site and added the new features.

W: Yes, that was the first time that we ever received more than 15,000 visitors.

M: I see. Well, these are very pleasing results. But we need to make sure that our Web traffic continues to increase. (67) We’ll soon be launching our online ad campaign, and we want as many people as possible to see it.

Questions 68 through 70

M: Annie, (68) how are all our preparations going for the concert to celebrate our city’s 500th birthday? We only have a few days left.

W: I think we’re all set! The stage is being built outside City Hall, and we’re expecting thousands of people to show up, despite the cold temperatures.

M: That’s great! But I’m a little concerned about the forecast. (69) It’s calling for snow on the day of the event.

W: Hmm… I guess we should have a back-up plan in case the weather is too bad. (70) Why don’t you call City Hall and see if they have an auditorium we can use for the event, just in case we need to move it indoors?

M: Okay. It’s worth a try.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73

This is Anna, from The Belt Buckle. Two of the three items that you ordered last week have arrived, but (71) I’m afraid there’s a problem. The warehouse sent a green sweater instead of a red one. There’s no problem with your pants. The black leather high-heel boots that you ordered should arrive in a couple of days. (72) They’re being sent from our Denver warehouse, which is farther away, so the shipping time takes longer. Please either call us or come in to let us know whether or not you want to keep the sweater. (73) I’ve reordered the color that you wanted anyway, so it’s up to you. Thank you.

Questions 74 through 76

Thank you all for coming this evening. Each employee at this company has contributed to its success, but (74) we are here tonight to thank one person in particular who has helped greatly during the past year. Christine Espinoza (75) opened our overseas sales division in March, and 76) since then it has brought in more than 3 million dollars of profit for the company. (74) That is why we’re giving her the Employee of the Year award. Please join me in welcoming Ms. Espinoza to the stage.

Questions 77 through 79

Attention, ladies and gentlemen. (77) I’m sorry to interrupt today’s baseball game, but there’s a matter that must be dealt with urgently. We need the owner of the blue sedan, license plate R56T 6HW, to move the vehicle immediately. (78) Your car is blocking the service entrance to the stadium, and it is currently impossible for other vehicles to enter or leave the building. We know that the parking signs can be a little confusing. So, don’t worry – there’s no penalty. (79) When you come outside, one of our workers will meet you at your vehicle and direct you to the nearest available free parking space. Once again, everyone, I’m sorry for the interruption.

Questions 80 through 82

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere quiet to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, only to find all of the coffee houses in your area play loud music? (80) Smooth Java, Seattle’s newest coffee lounge, plays soft jazz, classical, and new age music, all at a pleasantly low volume. (81) We offer more than thirty beverages and our pastries are all baked in-house. Besides that, (82) we’re initiating a car-ordering service from next month. If you call us at least 20 minutes in advance, we’ll prepare your order and deliver it right to your car when you arrive.

Questions 83 through 85

(83) I’ve completed my review of Spander Corporation’s operations, and I’d like to start off by going over the main points. (84) The main problem I observed was with the sharing of information. A lot of time is spent reading irrelevant e-mails or taking part in overly long meetings, and there is also important information which is not shared with everyone. Accordingly, I have two key recommendations. First, I suggest appointing an employee to ensure that information is shared efficiently between departments. Second, (85) I recommend putting some guidelines in place regarding internal e-mails and meetings within the office.

Questions 86 through 88

There has never been a better time to purchase your own home. Interest rates are at an all-time low. (86) Houses by the thousands are being built in every state. Mountain Realty wants to help you find the home you’ve always dreamed of. We have more than two hundred properties on our books right now, all waiting for the perfect family to move in. (87) Come in today to look at our catalogs and schedule a visit to your future house. (88) Or, you can visit our Web site and view the houses as if you were there by taking our top quality simulation tour.

Questions 89 through 91

One last thing: (89) I really appreciate everyone coming in to learn about our new shipping procedures and routes over the weekend. Because you all came in to work on a Saturday, we’ll be ready to get back to work immediately after (90) moving into our new offices next week in Atlanta. I know our company is expanding quite quickly, and (91) even more new employees will be joining us soon, but don’t worry. I visited the new location again recently, and there’s a lot of room.

Questions 92 through 94

This is Todd Wentworth with your Conifer Valley afternoon news update. (92) Fast food enthusiasts are already lining up for the grand opening of Gilbert’s Burgers this Saturday. The franchise has become increasingly popular thanks in part to the gigantic serving sizes it has become known for through numerous viral videos. The restaurant will officially open at 11 A.M., accompanied by a speech from the CEO and a wide selection of free samples for the hungry crowd. (93) If you’re traveling along Burt Avenue at the time, then expect to find more traffic than usual. (94) Local officials even expect an increase in tourism in Conifer Valley, as there are only three locations in the Midwest.

Questions 95 through 97

Welcome, everyone. On behalf of Green Fields Ice Cream, I’d like to tell you it’s a great pleasure to have you here today. As you know, (95) we are hoping that you decide to invest in our firm once you’ve sampled our products and toured our factory. You’ll also watch a presentation about (96) our plan to open retail locations throughout Europe next year. Now, before the tour begins, I’d like to introduce you to one of our new Tropical Medley range of flavors. (97) This particular flavor was very popular with focus group members, achieving an approval rating of 95 percent. Please take a moment to enjoy it before we move on.

Questions 98 through 100

Hello, this is Kenneth Starling calling. I stayed at the Carlton Hotel in December, and (98) I just noticed on my credit card statement that I was overcharged for my stay. According to the flyer I received that describes the special offer for that month, (99) I should only have been charged for four nights. However, it seems as though I’ve been charged for every night that I stayed. (100) Please get back to me at your earliest possible convenience to discuss this matter. I look forward to receiving your call. Thanks.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1 (B)   2 (A)   3 (C)   4 (C)  

5 (B)   6 (D)

7 (B)   8 (A)   9 (C)   10 (C)  

11 (C)   12 (A)   13 (B)   14 (B)  

15 (A)   16 (B)   17 (C)   18 (C)  

19 (B)   20 (C)   21 (B)   22 (C)  

23 (C)   24 (C)   25 (A)   26 (B)  

27 (A)   28 (C)   29 (C)   30 (A)  

31 (C)  

32 (C)   33 (B)   34 (C)   35 (C)  

36 (A)   37 (B)   38 (C)   39 (C)  

40 (D)   41 (C)   42 (D)   43 (A)  

44 (C)   45 (A)   46 (C)   47 (C)  

48 (C)   49 (D)   50 (A)   51 (B)  

52 (D)   53 (D)   54 (B)   55 (D)  

56 (A)   57 (A)   58 (C)   59 (B)  

60 (A)   61 (C)   62 (C)   63 (C)  

64 (C)   65 (D)   66 (B)   67 (C)  

68 (B)   69 (C)   70 (D)  

71 (B)   72 (C)   73 (D)   74 (D)  

75 (A)   76 (B)   77 (C)   78 (C)  

79 (B)   80 (A)   81 (B)   82 (B)  

83 (A)   84 (A)   85 (D)   86 (A)  

87 (D)   88 (B)   89 (B)   90 (D)  

91 (A)   92 (B)   93 (A)   94 (D)  

95 (B)   96 (D)   97 (B)   98 (D)   

99 (C)   100 (B)