Part 1

1.    (A) One man is singing while walking.

        (B) One man is carrying wood.

        (C) One man is putting on a protective helmet.

        (D) One man is resting under the tree.

2.    (A) Coffee is being served to the customers.

        (B) The lid of the machine has been left open.

        (C) A woman is pressing a button on the phone.

        (D) A woman is turning on the photocopier.

3.    (A) All of the seats are occupied.

        (B) The audience is giving him a standing ovation.

        (C) The speech is about to end.

        (D) The man is facing an audience.

4.    (A) A boy is petting the animals.

        (B) The animals are grazing in the meadow.

        (C) The grass is being mowed.

        (D) The cows are lying on the lawn.

5.    (A) People are sunbathing on the beach.

        (B) A beach umbrella has been set up.

        (C) It’s breezy today on the shore.

        (D) A parasol is being opened.

6.    (A) There are boxes stacked in the warehouse.

        (B) The boxes are being moved to another places.

        (C) They’re unpacking the boxes.

        (D) Plates are piled up high.

Part 2

7.    When should we schedule the appointment?

        (A) In Mr. Slaughter’s office.

        (B) It isn’t occupied.

        (C) How does eleven sound?

8.    Who is demonstrating our new air purifier this weekend?

        (A) At the convention center.

        (B) The public relations team.

        (C) Yes, at the very end.

9.    Where did Harold put the file this morning?

        (A) To show the client.

        (B) I wrote it yesterday evening.

        (C) On top of the cabinet.

10.  How was the presentation rehearsal last night?

        (A) There were too many mistakes.

        (B) Yes, with the wall projector.

        (C) He’s feeling sick.

11.  Joel is taking you to the airport, isn’t he?

        (A) He got a really great deal.

        (B) The flight is about four hours.

        (C) No, he had to change his plans.

12.  What was the meeting about?

        (A) Menu options.

        (B) I’m pretty sure.

        (C) He brought a few.

13.  Which room contains the cleaning supplies?

        (A) But I ordered some new ones.

        (B) The second one on the left.

        (C) No, it’s drying.

14.  The plants need to be watered before we leave.

        (A) Andre told me that he’d do it.

        (B) I’d like to reserve some.

        (C) No, I left one in my office.

15.  Could you show me how to work the control panel?

        (A) Not very often.

        (B) It might take a little while.

        (C) It was my pleasure.

16.  Would you update the inventory on the Web site this afternoon?

        (A) Unfortunately, I have other obligations.

        (B) Did she arrive this morning?

        (C) Yes, if they are invited.

17.  Why were so many cameras installed in our store?

        (A) An electronic malfunction.

        (B) I can’t operate any of them.

        (C) So nobody will steal our merchandise.

18.  Who will be the new manager of the Publishing Department?

        (A) On the twelfth floor.

        (B) I believe it’s Wesley Elizondo.

        (C) I’ll schedule it for 4.

19.  How many guest speakers will be at the convention?

        (A) The first one is at five thirty.

        (B) Let me look at the schedule.

        (C) You’ll have to convince me.

20.  Aren’t you driving to the seminar tomorrow?

        (A) He took a taxi.

        (B) It’s about office management.

        (C) I thought it was next Friday.

21.  Would you prefer to listen to the radio or watch TV?

        (A) I’ll turn it up.

        (B) We left them on the counter.

        (C) I don’t mind either.

22.  How did you feel about the speech?

        (A) It was so inspiring.

        (B) He showed up in time.

        (C) At the Grand Pavilion.

23.  Can I make some recommendations about your trip?

        (A) It will last for around ten days.

        (B) I’m thinking of taking a flight.

        (C) I always appreciate your advice.

24.  How much food do we need to order?

        (A) Two more signatures.

        (B) That depends on the attendance.

        (C) For the most part.

25.  I thought this suit included a free tie.

        (A) Put it on for the ceremony.

        (B) No, that’s sold separately.

        (C) Aren’t they still in production?

26.  Why don’t you take out an ad in the paper?

        (A) Maybe you could try the classified section.

        (B) I was thinking of putting one online.

        (C) Around one or two pages.

27.  Could Alex stop by my office, or is he in a meeting?

        (A) He was officially hired.

        (B) It’s on my desk.

        (C) Oh, he just took off.

28.  The new restaurant on 3rd Street has some of the worst service in town.

        (A) I haven’t rested all evening.

        (B) The boiled lobster with lemon sauce.

        (C) I know, but the food is incredible.

29.  You still haven’t fixed the air conditioner, have you?

        (A) No, I’ll try to this afternoon.

        (B) I’m washing them now.

        (C) I haven’t seen the picture.

30.  Why did Betty Parkinson appear on the talk show?

        (A) No, she’s from New York.

        (B) In the main studio.

        (C) To promote her new film.

31.  The head office requires that you hand in a doctor’s notice for sick days.

        (A) No, she’s visiting the dentist.

        (B) Is that a recent rule change?

        (C) A two o’clock appointment.

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34

M: Hello, I’m Albert Mcbride from Boxhead Auto Repair. (32) The flower shop owner phoned me saying that a vehicle needs to be repaired.

W: I’m the owner. Thanks for coming down here so quickly. I’m so glad that you’re here. Our delivery man was about to take the car to deliver some roses to a client when 33) the engine stopped working. We have four more deliveries to make this evening, and (33) the engine won’t even start now.

M: That could be a few things. Could you get the keys for me? (34) I want to look under the hood and see if the wires are connected properly.

Questions 35 through 37

M:     Good morning, Miranda. (35) This is our new sales representative, Priyanka Kapoor.

W1:    Welcome to the company.

W2:    Thank you.

M:     (35) The entire sales team will have lunch together to greet her. But I thought you’d like to meet her earlier since she’ll be taking over a lot of your duties. So (36) I thought you could get started on her training, Miranda.

W1:    Oh, of course. Are you free today, Priyanka?

W2:    Well, I have orientation all morning.

W1:    I have a meeting soon anyways. How about this afternoon?

W2:    That will work. (37) Could you bring some examples of your weekly reports so I can see what they’re like?

Questions 38 through 40

M: Wow, your menu is really amazing. My uncle told me I should check out your restaurant. (38) He said that this place is wonderful for people who do not eat meat, and he was right.

W: Yes, we pride ourselves on having a diverse menu that caters to a wide variety of people. And it’s about to get better. (39) Next month we will start receiving our produce from Marigold Farm, which is known for having the freshest and most delicious fruits and vegetables in the area. Have you decided what you want to eat?

M: I’ll have the broccoli pasta with fennel. Oh, but I’m allergic to wheat.

W: That shouldn’t be a problem. (40) I’ll make sure that the pasta noodles aren’t made with wheat.

Questions 41 through 43

M: Good afternoon. This is Cosimo Ruben from the Ruben Group. (41) I’m calling to confirm my company’s online order for thirty of your cars. I was also hoping they could be delivered by next week.

W: Terrific. Let me just verify this on our network. Okay, it looks like everything is in order. By the way, if you’re going to continue purchasing so many vehicles from us, (42) I’d recommend signing up for a corporate member’s account for huge discounts.

M: Oh, if I did that now, could I get the cost of this purchase reduced?

W: Well, I can’t authorize that on my own. (43) Let me have my supervisor call you back to discuss your options.

Questions 44 through 46

M1:    Are you both excited about (44) the charity tennis tournament this weekend?

M2:    Yes, it should be a lot of fun, and (44) we should be able to raise a lot of money for the local children’s hospital.

W:     I hope so. How do you plan on getting to the tennis courts in Kings Park?

M1:    I think I’ll just take the subway there. Traffic can be pretty bad on the weekends, and (45) it might be hard to find a parking space. Right, Desmond?

M2:    Well, (45) there are usually plenty of spots on Rickard Avenue, and that’s just a 5-minute walk from the courts.

W:      Hmm… I’ll probably drive then. So, (46) do you guys want to meet for breakfast before the event begins?

M1:    Sure. We need to be at the park by 9:30 A.M., so let’s meet one hour before that.

Questions 47 through 49

W: Hi, this is Tricia Hayes, and I would like some information about my reservation for April 10. My coworker just informed me that our room isn’t available now, but I haven’t heard anything about it. Shouldn’t I have been notified?

M: I apologize, but I did call the number on the account. I must’ve spoken with your secretary. But anyways, (47) it seems that we were unable to accept your credit card. And as for the room you requested, it was booked by another party during the delay. (48) Would you like me to book another one for you?

W: I actually don’t have the time at the moment. (49) I need to leave the office now if I’m ever going to beat this rush hour traffic. I’ll call back once I get home, and we’ll resolve this issue.

Questions 50 through 52

M: Claire, I just overheard that (50) you’ll be on the local news to promote next week’s fundraiser. That will really help us out. When will it air?

W: 50) I’ll be on the Wednesday morning show. And, (51) actually, I would really appreciate it if you would do it with me. You are the event organizer, after all.

M: Oh, I wish I could, but (52) I’ll be out of town on Wednesday visiting some of our biggest donors. I’d be happy to go over some talking points with you before then, though.

Questions 53 through 55

W: Robert, can you make thirty copies of the poster highlighting our plan to expand overseas? (53) I want them to be prominently displayed in each of our local branches by next Monday, so it’s crucial to send them out today.

M: Well, I talked to the head of our printing department earlier, and (54) he said that the ink would take at least twenty-four hours to dry, so we wouldn’t be able to send them out today.

W: Oh, no. (55) Maybe we should have them printed at a professional printing shop. They may have the capability to finish the posters today. Plus, most of them usually have delivery services as well.

Questions 56 through 58

M: Hello. I have a sore shoulder from playing basketball, and I wanted to try a new brand of heat therapy patches called Estus Recovery. (56) Do you carry it at this pharmacy?

W: We do! That item is right over here.

M: There it is. But… I’ve never used it before.

W: (57) Oh, it’s very simple. Just follow the instructions on the packaging. It’s all right here.

M: It looks easy enough. Also, I would like to print some pictures from a family picnic.

W: I’m guessing you took them with your smart phone? If so, (58) you can use our photo kiosk located next to the checkout counter. I can show you how to use it.

M: Sure, if you wouldn’t mind.

Questions 59 through 61

M: I’m so glad that you decided to submit an application and some writing examples to us, Ms. Florence. (59) I was really astonished by how beautifully written your articles were. You have such a unique perspective on a variety of topics. May I ask you why you want to work here, though? The publication you currently work for is so much more successful.

W: To be honest, I’m getting a little frustrated by the direction they are moving in. (60) They used to confront important issues, but they are increasingly covering more trivial matters like fashion and the lives of celebrities.

M: Well, we would like to appeal to a more sophisticated audience, especially with regard to global matters. In fact, (61) we hope that you would be willing to fly to Europe or Asia fairly often to do in-depth research.

Questions 62 through 64

M: Thanks for calling Zane’s Office Supplies customer service. What can I do for you?

W: Hi, (62) I would like to buy some A4 paper from your online store with a coupon I received for having a membership.

M: Oh, sure. That’s for the delivery order discount? What’s the total cost of the paper you’re buying?

W: It’s 15 reams, so… (63) $75. However, when I check out, it won’t accept the discount. It stays at $75.

M: You know, I don’t think the promotion was programmed correctly into the online store. (64) Let me speak with our Web designer, and then I’ll call you back.

W: OK. I’ll talk to you soon.

Questions 65 through 67

W: (65) I can’t wait to start working on the advertisements for the new restaurant that just opened.

M: Me, too. The owner was very friendly, and it seems like he wants something creative and new for the ads. I already have some great ideas for the commercial.

W: Yeah, it should be a lot of fun. But, for now, I’m ready for the weekend. Do you have any plans?

M: I’m going to check out the literature festival at the university.

W: Oh, I will, too. (66) Every year, I go on the first day because that’s when poets come to speak. (67) Charles Kinney is giving a lecture this year.

M: Really? (67) He’s one of my favorite poets. I’m sure he’ll give an excellent talk.

Questions 68 through 70

M: Okay, Ms. Hodge, (68) we’ve organized your hotel room and car rental. The last thing we need to do is finalize your flight ticket. You just need a one-way ticket, right?

W: That’s right. I’d like a seat on Corsair Airways Flight CA 56. I already checked the tickets online, and (69) I’d like the one that costs $5,200.

M: No problem… I’ll get that booked for you straight away. Do you have any special requirements?

W: Actually, yes. (70) Please make sure that I get a vegetarian meal. And, I’d prefer a seat next to a window.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73

Welcome back. I’m pleased that everyone could attend today’s business writing workshop. For the first 20 minutes, you will each write a business letter. (71) After everyone is finished, we will hear from Richard Bowers, who will explain common mistakes that people make while writing. You will then have a chance to read your letter again and check for mistakes you may have made. You should also remember that, (72) next week, we will be starting our research reports, so you need to have an idea for a topic when you show up. (73) If you have trouble thinking of one, you should look on our Web site for a list of ideas.

Questions 74 through 76

Before you leave, I have one final reminder. As I mentioned last week, it is the firm’s annual Career Day next Sunday. Like previous years, we’ll be providing lots of product demonstrations and (74) giving talks about career opportunities within our company. We still need volunteers to operate information kiosks in each of our departments, and (75) you can sign up to help out with that by sending an e-mail to Clint Howe in the personnel office. (74) We hope to recruit more new staff this year than ever before. Oh, and don’t forget that I’d like you all to (76) come in 30 minutes earlier than usual on Monday so that we can clean up any remaining event materials in our offices.

Questions 77 through 79

You’re listening to Food Heaven on Radio WRSP, and next (77) I’d like to bring you a quick review of a new restaurant called Mandalay. I was lucky enough to attend its big opening night last night, and it was a fun event, with several local celebrities in attendance. The interior of the restaurant is beautiful, (78) but when it comes to the food, well… I’ve had better. Perhaps things will improve over the next few weeks. I must admit, however, that the prices were reasonable and the service was excellent. Now, for those of you who prefer to eat at home, stay tuned, because (79) I’ll be back in a moment with some advice on making the perfect steaks.

Questions 80 through 82

Good afternoon, Ms. Livingston. This is Tyler McFarlane calling you back. (80) I’m really excited that you agreed to hire me at Cielo Industries’ Marketing Department. I know that we agreed in principle to all the terms of the contract, but now I’m having second thoughts. (81) I’ve decided that I would like a five percent salary increase over the figure that we previously settled on. Another potential employer came back to me with a much improved offer, so I feel like it’d be in my best interest to ask for more money. I have not signed anything with them yet, but (82) I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know by what date I will need you to make your decision. Thanks for your patience, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Questions 83 through 85

Good morning, everyone. I gathered you here because (83) I’d like to formally introduce you all to Dr. Ferrier, who will primarily be treating patients here on Ward 21. Now, remember… It’s his first day. (84) He won’t know where we keep some of our equipment or how we fill out certain paperwork, so he’ll need to rely on all of you until he gets settled in. Also, (85) we’ll be having a welcome dinner at Mario’s Bistro at 7 P.M. next Tuesday, and all workers from Ward 21 are encouraged to attend. I hope to see all of you there.

Questions 86 through 88

I’d like to welcome everybody to today’s meeting. The main item on today’s agenda is the implementation of (86) our new preparation policy for the kitchen. By now, I am sure that everyone has heard of (87) our difficulties keeping up with customers’ orders because it takes so long to (86) prepare many of our salads and appetizers. Therefore, we will occasionally prepare certain menu items before leaving at the end of the day, which will make serving them much easier the following day and let us (86) focus on our main entrées. Unfortunately, this means that each of you will have to work a little bit longer than normal on certain nights. (88) Your station leaders will notify you when you are expected to perform this duty. Next, I would like to speak about how we will be preparing each of these items.

Questions 89 through 91

Hello, everyone. I’m so excited to be giving a reading here in Southampton for the first time ever. I’ve received a lot of e-mails from people requesting that I stop off here during my tour, so I’m glad I have this opportunity. (89) Principles of the Premises is the first book I’ve published in a few years, and I really hope that you enjoy it. After my reading, (90) I’d like to discuss effective ways to resurface the exteriors of real estate using cheap, simple methods. A lot of people don’t realize that it’s actually quite easy to improve not just how a property looks, but how much it is worth. Also, (91) if you sign up for my mailing list, information about some of the discussion topics will be sent directly to you. Okay, then. Let’s get started.

Questions 92 through 94

Hi, Geraldine. (92) I’m just calling to let you know the plan for Barcelona this week. Again, I’m very pleased that you offered to join me on this trip. I’m going to appreciate your help when I’m preparing for (92) (93) my talk at the engineering conference on Friday. Anyway, here’s the plan… We’ll be arriving in Barcelona on Thursday evening and then checking into the Plaza Hotel. After my talk the next day, we’ll go for dinner with some of our colleagues based in Europe. (94) I know you wanted to visit some of Barcelona’s famous cathedrals on Saturday, but… our flight is at 12. Hopefully, you’ll have another opportunity in the future. Let’s talk more tomorrow.

Questions 95 through 97

Hello, (95) this is Dan Stevens calling from the administration office at Topeka National Park. I received your message regarding your upcoming trip to the park, and I’m calling to confirm that (96) I’ve reserved the cabin with 3 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms for you and your group. I’ve also spoken to Martin Cosgrove, our climbing instructor, and signed you up for his advanced classes at Ridgeback Mountain. (97) Please don’t forget that you’ll need to pay a security deposit when you arrive at the park on Saturday morning. This will be returned to you at the end of your trip, as long as no damage occurs to the cabin.

Questions 98 through 100

Before the restaurant opens today, (98) I’d like to discuss some health and safety issues. Several employees have reported burns and other injuries when cleaning our grill at the end of a work shift. (98) If you are following the guidelines correctly, you should not be experiencing any problems. However, to lower the chance of burns from occurring, I’d like to amend one of the steps involved in cleaning the grill. (99) Starting from today, you’ll need to wait 15 minutes after turning off the grill. Now, in case anyone has forgotten the other steps, (100) I’m going to show you all one more time how to clean the grill properly. Please follow me to the kitchen.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1 (B)   2 (B)   3 (D)   4 (B)  

5 (B)   6 (A)

7 (C)   8 (B)   9 (C)   10 (A)  

11 (C)   12 (A)   13 (B)   14 (A)  

15 (B)   16 (A)   17 (C)   18 (B)  

19 (B)   20 (C)   21 (C)   22 (A)  

23 (C)   24 (B)   25 (B)   26 (B)  

27 (C)   28 (C)   29 (A)   30 (C)  

31 (B)  

32 (A)   33 (C)   34 (C)   35 (B)  

36 (D)   37 (A)   38 (B)   39 (D)  

40 (A)   41 (C)   42 (B)   43 (D)  

44 (B)   45 (D)   46 (A)   47 (C)  

48 (B)   49 (A)   50 (D)   51 (D)  

52 (A)   53 (A)   54 (D)   55 (C)  

56 (C)   57 (D)   58 (C)   59 (A)  

60 (B)   61 (C)   62 (D)   63 (C)  

64 (D)   65 (A)   66 (A)   67 (C)  

68 (C)   69 (D)   70 (B)  

71 (C)   72 (C)   73 (D)   74 (B)  

75 (C)   76 (D)   77 (C)   78 (A)  

79 (D)   80 (B)   81 (C)   82 (A)  

83 (D)   84 (D)   85 (D)   86 (A)  

87 (B)   88 (D)   89 (B)   90 (D)  

91 (A)   92 (C)   93 (B)   94 (C)  

95 (C)   96 (C)   97 (B)   98 (D)  

99 (B)   100 (C)