Part 1

1.    (A) People are fishing at the edge of the water.

        (B) People are talking on the phone.

        (C) People are looking at the bridge.

        (D) People are sitting on a bench.

2.    (A) A woman is selecting a book.

        (B) A woman is looking for a librarian.

        (C) A woman is booking a room.

        (D) A woman is reading a magazine.

3.    (A) She is paying for the clothes.

        (B) The store is closed at the moment.

        (C) The mannequin is being placed in the show window.

        (D) She is doing some window shopping.

4.    (A) Most of the seats are occupied.

        (B) The bus has just stopped at the traffic light.

        (C) The bus is unloading its passengers.

        (D) There are long poles between the seats.

5.    (A) They are looking at each other.

        (B) They have just crossed the finish line.

        (C) They are ready to start the race.

        (D) They are running at their full speed.

6.    (A) They’re trying on the sweaters.

        (B) The goods have been neatly arranged on the rack.

        (C) The shirts are being stacked in the closet.

        (D) Clothes are on sale at the moment.

Part 2

7.    Who’s the new security guard in the east wing?

        (A) It’s down the hallway to the left.

        (B) That would be Arnold Whitehead.

        (C) To watch the warehouse.

8.    Where is the nearest hardware store?

        (A) Just around the corner.

        (B) To repair a bookshelf.

        (C) A construction worker.

9.    When will the software be installed?

        (A) No, in the electronics store.

        (B) It’s a simple installation.

        (C) It was set up before lunch.

10.  Are you applying for the supervisory position?

        (A) No, I’m not qualified.

        (B) I’m not sure he will.

        (C) She applied for a loan.

11.  The second floor renovation will be finished soon, right?

        (A) In a few days.

        (B) A brand new floor.

        (C) She wasn’t very busy.

12.  Who’s responsible for travel reimbursements?

        (A) It’s on the next page.

        (B) I’m not sure but I’ll check.

        (C) I’m going on a trip overseas.

13.  Isn’t the highway restricted due to construction?

        (A) Marvin revised the contract.

        (B) No, they completed it last week.

        (C) My boss is very strict about doing it.

14.  Mr. Johnson called to say he just sent the proposal.

        (A) That’s what I proposed.

        (B) I didn’t return his call.

        (C) Well, let’s check it out.

15.  Where will they take the client before the exhibition?

        (A) To the research laboratory.

        (B) About the new line of washing machines.

        (C) Following the commercial’s debut.

16.  Which batteries does this radio use?

        (A) Every two or three months.

        (B) The ones in my drawer.

        (C) I’m buying a new TV.

17.  Would you rather order the leather chairs or the vinyl chairs?

        (A) The vinyl ones are much cheaper.

        (B) Around a hundred dollars.

        (C) Yes, we received them.

18.  Perhaps we should decorate the lobby.

        (A) It might be for the ceremony.

        (B) Sure. Let’s get started.

        (C) No, Mr. Foster created it.

19.  Where can we find restaurants that serve Korean food?

        (A) He lived in Seoul for many years.

        (B) Harriet can point some out.

        (C) They are resting in the lounge.

20.  Why aren’t we still manufacturing the phones?

        (A) There was an issue with them.

        (B) No, I’m not busy.

        (C) I bought a new one.

21.  When did Angelica get hired?

        (A) It was a terrific interview.

        (B) In the Accounting Department.

        (C) Not too long ago.

22.  I need someone to accompany me to the conference.

        (A) No, she didn’t.

        (B) A technology company.

        (C) I could lend you a hand.

23.  Won’t the branch opening boost profits?

        (A) Well, it might not.

        (B) They extended the opening hours.

        (C) Yes, if you would like to.

24.  How are you getting to the convention?

        (A) By subway.

        (B) The first two speeches.

        (C) That wasn’t my intention.

25.  Would you prefer a seat in the front row, or on the balcony?

        (A) I’m feeling down.

        (B) Move a little to the right.

        (C) Up in front, I guess.

26.  There are rumors that Ms. Higuchi is retiring.

        (A) Seriously? I don’t believe it.

        (B) The rooms seem very spacious.

        (C) Yes, she’s hiring an assistant.

27.  Why hasn’t the train arrived yet?

        (A) Let’s meet at the station.

        (B) One more hour.

        (C) There was a delay.

28.  How did you like the hotel?

        (A) Close to the airport.

        (B) No, only once or twice.

        (C) It wasn’t very comfortable.

29.  Won’t it cost too much to renovate the bathroom?

        (A) It should be in the kitchen.

        (B) Yes, she said that she might.

        (C) Only if we change the flooring.

30.  I was shocked to see your full page ad in the newspaper.

        (A) No, thank you. I’m already full.

        (B) I watch the nightly news on Channel 13.

        (C) That way we’ll get more publicity.

31.  Should we go directly to the airport or stop for some lunch first?

        (A) It’s a direct flight.

        (B) I don’t mind.

        (C) Yes, that’s correct

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34

M: (32) Susan, did you go to the press conference yesterday? Ms. Walken mentioned you by name, but nobody could find you.

W: Unfortunately, I didn’t. I was originally scheduled to discuss the benefits of getting seasonal passes for our spring line of plays, but I couldn’t make it. I tried to get back to the theater after a meeting with some investors, but (33) I got stuck in traffic.

M: That’s too bad. There were plenty of reporters there. I read a very enthusiastic article in this morning’s paper, too. (34) You should go to my office and pick up my copy.

Questions 35 through 37

M: Hi, Lillian. (35) I’m having an issue setting up this printer. Whenever I try to print something, this red light keeps flashing. I’m pretty sure that everything is plugged in properly.

W: Oh, (36) I think you were at lunch when the delivery man dropped it off. He noted that your computer needs to have special software downloaded in order to make it compatible. It won’t work unless you do that.

M: OK, I see. I did find this disk in the box, but I have no idea how to install it properly. Should I call someone from the IT Department?

W: I don’t think so. (37) I remember seeing an instruction manual when you removed the printer from the box. (37) Maybe you should check to see if you can find it in there.

Questions 38 through 40

M:      (38) We need to organize a dinner for Mark in the Accounting Department. He’s turning forty next week.

W1:    Great idea! But, he’s not in Accounting anymore. He moved to the General Affairs Department last week.

M:     Oh, that’s right! Anyway, do either of you have any ideas for a fairly cheap place where we could host a party?

W2:    Hmm… How about King Lobster on the corner of 12th and Bergdorf? It gets great reviews.

M:     I thought of that, but (39) unfortunately, it went out of business recently.

W1:    Then (40) why don’t Lauren and I contact some local places and check how much their dishes cost?

W2:    Yes, (40) we’ll try to find somewhere relatively cheap and get back to you later.

Questions 41 through 43

M: Hello, Tamika. I’m really impressed with (41) your suggestions for the menu. It’s so important to (42) keep thinking up exciting new choices ever since our location was featured in that newspaper article.

W: I know. Now customers expect us to (42) constantly come up with different (41) pizza options. And it’s been so busy here lately that I don’t know how we will possibly be able to meet the demand once we (42) unveil this bigger new menu.

M: I’ve been thinking a lot about that. (43) Do you think it would be a good idea to purchase a new oven? We have plenty of space and it would allow us to keep up with all of the orders.

Questions 44 through 46

W: Robert, (44) would you mind pulling over at the corner? I want to jump out and grab a coffee and a bagel from the Artisan Café

M: Are you sure that’s a good idea? (45) Your interview at Polaris Construction starts at 10 A.M. And (46) that coffee shop is always so busy.

W: (46) Only between 8 and 9. It should be empty right now.

M: If you’re sure, then. And, if we are stopping anyway, I might as well come in and get something for myself.

Questions 47 through 49

W: Good evening, Mr. Lomas. This is Eve Dickey, your advisor from Cartel Consulting. (47) I was calling to discuss our findings concerning your company’s proposal to acquire Redwater Industries.

M: Excellent. I was expecting your call. We’ve really been struggling with this decision so we were interested in what you had to say. We were wondering in particular if it would be worth it, (48) since their factories seem to be less productive than most others in the industry.

W: (48) We also pinpointed that as a potential problem. However, we think with a few minor changes you can drastically improve them. If you can give us a little time to put something together, (49) we’ll come to your office next week and present our recommendations to you in person. Then you can make your final decision.

Questions 50 through 52

M1:    Ms. Harmon, (50) we don’t have any more films showing tonight, and Steve and I have already cleaned the auditoriums. Would you mind if we head off fifteen minutes early?

M2:    Yes, there’s a big concert downtown tonight, and although we aren’t going, (51) we’re worried about how busy the streets will be. It might take a while to get home.

W:      Oh, that’s no problem at all. (52) But, Philip, would you mind quickly changing the posters in the foyer? We need to put the new ones up.

M1:    Okay. They’re in the main office, right?

W:     That’s right. Just on top of the file cabinets.

M2:       I’ll go and get those and lend you a hand, Philip. We’ll get it done faster doing it together.

Questions 53 through 55

M: Martha, the restaurant won’t be closing for another three hours, but (53) there’s barely any salad dressing or bread sticks left. We’d better watch our levels.

W: I’ve already told the chef about it. He said that he already noticed the shortages yesterday.

M: Oh, really? Well, (54) I wish he had told me about it. If he had spoken to me, I could’ve replenished our supplies today.

W: I mentioned that to him. Well, what are we going to do for the rest of the evening?

M: I guess (55) I should go to our other branch to borrow the items we need. I should be back within 45 minutes.

Questions 56 through 58

M: We’ll have to make some changes to next month’s company newsletter. (56) I’ve just heard that Steven Cobb, the founder and CEO of Polyzon Corporation, will be visiting our city. He is scheduled to give a lecture at Laverne University.

W: Oh, this will be of great interest to everyone at our company. (57) Mr. Cobb has done so much for the field of electronics, especially the sizable amounts of money he has invested in promising start-up firms.

M: That’s why I’d like you to (58) find out more about his lecture by getting in touch with the Public Affairs Department at the university. I’ve already tried to contact Mr. Cobb directly, but I have yet to hear anything back from him or his staff. I’m sure our employees would like to read about the event in the newsletter and find out how to get tickets.

Questions 59 through 61

M: Hi, Athena. It looks like you’ve already discovered that our new computers have arrived. What do you think of them?

W: I’m checking out a movie I downloaded and it looks amazing on this monitor. (59) I’d really like to purchase a new one for my home computer, so this model might be perfect for me.

M: Actually, when our company bought these computers, they (60) sent extra coupons for all of their electronics, including monitors. It would save you thirty percent off the retail value. (60) I could give you one of them if you wanted.

W: That sounds wonderful. (61) I’ve wanted a new computer monitor for a few months now, but they are all so expensive. Maybe I’ll finally be able to get one with this discount.

Questions 62 through 64

W: Hi, (62) I’m here to pick up the posters for the Willard County Airshow. Are they ready yet?

M: Yes, we just finished printing them. Here you are. That’ll be $50, please.

W: Hold on a moment. I’m sorry, but (63) there’s a mistake. Kids actually get into the event for free!

M: Oh, dear! I’m not sure how that happened. I’ll take care of that straight away. Would you mind coming back in a couple of hours?

W: No, that’s okay. (64) I have some other supplies to buy for the event anyway. Shall I just pay when I come back then?

M: Yes, and I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

Questions 65 through 67

M: Harriet, (65) is the conference room all set up for our meeting with the clients this afternoon?

W: Everything is ready, except there’s a problem that I guess we both forgot about.

M: Oh, what’s that?

W: Did you forget that the TV in that room broke down a few days ago?

M: Ah, of course. We’ll need one to present our data to the clients. I’ll rush out and buy a new one at lunchtime.

W: (66) Make sure you get one with a bright display and high resolution. We’ll want to present our graphs clearly.

M: Definitely. I’ll get a Psion Full HD TV, and (67) I’ll make sure that it’s the biggest one they have.

Questions 68 through 70

M: Do you have a minute, Rachel? (69) I wanted to test out this new program, but I can’t open it on my computer. (68) I e-mailed you a download link for it.

W: Oh, I was wondering what that was. (69) I’ll start the download now.

M: Thanks. If it’s effective, (70) I’m going to recommend it to everyone at the meeting today. Will you be there?

W:  (70) No, I’m not a part of that team project. The manager wants me to stay focused on our international clients.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73

Hello, I’m calling for Grant Noriega. My name is Heidi Thames, the superintendent for the Stansfield Tower Apartments. I just read your message regarding the visit from our maintenance worker, Jimmy Moreland. Apparently, he finished the installation of your new washing machine, (71) but forgot to complete the repair of your air conditioner. He is out of town for the evening, but (72) I will give him a call first thing in the morning to (71) have him stop by your apartment again. Each apartment has different air conditioner units, so (73) I need you to call me back with the make and model number so we can be sure that we will be able to repair it right away. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Questions 74 through 76

As the CEO of Welker Industries, I am delighted to be able to tell you that, as of next month, (74) we will be shooting our own TV commercials for all of our products. (74) (75) We have just finished building a studio in our headquarters in Detroit, and the first shoot is scheduled for August 13. This will allow us to take advantage of the talents of some of our gifted young public relations staff. By creating our videos here, (76) we can make our commercials as we are developing products, so we can start our advertising campaigns just as our products are released.

Questions 77 through 79

A lot of our guests are complaining about lost reservations, so (77) I think some of you have been entering their room requests into the system incorrectly. (78) So, let’s quickly review how to confirm reservations using our Web site. Now, first of all, be sure to log in as an employee. This will let you view and alter our schedule. Then, select the dates the guest requested and add the room details in the text box at the right corner of the window. If everyone does this correctly, we should have fewer errors. (79) If you continue having problems, Sean will be in later.

Questions 80 through 82

As part of your orientation at Flexo Fitness Center, (80) you’ll be taught how to use our brand-new running machines. Each Travelex 500 treadmill is equipped with a 3.8-horsepower motor and can reach a top speed of 19 kilometers per hour. That’s 2 kilometers per hour more than our old machines, (81) which were equipped with less powerful 3.5-horsepower motors. In a moment, we’ll enter the main gym, and our most experienced fitness instructor, (82) Mr. Kang, will demonstrate how the machine works and explain the different pre-installed exercise programs. Afterwards, I’ll show you the free weights area and give you some safety tips.

Questions 83 through 85

Hello, Mr. Crowley. (83) This is Rebecca Moffat calling from Onyx Interiors. (84) Thanks for confirming all the details in the renovation plan I sent to you yesterday, and for sending the initial down payment for the work. With all of that taken care of, we’re finally ready to go! My team and I will arrive at your home at 55 Valley Road at 8:30 on Monday morning and (83) begin preparations for the remodeling. We’ll (83) get all the painting done during the first week and move on to the carpeting, curtains, and furnishings the following week. (85) Don’t forget to take a look at the carpet samples I gave you, and then let me know your preference when I see you. Thanks.

Questions 86 through 88

Hi, this is Jackson Smith, the branch manager of Fitz Financial. Yesterday, the PX5400 copy machine I ordered arrived at our office. (86) However, the instruction manual wasn’t sent with it, and it’s a rather complicated machine. (87) I checked your Web site to see if there was one I could download, but when I checked the “Manuals” page, it wasn’t there. (88) I think the fastest way to resolve this would be for you to just send an e-mail with the attached document. Please send it to We have a lot of printing to do, so please respond soon.

Questions 89 through 91

Thanks for coming in early, everyone. Before the restaurant opens tonight, (89) I need to talk to you about the rise in complaints we’ve received from diners. I’ve heard that (90) some servers have been bringing customers the wrong dishes, and some kitchen staff have been failing to prepare food correctly. This just won’t do. (90) To address this issue, starting next week, I’ll be carrying out regular performance evaluations on all staff. If you have any questions about your job duties, please feel free to ask me at any time. Now, (91) let’s make sure the dining area and kitchen are spotless before the first customers arrive.

Questions 92 through 94

Good morning. Is this the office of Victor Cruz? (92) This is Lisa Mason from the Purchasing Department at Malgalo Foods. I’m contacting you because your company has been supplying us with the tomatoes for our pasta since we were founded. However, there’s a chance that we will have to cancel our contract because (93) we want to switch to all organic vegetables in April. I understand that you have begun producing organic tomatoes as well, and I’d be interested in hearing more about them. I’ll let you know how much we’d be interested in ordering. (94) I would also like to know roughly how much this would cost in total. I would appreciate it if you could give me this information by e-mailing me at the usual address. Thanks.

Questions 95 through 97

Hello, this is Troy Barnes calling. (95) I’ve been a customer of yours for 12 months and have really enjoyed your cable TV, Internet and phone services. (96) I’d like to sign up for a further 12 months, so I was hoping I could just do that over the phone. Please make sure that my package continues to include the Golden Years movie option. (96) I’ve been really impressed with the number of classic films I’ve been able to watch thanks to that feature. (97) I currently pay $24.99 each month, and I assume I can continue receiving the same service at the same rate. Please call me back to confirm. Thanks.

Questions 98 through 100

I’d like to start this meeting by taking a look at the data for new subscribers last month. (98) As the founder of the firm, I’m very pleased with the figures, especially considering our closest rival launched several new magazines in February. Prime Fitness is once again our most popular magazine, (99) with more than three thousand new subscribers signing up for a 12-month subscription in March. This is partly due to the complimentary water bottle and gym towel we offered to new subscribers. (100) Only one of our magazines failed to attract more than two thousand subscribers in March. Let’s take a look at some strategies we can use to try to boost that publication’s appeal.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1 (D)   2 (A)   3 (D)   4 (D)  

5 (C)   6 (B)

7 (B)   8 (A)   9 (C)   10 (A)  

11 (A)   12 (B)   13 (B)   14 (C)  

15 (A)   16 (B)   17 (A)   18 (B)  

19 (B)   20 (A)   21 (C)   22 (C)  

23 (A)   24 (A)   25 (C)   26 (A)  

27 (C)   28 (C)   29 (C)   30 (C)  

31 (B)  

32 (B)   33 (A)   34 (D)   35 (B)  

36 (A)   37 (A)   38 (C)   39 (A)  

40 (B)   41 (A)   42 (D)   43 (C)  

44 (C)   45 (C)   46 (C)   47 (D)  

48 (A)   49 (C)   50 (B)   51 (A)  

52 (C)   53 (B)   54 (D)   55 (C)  

56 (A)   57 (B)   58 (D)   59 (A)  

60 (C)   61 (D)   62 (D)   63 (C)  

64 (B)   65 (C)   66 (C)   67 (D)  

68 (C)   69 (D)   70 (C)  

71 (B)   72 (D)   73 (D)   74 (B)  

75 (A)   76 (D)   77 (D)   78 (B)  

79 (B)   80 (A)   81 (A)   82 (D)  

83 (B)   84 (D)   85 (D)   86 (D)  

87 (B)   88 (C)   89 (D)   90 (B)  

91 (B)   92 (D)   93 (B)   94 (A)  

95 (A)   96 (C)   97 (B)   98 (B)  

99 (B)   100 (A)