Part 1

1.    (A) They’re putting on the hats.

        (B) They’re sitting on the bikes.

        (C) They’re looking at each other.

        (D) They’re holding hands with each other.

2.    (A) A boy is having his hair cut.

        (B) A boy is combing his hair.

        (C) A boy is looking for a pair of scissors.

        (D) A boy is trimming the trees.

3.    (A) He’s smiling at his wife.

        (B) He’s standing by heavy equipment.

        (C) He’s lifting a box.

        (D) He’s sitting with his legs crossed.

4.    (A) She’s typing on the keyboard.

        (B) Bills are being paid on the computer.

        (C) The monitor has been turned off.

        (D) She’s wearing glasses.

5.    (A) There are a couple of birds on the sea shore.

        (B) The woman has a bag on her shoulder.

        (C) They’re walking hand in hand.

        (D) They’re taking off their shoes.

6.    (A) They are boarding the train.

        (B) An airplane is parked on the runway.

        (C) The airplane has just taken off.

        (D) The plane is full of passengers.

Part 2

7.    What happened to our staff dinner?

        (A) Throughout the evening.

        (B) It was postponed a week.

        (C) It is, to be honest.

8.    When is the new version available?

        (A) Next Friday.

        (B) The programmers.

        (C) In the desk drawer.

9.    Which would you suggest, a newspaper advertisement or a TV commercial?

        (A) I would, really.

        (B) In the studio.

        (C) Neither, actually.

10.  Where does the highway from the beach lead?

        (A) Every two hours.

        (B) To downtown.

        (C) Well, it might.

11.  Why is the department hiring more people?

        (A) Because it’s expanding.

        (B) I’m not retiring soon.

        (C) An updated résumé.

12.  We need to purchase some new office desks.

        (A) It’s about three feet long.

        (B) For which departments?

        (C) You look pretty comfortable.

13.  Who authorized the loan program?

        (A) Yes, I’ve read it.

        (B) Somebody from Operations.

        (C) When you upload it.

14.  You attended the convention last week, didn’t you?

        (A) I’ll modify it soon.

        (B) No, I was working.

        (C) Yes, I can’t wait to go there.

15.  Where should I park the van?

        (A) It’s next to the storage closet.

        (B) I just bought one.

        (C) There are spaces in the basement.

16.  Would you like to organize the event?

        (A) No, let’s hold it tonight.

        (B) I’d be happy to.

        (C) Look at the schedule.

17.  When should we schedule the factory inspection?

        (A) How about next month?

        (B) The safety inspector might.

        (C) Right around the corner.

18.  Why was the product demonstration moved from the McManus Room?

        (A) The shoppers purchased some.

        (B) There weren’t enough seats.

        (C) Sure, let’s go now.

19.  Who was the man who just passed by?

        (A) Jason won’t walk there.

        (B) In the parking garage.

        (C) He is the vice president.

20.  I’m going on a vacation next week.

        (A) Thanks for notifying me.

        (B) I went there this morning.

        (C) Maybe to the beach.

21.  How often should the meeting be held?

        (A) She usually does.

        (B) He wants to meet with us.

        (C) At least twice a month.

22.  Ms. Shapiro is taking a flight tomorrow, isn’t she?

        (A) It hasn’t been filed.

        (B) When did she arrive?

        (C) Yes, around noon.

23.  Do you know last month’s sales figures?

        (A) The director of sales.

        (B) Look in this report.

        (C) A drop in prices.

24.  We’d better limit personal calls in the office.

        (A) Yes, you should e-mail the client.

        (B) I was considering that.

        (C) He called ten minutes ago.

25.  How did Susan figure out how to set up the stereo cables?

        (A) They bought a couple of stereos.

        (B) She learned from a video.

        (C) The television isn’t plugged in.

26.  The subway’s Blue Line has been shut down.

        (A) Really? I rode it just the other day.

        (B) I haven’t reserved a seat yet.

        (C) Get off at City Hall.

27.  Don’t you have the same kind of cell phone that Zoey has?

        (A) I’d suggest a similar kind.

        (B) I believe hers is newer.

        (C) Haven’t you called them?

28.  The item will be ready by three if you can pick it up then.

        (A) Yes, I have fixed a few.

        (B) How about four, instead?

        (C) No, I haven’t picked up anything.

29.  You would prefer that I present our proposal, right?

        (A) Yes, she is very professional.

        (B) No, they didn’t propose it yet.

        (C) If you think you’re ready to.

30.  Did you hear that the party will be held at seven?

        (A) I hope I can get there on time.

        (B) I didn’t open the present yet.

        (C) I arrived around eight.

31.  Won’t Maya show up at one?

        (A) It was incredibly easy.

        (B) She told me that you lost.

        (C) That’s what she said.

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34

M: Hello, I’ve been using your satellite television service and have been really impressed with your business. (32) Unfortunately, many of my channels have had bad reception all day. (33) I’m pretty worried because the soccer championship is on tonight. (32) I need to get this taken care of so I can watch the game.

W: We’ll take a look at it as soon as we can. A technician will stop by your home at some point this evening to fix it.

M: (34) And do you think I could also get my service upgraded to high definition? I’d be happy to pay more. It would be wonderful to have a clearer picture for tonight.

W: Of course. You will need to transfer the setup fee immediately to have it done by tonight. (34) It’ll be $40, and there will be an additional $10 a month. The technician’s visit is covered by your contract.

Questions 35 through 37

M: Hey, Nora. (35) Do you plan on seeing the new documentary when it releases this Saturday?

W: The one about the revitalization of the waterfront in Auburn City? Definitely. Sage Cinema Weekly recommends that anyone interested in the history of the region should check it out.

M: I also read that it is a great study on how businesses can make positive contributions to poor areas. (36) Unfortunately, all of the tickets have sold out for the weekend. I waited too long to buy one, and the film is only showing for one weekend.

W: You know what? The theater occasionally waits until the last minute and then releases some extra tickets for sale. (37) I know the owner of the theater, and I can ask him if he intends to do that for this film.

Questions 38 through 40

M:     Hi, Debbie… Hi, Bella. (38) How are the preparations going for the launch of our new restaurant this Friday?

W1:    Great! Everything inside the restaurant is ready, so (39) we spent a few hours this morning handing out flyers to shoppers in town.

W2:    Yes, and it seems like a lot of them plan to attend our grand opening!

M:     Let’s hope so. (40) Bella, can you get in touch with all of the staff we’ve hired and ask them to come in early on Friday? I’d like to speak to them before the first customers come in.

W1:    No problem. I’ll do that right away. Debbie, do you have their details?

W2:    I do. Just give me a moment and I’ll get the list of contact numbers for you.

Questions 41 through 43

W: (41) Have you heard about the apartment in Curry Grove that I’ve been assigned to design? It turns out that it will take a lot more time than originally planned. Would you be able to help me out?

M: Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to. (42) I’m supposed to train our new worker over the next two weeks, so I am not going to have time to do anything else. You can’t do it all on your own?

W: I probably can, but it is a very important project. I’m hoping to get it done by the deadline for sure. I really want to finish this work on time.

M: (43) Then, you should tell Mr. Cortez and see if you can get help from him. He’s a very generous coworker, so I think he would be happy to help you a bit if you can’t do it on your own.

Questions 44 through 46

W: Carlos, before the end of the week, I need your opinion on whether we should sign a contract with Blash Collective or Lotus Plantation. (44) I am a little anxious that we still do not know who will be providing us with the coffee beans for our restaurant.

M: My team has just finished analyzing the benefits of each company. (45) I’ll look it over this afternoon, and hand in my final report to you first thing tomorrow so you can make the final decision.

W: That would be great. If we don’t sign a deal with a supplier soon, we may have to delay (46) the planned March opening of our special coffee service.

Questions 47 through 49

W:     Hello, (47) I’m just checking out of Room 501, but (48) I can’t find my watch anywhere. Has anyone found it and handed it in?

M1:    I’m afraid I just started my shift a moment ago. Let me check with my colleague. Jason, has anyone handed in a watch this morning?

M2:    I’m afraid not. Do you have any idea where you may have left it, ma’am?

W:     I guess I could’ve put it down near the pool area. The problem is that I’m in a rush right now to catch a bus. Could you ask around and try to locate it for me?

M1:    Certainly. (49) I’ll talk with the staff at the pool area and ask if they found it.

M2:    And (49) I’ll check with housekeeping. We’ll be sure to give you a call if it turns up.

Questions 50 through 52

M: Donna, did the building manager e-mail you the layout for the main ballroom in McIntosh Hall? I read up on it and it seems like (50) it would be the perfect place to hold our company’s anniversary celebration. It’s the only room available with a view of the river.

W: Yesterday, I tried to talk to her about (51) the room dimensions and maximum capacity, but she was out of her office.

M: (52) Why don’t you just drop by the building so you can check it out yourself? I’d hate for someone else to book it before us if you think it’s suitable.

Questions 53 through 55

M: Did you hear that (53) the board has chosen a replacement for Mr. Harris?

W: Finally! Mr. Harris retired almost two months ago. So, who is going to be our new CEO?

M: They picked (54) Mr. Cowell, the current head of international marketing. He’ll officially start as CEO at the beginning of next month.

W: Oh, good for him! He’s certainly experienced, and he has good leadership skills. (55) Let’s go down to the coffee shop and buy him a gift card as a way of saying congratulations.

Questions 56 through 58

W: Hey, Marvin. Is it true that headquarters has approved giving everyone a ten percent pay increase? What would cause them to do that?

M: Well, (56) the profits for last year were much higher than expected, and, according to the company’s policy, (56) a portion of increased revenue should go to the workers. So, they thought a substantial pay raise would be possible.

W: That makes sense, and (57) it should help the business stay strong. The company’s success has caused a lot of our employees to be sought out by other companies, so (57) this will make workers more likely to stay here. Will the pay raises take effect next month?

M: Actually, (58) the company will ask everyone to renegotiate a new deal soon because most workers usually only get a five percent pay increase per year.

Questions 59 through 61

W: Martin, do you think you’d be able to do me a favor this afternoon? (59) I just found out I’ll need to leave the bank at around noon.

M: Sure. But how come you need to leave so early today?

W: (60) I just got a call from headquarters. They want me to go there to train some new workers for the branch that’s opening in July.

M: Ah, I see. What can I help you with?

W: Well, I was planning on contacting the applicants for the customer service jobs at our branch. (61) I need to let them know that the interview room has been changed.

M: Leave it to me. (61) I have some free time after lunch today.

Questions 62 through 64

M: Good morning. (62) One of your employees attempted to deliver a package to my home address yesterday, but I was out at the time. The note he left said I could collect it here.

W: That’s correct, sir. But, in addition to the note, (63) I’ll need to see your driver’s license or health insurance card to verify your name.

M: Oh, really? I left my wallet in my car, and I’m parked a few blocks from here. Is it really necessary?

W: Well, in that case, (64) you’ll need to speak directly with my manager, Ms. Anders. Please hold on while I go and find her.

M: No problem. I’ll wait right here.

Questions 65 through 67

M: Here you are, ma’am. (65) One ticket for the 2:15 train to Norwich. That will be 12 pounds, please.

W: Thanks. There you are. Oh, I was wondering… I didn’t have time to grab lunch on my way here to the station. (66) Does my train have a dining car?

M: I’m afraid not. But you’ll be able to buy some light snacks and beverages once you get on the train.

W: Well, I guess that’ll be fine. I don’t have much time anyway. Can you tell me which platform I need to go to for my train?

M: Sure. (67) It’s the one just over there where the information center is. And you’d better hurry – your train is leaving in a few minutes.

Questions 68 through 70

M: Judith, (68) I just wanted to thank you for all your help. All of the flyers and posters you made for this year’s Burnaby Jazz Festival look amazing.

W: No problem! I was delighted that 68) you asked me to get involved! I really hope that this year’s event proves to be a big success.

M: Well, (69) I just heard that a reporter from Gold Soundz magazine is here to write a review of all the concert performers, so that’s exciting!

W: It sure is! Do you have any time to meet up sometime this afternoon?

M: Sure. (70) Let’s meet at the main stage at the end of Catriona Salford’s set. Then we can watch the next musician together.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73

Good morning. My name is Alonzo Farnsworth, and (71) I’m the customer service manager of Architects Weekly. This call is in regard to your payment for the month of June. When I received your check this morning, (72) I noticed that you paid ten dollars less than you should have. You were supposed to pay us thirty-five dollars for our standard magazine subscription. We require that you pay the rest so we can process your order. Our next issue is scheduled to be sent out next week. Unfortunately, unless we receive the rest of your payment today, (73) I will be forced to suspend your order tomorrow.

Questions 74 through 76

We are pleased to announce that, to celebrate the merger of the Peerless Foundation and the Knope Group, we plan to introduce a (74) new logo. Our board has decided to (74) have a contest so our employees can participate and help generate better ideas. (75) Any of you who are interested should submit your design in person to Ms. Perkins in the Human Resources Department. The last day for turning in a design will be on September 10, and then (76) the official new logo will be unveiled on September 20, when we open our new combined offices.

Questions 77 through 79

Tired of driving miles away to find good tools and equipment? (78) Then you should come to the grand opening of Zanzibar’s Mill. (78) From next Monday, (77) you can find the widest selection of hardware, such as tools, paints, and building materials, at Zanzibar’s Mill. What’s even better is that (79) you can become a Zanzibar store member, which gives you special discounts, (79) with just a few clicks on our Web site. For our grand opening, we will have a sales event named ‘Night Madness.’ On the day of the opening, we will be open for twenty-four hours straight, and then we will begin our normal 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. hours from the following day.

Questions 80 through 82

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again! The annual HBC Music Festival will take place this weekend at venues located around the popular neighborhood. Each year, the festival attracts talented musicians who play at a variety of stages and cafés, so (80) be sure to check out the Web site for an event map with all the show locations. (81) The most talked about event will be at the Boston Club. Twilight Zone, who has recently become famous across the nation, will be performing there at 9 P.M. (82) Get there around dinner time to enjoy some great food and other fantastic shows and, most importantly, because the Boston Club has a limited capacity.

Questions 83 through 85

Good morning. My name is Ray Venky. I visited your Web site last week and ordered some posters for promoting a concert I’m organizing. This morning, I received an e-mail informing me that they’ve been printed and sent out to me, but (83) I just realized I forgot to order the leaflets that share the same design as the posters. I need to have these materials delivered without delay (84) as the concert takes place next weekend. (85) I’d be willing to come down to your printing location in person to collect them if that’s what it takes to get them quickly. Please call me at my office at 555- 1197. Thank you.

Questions 86 through 88

On behalf of the board here at Magni Chemicals, I’d like to express our gratitude to each and every one of you for your hard work this year. (86) As our sales force, you have met and exceeded all of the targets we set for you at the beginning of the year. As a result, our profits are higher than we could have anticipated. To show our appreciation, (87) we will be giving each of you a $200 bonus this month. We wish we could offer more. But, please understand that we need to keep an eye on our budget for next year. (88) Now, I’’ like to show you a clip of our new product ranges that you’ll be selling next year. Please look this way.

Questions 89 through 91

Good afternoon, everyone. I can’t tell you how honored (89) I am to win the Westbrook Humanitarian Prize here at the Midwest Philanthropy Awards. I’d like to thank the event organizers for giving this incredible prize to me. As you saw in the introductory video, I have contributed millions of dollars to organizations all over the world. Even though this helped me earn recognition, (90) the most important part of my philanthropic efforts has been going to many areas myself and helping out the poor. I’ve helped to build houses, install plumbing, hand out food, and more. For my next project, I will concentrate on helping the towns hit by the latest hurricanes. (91) Let me tell you about how these natural disasters can make it so difficult for communities to recover.

Questions 92 through 94

Good morning, listeners. I’m Grace Lee, and I’m here with your local news. This weekend is an exciting one for local residents because (92) the annual town soccer tournament will be held in Marigold Park on Saturday. Teams from many local businesses will participate, and all proceeds from ticket sales will be distributed among local charitable foundations. This will be the first time that Marigold Park has been used for a public event since (93) the city council had it landscaped last month. (94) The event is expected to begin at 9 A.M., but…that has yet to be confirmed. I’ll bring you more details as soon as I find out.

Questions 95 through 97

Next up, we’re going to take a look at some of the most successful movies that were shown throughout July. Now, as (95) regular listeners of this show will know, I don’t often go to the cinema, but I must admit that there were some excellent films out this summer. For example, (96) the emotional drama Dreams of Flight was the month’s most profitable movie, closely followed by the new Brad Ford movie in second place. Further down the list, (97) Eastern Winds has taken a respectable $24 million, despite only being out for one week so far. This is partly due to all the praise it has received from popular film magazines and Web sites.

Questions 98 through 100

M: Hello, this is Caelan Waddell calling regarding the work you’ll be carrying out in my yard this weekend. (98) First, I’ve decided that I’d rather have roses planted instead of tulips. Also, I agree about the patio – I’ll go with the Riker paving slabs you suggested. (99) Before I leave the house on Saturday, I’ll write down some extra things I’d like you to do, and I’ll leave the note on the picnic table in my back yard. Oh, and just a reminder… To get to my place, (100) you need to come in through the West Gate of the housing development. Then take your first left. Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1 (C)   2 (A)   3 (B)   4 (D)  

5 (C)   6 (C)

7 (B)   8 (A)   9 (C)   10 (B)  

11 (A)   12 (B)   13 (B)   14 (B)  

15 (C)   16 (B)   17 (A)   18 (B)  

19 (C)   20 (A)   21 (C)   22 (C)  

23 (B)   24 (B)   25 (B)   26 (A)  

27 (B)   28 (B)   29 (C)   30 (A)  

31 (C)  

32 (B)   33 (C)   34 (B)   35 (C)  

36 (A)   37 (D)   38 (D)   39 (C)  

40 (D)   41 (C)   42 (B)   43 (C)  

44 (C)   45 (B)   46 (D)   47 (D)  

48 (A)   49 (A)   50 (C)   51 (D)  

52 (C)   53 (C)   54 (D)   55 (C)  

56 (B)   57 (B)   58 (D)   59 (A)   

60 (B)   61 (C)   62 (C)   63 (C)  

64 (C)   65 (D)   66 (C)   67 (D)  

68 (A)   69 (D)   70 (C)  

71 (B)   72 (B)   73 (B)   74 (B)  

75 (C)   76 (D)   77 (D)   78 (B)  

79 (B)   80 (A)   81 (B)   82 (D)  

83 (C)   84 (C)   85 (D)   86 (A)  

87 (B)   88 (A)   89 (B)   90 (C)  

91 (B)   92 (A)   93 (B)   94 (B)  

95 (C)   96 (B)   97 (B)   98 (D)  

99 (D)   100 (A)