Part 1

1.    (A) Pictures are being hung on the wall.

        (B) Artwork is being framed.

        (C) A watch is being secured on the wall.

        (D) Gallery benches are partially taken.

2.    (A) A work area has been roped off.

        (B) Traffic cones have been piled up overlapping each other.

        (C) One section of the road has been blocked to traffic.

        (D) Rows of cars are moving in a line.

3.    (A) A domed building is under construction.

        (B) Passengers are getting on a boat.

        (C) A bridge with arches spans a body of water.

        (D) A boat is sailing on the ocean.

4.    (A) A fence surrounds the square.

        (B) Tiles form a geometric pattern on the floor.

        (C) Some buildings are facing the garden.

        (D) There are no clouds in the sky.

5.    (A) A candle is being lit on a table.

        (B) A conversation is taking place around a table.

        (C) The kitchen utensils are in use.

        (D) Some of the people are sitting on a patio.

6.    (A) There are some arches in the stone structure.

        (B) Clouds are reflected on the surface of the water.

        (C) A bridge is being built above the water.

        (D) Some waves are splashing over some rocks.

Part 2

7.    Where is the pharmaceuticals convention this year?

        (A) I heard that it’s in London.

        (B) There’s a pharmacy nearby.

        (C) At the end of November.

8.    Would you like to order one of today’s specials?

        (A) Please order them by date.

        (B) At the vegetable market.

        (C) I was just going to get a drink.

9.    Why did you take the third floor office?

        (A) To the break room.

        (B) An official document.

        (C) Because it’s quieter here.

10.  Which meeting room is being used?

        (A) The one on the third floor.

        (B) A laptop and projector.

        (C) I’ll show you how.

11.  When are you booking a venue?

        (A) For the year-end banquet.

        (B) Because it’s not spacious enough.

        (C) Sometime today.

12. There’s a package for you at the reception desk.

        (A) Within three business days.

        (B) Oh, thanks for telling me.

        (C) Turn left when you exit the elevator.

13.  How old is this public library?

        (A) At least 10,000 books.

        (B) I was born in 1975.

        (C) It’s been here for five decades.

14.  Who portrayed the queen in that TV show you mentioned?

        (A) Yes, it’s shown every Monday and Friday.

        (B) The award-winning actress, Linda Hughes.

        (C) But most of the other actors were very good.

15.  How much does it cost to reserve the banquet hall at your hotel?

        (A) It holds up to 250 people.

        (B) About $700.

        (C) You can do that through our Web site.

16.  Didn’t you see a movie last night?

        (A) We’ll go at 6:15.

        (B) Turn on the light, please.

        (C) I was too tired.

17.  Why was the Ralston Street branch of Burger Heaven closed this weekend?

        (A) On Saturdays and Sundays.

        (B) They’re renovating the interior.

        (C) It has an extensive menu.

18.  Are the inspectors planning to check the assembly line?

        (A) They’re not hard to assemble.

        (B) A manufacturing facility.

        (C) It’s already been looked at.

19.  We have to postpone the trip until next weekend.

        (A) I made other plans.

        (B) He went to the post office.

        (C) Where did you go?

20.  This phone comes with earphones, doesn’t it?

        (A) You can call me anytime.

        (B) I’m afraid I won’t be able to come.

        (C) Yes, there’s a set in the box.

21.  You’ll send me the modified blueprint, right?

        (A) Construction begins on the 3rd.

        (B) He designed the new City Hall.

        (C) Yes, but I’ll need a few days.

22.  Haven’t you already rented a car for our business trip?

        (A) Not yet, I’ll get one today.

        (B) An apartment near the river.

        (C) Four days in Shanghai.

23.  Do we need four or five hotel rooms for the company trip?

        (A) It was a really enjoyable trip.

        (B) A hotel next to the beach.

        (C) I think four will be enough.

24.  Who should I contact about cleaning our offices?

        (A) No, he hasn’t done it yet.

        (B) On the third and fourth floors.

        (C) Mary recommended a firm.

25.  Are we setting off for the train station at 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock?

        (A) No, it still hasn’t arrived.

        (B) Our train is at 9:05.

        (C) Try changing the settings.

26.  Where are the cartridges of printer toner?

        (A) From the office supply store.

        (B) Some printouts for my presentation.

        (C) Didn’t Luis buy some more?

27.  I need to get a new file cabinet to organize all of these application forms.

        (A) Isn’t that organization one of our clients?

        (B) I have a spare one you can use.

        (C) No, I didn’t apply for the position.

28.  Do you accept cash?

        (A) George accepted the shipment.

        (B) No, we need a credit card payment.

        (C) Yes, I found an ATM nearby.

29.  Can you forward me the e-mail from head office?

        (A) Sure, give me a few minutes.

        (B) A memo about policy changes.

        (C) The address is on the Web site.

30.  Are you having difficulty opening your window, too?

        (A) I just called the maintenance team.

        (B) It’s very hot outside today, isn’t it?

        (C) Yes, you should close it before you leave.

31.  How do you plan to promote your services?

        (A) He was promoted to sales manager.

        (B) Mostly through social media.

        (C) Yes, that’s my plan.

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34

W: Mario, (32) I just tried to get some office supplies from the store room, but the door seems to be stuck. I couldn’t get into the room.

M: Oh, that’s strange. Did you try pulling it hard? It can be quite stiff.

W: Yes, and I even asked Gareth to help me, but neither of us had any success.

M: Hmm… Well, (33) would you mind calling the Maintenance Department and asking them to come up to fix it? We’ll need to get in there for supplies throughout the day.

W: No problem. But, I need printer toner right now. What should I do?

M: (34) Marriott Supplies is located just across the street from our office. Just buy some for now and I’ll make sure you’re reimbursed later.

Questions 35 through 37

M: (35) I saw an advertisement for your restaurant in a local paper, and I’m interested in holding a company dinner there. Can you give me some more information?

W: My pleasure. When you hold a corporate event at Raffles Restaurant, your group will be seated in one of our beautiful private dining rooms. You’ll be given a choice of three set menus, each of which includes five courses. And (36) none of our rivals can match our very reasonable prices.

M: That sounds great. (37) I’m actually recruiting several new employees in October, so I’m planning to welcome them by taking them all out for dinner.

Questions 38 through 40

M1:    Thanks for coming in today, Ms. Tracy. We’ve finished drawing up plans for your new location, and the contractor, Mr. Tucker, is here too if you have any other requests.

W:      It’s nice to finally meet you both. (38) I can’t wait for my restaurant to move into its new location. We really need the extra kitchen space.

M2:    (39) You also mentioned having a terrace for outside dining?

W:     Yes, as long as it’s possible to use some of the parking lot area.

M2:    That shouldn’t be a problem at all.

W:     Wonderful, but will it add much time to the work schedule? (40) I need to be operating by August. That’s when the county fair is, and the restaurant makes a lot of money during that time.

Questions 41 through 43

W: Hello, Richard. I didn’t expect to see you here. What kind of book are you looking for?

M: Hey, Anita. I’m actually looking for a book on software development. (41) It has always been a goal of mine to create innovative computer programs.

W: That’s interesting. Actually, (42) I have a friend who works with computer programs. He’s a programmer for a business software company. He’d maybe be able to recommend the most useful books to you. (42) Would you like me to give him a call?

M: Wow, that would be nice. But I don’t mind asking him myself. I might include several other questions as well. (43) Do you think he’d mind if you gave me his e-mail address?

W: I doubt it. I’ll text it to you later today.

Questions 44 through 46

W: Anthony, (44) are the preparations for the company excursion going well?

M: Yes, they are, Ms. Jenner. All flights and accommodations are booked, and now I’m finalizing the activity schedule for our employees.

W: Great. As I mentioned earlier, one of the activities will be a hike on Mount Randall. And… I know the mountain well, so (45) I’d like to be in charge of the hiking group.

M: I’m sure the staff will be happy that you’re leading them. Which day do you think would be best for that?

W: I think we should do that on the Friday. The mountain can get far too crowded on weekends.

M: Hmm… (46) I had scheduled a scuba diving lesson for then, but I can change that to Saturday.

Questions 47 through 49

W: Hello, Connor, I called you to talk about (47) the market research feedback we received about our company’s office chairs.

M: Oh, hi Bethany. (48) I hope the focus group enjoyed the product.

W: Actually, (48) much of the feedback was quite negative. I think changing the design of the product made it less comfortable.

M: Hmm… isn’t it too late to do anything about that now?

W: No, (49) I think it would be in our best interests to go back to the original design we had before the recent changes. We had no complaints from the previous focus group.

M: I suppose you’re right. I’ll pass on the message to the design team and they can create some new prototypes for testing.

Questions 50 through 52

M: I’m glad you were able to come in today, Ms. Harvey.

W: (50) Wow! Your store looks so modern and neat. I thought you just did online sales.

M: We did, but we’ve only recently opened this location. Anyway, let’s get started. You can see for yourself what other products we specialize in, and (51) I hope that after today, you’ll agree to sell your candles through our store.

W: Well, I would like to be able to focus on creating new scents. But since it’s just me, I really won’t be able to fill large orders. Do you move high quantities of your other clients’ products?

M: Actually, (52) they’re similar to you – selling limited numbers of hand-made goods at higher prices.

Questions 53 through 55

W: Oh, hi Mark. I’m glad you’re still here at the office. I was just looking at the strategy schedule for our Most Oats cereal commercial. (53) Do you have some time?

M: It’s already past 5:30. What’s wrong?

W: Well, I found a mistake. (54) It says our meeting with the CNS Network executives is on the 17th, but they already said they weren’t available then. Haven’t we rescheduled it?

M: You’re right, but (55) we had a quick meeting about it after lunch, and we decided that the 20th would work. Weren’t you there for it?

W: (55) Oh, sorry. I was out of the office for a dentist appointment.

Questions 56 through 58

W:      Hi, Andrew and Ivan. (56) I was hoping to see you at this company-wide training workshop.

M1:    It’s nice to run into you, too, Andrea. We haven’t seen you since the company trip to Bali last summer. Things have been pretty busy at our branch office.

W:      Yeah, that’s what I heard! (57) Isn’t your branch busy working on the upcoming global advertising campaign for our new range of cosmetics?

M2:    That’s right, and it’s probably the biggest project we’ve ever worked on. It’s going to include social media, magazines, and billboards worldwide.

W:      Wow! (58) I was responsible for all the market research for the new cosmetics. We got a lot of positive feedback from focus group members, so I’m sure the products will be a big hit.

Questions 59 through 61

W: Jonathan, (59) (60) our CEO, Mr. Molson, just sent me an e-mail. He’s been evaluating our new mountain bike, and he’s impressed with all the features. (59) The only thing he isn’t keen on is the bike frame. He thinks it should be white instead of grey.

M: Really? But wasn’t he the one that suggested grey in the first place?

W: I believe so, but I guess he must’ve changed his mind for some reason. I spoke with the head of the design team, and he said (60) it will take at least a week to repaint the bikes that are already assembled.

M: The project schedule says we should be completely finished by this Friday.

W: That’s true. (61) I’ll reply to his e-mail now and make sure he knows that we’ll need a few extra days.

Questions 62 through 64

W: Hi, Trevor. How’s the seminar schedule for the Technology & Innovation Conference going?

M: It’s going slowly because (62) I’m still waiting to hear back from some of the speakers I contacted. I’m really hoping that Paul Butler will agree to give a talk.

W: Oh, I just spoke with (63) Paul Butler yesterday. He told me that he sent you an e-mail confirming that he would take the speaking slot right after Karen Singh.

M: Really? I guess it must’ve gone to my junk mail folder then. But that’s good news. I’ll add him to the schedule.

W: Good. (64) I’m just on my way to the conference hall now to test that the microphones and speakers are working correctly. Let’s talk more this afternoon.

Questions 65 through 67

M: Hello, Ms. Parkinson. Are you here for the catalogs you asked us to print for your company?

W: Yes. And we really appreciate that you were able to print them so quickly. (65) We’re going to mail them out to all customers on our mailing list next week.

M: No problem. I hope they prove to be successful for your business. Here are the catalogs.

W: Thanks. Oh… I think you gave me one extra. We just ordered one hundred 10-page catalogs, but (66) there seems to be one 20-page one here as well. Have I been charged for that one?

M: Oh, sorry, yes… I’m not sure how that happened. (66) I’ll refund that amount to you now, if you give me your credit card again. While I’m doing that, (67) my colleague will carry these out to your car for you.

W: Thanks a lot.

Questions 68 through 70

M: Excuse me, this is my first week at the company, and (68) I was told to come to the administration department to get a private parking space.

W: Oh, hello. You’re the new director of marketing, right? It’s nice to finally meet you. In order to assign you a parking space, (69) I’ll need your vehicle’s license plate number.

M: Sure, it’s K04-237. Do you need my employee number as well?

W: No, that’s not necessary. I have all of your other details on the system here. Okay… We’re all done here. (70) I’ve given you the space that’s directly across from our CEO’s space. You won’t be able to miss it.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73

Good morning, Mr. Grady. My name is Irene Fischer, and I work for Green Giant Groceries. This message is about the distribution agreement we made with (71) your farm. (72) I’m working on the delivery schedule right now. It will include the weekly deliveries we’ve previously discussed, and I’m trying to make them at times that are in line with your farm’s production rate. (73) It would be helpful to have an estimate of how large your weekly produce shipments will be, though. So, if you could, please let me know about that as soon as you can. Thanks, Mr. Grady.

Questions 74 through 76

(74) Welcome to Harrington Art Museum. My name is Rupert, and I’ll be your guide this morning. Our main exhibitions are on the first floor of the building. (75) We also have some outdoor exhibits that you can enjoy in the grounds of the building. The weather should be clear all morning. Also, (76) don’t forget that we’re running a competition this week. If you pick up a quiz sheet from the information desk and answer all of the questions correctly, you’ll receive a voucher for $20 that can be redeemed in our gift shop.

Questions 77 through 79

Listen up, everyone! The Carlson Street branch of Grady Home Furnishings is trying to make room for several new ranges of incoming stock. That means (77) we need to hold a huge sale in order to shift our current items! The sale will begin this Saturday at 10 A.M. (78) We’ll be offering discounts on various items such as sofas, dining tables, and desks. (79) If you visit our Web site at, you can take a look at our full list of stock, including the special reduced prices. We hope to see you at our store this weekend!

Questions 80 through 82

Hello, everyone. As you might have heard, (80) Dr. Alberto Lorentz has decided to open up a new research department at the end of September. We will be hiring some new staff for the positions, and we’ll mostly search for recent graduates through job-hunting Web sites. However, I would like to remind all of you that it is possible to transfer, if you’d like to. (81) It’s our policy to encourage staff to get experience and training in as many fields as possible. I believe this strengthens our company overall. So, (82) there will be a presentation about Dr. Lorentz’s plans next week. If you’d like to learn more, let your supervisor know that you’re planning to be there.

Questions 83 through 85

I’m Omari Garrett, and I’ll be showing you around the manufacturing plant here at Renfrew Furniture. I know that (83) all of you are interested in viewing our facilities before you decide whether or not to invest in our firm. By becoming investors here, you’ll be able to influence decisions made by the board of directors, in addition to receiving several benefits. As you walk around the facility today, (84) please take the time to speak to our valued employees, who will be happy to explain work processes to you. But (85) before we begin the tour, I’m going to introduce you to Mr. Craig Renfrew, who founded this company more than twenty years ago.

Questions 86 through 88

Good morning everyone, and thanks for taking the time to attend this brief workshop. Now, as you all know, (86) the rest of the maintenance crew and I have been hard at work (87) installing the new security doors on each floor of the office. So today, I’ll explain how they can be accessed throughout the day. Now, some people think this is an unnecessary measure, but research shows that data-theft crimes are on the rise in our industry. By taking some extra steps, we can prevent some bad scenarios. Anyway, (88) now I’ll pass out the security cards you’ll need to use between the hours of 7 A.M. and 7 P.M. to enter the office.

Questions 89 through 91

Hello, this is Barney Prentice, regional sales manager at Radical Clothing Designs. (89) You called me last week about purchasing some of our customizable T-shirts, so I’m calling you back with some information. You mentioned that you want to buy them for all volunteers helping out at your town’s annual craft fair. Well, (90) if you order at least fifty of them, we will waive the shipping fee on your order. (91) I think you said that your event is happening this weekend. In that case, please get in touch to let me know what you want printed on the T-shirts. We don’t have many orders to fill this week.

Questions 92 through 94

Welcome, listeners. You’re tuned in to my show, Cooking With Lydia. I’m Lydia Ryder, (92) owner of a successful restaurant, and a chef for more than thirty years. I’m here with more tips on cooking for beginners. Today, I want to tell you how to create an impressive meal when hosting a dinner party at your home. Now, hosting a dinner party can be rather expensive. (93) But it is possible to keep the cost of a dinner party low, if you follow a few simple guidelines. And keeping costs at a minimum does not mean that you need to use low-quality ingredients. Now, (94) I’ll give you my top five tips for planning a successful yet inexpensive meal that will amaze your guests.

Questions 95 through 97

Good afternoon, passengers. Welcome aboard Bus 553 headed for East Newbigging. Now that we are on our way, (95) feel free to get up and use the restroom at the back of the bus if necessary. Otherwise, please remain seated and keep your seatbelt fastened. We’ll be passing through several old towns today, so you’ll be able to see a few historic landmarks from the bus windows. (96) Right now, we’re passing the famous Burnside Fountain, which was built in the 17th century. (97) You can find more information about the fountain and the other landmarks on the tourist map in the seat pocket in front of you. Enjoy the ride.

Questions 98 through 100

Good morning, everyone, and thanks for making time in your schedule for (98) this executive meeting for the Halliday Broadcasting Company. As we’ve been discussing, we need to acquire a new show to support our fall primetime line-up, and we’ve been exploring four options in particular. First, although it scored well with the test audience, Second Chance Hospital is just too expensive to produce. Furthermore, we’ve decided that we already have enough game shows on our channel. That leaves us with one candidate, and (99) the $20 million expected production cost will work within our budget. The show’s creator, (100) Robert Oras, has joined us today, and he’ll walk us through the filming schedule he hopes to follow. If it fits our plan, then our decision should be finalized.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1 (D)   2 (C)   3 (C)   4 (B)   5 (B)

6 (A)

7 (A)   8 (C)   9 (C)   10 (A)

11 (C)   12 (B)   13 (C)   14 (B)

15 (B)   16 (C)   17 (B)   18 (C)

19 (A)   20 (C)   21 (C)   22 (A)

23 (C)   24 (C)   25 (B)   26 (C)

27 (B)   28 (B)   29 (A)   30 (A)

31 (B)

32 (C)   33 (D)   34 (B)   35 (B)

36 (A)   37 (D)   38 (B)   39 (C)

40 (C)   41 (C)   42 (B)   43 (D)

44 (B)   45 (B)   46 (C)   47 (B)

48 (A)   49 (B)   50 (C)   51 (C)

52 (B)   53 (B)   54 (A)   55 (D)

56 (C)   57 (B)   58 (D)   59 (A)

60 (D)   61 (B)   62 (A)   63 (B)

64 (C)   65 (C)   66 (D)   67 (D)

68 (C)   69 (B)   70 (D)

71 (A)   72 (C)   73 (B)   74 (D)

75 (B)   76 (B)   77 (B)   78 (A)

79 (D)   80 (D)   81 (C)   82 (A)

83 (B)   84 (A)   85 (C)   86 (B)

87 (D)   88 (B)   89 (B)   90 (C)

91 (C)   92 (C)   93 (B)   94 (A)

95 (C)   96 (D)   97 (D)   98 (C)

99 (D)   100 (D)