Part 1

1.    (A) Some menus are being examined.

        (B) The server is placing an order.

        (C) They’re making a toast.

        (D) A woman is sipping from a glass.

2.    (A) A window is being opened.

        (B) The window shutters are closed.

        (C) A safety bar has been set up in front of a window.

        (D) He’s leaning against a wall.

3.    (A) Flower arrangements are being placed on the pavement.

        (B) Some price tags are being attached to each item.

        (C) A street vendor is selling some items.

        (D) Bouquets are bundled at an outdoor market.

4.    (A) A floral centerpiece decorates each table.

        (B) Decorated fabric is draped over the backs of the chairs.

        (C) Some spotlights are shining on one location.

        (D) The chairs are all taken.

5.    (A) A flag is being raised outside.

        (B) Most of the spots are vacant.

        (C) Some automobiles are parked on a multi-level structure.

        (D) Cars are facing one another.

6.    (A) Tourists are leaving the museum.

        (B) A water fountain is overflowing.

        (C) There are some statues on pedestals.

        (D) The lawn is being mowed.

Part 2

7.    Where can I buy a good travel book?

        (A) I used it a lot.

        (B) You can try Ashley’s Bookstore.

        (C) The map was very detailed.

8.    Would you like a glass of soda or some juice?

        (A) Only sometimes.

        (B) I didn’t like it.

        (C) Juice would be good.

9.    When will the recreation area be available to our employees?

        (A) Before the end of the year.

        (B) A reservation for three.

        (C) A television and massage chairs.

10.  What time does your flight leave?

        (A) No, it’s too bright.

        (B) Gate 42.

        (C) Not until 6 P.M.

11.  What kind of bike do you have?

        (A) Just along the river.

        (B) A mountain bike.

        (C) More than 40 kilometers.

12.  Would you mind wrapping this package?

        (A) I’d be happy to.

        (B) A box of equipment.

        (C) No, it’s not heavy.

13.  I forgot to bring my wallet today.

        (A) Oh, I can buy lunch.

        (B) In the drawer.

        (C) Thanks, it was on sale.

14.  Can’t Melissa lead the fitness class?

        (A) Yes, I can order it for you.

        (B) No, she’s off that day.

        (C) They already signed up.

15.  Who’s the lead designer for this project?

        (A) The blueprint doesn’t match.

        (B) Mr. Thompson is handling it.

        (C) In the lobby, I guess.

16.  Can you recommend a good place to stay?

        (A) No, it isn’t open yet.

        (B) I always go to my friend’s apartment.

        (C) $120 per night.

17.  The copy machine is out of order, right?

        (A) It’s a scanner, too.

        (B) Do you have any tea?

        (C) I used it this morning.

18.  Is there enough room in the back for my bag?

        (A) A grey backpack.

        (B) You’ll have to hold it.

        (C) She’s in the living room.

19.  Why are sneaker sales so high?

        (A) That would be great.

        (B) Check in the back.

        (C) Because of the new advertisement.

20.  Are you going to attend the conference in Seoul?

        (A) It’s in Conference Room B.

        (B) Several major tech firms in Asia.

        (C) I’m waiting for an update on our travel budget.

21.  Why did you change the shipping address?

        (A) By the 15th.

        (B) We’ll need it delivered to the work site.

        (C) It’s four sets, not three.

22.  Shouldn’t we hand out the report before the meeting?

        (A) The reporter will be here soon.

        (B) That’s a good idea.

        (C) It should be 15 pages long.

23.  The charity’s founder is giving a speech next month.

        (A) Back in 1962.

        (B) Is he making an announcement?

        (C) He found it beneath the seat.

24.  Where should I put my old monitor?

        (A) We should all do that.

        (B) By next Tuesday.

        (C) Let the IT Department handle it.

25.  Why wasn’t the movie sequel ever released?

        (A) Last November.

        (B) The director quit.

        (C) Yeah, let’s see it together.

26.  How are we going to fill a hundred more orders?

        (A) By working on Saturday.

        (B) The purchase was made online.

        (C) The order form on the counter.

27.  Who should I see about a refund?

        (A) I’ll get a manager.

        (B) Only store credit.

        (C) At any location.

28.  How much has our market share increased this year?

        (A) We started in February.

        (B) Go to the one on Main Street.

        (C) That data isn’t ready yet.

29.  Hasn’t Patrick filled out the medical form yet?

        (A) The box is full.

        (B) He doesn’t need to.

        (C) At the hospital.

30.  Can you come to the dinner with me?

        (A) I already have plans.

        (B) Sometime last week.

        (C) He said it’s somewhere downtown.

31.  You read Ms. Bowman’s latest novel, right?

        (A) No, I leave tomorrow.

        (B) I’d recommend that movie.

        (C) Do you want to borrow it?

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34

M: Hello, this is Pandora Cable Company. What can I do for you today?

W: Hi. (32) I just turned on my television to watch my favorite show, but I can’t find the channel. Is it no longer provided through your cable service? I’ve always been able to get it before.

M: I’m sorry, ma’am. (33) That channel is now a part of a premium package, and you still have basic service.

W: Well, I wish I had known.

M: I’m sorry, there should’ve been a notification. Here, (34) I’ll go ahead and give you a free sample month of the premium service. Then, call us back later if you’d like to change your subscription.

Questions 35 through 37

W: There’s another order already? Did a large party come in?

M: No, but (36) we’ll have more customers from now on because Owen’s Diner across town closed this week. (35) Now, we’re the only burger place in the area.

W: Oh, I see. Well, if it’s going to be this busy every day, we need to keep an eye on our stock of food. We might sell out.

M: I already thought of that. (37) I placed an extra order from our supplier this morning.

Questions 38 through 40

M:     Let’s see… How about you, Lily? (38) How were sales for our new line of printers in August?

W1:    Well, sales increased by 8%, which is great. However, this was mostly done in the domestic market.

M:      Hmm… The plan is to become more competitive internationally. Elizabeth, why aren’t we doing better abroad?

W2:    I think we lack the staff to adequately represent our business overseas. (39) We need to open an office in Europe that can better handle our printer sales.

M:      I’m not sure we’re able to make such a dramatic expansion. However, (40) purchasing a smaller foreign company in our industry could help us achieve the same goal.

Questions 41 through 43

M: Hello, Bethany. (41) Is everything ready for the Simmons exhibition in the art gallery?

W: Actually, I just got off the phone with the artist. Apparently, (42) he’s decided to completely re-do the large sculpture we were planning to display in the main hall.

M: And… the opening night is still this Friday?

W: Yes, and that can’t be changed. However, (43) I’ll message Ms. Wright in our public relations department to see if we can get the starting time delayed until later in the evening. We’ll probably need an extra hour or two to set up that afternoon.

Questions 44 through 46

W: Hello, Dylan. I know you’ve been working hard on the new microwave prototypes, but something has come up. (44) We won’t need them to be ready for a few more months.

M: Oh, ok. That’s actually good news. May I ask why the deadline has changed?

W: Well, (45) my department has decided to make several budget cuts, so the company can’t fund as many projects simultaneously.

M: I see. (46) I’ll notify my teammates to let them know that we have extra time.

Questions 47 through 49

W: Jerome, (47) I want you to write a review of Tech Star’s newest tablet computer. It’s a budget model, but it supposedly still has a top-quality display.

M: Sure thing. You know, (48) I worked at Tech Star briefly when I was still an engineer.

W: Yes, I’m aware. (48) That’s why I selected you for this task. And… I would like it to be ready to print in our next issue.

M:  That comes out next week. I can do it, but it won’t be as detailed as it could be.

W: Actually, (49) I was thinking you could work on Saturday. You can take your time researching and writing, and then I’ll let you take next Friday off.

Questions 50 through 52

M: Sadie, I just spoke with Mr. Kellison. (50) He wants us to add Italian-style brick oven pizza to our menu. Our competitors have introduced it, and it’s selling really well. He thinks we’ll lose a lot of customers if we don’t follow the trend.

W: But, (51) we would need to buy a special oven. It won’t be cheap, and it will take a lot of space. I think we need to talk this over and make sure it’s a realistic option.

M: Actually, (52) a pizza shop in Albany is going out of business, and the owners are selling all of the kitchen appliances. We should go and see about buying their oven. I think we could negotiate a fair price with them.

Questions 53 through 55

M1:    All right, everyone. (53) We’ll be working here at the Concord Business Tower for the next three hours. The bathrooms on each floor need to be cleaned, and the trash in the cafeteria needs to be sorted and taken out. I’ll take care of that first.

M2:    I’ll start cleaning the windows on the sixth and seventh floors. (54) Lisa, could you clean the ones on the eighth and ninth floors?

W:     The client wants the conference hall’s carpet shampooed.

M2:    Oh, I forgot. I’ll work fast and clean the windows on every floor.

M1:    Great. (55) Let’s meet out front at 4 o’clock to pack up our supplies.

W:     OK, I should be finished by then.

Questions 56 through 58

M: Hello, this is Tim from Sigma Stationery and Supplies. How can I help you?

W: (56) I just bought a Renly S10 Wireless Printer from your store, but it isn’t working correctly.

M: It’s one of our most popular office appliances. What’s wrong with it?

W: I’m a graphic artist, so I need to print my work in great detail, but (57) it won’t print in color. Obviously, I can’t have all of my samples in black and white.

M: It should be easy to switch between the two. Are you sure the settings are correct from your computer?

W: Hmm… I can’t seem to bring up that window.

M: (58) Go ahead and turn your computer off and on. The software might need to finish installing.

Questions 59 through 61

W: Hugh, did you take a look at the comments on the film festival Web page?

M: Yeah. (59) A lot of contributors were upset about their late showing times. They wanted their premieres to be earlier in the evening.

W: Honestly, (60) I don’t think it was a big deal. The turnout this year was better than ever, even for the later films.

M: I agree, but a lot of attendees still left early, especially if they came with their children.

W: Well, that’s true, but we specifically reserve daytime showings for more family-oriented material. All of the directors should understand that at least.

M: I get it, but (61) maybe next year we should have one additional day of showings, just to ensure that everyone has a chance to see them.

Questions 62 through 64

M:  Mary, (62) I’m getting this order ready for shipping, but I think the customer gave us the wrong zip code for his address.

W: Actually, some of the codes in that area were recently changed because a few post offices closed.

M: Oh, I didn’t know. Could you look up the new one?

W: Sure. What town is it?

M: (63) Silver Pines.

W: (63) OK. Use this zip code.

M: Thanks. And could you post the new codes in the office?

W: I can, but 64) our online store will be updated soon to recognize them, so this shouldn’t be a problem again.

Questions 65 through 67

M: Good morning, Ms. Watson. What can I do for you?

W: Hello, Willard. I want to remodel my living room, so I came in to buy some paint.

M: Well, it looks like you already picked out your colors. How many cans will you need?

W: I forgot to take measurements. Hmm.. (65) I’ll e-mail you a picture of the room. Then can you estimate how much I’ll need?

M: I should be able to. By the way, did you see our flyer? There’s a really good sale right now.

W: Oh, I see it now. Well, (66) I did misplace my hammer. I’ll just buy a new one.

M: Good idea! So, e-mail me that photo later, and (67) I’ll get your order ready for pickup by this afternoon.

Questions 68 through 70

M: Thanks for calling Highland Railways. What can I do for you?

W: Hello, I need to travel from Dundee to London tomorrow morning. (68) I tried several times to call your ticket hotline at 555-7788, but I couldn’t get through.

M: (68) I’m sorry about that. For the ticket hotline, you now need to call 555-6655. We changed it last month. I can process your ticket request and payment now over the phone. What time are you planning to depart?

W: (69) I don’t mind what time I depart, as long as I arrive in London before noon. (70) I have to get to a 12:30 interview at an art gallery in the city center.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73

Attention, shoppers. (71) Quick Stop is your one-stop destination for your day-to-day shopping. We carry everything you might need: delicious snacks, refreshing beverages, and a variety of household goods. And to provide you with even better service, (72) we are starting a premium points program in April. The points you earn shopping with us can be used for extra savings at any of our stores in the country. You can keep track of these points with (73) our mobile phone application, which you can download for free from our Web site.

Questions 74 through 76

Good evening, everyone, and (74) welcome to the unveiling of our newest operating system, Stellar 10X. After years in development, we’re finally approaching a market-ready version. Now, I’ll hand the mic off to (75) Samuel Wentz, our lead developer on the platform, to walk you through all of the new features. Mr. Wentz has been at Ace Programming for eight years, and in that time he’s helped us develop some of the most popular software used around the world. Mr. Wentz will talk to you about the design philosophies behind Stellar 10X, and (76) afterward, please stick around to watch a short video clip we’ve prepared about the future of our company.

Questions 77 through 79

Good afternoon. My name is Rafael, and I’m the concierge at the Hartford Inn. If you aren’t aware, this is a unique hotel, so let me tell you about it. Every weekend, (77) there’s a play performed in our very own theater. (78) The owner of the hotel, Lucas, is an experienced director who helps organize and direct every show. And lucky for you, there’s a performance tonight of The Dinner Guest. It’s a short, humorous play about a young doctor. I’ve seen it several times. (79) So, please keep this option in mind as you make plans during your stay.

Questions 80 through 82

Before we start today’s meeting, (80) I’d like you all to meet Tony Chappitz, who has just joined our chapter of the Lion’s Club. He has been active in other local charities over the past several years, and we’re happy to have him join our ranks. (81) Mr. Chappitz also just retired from his position as a quality assurance manager at Delco Industries, so he’s eager to lend us some of his free time. (82) After the meeting, I’ll order some sandwiches from Del Mar’s Deli so you can get to know him a bit better over lunch.

Questions 83 through 85

Hi, (83) (84) this is Becky from sales. I was supposed to give a demonstration of our knives and cookware at this department store in Canton. Well, I got the supplies, drove out here, and set up all the equipment, expecting to meet the store representatives and start at 3 P.M. But… (85) it’s been about an hour now, and nobody has come. Since I’m here, I’ll talk to some shoppers and promote our products. While I do that, could you double check that we have the right time and date?

Questions 86 through 88

Thanks for tuning in to The Biz Cast. Today, (86) Heather Park, a manager at an international architecture agency, is joining us to talk about some software she’s used to help run such a large business. Namely, managing the payroll of employees spread across the globe and throughout different time zones proved to be a great challenge. But (87) Ms. Park found the perfect software to help keep track of all the different accounts and make deposit payments on time. And remember, (88) if you’re listening and have a question you’d like to ask Ms. Park, just call in and we’ll put you – and your great question – on the air!

Questions 89 through 91

The last thing we need to discuss is Evening Breeze, the new novel by Jack Watson. We’ve all read the reviews. (89) However, we still need to move enough copies to make a profit. I asked Paige to do some market research to find its best audience. (90) According to her report, the book would be more popular with teenage readers rather than the 18-35 year olds it’s currently being advertised to. We’ll have to come up with a new strategy and discuss its shelf placement with retailers, but most importantly, I think we should give it a new title. (91) So, does anyone have any good ideas?

Questions 92 through 94

Thanks for coming, everyone. My name is Robert Chen, and (92) I’ll be showing you how to use the new Turner XP-40 projectors the company is having installed in each of the meeting rooms. The reason we bought this particular model is because each unit comes with replacement parts, so (94) we’ll be able to make any necessary repairs on our own. In addition, (93) each one comes with a high-definition cable that we can use. This will make our presentation materials and videos much sharper and clearer.

Questions 95 through 97

Good evening to all the Thunderclap fans out there! Just to let you know, (95) (96) a member of the opening act The Loose Cuffs has sprained his wrist, so they will not be able to perform. Instead, folk singer Eva Reilly will open. I know this might be a disappointment, but we’ll be sure to schedule a make-up concert with them next month. We will post the information when we decide on a date. Please be aware that this change won’t affect the start time. (97) Also, don’t forget tonight’s special offer. Everyone with a valid ticket can get one free snack item from the concession stand. So enjoy your food and get ready for some great music!

Questions 98 through 100

Hi, this is Pete Campbell from Sterling and Partners. We spoke at the Advertising Today Conference last month. After your speech, I told you about a commercial my company was making for a clothing line for teenagers. (98) (99) I’m calling because I hope you can give us some feedback on whether you think it appeals to younger consumers. (99) I know it’s your specialty, so (100) I’ve sent an e-mail with the latest version of the TV commercial attached. Could you watch it and let me know what you think? I’d appreciate it, and I’ll pay you for your time.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1 (A)   2 (C)   3 (D)   4 (B)   5 (C)

6 (C)

7 B   8 C   9 A   10 C

11 B   12 A   13 A   14 B

15 B   16 B   17 C   18 B

19 C   20 C   21 B   22 B

23 B   24 C   25 B   26 A

27 A   28 C   29 B   30 A

31 C

32 A   33 D   34 B   35 A

36 C   37 C   38 D   39 B

40 C   41 C   42 D   43 A

44 C   45 D   46 B   47 A

48 D   49 C   50 B   51 A

52 C   53 C   54 C   55 B

56 C   57 A   58 A   59 C

60 D   61 B   62 B   63 C

64 C   65 B   66 A   67 C

68 B   69 A   70 B

71 C   72 A   73 A   74 B

75 C   76 D   77 B   78 C

79 B   80 B   81 D   82 A

83 B   84 D   85 B   86 C

87 D   88 B   89 C   90 B

91 A   92 B   93 B   94 C

95 B   96 A   97 A   98 D

99 A   100 B