Part 1

1.     (A) They’re leaning against a door.

        (B) They’re facing each other.

        (C) They’re trying on ties.

        (D) They’re walking down the hallway.

2.     (A) He’s putting on a chef’s hat.

        (B) He’s staring at a cookbook.

        (C) He’s stirring something in a pot.

        (D) He’s chopping some vegetables.

3.     (A) People are dragging their bags in the lobby.

        (B) An employee is stationed at a service window.

        (C) A suitcase is being weighed.

        (D) A row of tourists is waiting to get assistance.

4.    (A) Some people are exiting a bus.

        (B) Some people are waving their hands.

        (C) Some of them are carrying backpacks.

        (D) A bus has stopped at the traffic light.

5.    (A) She’s rolling up her sleeves.

        (B) She’s propped up against the wall.

        (C) She’s opening a cabinet door.

        (D) She’s working on a painting.

6.    (A) There are some tools on the lawn.

        (B) One of the men is carrying a map.

        (C) They’re reading from the same material.

        (D) Both of them have their hardhats on.

Part 2

7.   Where can I find a delivery menu?

        (A) About 30 minutes.

        (B) Yes, please.

        (C) In the break room.

8.   When did you move into your new apartment?

        (A) Right next to the shopping center.

        (B) Last week during the holiday.

        (C) It should be the same address.

9.   Why are there balloons in the break room?

        (A) The refrigerator is full.

        (B) I’ll pick up the supplies.

        (C) Because of Robert’s retirement party.

10.  How can I get in touch with the hiring consultant?

        (A) To request a consultation.

        (B) Here’s his e-mail address.

        (C) Sometime next week.

11.  It was a long book, wasn’t it?

        (A) The bookstore downtown.

        (B) Yes, more than 800 pages.

        (C) I can’t find it.

12.  Who’s going to organize the investors’ meeting?

        (A) Owen Proust will.

        (B) That will help a lot, thanks.

        (C) No, I still have mine.

13.  When does the new health club open?

        (A) At the end of the month.

        (B) Your next health checkup.

        (C) On the corner of Tuft Street and Pike Avenue.

14.  Do you know where I can find Melissa’s office?

        (A) It’s an official document.

        (B) To schedule a meeting.

        (C) It’s at the end of the hall.

15.  Wasn’t this report due yesterday?

        (A) We needed more data.

        (B) Fifteen pages long.

        (C) No, you can keep it.

16.  Let’s go over the building designs tomorrow.

        (A) We could just do it now.

        (B) He decided to resign.

        (C) My office is in that building.

17.  Whose turn is it to buy lunch?

        (A) Soup and a sandwich.

        (B) In the cafeteria.

        (C) I got it last time.

18.  How should we arrange all of the chairs?

        (A) Lauren will show us.

        (B) On the lawn.

        (C) Please take a seat.

19.  Have you completed the machinery training yet?

        (A) A training partner.

        (B) No, they haven’t arrived.

        (C) My team doesn’t need to do it.

20.  Where will the awards dinner be next month?

        (A) Every month.

        (B) We have a few options.

        (C) No, I haven’t tried it.

21.  Why don’t we test the show with an older audience?

        (A) That could work.

        (B) The show comes on at 8.

        (C) I’m expecting around 25.

22.  What kind of e-book reader do you have?

        (A) I have some time now.

        (B) An online store.

        (C) Are you interested in getting one?

23.  Wouldn’t you rather book a hotel near the airport?

        (A) Flights start at $250.

        (B) I’d like to see the city.

        (C) Yes, the trip was fantastic.

24.  You charged them for the express service, didn’t you?

        (A) In three to four days.

        (B) That’s a good deal.

        (C) How much did they pay?

25.  Would you like to add airport pickup service to your reservation?

        (A) No, I can get a taxi.

        (B) Checkout is at 11 o’clock.

        (C) A king-size bed, please.

26.  Would you like to try another size, or does this one fit?

        (A) It fits perfectly, thanks.

        (B) That will be $20.

        (C) It’s a nice jacket.

27.  The bill is due on Tuesday.

        (A) I thought it was on the 10th.

        (B) They’re in the mail.

        (C) No, I’m really busy.

28.  There’s an overnight flight to Chicago available, right?

        (A) 20 minutes from the station.

        (B) Yes, it arrives at 6:30 A.M.

        (C) Usually at a friend’s apartment.

29.  I can’t seem to open the attachment.

        (A) Yes, they’re still open.

        (B) Let me upload it online.

        (C) We can’t see from here.

30.  How soon can you meet with the reporter?

        (A) It’s a sales report.

        (B) I’m leaving now.

        (C) Bring five copies with you.

31.  Should I print copies of the flyer to hand out, or just send invitations via e-mail?

        (A) Black and white is fine.

        (B) A charity dinner and concert.

        (C) Everyone uses social media nowadays.

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34

W: Hi, this is Tate Waste Management. How can I help you?

M: Good morning. I just opened a new restaurant on Grand Central Avenue. (32) (33) I need to find a reliable company to handle our waste, especially our used vegetable oil.

W: Of course. We already work with several other restaurants in the area. Our costs are determined by the quantity of waste and the frequency of pick-ups. Do you have this information?

M: Ah, I need to find that out. (34) I’ll just go and check how much oil we used yesterday, and then I’ll call you back and let you know.

Questions 35 through 37

W: (35) In theater news, the new musical by Damian Caudill, Tea Spoons, has finally opened at the local Montgomery Theater. Cliff Wilson, the director, is here to tell us about the opening night. Mr. Wilson, thanks for coming.

M: The pleasure is mine. Actually, the opening night was quite difficult. For one thing, (36) half of the lights on stage wouldn’t turn on! The actors could barely see each other during the first act of the show.

W: Well, you still received some great reviews. Critics especially like the songs, so (37) let’s listen to the main track from the show. Afterward, Cliff Wilson can tell us about the lyrics.

Questions 38 through 40

M: Hello. (38) I’d like to buy two tickets for the aquarium.

W: OK. Just to let you know, the sea turtle exhibit is closed right now, but the other five areas are still open.

M: Oh, that’s too bad. Turtles are my friend’s favorite animal.

W: Ah, I’m sorry. But if it helps, (39) the gift shop is giving away free t-shirts right now. The designs are on the wall behind me; you can choose either the shark or the sea turtle.

M: Hmm… We’ll take one of each.

W: Great, just use these coupons at the gift shop then. Oh, and it’s next to (40) the Seaside Cafeteria. You should have lunch there; it has a great selection of delicious food to enjoy.

Questions 41 through 43

M: I’m so glad we started having musicians perform live (41) when they appear on our radio show. I looked at our ratings for last week, and they were higher than ever.

W: Oh, fantastic. (42) I don’t like having to move all of the recording gear around the studio, but it seems to be paying off.

M: Yeah, I know. I think more bands are interested in appearing now, too. Have you seen the lineup for the Asheville Acoustic Festival? (43) I have a flyer at home. A lot of good bands are playing.

W: I haven’t, but some of them might like to be on the show.

M: (43) Then I’ll bring it with me tomorrow.

Questions 44 through 46

M: Oh, hi, Kelly. I thought you left a while ago. (44) Do you need a ride home? It’s raining pretty hard.

W: Do you mind? My car is still in the shop, and I can’t wait for a bus in this weather.

M: (45) Didn’t your car break down last week? (46) I thought it would be fixed by now.

W: Yeah, but a special part had to be shipped from overseas.

M: Oh, that’s unfortunate. At least we live in the same part of town, so let me know if you still need help tomorrow too.

W: I really appreciate it. Let me buy you dinner as a way of saying thanks.

Questions 47 through 49

M1:   Haejin and Josh, (47) I appreciate your help with interviewing the applicants for the sports columnist position today. I needed multiple opinions, especially since (48) we had such impressive candidates.

W:     (48) Yeah, I was surprised. Any one of them would be a great fit for our newspaper.

M2:   True, but I think we all agree that we found the right person. Should we still have more interviews tomorrow?

M1:   Hmm… we shouldn’t waste anyone’s time. (49) Josh, would you call the other applicants and cancel their interviews as soon as possible?

Questions 50 through 52

W: Good morning, Anders. (50) You’ve been consulting with us about our financial situation for six months now. As the CEO, (51) I’d like to know what you think about the state of the company.

M: Some departments needed to cut back on their spending when I first started, but now your accounts are balanced. I expect you’ll start seeing more growth next quarter.

W: That’s good to hear. As you know, there are only a couple of weeks left on our contract together. However, I’m very pleased with your work. (52) Would you consider joining us as our new head of accounting?

M: Wow, I didn’t expect that. I’ll have to think about it.

Questions 53 through 55

W: Estevan, (53) thanks for coming to discuss the landscaping at my resort. Everyone I spoke to highly recommended you.

M: I’m glad you contacted me. And yes, I’ve done a lot of landscaping work at other luxury hotels and resorts recently. Now, what don’t you like about your existing layout?

W: Well, it’s too complicated. (54) The grounds crew has trouble maintaining all the different plants.

M: I see. I believe a simple design would be a good solution then. Minimalism and wide open spaces are in style right now, too.

W: That’s what I was thinking. So how soon could you start?

M: (55) I’ll finish my current project with a downtown hotel in two weeks. Then I’ll start on your plans.

Questions 56 through 58

W:     Hi, Bob, Joshua… I’m sorry, but the board members weren’t too enthusiastic about (56) the design you came up with for our new logo.

M1:   Oh, that’s a shame. We worked really hard on that.

M2:   Yes, what exactly didn’t they like about it?

W:     Well, they thought that (57) the combination of brown and black was rather unattractive. Do you think you can explain things to them?

M1:   Yes! (58) We can show them why those colors will seem modern and professional to our clients.

M2:   Exactly. (58) I’ll start working on some presentation slides right away. Susie, do you think you can set up a meeting?

W:    Sure, I’ll deal with that now.

Questions 59 through 61

W: Hi, Hugo. I wanted to let you know that everything is prepared for your visit to our Madrid office next Monday. People here can’t stop talking about (59) the plans for the company’s new refrigerator model.

M: Thanks. I’m excited too, especially regarding one amazing feature.

W: Oh? Which one?

M: (60) This model will use less energy than any other refrigerator on the market, saving our customers money while also being better for the environment.

W: Great! I can’t wait to hear more about it. Also, (61) there’s an orchestra performance that evening, and we thought you’d like to attend.

M: Oh, my favorite soccer team is playing that night.

W: Ah, I understand. Well, until then!

Questions 62 through 64

W: Hmm… (62) I need to go to this area, so I guess I owe you $12. Is that right?

M: Well, $12 is the normal rate. But… (63) it is rush hour right now.

W: Oh, I didn’t realize. Is that a problem?

M: Not at all, but (63) there is an extra fee during this time since we’ll be sitting in traffic for a while.

W: OK, I understand. Should I pay you in cash, or just send the money through the mobile application?

M: Either way is fine. But if you would, (64) please remember to give me a good driver rating and positive feedback. It will help me get more customers.

Questions 65 through 67

W: Our flight isn’t until the early evening, so I was thinking that (65) we could take a tour of Olsen Grand Station today. You know, it was one of the largest train stations in the country.

M: Well, we haven’t booked our spots in advance. Can we still get tickets?

W: I’m sure of it. (66) We just need to keep in mind that our hotel checkout is at 2 P.M.

M: Oh yeah, we can make it back by then. I just brought up the Olsen Grand Station Web site on my laptop. Oh, this should be the perfect time – (67) there are still four tickets available.

W: Great! Go ahead and buy them now.

Questions 68 through 70

W: Oh, Ramone, thanks for coming in on short notice. (68) I didn’t expect our café to be so busy on a Tuesday morning.

M: There are a lot of people here. Maybe it’s because of the conference being held down the street. Anyway, are we ready for the lunch rush?

W: Well, it usually starts around 11 o’clock. Oh, and (69) someone forgot to put the cheese back in the refrigerator last night, so we can’t use any of it. I’m going to change the menu so the customers will know that sandwich isn’t available today.

M: You know what? (70) I’ll make my special sauce so we can offer an option other than cheese today.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73

Hi, Louise. This is Frank, (71) the manager of the sports store. I’m calling because I’d like you to start your shift one hour early tomorrow morning. I’ll be there to receive a large shipment of new ice hockey equipment, and (72) I’d like you to create a display using the new merchandise before the store opens. I’ve also contacted Rachel, and she has agreed to come in. If you both work together, I’m sure you’ll get the task finished before opening time. And (73) I’ll give you both tickets for the next basketball game at King Plaza. Please let me know if you’re able to help. Thanks.

Questions 74 through 76

(74) Are you looking for a healthy beverage that can help you lose weight and provide all the nutrients you’d normally get from a balanced meal? Then… Stop what you are doing! (75) I’m here to tell you about the brand new range of Wonder Shakes, available in all major supermarkets and health stores. Wonder Shakes combine natural ingredients and fruit juice with a wide variety of vitamins and health supplements. We recommend that you drink one shake per day, instead of a regular meal. (76) For a chance to win a free pack of our delicious milkshakes, visit our Web site at

Questions 77 through 79

I’d like to start this meeting with exciting news. August Studios has decided to present (77) its game developers, everyone in this room, with a career-defining opportunity. The company has purchased a brand new digital design engine, and we’ll be the first to use it. (78) What makes this engine so advanced is its VR capability, meaning we can work on our projects, in real time, in virtual reality. This opens up all kinds of new possibilities. (79) A representative will be here Friday to give us a demonstration. I can’t wait to see what we can do.

Questions 80 through 82

Gather around, everyone. It should be a busy night tonight, so stay focused and try to push tonight’s dinner special. It’s a 9 ounce porterhouse steak served with garlic-roasted shrimp, a twice-baked potato and a side salad. (80) We only have enough for 15 orders, so keep each other updated on how many you sell. Also, we really need to increase our dessert sales. (81) I’d describe all the cakes we have available, but, well, this isn’t your first night. And finally, you might’ve heard, but there’s a change to the employee meal policy. (82) Instead of a 50% discount per shift, your meal will now be entirely free.

Questions 83 through 85

Attention, ladies and gentlemen. We’re pleased to announce a new program here at the Epsom National History Museum. (83) (84) We really care about youth education, so we would like you, our patrons, to consider registering your children for one of our new history classes, which will run every Saturday here at the museum. You can choose from five different classes, based on different age groups. All classes will be led by a knowledgeable expert on our national history. If you think your child might enjoy this learning experience, (85) our museum curator Olivia Treadwell will be giving a detailed presentation on the program in fifteen minutes.

Questions 86 through 88

Good morning, everyone, and thanks for coming in today. As employees of the company’s Human Resources Department, it is up to us to provide morale-improving, team-building activities that our staff members can look forward to. (86) So let’s see where we’re at with this autumn’s hiking trip. We’ve waited to have it later this year, and since (87) the weather will be changing soon, we need to remind everyone to dress warmly for this trip. I’ll send out a memo later this week. Now, we also have to choose the date, so (88) take a look at these work calendars I’m handing out and let us know of any important deadlines that aren’t included on it.

Questions 89 through 91

OK, everyone. (89) We’ll park our tour van here, and then you’ll have the next three hours to hike around the western area of the park at your leisure. You can follow a trail, go for a swim, or stay here and rest. (90) If you’re not sure of what to do, I always enjoy visiting Sumac Falls. So, whatever you do, remember that we’ll meet again in three hours. We’ll drive back to the park’s visitor hall, and (91) at 6 o’clock the director will give a short lecture about the biodiversity of the surrounding area. It’s always interesting, so you’ll definitely want to stick around for it.

Questions 92 through 94

This is Maxine with WTAP Nightly News. For tonight’s main story, the new Nelsonville Music Festival continues to grow. As the festival organizers prepare the fairgrounds, (92) it’s been announced that seven more bands from around the country have joined the lineup. Attendance is expected to be even higher now. However, the opinions of locals remain split. (93) Some are worried about all the extra people who will be staying in town for the festival, but others are looking forward to the extra business they’ll be bringing and the live entertainment. (94) I’m here at Athena Park where I’ll ask some Nelsonville residents how they feel about the upcoming event.

Questions 95 through 97

Hi, Ye Sung, this is Claire. I just sent you a first draft of our upcoming performance schedule. (95) I’d like to talk with you about doing an extra show on the 25th, possibly in the afternoon as a matinée. (96) I’m overseeing a recording session tomorrow morning, but (97) I have some time in the afternoon because my phone interview with WXR Classical Radio was canceled. It will only give me an hour, but it shouldn’t take long to talk. Call me back if you’re available.

Questions 98 through 100

I’d like to start by thanking you all for volunteering (98) to organize our annual community craft fair. This year’s fair will include many well-known artists and craftspeople from our local area. Also, (99) because it is being held in Leland Park, which is an easy location for most people to visit, we expect a larger attendance than we have ever received in the past. Now, we need to start erecting the vendor tents in Leland Park. We should arrange the tents in a way that allows people to easily walk through the park and see all of the vendors. So, (100) when walking from the main gate, there should be one row of tents on the left side, and another row of tents on the right. Who wants to be in charge of setting up all these tents?

Answer Key

Answer Key

1 (B)   2 (C)   3 (B)   4 (C)   5 (B)

6 (D)

7 (C)   8 (B)   9 (C)   10 (B)

11 (B)   12 (A)   13 (A)   14 (C)

15 (A)   16 (A)   17 (C)   18 (A)

19 (C)   20 (B)   21 (A)   22 (C)

23 (B)   24 (C)   25 (A)   26 (A)

27 (A)   28 (B)   29 (B)   30 (B)

31 (C)

32 (B)   33 (D)   34 (C)   35 (C)

36 (A)   37 (A)   38 (D)   39 (D)

40 (A)   41 (B)   42 (C)   43 (D)

44 (C)   45 (C)   46 (B)   47 (D)

48 (C)   49 (D)   50 (B)   51 (C)

52 (A)   53 (B)   54 (C)   55 (B)

56 (B)   57 (D)   58 (A)   59 (B)

60 (C)   61 (D)   62 (B)   63 (D)

64 (B)   65 (A)   66 (C)   67 (B)

68 (D)   69 (B)   70 (A)

71 (B)   72 (A)   73 (D)   74 (D)

75 (C)   76 (A)   77 (A)   78 (A)

79 (D)   80 (B)   81 (A)   82 (D)

83 (C)   84 (B)   85 (A)   86 (D)

87 (B)   88 (C)   89 (D)   90 (B)

91 (C)   92 (D)   93 (B)   94 (D)

95 (A)   96 (D)   97 (B)   98 (B)

99 (C)   100 (C)