Part 1

1.    (A) He’s reaching towards the upper shelf.

        (B) He’s looking at an article of clothing.

        (C) He’s sitting on a chair.

        (D) He’s stacking some reading materials on the shelf.

2.    (A) Some men are straightening their ties.

        (B) One of the men is handing some documents to others.

        (C) Some men are leaning on a desk.

        (D) Some cups are piled on top of each other.

3.    (A) They’re waiting in a straight line.

        (B) They’re strolling in the same direction.

        (C) They’re trimming some tree branches.

        (D) They’re shaded by hats.

4.    (A) He’s wearing dress-shoes.

        (B) He’s putting on a hard hat.

        (C) He’s walking into the building.

        (D) He’s squatting while talking a measurement.

5.    (A) Leaves have been raked in a big pile.

        (B) He’s grasping a rake.

        (C) A tree has lost its leaves.

        (D) Leaves are falling from trees.

6.    (A) A cook is removing a tray from an oven.

        (B) A cook is putting frosting on some dessert.

        (C) The door of the oven is being opened.

        (D) He’s adjusting the setting of the oven.

Part 2

7.   Where do you usually buy your vegetables?

        (A) At a stall in the market.

        (B) Sure, I’ll go with you.

        (C) The tomatoes are delicious.

8.   What kinds of products does your business manufacture?

        (A) That’s our best-selling model.

        (B) Kitchen appliances.

        (C) At various retail stores.

9.   Do you know how to use the new self-service checkouts?

        (A) Yes, I can help you.

        (B) They’re next to aisle 20.

        (C) We check out at 10 A.M.

10.  Pardon me. Is this your ID card?

        (A) Oh, I was looking for that.

        (B) I’ll have it this afternoon.

        (C) No, my car is out front.

11.  When’s the movie theater offering the special deal?

        (A) All this month.

        (B) A well-known director.

        (C) Buy one, get one free.

12.  Should I stack the boxes in the warehouse?

        (A) Please, if you would.

        (B) I opened it already.

        (C) Another large order.

13.  Could you please take these reports to the conference room?

        (A) Sure. Which one are you using?

        (B) At the end of the hall.

        (C) A large projector screen.

14.  Who’s the new store supervisor?

        (A) She’ll do well.

        (B) George decided to stay, actually.

        (C) It’s at the end of Maple Street.

15.  This briefcase is on sale, right?

        (A) Here’s the latest document.

        (B) I’m sorry, but it isn’t.

        (C) In case you want another.

16.  When does the train leave?

        (A) Check the tickets.

        (B) From Platform 10

        (C) It’s much faster than by bus.

17.  Do you have time to talk about the new designs over dinner?

        (A) They’re posted online.

        (B) The soup was delicious.

        (C) I’m completely booked.

18.  Should we drive or take a bus to the stadium?

        (A) I’d be happy to.

        (B) The subway would be best.

        (C) A baseball game.

19.  Are you signed up for the safety training?

        (A) 9 to 12 tomorrow.

        (B) I did it last week.

        (C) On the factory floor.

20.  Hasn’t the annual budget been approved yet?

        (A) That’s good to know.

        (B) A yearly spending increase.

        (C) The CEO is reviewing it.

21.  I’m traveling to Barcelona for my summer vacation.

        (A) It’s two stops away.

        (B) Which airline will you use?

        (C) Where was your hotel?

22.  Where should we hang the banner?

        (A) From the print shop.

        (B) Some tape will work.

        (C) It’s too windy out here.

23.  Attendance at your book club increased, right?

        (A) Check the library.

        (B) A novel by Anne Smith.

        (C) Yes, a lot of students joined.

24.  Make sure you put on safety goggles whenever you use this machine.

        (A) Sure, I’ll keep that in mind.

        (B) It will be installed tomorrow.

        (C) No, I haven’t heard anything.

25.  How was the parade yesterday?

        (A) That sounds fun.

        (B) From 10 to 12.

        (C) It wasn’t what I expected.

26.  What is this suit made of?

        (A) Made in Italy.

        (B) Let’s get your measurements.

        (C) It’s a wool and linen blend.

27.  We can start the slideshow after the speech if you’d like.

        (A) Let’s meet inside.

        (B) Only ten minutes long.

        (C) Yes, that will work.

28.  Who’s picking up the investors from the train station?

        (A) The 5:38 train.

        (B) It should be in the e-mail.

        (C) Coming from Birmingham.

29.  How did the client like the artwork?

        (A) Maybe another day.

        (B) A family portrait.

        (C) You don’t want to know.

30.  Which of the sandwich options is the least popular in the cafe?

        (A) We just collected the surveys this morning.

        (B) From what I heard, they really didn’t like it.

        (C) Let’s try some different bread.

31.  You’ve prepared the documents, haven’t you?

        (A) By express mail.

        (B) I thought we had more time.

        (C) Yes, a pair of shoes.

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34

M: Good afternoon. (32) I’m calling about ordering some uniforms for my tech company’s soccer team.

W: OK. Do you have a design in mind? If not, you can use our Web site to view different styles, including colors and logos. (33) Then you can submit your order through the site, too.

M:  Oh, I’ll just do that. But… (34) we have a big tournament next month. Will the uniforms be ready by then?

W: I guarantee it. I can even have your order ready by the end of this week.

Questions 35 through 37

M1:   (35) It’s time for me to buy a new bed. My current one is too old. Jasmine and Nathan, do you have any idea which brand I should look into?

W:     Have you heard of Sandman Mattresses and Beds? I bought one of their beds for my guest room, and (36) I love the special foam in its mattress – much more comfortable than other materials.

M2:   Yeah, I agree. I bought a pillow from them that is made with the same foam. It was a ‘buy two-get one free’ deal, so I have an extra one that I’m not using.

M1:   (37) Oh, could I try it? I’d like to know how it feels.

M2:   (37) Sure.

Questions 38 through 40

W: Hello, I’m calling about some computer hardware I bought at your store recently. It’s a Slim Speed graphics card. I finally installed it yesterday, but (38) it isn’t compatible with my computer. Could I trade it for another?

M: It shouldn’t be a problem. When you come in, take it to the customer service desk. They can help you.

W: (39) I’m worried I bought it too long ago, though. I think it has been more than two weeks, but I at least still have my receipt.

M: Well, we have a 30-day trade-in policy, so I’m sure it’s okay. (40) When you visit the store, just remember to bring your receipt.

Questions 41 through 43

M: (41) Congratulations on finishing the training program, Ms. Han. I hear you’ll be joining the Art and Design Team on the sixth floor now. Are you excited?

W: I am. (42) I’ve worked hard to get an advertising job like this, and I’m ready to be a part of the agency.

M: I’m sure you’ll do great, and this is a promising start to a successful career. Do you know which project you’ll be working on?

W: Yes. I’ll be creating magazine ads for Huxley Motor Oil. In fact, (43) I need to present some artwork to their representative on Friday. Would you give it a look before then?

Questions 44 through 46

W:     Mitch, (44) (45) I need some help fixing the sound system in Theater C. The audio is coming through with a lot of static.

M1:   I need to take over at the ticket booth, but a film in Theater A just finished, so…

W:     Yeah, but you know we have a full schedule because of the film festival, and the next showing starts in 20 minutes.

M2:   It’s probably just because of a few old auxiliary cables.

M1:   I bet that’s it. Just try replacing them.

W:     Where can I find new ones?

M2:   I know we just received a shipment of them. 46) Ask your shift manager; he should know.

W:     (46) I’ll do that. Thanks.

Questions 47 through 49

M: Hello, (47) this is William Tice, project manager at the Primm Natural Gas Company. (48) I need to rent some heavy machinery from you so we can repair some supply pipes. I think we’ll need a backhoe for digging.

W: Sure, we have plenty available. In fact, we just purchased a new one that’s ready for rental. What dates would you like to use it?

M: September 12 and 13. That should be enough time to finish, even if we run into some problems on the job.

W: OK. I’ll start drawing up the agreement. Oh, and (49) could I get your driver’s license number? We’ll need it for insurance purposes.

Questions 50 through 52

M: Good evening, Ms. Jung. How are you enjoying your first day at our resort? Does the room meet your expectations?

W: Oh, it’s really quite comfortable, but there is one problem. (50) The personal safe in my room – I followed the instructions, but I couldn’t get it to open.

M: Ah, that one has been malfunctioning lately. (51) I’ll have Philip from the front desk bring a new one to your room.

W: I’d appreciate it.

M: Oh, if you aren’t busy right now, the sun is about to set. (52) Why don’t you take your camera down to the beach? You’ll be able to get some great pictures.

Questions 53 through 55

W: Brendan, I just looked at the (54) movie posters you created for The First Star. They look great, but (53) the posters that will go up around Seattle don’t even feature the main actor, only the supporting cast. Why are they different from the rest?

M: Oh, I read in a magazine that (54) a few members of the cast are from Seattle, so I thought I would feature them in one poster. I figured it would have a positive effect on the ticket sales in that area.

W: Hmm.. I didn’t know that. (55) Could I take a look at the article? If that strategy is effective, then I’ll consider making it a part of the plan for future films. Next time, though, stick to the original design.

Questions 56 through 58

M: Hello, Ms. Anderson. I’d like to talk to you about all of the service requests the IT Department has been receiving lately.

W: I heard you’ve been quite busy in the past few weeks. Can you handle them?

M: Yes, but we keep fixing easily preventable problems. (56) Employees continue to download programs full of hidden viruses, and it’s causing us to lose progress on other important projects.

W: Hmm.. we can’t transfer anyone to your department like last time. But (57) what if I were to give a presentation on Internet security procedures?

M: That should help. Do you need me to do anything?

W: (58) Just get me a list of the programs they should avoid, and that should be enough.

Questions 59 through 61

M: Good morning, Ms. Wolfe.

W: Hello, Mr. Cardin. The Marketing Department would like an update on the new travel app’s development. (59) How’s the progress on the hotel search engine? Does it work?

M: Actually, (60) it’s already running smoothly. We might even be finished by next month.

W: Wow! That wasn’t what I was expecting. It will be nice to have it ready well before launch.

M: I know. I’m excited about it, too. We might even be able to release it earlier than expected.

W: Well, let me check the Marketing Team’s plan. (61) They already have an advertising schedule in mind, and they’re supposed to send me a copy this afternoon.

Questions 62 through 64

M: (62) (63) How’s the menu for the Eco First vegetarian dinner coming along? The organizer would like to know the courses we’re preparing.

W: I’m almost finished. I have several appetizers and a few main dishes planned, but I can’t come up with enough variety for the entrees. (63) The cooking sites I use all feature the same ingredients in their vegetarian recipes.

M: Do you use We just started a trial membership, so you can access their entire database. (64) The site specializes in utilizing various unique ingredients, and it has a great variety of recipes in every category. I’m sure it will have what you need.

Questions 65 through 67

W: Hi, Kevin. (65) I want to thank you again for coming in to work the evening shift. I know you were really busy working this morning, too.

M: I need the extra hours, and I know the other kitchen staff members are feeling sick.

W: Well, I’m glad you’re here. But… I noticed that you’re wearing sneakers.

M: Oh, (66) it started to rain while I was walking home this afternoon, so my work shoes got wet.

W: Well, I think we have an extra pair in the back that should fit you. Sorry, but (67) it’s important to wear shoes with proper grip in the kitchen, for your own safety.

M: I understand. I’ll go and check.

Questions 68 through 70

W: Adam, our new frozen burritos are becoming really popular, especially on university campuses. I think (68) we should increase our advertising to students; it’s a large and profitable market.

M: Well, (69) let’s push back our other deadlines and focus on promoting our burritos then.

W: OK. I’ll make the changes to our work schedule.

M: Oh, and since you’re here, I’m finishing up the label for the backside of the new flavor’s wrapper. Take a look at this printout.

W: It looks neat. But… (70) three minutes? It’s the spicy chicken flavor, so three and a half minutes is the ideal cooking time.

M: Oh, yeah, I forgot. I’ll fix it later.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73

Good morning, Mr. Lutz. This is Christian Garner from Garner’s Print Shop. (71) I’m calling about the catalogues you want us to print for your new electronics shop. It’s important that you pick the kind of paper you want us to use so we can finish your order. You want to mail them out before (72) the grand opening, which you said is on March 3. That’s only two weeks away. If you’re concerned about the cost, (73) you should use the price estimator on our Web site. That will give you an idea of how much each option would be. I’ll talk to you soon.

Questions 74 through 76

Hello, everyone, and welcome to your first orientation session at Pinnacle Software Studios. I’m sure you’re all excited to start your new jobs, and I know (74) we’re happy to have you join our software development team. This morning, we’ll go over your basic job responsibilities and benefits. (75) But first, please take a moment to fill out a name tag, and feel free to write your preferred nickname if you have one. Finally, you’ll have some time to explore our rather large campus, so (76) you can pick up a floor map from the back of the room to make sure you don’t get lost. You’ll have some free time after lunch, which will be around noon.

Questions 77 through 79

Good morning, everyone. (77) Welcome to today’s tour of Old Belleview Town. I’ll be showing you around the beautiful old streets of Belleview this morning, and we’ll be stopping off at various local businesses and markets along the way. Many of you have already asked me about the town’s beginnings as a fishing port, but (78) I’m afraid that’s not my area of expertise. If you check the tour itinerary, you’ll see that Ms. Dawson will discuss the town’s history this afternoon. Now, (79) the first thing we’ll do this morning is enjoy some of the town’s famous breakfast waffles and sausages at a nearby cafe. I’m sure you’ll all be very impressed.

Questions 80 through 82

I’m glad you could all make time in your busy schedules to come to this meeting. (80) Again, I’m sorry for moving up the deadline for the next issue’s articles. The Publishing Department just needs an earlier start to meet the higher demand. Anyway, we have something important to discuss. I’ve been studying the feedback from our subscribers lately, and there’s a common complaint. (81) Most readers find our Web site to be boring. And since a lot of people prefer to access our content via the Internet, I’ve decided to (82) hire a Web developer who can improve our page. I’ll post the position on Tuesday, so hopefully we can start interviews by next week.

Questions 83 through 85

For our top story tonight, (83) the Bainbridge city council has voted to secure the funds for the construction of a brand new community center. This building will be available for numerous public events and house several sports facilities, including basketball and tennis courts. The driving force for the decision was to give youths in the area access to organized and safe activities. To that end, (84) the council is working with Heads Up Development, a non-profit organization, to recruit skilled teachers and local talent who can coach sports teams and lead community classes. And (85) if you have a request for the new community center, you can call Councilman Hines at his office to share your idea. Here’s how you can reach him.

Questions 86 through 88

Hi, Ms. Horatio. This is Peter Craft from Epic Recruiting. I’m glad you decided to contact me. With your upcoming expansion, I think you’re making the smart choice to use (86) our recruiting company to increase your workforce. You’ll see that we’re more effective and efficient than in-house hiring methods thanks to our wide-reaching network and finely tailored applicant algorithms. We guarantee to find the best workers for your company. In fact, (87) we just did some follow-up research on Cross Water Manufacturing, who we recently worked with, and they’re enjoying their highest employee retention rate ever. (88) I’ll be on vacation next week, but I hope we can arrange some plans before then.

Questions 89 through 91

(89) Destiny Athletic Company is delighted to introduce its newest footwear at this year’s ALC Sportswear Convention: the Destiny Light 7 sneakers. These sneakers are an updated version of the Destiny Light 6 sneakers, and they’re designed for use in all types of sports. When you insert your feet into the shoes, (90) the laces will immediately tighten to provide maximum stability and comfort. This means that (90) you don’t need to spend time tying the laces yourself. (91) Now, I’d like to show you how these sneakers work. So, please watch closely as I put a pair of them on.

Questions 92 through 94

Hello Eugene, it’s Alexa. I apologize, but (92) we’ll have to reschedule our meeting this afternoon. The clients from Asia flew in a day earlier than we expected, so they’ll require my full attention. However, I had some time this morning to read through (93) (94) your proposal for establishing an office on the West Coast. It looks like it would help us to stay in better contact with our overseas partners and improve company communications. But, (94) the fact remains that the majority of our client base is situated in New York. We’ll discuss it more later.

Questions 95 through 97

Good morning, Mr. Burton. (95) I’m glad we’re finally meeting face-to-face tomorrow. The advertising sponsorship your company has proposed could be a very exciting and lucrative opportunity for the Lakeside Amusement Park. You know that our main offices are located within the park itself, so you’ll need to know where to go when you get here. Oh, and of course, (96) remember to pick up your visitor pass from the ticket booth. Now, since you’re driving, you’ll want to park in the lot closest to our offices. That way, you won’t have to walk all over the park. So, (97) find the Yellow Lot, and then come in through the first entrance of that lot. Our headquarters is right next to it.

Questions 98 through 100

Last on the agenda is a quick look at our recent customer survey about (98) what our audience would like to see from the next video game in the Dragon Sword series. Now, we’ve already promised to improve the visuals from the last title. There were a lot of complaints, so these results aren’t surprising. (99) However, this 25% response wasn’t expected. That’s enough people that I think we should do something about it. So, to meet that goal, (100) we’ve decided to hire more staff members. We’ll start looking at applications this week, with interviews soon to follow.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1 (A)   2 (C)   3 (B)   4 (D)   5 (B)

6 (A)

7 (A)   8 (B)   9 (A)   10 (A)

11 (A)   12 (A)   13 (A)   14 (B)

15 (B)   16 (A)   17 (C)   18 (B)

19 (B)   20 (C)   21 (B)   22 (C)

23 (C)   24 (A)   25 (C)   26 (C)

27 (C)   28 (B)   29 (C)   30 (A)

31 (B)

32 (D)   33 (A)   34 (B)   35 (C)

36 (D)   37 (A)   38 (A)   39 (D)

40 (B)   41 (A)   42 (C)   43 (B)

44 (D)   45 (B)   46 (D)   47 (A)

48 (B)   49 (B)   50 (D)   51 (B)

52 (A)   53 (A)   54 (C)   55 (A)

56 (B)   57 (D)   58 (D)   59 (A)

60 (D)   61 (A)   62 (C)   63 (C)

64 (C)   65 (C)   66 (D)   67 (C)

68 (B)   69 (D)   70 (C)

71 (C)   72 (A)   73 (B)   74 (B)

75 (C)   76 (B)   77 (D)   78 (D)

79 (C)   80 (B)   81 (C)   82 (A)

83 (B)   84 (B)   85 (D)   86 (C)

87 (D)   88 (A)   89 (B)   90 (B)

91 (C)   92 (B)   93 (C)   94 (D)

95 (D)   96 (D)   97 (C)   98 (A)

99 (B)   100 (B)