Part 1

1.    (A) One woman is drawing a picture.

        (B) One woman is pointing at a board.

        (C) One woman is sipping from a cup.

        (D) One woman is sitting on a desk.

2.    (A) A man is peering into a microscope.

        (B) A man is hanging up a lab coat.

        (C) A man is walking around the lab.

        (D) A man is reaching into a drawer.

3.    (A) The men are waving their hands.

        (B) The men are shaking hands.

        (C) A man is extending his arm towards some documents.

        (D) They’re sitting on stools.

4.    (A) People are walking in rows.

        (B) Trees are being planted in a courtyard.

        (C) Some vehicles are parked at the curb.

        (D) People are dragging their bags.

5.    (A) Some musical instruments are being polished.

        (B) People are applauding the performers.

        (C) A music stand is in front of some performers.

        (D) Some people are packing up instruments.

6.    (A) He’s hanging up a phone.

        (B) He’s adjusting his tie.

        (C) He’s conducting a phone conversation indoors.

        (D) He’s typing on a laptop.

Part 2

7.   When did Mr. Davis start working here?

        (A) In Marketing.

        (B) He carpools with the others.

        (C) Not too long ago.

8.   Where’s the office library?

        (A) From 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

        (B) On the third floor.

        (C) A book on management.

9. How often do you travel to Europe?

        (A) It’s about 800 dollars.

        (B) Every summer.

        (C) I moved there in March.

10.  May I thank a few people before the start of the show?

        (A) Go ahead, but be quick.

        (B) He’ll show you after we’re done.

        (C) The ending really surprised me.

11.  Have the new editions arrived yet?

        (A) Maybe tomorrow.

        (B) Did he catch the bus?

        (C) $10 each.

12.  Will you notify our suppliers about the new policy?

        (A) There are more in storage.

        (B) We supply fresh ingredients.

        (C) I just sent an e-mail.

13.  When will their next album be released?

        (A) Several new songs.

        (B) The lease is about to end.

        (C) Sometime next year.

14.  Why is Ruthie not here today?

        (A) Maybe she’s at the corporate office.

        (B) Every Saturday.

        (C) No, it’s not.

15.  Which service should we use to ship these products?

        (A) Less than a week.

        (B) You could give it a try.

        (C) The cheapest one.

16.  How much does a monthly subscription cost?

        (A) You can register on our Web site.

        (B) Yes, I read every issue.

        (C) Well, you have a few options.

17.  Isn’t the dinner with the Arts Committee tonight?

        (A) A table for eight, please.

        (B) I completely forgot.

        (C) Yes, we had a great time.

18.  Have you learned how to request vacation time?

        (A) Yes, Emily showed me this morning.

        (B) Visiting my family.

        (C) Sometime near the end of the month.

19.  We need three copies of the contract.

        (A) Kate already has one.

        (B) The second floor printer.

        (C) I don’t need any more coffee.

20.  Should we have the lunch meeting at the restaurant on Clement Street?

        (A) We can’t get a reservation now.

        (B) To discuss a design.

        (C) I’ll have the soup and salad.

21.  Where are the IT request forms?

        (A) Yes, a new keyboard.

        (B) Later this afternoon.

        (C) Kyle can take care of it.

22.  Didn’t you say you’d like to buy a vacuum cleaner?

        (A) No, from an online store.

        (B) By the washing machine.

        (C) Yes, my old one broke.

23.  Whose turn is it to take the minutes?

        (A) I’ll do it again.

        (B) Turn right after the light.

        (C) Just take a picture.

24.  Hi, I’m here for my appointment with Dr. Durat.

        (A) Well, that is a good point.

        (B) Fill out this form first, please.

        (C) Drop it off at the pharmacy.

25.  You signed up for the advanced accounting class, right?

        (A) Some bills were overdue.

        (B) No, there weren’t any more spots.

        (C) She holds a degree in economics.

26.  Do you think we should trim the tree again, or just remove it?

        (A) Thanks, it looks great.

        (B) It provides a lot of shade.

        (C) At the gardening store.

27.  Where can I get my security pass?

        (A) First thing in the morning.

        (B) Check with your supervisor.

        (C) Between 8 and 10.

28.  Why don’t I update the employee titles in the database?

        (A) You could do that?

        (B) There’s another case here.

        (C) It was delivered this morning.

29.  Have you heard what people are saying about that show?

        (A) She missed the meeting.

        (B) I thought your painting was beautiful.

        (C) All right, let’s watch something else.

30.  Are you going to tell Dan about the new deadline, or should I?

        (A) It was your decision.

        (B) No, they haven’t heard yet.

        (C) Wednesday at noon.

31.  The bus to the airport is almost here.

        (A) I booked the rental car.

        (B) London, for a week.

        (C) Tell Martin to hurry.

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34

M: (32) Excuse me, could you tell me where the nearest subway station is?

W: Of course. Umm… You just need to continue walking down this street for two blocks, and then turn left at the bank. Then walk for one block, and take another left. You’ll see the Hyland Street subway station right in front of you. It’s on Line 2.

M: Does that subway line go to the riverfront area? (33) I have tickets for a soccer game that starts in 20 minutes at Winkleman Stadium.

W: Yes, but to be honest, (34) the stadium isn’t that far from here. I’m sure you could walk there in about twenty minutes. It might be quicker than waiting on a subway.

Questions 35 through 37

M: Good afternoon. (35) I called in a cake order earlier this morning, and it was supposed to be ready by now. Here’s the pickup number.

W: Oh, right. I have your order details right here. However, (36) one of the bakers became ill and couldn’t come in today. Now I’m way behind schedule. Do you mind waiting another hour?

M: Well, I actually need the cake for a retirement party tonight, and I’m leaving for it soon.

W: I see. Well, if it’s okay with you, (37) I have another cake that’s already made, and the customer cancelled his order. I believe it’s similar to what you wanted.

Questions 38 through 40

W1:   Oh, no! The schedule just changed again, Imogene. Now it says (38) the next bus to Arlington won’t be here for another 30 minutes.

W2:   We can’t wait that long. We still have to get downtown from the station, so (39) we’d definitely miss our dinner reservation. It will be cancelled after 6:30.

W1:   Let’s see if we can ask for some help… Excuse me, if we can’t wait for the bus to Arlington, is there another way to get there? We need to be downtown as soon as possible.

M:     Well, there’s a subway station a couple blocks away. It runs frequently. You’ll have to transfer once, but (40) it won’t cost any extra if you use your metro card.

Questions 41 through 43

W: Jonas, (41) a bank customer is here about a late fee on her loan repayment. (42) It’s usually automatically deducted from her checking account, but the transfer didn’t go through yesterday.

M: Well, yesterday was a holiday.

W: Right, so there shouldn’t be a late fee. I don’t know how to fix it, though. The late fee was already charged first thing this morning.

M: Hmm.. I’m not sure. For now… (43) Why don’t you go ahead and transfer a refund for the fee into her checking account? I’ll fix the record on her credit report later.

Questions 44 through 46

W: Elliot, you go to baseball games fairly often, right?

M: Yeah, at least once a month.

W: (44) I’m planning my friend’s birthday party for next Saturday, and I thought it might be fun to go to a game. Are there any good ones that day?

M: Well, two strong teams will face each other at Three River Stadium. And you’re in luck. (45) There’s a big discount on the tickets right now to draw more fans to the games.

W: Oh, perfect! Do you know of any places we could eat around there, too?

M: Honestly, just buy food at the ball park. The chili dogs are fantastic.

W: Ok. (46) I’ll message my friends right now and see if they’re interested. Thanks!

Questions 47 through 49

W: Bryan?

M: Hi, Melissa. I’m sorry to call after hours, but I know you usually work late at the office. (47) (48) Could you find the home number for our new client, Mr. Mason? I don’t have it.

W: Oh, I just got on the subway. I left earlier than usual for an appointment. Is it urgent?

M: Well, there was a big development in his case, but I can’t get through to his cell phone.

W: Hmm…that’s odd. I’d go back and find it, but I’m already running late. (49) Perhaps there’s another number listed on his company’s Web site.

M: (49) I’ll have to try that. Have a nice evening, Melissa.

Questions 50 through 52

M: (50) I think I know why our mattress sales are down. (51) I’ve visited some of our competitors’ stores, and our prices are always higher than theirs.

W: I agree. A lot of customers come into our store to test how the mattresses feel, but then they leave and buy one somewhere else.

M: That’s a real problem. Any ideas on how we can fix this?

W: Well, there isn’t much we can do about the prices, but (52) we can include other benefits with a sale. Possibly offering free delivery, or throwing in a two-year warranty at no extra cost.

M: Actually, that’s a good plan. Then customers would be more likely to buy from our store.

Questions 53 through 55

W: Hello, Mr. Nielson. This is Penelope calling from the Metro Art Gallery. (53) You left a message saying you’re interested in taking part in our upcoming Young Artists Exhibition.

M: I did. I think it would be a good opportunity for me to get some more exposure.

W: I agree. Before we can extend an invitation, though, you need to do an interview with the gallery directors.

M: Oh… (54) that will be difficult. I don’t have any vacation time right now that I could use to travel to Chicago.

W: Oh, don’t worry about that. (55) The interview can be done over the Internet via webcam. We just need to arrange a time that’s suitable for everyone.

Questions 56 through 58

W: Hiro, (56) I looked over the landscape design you’re making for the new football stadium. I’m really impressed!

M: I like it, too. (57) But the clients have a new request for the plans every day, so I don’t know what they really want. They’ve hired us before, right?

W: Yes, to work on some other properties. You can see the old work in the archives. It might help.

M: Hmm… I’ll do that. All these changes are making the deadline very tight, though. (58) It’s definitely time to change how we make our contracts.

W: How so?

M: 58) We should simply be able to extend the deadline if there are additional requests.

Questions 59 through 61

M: Hello, (59) I’m from Milton Publishing. I have your order of textbooks here for delivery.

W: Wonderful! I’m surprised it arrived so quickly. Fast delivery and fantastic prices: I’m glad we ordered from Milton!

M: You know, (60) we are recognized for having the best prices in educational materials among our competitors. I’ll go ahead and unload your order after you sign this receipt.

W: Okay. But… (61) It says there are only 25 books here. That’s only half of what I ordered. There must be a mistake.

M: Oh, really? I’m so sorry. Let me call my manager. I’ll get this taken care of as fast as possible.

Questions 62 through 64

M: Roxanne, it’s Jaeden. I’m sorry, but I waited too long to buy a last-minute ticket, and (62) now the flight has completely sold out. I’ll have to catch the next flight to Pittsburgh.

W: Ah, I warned you! (63) Do you think you’ll make it in time for the client dinner, or should I cancel it?

M: I can if I take a taxi straight from the airport, but I definitely won’t arrive until after 6 o’clock.

W: Well, (64) I’ll message you the restaurant address so you’ll know where to go.

M: Thanks. You’re the best!

Questions 65 through 67

W: (65) New-View Video, how can I help you today?

M: (65) Hello. I’d like to sign up for your Internet video streaming service for my family. (66) However, my son is currently living in Europe. Can he use it there?

W: Sure, as long as you sign up for the Family Global package.

M: Good to hear. Oh, and the first month is a free trial, right?

W: That’s correct. You won’t be charged for the global service until next month, but we still need payment details when you register.

M: All right. (67) Let me give you my credit card information. Just a second.

Questions 68 through 70

M: The weather is going to be terrible this weekend. (68) We have to choose another date for the memorial statue unveiling at Gramercy Park.

W: Check out the forecast on my weather app. You know, we could have it on a weekday.

M: True. And look here. (69) Sunny and 25° C would be perfect. Let’s do it then.

W: (70) I’ll call WTAP News to let the reporters know when to come.

M: Ah, I’m glad you remembered. I hope there aren’t any other big news stories planned for that day.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73

Thank you for calling Rocky Mountain Goods, the best place in town (71) for all your camping equipment and outdoor clothing. Unfortunately, the store is closed right now. Our normal business hours are 9 A.M. to 6 P.M., Monday through Saturday. Our customers will be pleased to know that due to surplus stock of tents and sleeping bags, (72) our summer sale has been extended by an additional two weeks. If you plan to visit our store, however, (73) please note that our parking lot is closed for resurfacing, so you will need to park elsewhere. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Questions 74 through 76

If you’ve ever lost an important electronic file, then you want to make sure it never happens again. (74) Byte Bank by InnoTech Industries can help guarantee that your data stays safe and accessible whether you’re at the office, at home, or even on vacation. With Byte Bank, you can simply upload any file to our online storage cloud and then view it from any device with an Internet connection. And if you ever have any issues, (75) you can contact our 24/7 customer service team, which recently won the National Better Service Award. Would you like to give Byte Bank a try before paying full price? (76) For a limited time, you can receive half-off your first three months of service.

Questions 77 through 79

I’d like to thank you all for coming out to the final night of the (77) Gatlinburg Music Festival. I really enjoyed planning it again this year. Now, as you’re all aware, (78) this town has always been famous for being the home of some of the best country and folk guitarists and singers. But this fall, we’ll experience something new and exciting, as well as a little different. I’ve just finished making arrangements with (79) electronic musician and DJ Enrique Marquez, who’s agreed to perform at our very own Mulch Theater on April 4. Yes, that Enrique Marquez. It’s guaranteed to be a great time and a memorable evening, so make sure you reserve your tickets early.

Questions 80 through 82

Good evening, I’m Randal Richards, and (80) tonight’s main story is about a new service provided by the city library that should help local residents. Community readers always worry about forgetting the due dates of their books and videos. Well now, (81) a new service has been introduced by the library that will send an automated text message to users to remind them of an approaching return date. The message will tell you the materials you need to return and by when. (82) No more returning your books, hoping they aren’t already late. I’ll give it a try, too.

Questions 83 through 85

There’s one last thing. Please remember that March will be our company’s fitness month. I know we’ve been busy lately, but the company wants everyone to make their health a priority. That’s why we’ll be dedicating four hours a week of office time to healthy activities. Since eating right is also an important part of fitness, (84) local chef Miranda Tucker will be giving weekly cooking demonstrations that will teach us how to prepare simple, nutritious, and delicious meals. So (83) (85) if any of you would like to attend her classes, or any of our other planned activities, sign up on this sheet that I’ll pass around.

Questions 86 through 88

Welcome back to this episode of Business Insider. (86) Today, we’ll be discussing how small businesses can expand their online presence and boost Web site sales. A successful small business can’t just be a local corner shop nowadays, so it’s crucial to learn how to use the Internet to reach as many customers as possible. Joining us later will be (87) Ashley Reynolds, an expert in business Web design and the keynote speaker at this year’s BizTech Conference. She’ll talk about how your business can utilize effective search algorithms to really stand out online. And if you like what you learn today, (88) be sure to tune in again tomorrow as we continue discussing another aspect of modern business: social media advertising.

Questions 89 through 91

Hello, this is Evelyn calling from Anfield Home Designs. I received your message regarding the changes you want to make to (89) the bedroom and living room designs I sent to you. It should be possible to change the dining table to the solid oak one you selected, but it’s just a little higher in price. You also mentioned that (90) you wanted to swap the sofa and chair set for the more expensive leather ones, but… we can’t stretch that far. Finally, regarding the carpet that you want to change, (91) please take a look at the samples that I have sent to you by courier. I’m sure you’ll find a color you like.

Questions 92 through 94

Sorry to call this quick meeting, but I just found out that (93) our major shareholders will be visiting the lab this Thursday for a tour. They’re very interested in (92) how we make our new fast-acting headache medicine since they expect it will make the company a lot of money. When they arrive on Thursday, I will guide them through our facility. I know you’re all busy, but on that day, (94) please postpone your other projects and make sure you’re working on this specific medicine when we stop by your section. After they see how it’s made, you can resume your other tasks.

Questions 95 through 97

Good afternoon, Rex-Mart shoppers! (95) In honor of the national holiday, we’re offering huge sales on a variety of summer goods today. Most deals can be found in our flyer, but (96) we’re also announcing new savings every hour until 7 P.M., when we’ll close early for the holiday. For instance, just now, we’ve started a special deal at our deli for 10 percent off on all meats. The counters are fully stocked with everything you might need for a nice barbecue – sausages, steaks, chicken, and even fresh fish. And until the end of the hour, (97) the sausages will be an additional 15 percent off. You really don’t want to miss a sale like this!

Questions 98 through 100

Hello, (98) this is Ron Pert from The Redwood, the small diner on Terrace Avenue. You stopped by yesterday to do a routine health inspection of our restaurant. Umm.. I’m leaving this message because I’m scanning over the ticket, and it seems incomplete. It looks to me that we passed everything on the top half of the sheet. But toward the bottom, (99) there’s nothing that indicates why we failed the inspection. What exactly is wrong with our refrigeration? I’d really like to know as quickly as possible so I can fix it. (100) I’m concerned because a new burger franchise opened in town, and we’ll lose a lot of business to it if we don’t open again soon.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1 (B)   2 (A)   3 (B)   4 (C)   5 (C)

6 (C)

7 (C)   8 (B)   9 (B)   10 (A)

11 (A)   12 (C)   13 (C)   14 (A)

15 (C)   16 (C)   17 (B)   18 (A)

19 (A)   20 (A)   21 (C)   22 (C)

23 (A)   24 (B)   25 (B)   26 (B)

27 (B)   28 (A)   29 (C)   30 (A)

31 (C)

32 (D)   33 (B)   34 (C)   35 (A)

36 (D)   37 (A)   38 (C)   39 (C)

40 (D)   41 (D)   42 (A)   43 (B)

44 (D)   45 (B)   46 (B)   47 (D)

48 (C)   49 (A)   50 (A)   51 (D)

52 (D)   53 (B)   54 (D)   55 (A)

56 (A)   57 (C)   58 (D)   59 (B)

60 (B)   61 (D)   62 (C)   63 (D)

64 (C)   65 (A)   66 (D)   67 (C)

68 (B)   69 (B)   70 (A)

71 (C)   72 (B)   73 (B)   74 (C)

75 (A)   76 (B)   77 (A)   78 (C)

79 (B)   80 (C)   81 (D)   82 (B)

83 (A)   84 (C)   85 (A)   86 (C)

87 (B)   88 (B)   89 (C)   90 (D)

91 (B)   92 (B)   93 (C)   94 (D)

95 (B)   96 (B)   97 (A)   98 (C)

99 (C)   100 (B)