Part 1

1.    (A) The road is being improved.

        (B) The man is pushing a wheelbarrow.

        (C) The man is moving some bricks.

        (D) The lumbers have been stacked on the ground.

2.    (A) Travelers are waiting to check into a hotel.

        (B) Passengers are lining up to board a plane.

        (C) The woman is pulling her luggage up the stairs.

        (D) Some people are standing next to the luggage.

3.    (A) Construction vehicles are approaching the site.

        (B) A road is being resurfaced.

        (C) A hole is being covered with plastic sheets.

        (D) Pipes have been placed in a trench.

4.    (A) The men are sitting next to each other.

        (B) The men are facing each other.

        (C) One man is leaning over the table.

        (D) One man is dictating a letter to the other.

5.    (A) Bicycles have been secured to metal posts.

        (B) Bicycles are being parked near a building.

        (C) Bushes have been trimmed in a garden.

        (D) Tires have been discarded from the bicycles.

6.    (A) They are stacking papers into a pile.

        (B) They are organizing meeting schedules.

        (C) They are participating in a sport competition.

        (D) Some people have turned away from the windows.

Part 2

7.    Who is supposed to participate in the marketing seminar?

        (A) It was Ms. Santos’ idea.

        (B) Anyone who’s interested.

        (C) The registration fee is free.

8.    Why wasn’t this report sent to Mr. Hwang?

        (A) It needs to be reviewed first.

        (B) Because the reporter isn’t here yet.

        (C) Sure, I could send it to him.

9.    When did contractors get here?

        (A) Early this morning.

        (B) Sign at the bottom of the page.

        (C) It will take about a week.

10.  What’s in those boxes we have received today?

        (A) Let’s put them in different boxes.

        (B) New office supplies we had ordered.

        (C) You should send them right away.

11.  I’d like to cancel my reservation, please.

        (A) Sorry, we don’t have any tables available.

        (B) May I have your name, please?

        (C) Sure, the number is 555-1212.

12.  Do you know where the orientation is being held?

        (A) Sure, follow me.

        (B) It’ll be finished in an hour.

        (C) Yes, let’s organize a party.

13.  Would you like to take this yourself, or do you want it to be delivered?

        (A) I can’t take the bus.

        (B) I’ll pick it up later on.

        (C) There will be some delivery charge.

14.  This is the key to the stockroom, isn’t it?

        (A) No, use the one with a blue tag.

        (B) No, the sales are over now.

        (C) Yes, let’s put them in the stockroom.

15.  Who’s supporting this charity function?

        (A) The machine is malfunctioning.

        (B) It will be held in the Marriot Hotel.

        (C) Georgia Foundation is.

16.  Have all the guests arrived yet?

        (A) They’re waiting in the other room.

        (B) My guess is as good as yours.

        (C) There is a musical performance in the theater.

17.  The show begins at 8 o’clock, doesn’t it?

        (A) He’s a great performer.

        (B) We should take the next flight.

        (C) The time should be on the ticket.

18.  How often do you attend the company’s professional seminars?

        (A) Whenever I have time.

        (B) About the sales projection.

        (C) I’d love to participate.

19.  Which company should we select to provide food for our company event?

        (A) We have a variety of selections.

        (B) The Loretta Catering did a good job before.

        (C) It’ll be held next Sunday.

20.  Haven’t you read that novel before?

        (A) Yes, but I liked it so much I’m reading it again.

        (B) No, I’ve never met him before.

        (C) It was the best movie 1’ve ever seen.

21.  Is the convenience store on Main Street open 24 hours a day?

        (A) When would be convenient for you?

        (B) No, we have to make the reservation in advance.

        (C) Yes, but it closes on some holidays.

22.  I just found out that our flight has been delayed.

        (A) For how long?

        (B) No, I couldn’t find it.

        (C) Let’s meet at the lobby.

23.  Why weren’t you at the budget meeting for the board?

        (A) There was an emergency at the Omaha branch.

        (B) The meeting was held at the main conference room.

        (C) Sure, I’ll look over the figures one more time.

24.  Haven’t you booked your flight to Milwaukee yet?

        (A) Yes, the airport has been changed.

        (B) Actually, I just did it.

        (C) It was announced just yesterday.

25.  Have you contacted the insurance agency, or do you want me to call them?

        (A) No, I didn’t like the terms in the contract.

        (B) Did you use the right number?

        (C) I already had a talk with them.

26.  Why don’t we use an electric screwdriver to assemble the table?

        (A) I have one in my toolbox.

        (B) I prefer to go alone.

        (C) The appliance should be stored in the back.

27.  Could you hand out conference materials to the participants waiting at the registration?

        (A) There will be 50 dollar fee.

        (B) I’m afraid I won’t be able to.

        (C) Thanks, but I already have one.

28.  We should check the inventory before we order more merchandise.

        (A) Yes, the technician will be here soon.

        (B) We have a fully equipped facility.

        (C) I’ll have it done right away.

29.  There’s no more paper in the supply cabinet.

        (A) Maria is in charge of keeping it stocked.

        (B) Who used the last ink cartridge?

        (C) I read it in the newspaper this morning.

30.  Why don’t we start on the marketing project today?

        (A) The market doesn’t open on the weekends.

        (B) I think she is the new project leader.

        (C) Actually, the budget analysis needs to be done first.

31.  Didn’t Amy Peterson do a great job of representing our firm at the convention?

        (A) I didn’t get the job I wanted.

        (B) Yes, let’s register for the seminar right away.

        (C) Yes, she is an effective presenter.

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34 refer to the following conversation.

M    Jennifer, I need you to reschedule my 10 o’clock client to another time. I have to see someone at the hospital.

W   Sure, Dr. Bernard. What time do you want me to change it to? Would 2 o’clock in the afternoon be good for you?

M    Actually, I should be able to be back to the office by 2, so let’s make that appointment at 3. I need some time to review Ms. Harrison’s file before I see her.

W   OK, sir. I’ll ask her to come at 3.

Questions 35 through 37 refer to the following conversation.

M    I just read an e-mail from the customer who complained about our restaurant’s slow service. Although she was happy with food quality and atmosphere, she said she wouldn’t recommend our place.

W   I got similar comments from other customers when they leave the restaurant. Maybe we should hire more staff during the dinner serving time.

M    That’s actually a very good idea. But we will need to come up with a proposal requesting more staff.

W   Let’s get together this afternoon to finish the report. We can make the formal request to the general manager tomorrow.

Questions 38 through 40 refer to the following conversation.

W   Hello, I’m calling about the ad I saw in the newspaper about your interior design classes. Can you tell me more about your classes?

M    Of course, I’d be glad to. First semester starts in 2 weeks and you have to take 2 required courses and 3 selective courses. We offer a professional diploma once you finish the one year full time classes.

W   Oh. Do you have any evening classes? I work full time as a maintenance crew at an apartment complex.

M    Well, we offer part-time evening classes, but it would take longer to get the diploma. If you give me your address, I’ll send you a brochure and an application.

W   Thank you. I really appreciate it. I also would like to know whether you offer any kind of scholarship.

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hi, Lydia. You’ve been to Milan before, right? How did you like the place?

W   I was there recently for an international conference and I loved it. The food, people, and atmosphere, everything was great.

M    Next month I’m traveling to Milan to meet some important clients. Do you have any suggestions about what to see when I’m there?

W   There are lots of places I could recommend. It depends on how much time you have. How long will you be there?

M    I’ll be there for a week, but I’ll only have a one day that I’m not seeing clients. I won’t have much time.

W   In that case, I think you should try a group bus tour. It’s an excellent way to see all the major landmarks in the city in a short amount of time.

M    Good idea. Do you have more information about it; like how much it costs, and what time it starts?

W   If you check the Official Italy Tourism Board, I’m sure you’ll find all the information you need.

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hi, Ms. Young. Sorry I couldn’t come to this morning’s meeting. Can you fill me in?

W   Sure, on Monday, the inspectors are coming to conduct a routine safety test on the assembly line. So, you and other machine operators won’t have to work on the factory floor that day.

M    Oh, okay. Should we work somewhere else on Monday then?

W   Yes, we are going to assign you all day to help the layout of the new plant in Grover City. They need some input from the workers like you who have actually used the machinery.

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hi, my name is Chris Park. I talked to someone at your hotel about a week ago to make a reservation. I’m calling to make sure the reservation I made was correct.

W   Yes, Mr. Park. Could you give me your reference number if possible?

M    Yes, it’s 74459. I specifically asked for a room with the ocean view. Can you check on it while you’re at it?

W   Yes, one moment please. Here you are. Two nights and three days from August 10th through 13th under the name of Chris Park. Your reservation has been confirmed, sir.

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hi, is this the personnel office? I just read an e-mail about the training courses that the new employees are required to take. Where can I get the schedule for these classes?

W    Well, the classes are online. You can take them whenever you want. Because their classes are required ones, you can take them during your work hours.

M    Great, my manager suggests that I take a business writing class. How do I register for that one?

W    Well, just visit our company website and click on the work skills training tab. It will give an overview of the courses and registration processes.

Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation with three speakers.

M      I really appreciate your meeting with me today. Ms. Oliver and Ms. Langston, I’m sure you’ll want to use Aquaria’s environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for your hotel once I tell you about them.

W1   Thanks for coming. We’re looking forward to your presentation.

W2   We haven’t purchased your cleaning products before because they’re quite costly.

W1   We have over 400 rooms in this hotel. So we try to be careful about how much we spend on cleaning supplies.

M     I understand. The Aquaria product line costs a little more than others, but it will save you money in many other ways. For example, our carpet cleaner is very gentle, so it won’t cause fading.

W2   Replacing the carpets is the big expense for our budget in the long run.

W1   It’s true. Alright, can you give us a demonstration of your products?

M     Of course, why don’t you wear these gloves and aprons first to be safe just in case?

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.

W   These flower arrangements are beautiful. But, you only have two sets on display. Do you have more in the back? I need at least eight arrangements for my dinner party.

M    Well, these are all we have right now, but we can create them for you if you want. When do you need them?

W   I’m planning a farewell party for my colleague. The party will start tomorrow night, so we need the flowers around three in the afternoon. Do you deliver?

M    Yes, delivery will be free, and we can bring you them early tomorrow afternoon. But, because we’re creating them on such a short notice, we have to treat them as a special order and add 5% to your total cost. Would that be okay?

W   I guess I have no choice. Please make sure they’re delivered in time.

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation.

W   Frank, did you hear Mr. Thomson is leaving by the end of this month?

M    Yes, I did. I heard he wants to travel around world and write historic novels. He said he’s always dreaming about doing just that. You know, he’s been a lawyer in our firm for almost 35 years. I think he’s looking forward to some changes.

W   Good for him. But I think many of us will miss him a lot. He’s one of the best attorneys in our law firm, you know. Is there going to be a party for him?

M    Yes, we’re planning a reception for him in the conference room on this Friday. I hope everyone could join us.

W   I might be late because of some contract negotiations but I’m sure to be there.

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation and schedule.

M    Gee. I can’t wait until the repaving work on the south bound highway is over. The detour of the city construction route takes almost 30 minutes longer than my usual commute to work.

W   Yes, I’m having the same problem with you. However, the yesterday’s newspaper said the construction might take longer than expected because of the unexpected storm.

M    Well, they need to speed up, otherwise there will be complaints from many citizens like us. Did the article say when it could be finished?

W   Well, I read from the city website that the design was finalized on April 15th as scheduled, but the deadline for the next task has to be pushed back by 10 days. But the completion date will be the same on September 1st.

M    That’s good to know. I’m glad the construction will be over before the winter comes.

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation and menu.

W    Busy Bee’s Cafe. How may I help you?

M    Hi, I’m calling from Eagle Software Systems. I’m planning a luncheon meeting for my department. Can you take a reservation for around 20 people?

W    Of course, sir. What date do you have in mind? We’re sometimes booked up depending on days.

M    Well, I’m thinking about next Tuesday at 1 o’clock.

W    Yes, we’re available for 20 people on that day.

M    Also, some of employees don’t eat meat. Do you have vegetarian menus?

W    Of course. In fact, our vegetarian menus are pretty popular among vegetarians and regular customers in the area. We were even named the area’s best vegetarian eatery by the City Food.

M    That’s good to know.

W    As you can see on our menu, some items will have the word “healthy” in their names. Those meals don’t have any meats in them.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation and map.

W   Hi, I was looking through your company’s website and saw the rental units listed inside the Hillside shopping mall which is scheduled to reopen in a few months. I’m interested in opening a hair salon there.

M    Yes, we have several spaces left. The first floor ones would be perfect because of the foot traffic. There will be a skin-care shop in the mall so it would be helpful.

W   Yes, I’ve looked at the floor plan of the shopping mall online. As you mentioned, I want the location with lots of foot traffic, hopefully near an elevator or an escalator.

M    Well, there will be also a lot of people near the exit area, but if you prefer the one near the escalator, we can accommodate that. Would you like to look at it first?

W   That would be great. I’m going away for a trade show for the weekend, so I’d like to look at it before I leave. Can I come by this afternoon?

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following recorded message.

Hello, you have reached the Delta Engineering employee’s weather hot line. Due to heavy rain and flooding, the office will be closed today. If you are able to, please work at home. You may enter our company’s official website and register your working hours through our online payroll system. We expect the office to be open during regular business hours. For further information and notification, please check our automated messages through the day. Thank you.

Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following announcement.

May I have your attention to an urgent message, please? A white sedan license number XG356 is currently blocking the exit out of the parking lot on level 2. If you are the owner of the vehicle, please come to the parking lot on level 2 and remove your car immediately. Otherwise, it will be towed at your expense. Also, a blue truck with license number TY3759 is parking at a handicapped area without a permit. Parking spaces for the handicapped should be kept vacant for their proper use. Please move your car to one of the designated areas for visitor. The visitors’ parking spaces at our building are available at the south corner of each level and they are clearly marked with yellow colors. Thank you for your cooperation.

Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following announcement.

Attention, all employees. This is a reminder that assembly lines 11 and 12 will shut down at 3 o’clock in the afternoon so that some of the machinery be replaced with new equipment. This is a part of regular maintenance procedures to ensure safety operation. Employees regularly work on these lines will instead review operating guidelines for the new equipment with our training manager, Douglas Xing. Mr. Xing will meet you at the meeting room three, located next to the company cafeteria at 3:00 p.m. Again, assembly lines 11 and 12 will be shut down tomorrow afternoon. For more information, contact the security office.

Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following telephone message.

Good morning, Ms. Allen. This is Maria from Butterfly Floral Shop. One of our drivers stopped by at your place to deliver a bouquet of flowers this morning, but nobody was available to receive them. We can try to deliver them again later today, but we need to know someone will be at your house. If not, you can pick up your bouquet at our shop, or arrange another delivery time within two days. As you can see, fresh flowers bouquets are made just for you and do not have a long shelf time. Please call us at Butterfly Flowers at 555-2473. We will close at 5 o’clock today and will open tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. Thank you and have a nice day.

Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following talk.

Attention ladies and gentlemen. As we end our conference, I’m proudly introducing our final presenter, Dr. Elizabeth Lorain. Ms. Lorain’s presentation today is about the latest advancement in alternative energy. Specifically, she will talk about the recent development in alternative fuels using corns and other grains. I should note that Dr. Lorain has worked at the Ministry of Commerce planning the energy policies for the w hole country. She was also recently invited to join an international panel of scientists and researchers to work on this topic. She is one of a few females selected to serve at this committee. Now, Ms. Lorain will speak on the Future of Energy World and will gladly answer any questions later on. Let us welcome Ms. Lorain with a round of applause.

Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following advertisement.

Looking for an affordable business space in a hurry? We have the place for you. Construction will soon be completed on Downtown Office Complex. Designed by award winning Bingham Creative Architectural firm, the building will surely win an award of its own. The complex features spacious office space fully furnished with desks, computer, and other office equipment. We have an impressive lobby and waiting area, meeting rooms of different sizes, and underground parking spaces, all for free when you sign the leasing contract with us. The building is conveniently located near the restaurant and shopping district. But only a number of units are left now. So act fast and grab this unique opportunity. To review the inside of the different units, visit our online photo gallery at www.

Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following talk.

Now before we finish, I’d like to tell you about the significant change that will affect everyone at this company. We’ve been using traditional paper-based payroll cards and the payroll department had to calculate individual employee’s pay check by hand. But, starting next month, we will use a new online system that would enable us to calculate and track our work records more accurately and efficiently. All you have to do is to log on to your computer when you start your work in the morning. You’ll all be receiving a memo that explains the procedure of registering for you own database system. We’ll also set up some training classes soon for those who need help with the new system. Details about training classes and how to enroll for them will be included in the e-mail you’ll get.

Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following excerpt from a meeting.

Thank you for coming. Before we start today’s meeting, first I would like to congratulate us all on accomplishing the goal of increasing sales by over 5% last month. This is mainly due to the popularity of our newly launched women’s line of summer dresses, Easy Breeze. However, we need to build on this success and prepare for the winter season. I’ve been looking into an exciting line of leather and fur coats from a young designer Michael Yamaguchi. These leathers are not actually animal skins but rather synthetically manufactured fabrics that have remarkable similarity with real animal skins, and will be loved by both fashion leaders and animal lovers. Now, you are going to see some of Yamaguchi’s new designs for the next season and are asked to give me feedbacks on how we should incorporate them into our lines.

Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following speech and chart.

First, I am happy to announce that our sales for the new Alley’s makeup box have increased by thirty percent in the southern region, while profits are up by almost eighteen percent. This is mainly due to our new colorful cosmetic lines targeting women who are sensitive to fashion trends. We have teamed up with leading fashion designers to predict new trendy colors and come up with this year’s must-have lipsticks and eye colors. In March of this year, the new pastel line of new lip and cheek colors was launched and made a biggest sales increase the following month. The new line of products appealed to the fashion-forward women in their twenties and early thirties. We especially thanked the employees who developed and maintained a close relationship with the fashion world. To recognize their effort and encourage continuous dedication, next month all employees will receive a ten percent bonus in their paychecks. I hope we can celebrate this success and continue to endeavor to make Alley’s Cosmetics better.

Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following announcement and map.

Now, let me tell you one more thing before we close today’s meeting. I know parking has been a problem for the last few months after we hire more doctors and nurses to get ready for the next year’s expansion. So, management made an agreement with Marshall Shopping Center on Maple Avenue to lease some of their parking spaces in their lot. Unfortunately, the spaces won’t be available until May when they coordinate their schedules with their employees. So, in the meantime, I recommend you to use public transportation for those who have problems finding parking spaces. Also, we’re trying to arrange the shuttle buses from the corner of Ridgeway Street and Parkway Street to the hospital on an hourly basis. If you want to find out detailed bus routes and schedules, please stop by at the information desk.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1. (B)     2. (D)     3. (D)     4. (C)     5. (A)

6. (D)     7. (B)     8. (A)     9. (A)     10. (B)

11. (B)     12. (A)     13. (B)     14. (A)     15. (C)

16. (A)     17. (C)     18. (A)     19. (B)     20. (A)

21. (C)     22. (A)     23. (A)     24. (B)     25. (C)

26. (A)     27. (B)     28. (C)     29. (A)     30. (C)

31. (C)     32. (D)     33. (A)     34. (C)     35. (B)

36. (D)     37. (C)     38. (D)     39. (B)     40. (C)

41. (C)     42. (A)     43. (D)     44. (D)     45. (C)

46. (B)     47. (D)     48. (C)     49. (D)     50. (A)

51. (C)     52. (D)     53. (C)     54. (A)     55. (D)

56. (A)     57. (D)     58. (C)     59. (B)     60. (C)

61. (A)     62. (B)     63. (C)     64. (C)     65. (D)

66. (C)     67. (B)     68. (B)     69. (C)     70. (A)

71. (D)     72. (C)     73. (A)     74. (C)     75. (D)

76. (D)     77. (A)     78. (C)     79. (D)     80. (A)

81. (C)     82. (D)     83. (C)     84. (B)     85. (D)

86. (C)     87. (D)     88. (B)     89. (D)     90. (D)

91. (A)     92. (C)     93. (D)     94. (D)     95. (D)

96. (B)     97. (D)     98. (C)     99. (D)     100. (A)