Part 1

1.    (A) Some people are walking down the hallway.

        (B) Some people are exercising in a gym.

        (C) Some people are shoveling the snow.

        (D) Some people are wearing helmets.

2.    (A) They are pushing the carts in the warehouse.

        (B) Some people are inspecting some items.

        (C) People are waiting in line to pay for their purchases.

        (D) Some people are shopping at an outdoor market.

3.    (A) A woman is reaching for something.

        (B) The woman is looking for some blue print.

        (C) Samples are being cut into small pieces.

        (D) The woman is designing some fabrics.

4.    (A) The man is parking his car in the garage.

        (B) The trunk of the car is being opened.

        (C) A vehicle has been raised for repairs.

        (D) The man is lifting a box over his shoulder.

5.    (A) They’re swimming together near the ocean.

        (B) They’re strolling along the water’s edge.

        (C) Seaweeds have been left along the shore.

        (D) The rocks are piled in the corner of the beach.

6.    (A) Cars are moving in both ways.

        (B) Houses are bordered by a wall.

        (C) White lines are being painted on the road.

        (D) Cars are passing through the intersection.

Part 2

7.    Who will be the new board member?

        (A) We should be on board by now.

        (B) Dr. Mendoza has a great chance.

        (C) Let’s join them at the cafeteria.

8.    Where should we put the extra file folders?

        (A) By the end of the day.

        (B) There will be an extra charge of 10 dollars.

        (C) In the supply cabinet over there.

9.    You just started working here, didn’t you?

        (A) Yes, about a month ago.

        (B) Yes, but it’s already finished.

        (C) Sorry, no one works at the moment.

10.  Will Mr. Berkley travel by plane or train?

        (A) He usually flies.

        (B) He is a financial consultant.

        (C) He’s always in a hurry.

11.  Could you close the window behind you?

        (A) Sure, no problem.

        (B) No, it’s in front of you.

        (C) We’ll reopen tomorrow morning.

12.  You ordered some new desks and chairs, right?

        (A) We should call some maintenance staff.

        (B) Yes, we can still use the old ones.

        (C) Yes, we needed them for the new office.

13.  Should I open the window?

        (A) Yes, put it next to the door.

        (B) Yes, we could use some fresh air.

        (C) No, they’re closed already.

14.  When did the revised blueprint from the architect arrive?

        (A) It came in yesterday.

        (B) The architect is called Mousier Cloy.

        (C) The printer will be here tomorrow.

15.  How would you like your tea?

        (A) I hired someone for that.

        (B) With sugar, please.

        (C) Coffee, or tea please.

16.  What did you say your supervisor’s name was?

        (A) We’ve worked together for almost two years now.

        (B) It’s Melanie Taylor.

        (C) Sure, I’ve met her before.

17.  Won’t you be coming to the dinner with us?

        (A) Yes, I’ve already eaten.

        (B) Yes, that was a delicious meal.

        (C) No, I’m afraid I can’t.

18.  May I ask who’s calling, please?

        (A) This is Robert Kim from Pepsico.

        (B) Do you want me to take your message?

        (C) Sure, I’ll give you a call right away.

19.  Why didn’t you buy the latest model?

        (A) All the models are on display.

        (B) Let’s put them in the corner.

        (C) Because it was too expensive.

20.  How about hiring an outside consultant to help with the new project?

        (A) That might be a better solution.

        (B) He works at a consulting firm.

        (C) Yes, the projection was off the target.

21.  Who should I submit my manuscript to?

        (A) Yes, I think it looks very good.

        (B) The acquisitions editor.

        (C) It’s one hundred pages so far.

22.  I heard you’re from Japan.

        (A) He’s never been to Tokyo.

        (B) No, all the international flights have been cancelled.

        (C) Yes, from the northern part of the country.

23.  We should consult a financial advisor.

        (A) Okay, should I make an appointment?

        (B) In our bank account.

        (C) No, I didn’t see the sales figures yet.

24.  Excuse me, can you tell me when the next train leaves for Nanjing?

        (A) The training session is set for next week.

        (B) You should check the schedule board.

        (C) I’m sorry, I’m too busy to go with you.

25.  Don’t we need protective glasses?

        (A) The tables are already set for the dinner.

        (B) Dr. Sorenson will give you the prescription.

        (C) Yes, it’s part of our safety procedures.

26.  Have you finished the preparation for the party?

        (A) We repaired necessary parts.

        (B) Everyone will be there.

        (C) I’m almost finished.

27.  Is 10 a.m. flight okay or should I book you on a later one?

        (A) I am not usually late for the meeting.

        (B) Sorry, we’re fully booked.

        (C) Either would be fine.

28.  What should we do if the keynote speaker can’t attend the conference?

        (A) At a different location.

        (B) We’ll have to ask someone else.

        (C) Great, I’m glad you can come.

29.  Please have a seat while we prepare your order.

        (A) Thanks, it was delicious.

        (B) Every other week is fine.

        (C) Will it be ready soon?

30.  You can hand in the survey results by tomorrow, can’t you?

        (A) To get more detailed data.

        (B) Yes, the company needs more money.

        (C) Actually, I’m still compiling.

31.  How often do you upgrade our computer software?

        (A) At a much bigger storeroom.

        (B) Whenever new version is released.

        (C) The technology division.

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hello, Greenville Construction, This is Stefan.

W   Hi, the roof of my house was damaged by last night’s storm and I need to someone to look at it soon. Could you come by this week?

M    Ma’am. We are extremely busy today. But, I could definitely stop by at your house tomorrow if that’s okay.

W   Well, okay. I would also appreciate if you can let me know how much it would cost so that I can make the decision.

Questions 35 through 37 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hi, I ordered a book from Justin Lewis last week. I was wondering if it has come in yet. My name is Peter Schneider.

W   Let me check it for you, Mr. Schneider. Yes, the book has arrived this morning and should be ready for you to pick up this afternoon.

M    I usually get off work at four and I should be there in half an hour. What time do you close today?

W   We close at five tonight and open again tomorrow at nine. You can stop by at any time during our regular hours.

M    I usually finish up my work at 5:30 but I will try to be there before the store closes today.

Questions 38 through 40 refer to the following conversation.

W   Hello, could I help you find anything?

M    Oh, yes. I’m looking for a new pair of hiking boots for men. Am I in the right section?

W   Yes, you are and if you find anything you like, let me know. I’ll help you find your size.

M    Do you know if these come in different colors, like black? I really like the style, but I don’t really care for these bright colors you have.

W   Yes, These are good for serious hiking and everyday walking, too. We do have darker colors such as dark grey or black. Let me check the store room to see if we still have them in stock. What size are you, sir?

M    I’m size ten, but I would like to try both size ten, and ten and a half.

W   Why don’t you look around just a bit more? I’ll be right back with your shoes.

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hi, Kathy, Did you sign up for the occupational safety workshop on Friday?

W    Yes, the memo said this class is mandatory for employees who have worked less than a year. You know I’ve been working only for 6 months.

M    Well, apparently the engineers from the head office will demonstrate proper safety procedures to handle robotic devices and equipment in the assembly line.

W    This should be very useful. I heard we’re going to do some hands-on training, too. It should be much more practical than reading a manual on your own.

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.

W   Rick. Did you send out the oak table to Ms. Looney in Connecticut?

M    Sorry, I couldn’t. The order form I got from the sales team was incomplete. It didn’t have the customer’s home address. I already sent two e-mails to Ms. Looney and she hasn’t replied yet.

W   We need to get that order out immediately. It’s been two weeks and we need to clear out the space for the new inventory soon.

M    Why don’t I stop by at the store this afternoon to see if I can talk the sale representative who took the order?

W   Good idea. I think that is the fastest way to solve the problem.

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.

W   I’m so glad you got the copier to work. My meeting starts in half an hour, I was afraid I wouldn’t have the handouts ready in time. I’m so relived.

M    Well, all I did was clearing some papers stuck in the feeder. How many copies do you have to make?

W   Well, I invited 8 clients and there is Mr. Belmont and myself. So, that would be 10 copies all together I think.

M    You should make some extra copies since clients sometimes bring guests along with them.

W   Good idea. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation with three speakers.

W    Hello, My name is Young-Hee Park and I’m here to take some pictures of the museum’s geology exhibit for the Archelogy Today magazine. I have an appointment with Mr. Eric Richardson, the public relations manager at 10 o’clock.

M1   Yes, Ms. Park. Why don’t you have a seat while I get in touch with Mr. Richardson. He’s giving a short tour to some of the visitors right now.

W    No problem. Actually, I am the one who got here a bit early.

M1   Hello, Mr. Richardson. Ms. Park from Archeology Today magazine is waiting to see you about the new geology exhibit on Modern Art Wing.

M2   I’m almost done. Why don’t you take Ms. Park to the exhibit room so that I can meet her there? And don’t forget give her the catalogs and other materials on our museum.

M1   Yes, sir. I’ll do that. Ms. Park, Mr. Richardson is ready to meet you in the geology exhibit. Why don’t I take you there and explain about our collection too? Follow me, please.

W    Thank you.

Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hello, I’d like to take the next train to Hamburg this afternoon. Are there any seats still available?

W   I’m sorry. The next train is completely booked. Usually buying a ticket on short notice isn’t a big problem at this time of the day but there will be a bike race in Hamburg tomorrow.

M    Hmm. Are there any other options that’ll get me there today, or early tomorrow morning if it’s possible? I’m going to attend my cousin’s wedding, so I need to be in Hamburg by noon.

W   Well, there’s a train leaving this evening that still has a few seats open. I’m sure you’ll get there in plenty of time if you take that train. Would you like to pay for it now?

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.

W    Bill, I’m having trouble with this spreadsheet. I spent a lot of time entering all the data, but in the end the numbers came out inconsistent.

M    Did you check to see what the problems are?

W    I did check, but I don’t understand. I know all the data is right, and the formulas look okay, but something is still not adding up right. What should I do? I need to finish this sheet to complete the financial report in the last quarter.

M    Try to install the latest version of the accounting program in your computer. If that doesn’t work, I’ll look at it myself.

W    OK, I’ll try to do that.

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation.

W   Hi, my name is Becky Elkordy. I’ve recently opened a new restaurant in the area and I’m visiting local businesses to drop off our menu. We specialize in Middle Eastern cuisine.

M    That sounds interesting. I’m not familiar with Middle Eastern food. Can you tell me a little more about it?

W   Well, we eat a lot of barbeque meat served together with homemade bread and yogurt. Each day, we serve a lunch special so you can try different dishes.

M    That sounds great. I’m glad you stopped by. I planned to eat out today anyway, so I’ll give your restaurant a try and eat there.

W   Thank you. I’ll be expecting you today, then.

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hi, Cynthia. Can you help me find some sales figures for international offices? I have to finish this report for the sales team but I couldn’t find necessary data.

W   I’m sorry. I have a meeting with Mr. Murdoch in 10 minutes in his office. You could ask Peter to help you. He used to work at the sales team. He should know better than I do.

M    I’ve already tried to contact him, but he’s not in his office.

W   Why don’t you call and leave a memo with his secretary? She should be able to help you with Peter’s schedule.

M    I doubt she’s in her office but I’ll give it a try.

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation and ticket.

M   This week has been really busy because of the sales conference, hasn’t it? Do you have any plans for the weekend? I think I am going to visit my sister in Florida.

W   Well, I’ve got a ticket for the famous Jazz band, ‘Sincerity’, on this Saturday night at the Grand Opera House. The problem is that my brother was supposed to drive me there, and he has an emergency meeting out of town. So I don’t have a ride anymore.

M    Oh, but you know, on the weekend, there’s a bus to the Opera House. You can catch it on the 9th Avenue.

W   That’s good to know. The concert starts at eight o’clock, but VIP ticket holders are invited to a pre-reception that starts from seven and I’m so excited about meeting with some of the performers at the reception.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation and schedule.

W   I just got an e-mail from Mr. Fredrickson. He confirmed that four clients from San Francisco will be coming on Friday to discuss the new remodeling project.

M    Great. Now, I can finalize Friday’s meeting. I was waiting to hear how many people would be attending before making a reservation.

W   Also, they want to go back to San Francisco after the meeting and a quick lunch.

M    Then, I think we should cancel the reservation at Nova restaurant and just have something light at American Bistro since it’s right down the street from our office. We could save some time for the wrap-up session, too.

W   Good idea. We should try our best to accommodate their opinions.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following advertisement.

For this holiday, please come to Office Dot and enjoy the great savings on new desks, chairs, tables and filing cabinets that your office needs. We also have impressive collections of accessories such as lamps, picture frames, and more. Now is the best time to give your office a new look at the lowest price of the year. But, hurry. This offer is only good for Monday through Wednesday. Office Dot is located on 250 Main Street next to the City Park. For more detailed information, please look for the business section of today’s newspaper. Office Dot, the trusted partner for your office life.

Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following recorded message.

Hello, Mr. Fernando. My name is Allison Sanders from the accounting department of Foremost Advertising. Your name was referred to me by one of my colleagues in the creative department at our company. I heard you’ve been providing catering services for Ms. Townsend for more than a year and she speaks very highly of you. Our department is planning a special picnic on March 15th and wants to hire you to provide food and drinks for the event. Our department has about twenty employees and we expect thirty or so family members too. Would you give me a call to discuss the detailed menus and prices? The picnic is only a month away and I need to arrange everything as soon as possible. I’d like to talk to you before the end of this week. My direct number is 555-2134. Give me a call.

Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following announcement.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Saxton Symphony Orchestra’s first concert of the season. We regret to inform you that our program will be starting 15 minutes later than scheduled. We apologize that our guest violinist Pamela Watson was delayed getting to the music hall because of the traffic difficulties and we’d like to give her a few more minutes to warm up. In the meantime, I encourage to read over the background information on tonight’s performance including the modern Russian composer Ian Kolinsky. The program background was written by our own symphony conductor, Martin Russo and you’ll find that article on page 7 of the program.

Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following announcement.

Before we end today’s meeting, I’d like to remind you that all computer software in our office will be updated on Friday after the regular working hours. This is a regular maintenance procedure to improve efficiency and prevent possible hacking into our system. The staff from the technical support team will be checking each computer for viruses and updating software that is officially used in the company. Your files and data won’t be affected by this inspection and maintenance. However, those who use laptops for outside work, such as sales personnel and customer’s service representatives, should stop by at the technical support division before Friday for an individual checkup. Call Mr. Rudy Paten in the technical division for more information. Thank you.

Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following announcement.

Hello and welcome to the bottling plant of the Pure Water Company. My name is Raymond Walters, and I am the great grandson of Samuel Walters, the founder of Pure Water. Let me start today’s tour by showing you where the water source for our bottled water is located. If you look out the window, you’ll see the southern slope of Blue Mountain. That’s where we get our fresh water. The water gets piped down to our environmentally friendly reservoir and goes through a series of processes to ensure its safety and consistency. Now, let me show you how our innovative machinery works to process the natural water and make it more enjoyable and safe for our customers. Follow me, please.

Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following telephone message.

Hi, Mr. Reynolds. This is Amber Paleen from Own Your Domain. I’m calling you to inform that your contract with us to hold the domain of and is almost over. Your current terms for both domains will be expired on the date of 31st of September. We recommend you either to call us or to log on to our website at as soon as possible to keep your rights on these domains. Renewing your contract for both domains is $120 for one year and $200 for two years. Failing to do so could result in losing your valuable domains to other individuals or companies. Thank you and we’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following recorded message.

Hello, this message is for Larry Taylor. My name is Elizabeth Seang, and I’m a reporter from the Brooklyn Times. Our newspaper is planning to run an article about the local restaurants in the community. Your restaurant was recommended by the most people we surveyed last week. As the head chef and owner, you oversee all of the operations and could be able to tell us more about your restaurant’s food and services. We’d love to schedule an interview with you at your restaurant. We’ll be taking some pictures of your signature dishes as well. Please call me back at 555-4235 and let me know when you are available for your interview. Thank you and I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following introduction and schedule.

Good morning and welcome to the Business Management course. I am Mark Anderson and I will be your instructor in this 6 week course. Each week, we will be covering a different subject of business management. Some subjects will be familiar to you, such as managing quality and operations, which you as managers might have experienced before. Other subjects should be new to some of you such as budgeting and financing. I’m sorry to inform you that the last subject on your schedule has been changed into “Public Relations” after the feedback we’ve got from previous class graduates. There will be weekly reading assignments and I will also provide you with some helpful articles and magazines. However, I think you will get the most from class discussions with your classmates who can give you the real stories of the business world. That is the real value of taking this course with other business people.

Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following telephone message and chart.

Hello, Ms. Nelson. My name is Min Hee and I work in the personnel department of Sam Electronics. We have recently received a resume of Patrick Nelson applying for the position of a sales manager. And he named you as a reference. We had an interview with him yesterday and I’d like to talk to you about Patrick, especially about the projects he was in charge of. As his immediate supervisor, you should have a lot to tell about his work performance. I heard one of the accounts he handled became the most profitable one and we’d like to know how he managed the project and worked with other team members. Would you please call us back at your convenient time to 555-3345? We close at 6 p.m. today, and I’ll be available all afternoon. It would take only a few minutes of your time. Thank you for your cooperation.

Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following news report and list.

In other news, the cost of staying cool during the warm season is getting higher and higher. This summer, most of us need to think of alternative ways to keep ourselves cool. Starting next week, the electricity rates are expected to go up to almost thirty percent in some regions. So, what can you do to reduce the cost of electricity? Residents who will experience over 20% increase in electricity bill should seriously think about getting new energy efficient appliances, the industry experts insist. Other energy consultants say that most families could save up to ten percent of energy just by improving the efficiency of their home appliances. I recommend taking those plugs out when you’re not watching your TVs or using your computers. We can reduce the waste of electricity by turning off all unused devices and appliances in and around the house. This is Kevin Kwan, reporting from the Energy Department of Washington, Now back to you.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1. (D)     2. (B)     3. (A)     4. (C)     5. (B)

6. (B)     7. (B)     8. (C)     9. (A)     10. (A)

11. (A)     12. (C)     13. (B)     14. (A)     15. (B)

16. (B)     17. (C)     18. (A)     19. (C)     20. (A)

21. (B)     22. (C)     23. (A)     24. (B)     25. (C)

26. (C)     27. (C)     28. (B)     29. (C)     30. (C)

31. (B)     32. (C)     33. (B)     34. (A)     35. (B)

36. (D)     37. (C)     38. (A)     39. (C)     40. (A)

41. (B)     42. (A)     43. (D)     44. (A)     45. (C)

46. (D)     47. (B)     48. (C)     49. (A)     50. (D)

51. (A)     52. (C)     53. (A)     54. (C)     55. (B)

56. (B)     57. (C)     58. (C)     59. (D)     60. (A)

61. (C)     62. (D)     63. (A)     64. (C)     65. (B)

66. (C)     67. (B)     68. (D)     69. (C)     70. (C)

71. (A)     72. (B)     73. (C)     74. (C)     75. (C)

76. (D)     77. (B)     78. (C)     79. (D)     80. (A)

81. (D)     82. (C)     83. (B)     84. (D)     85. (C)

86. (D)     87. (A)     88. (C)     89. (D)     90. (C)

91. (B)     92. (B)     93. (D)     94. (D)     95. (C)

96. (A)     97. (C)     98. (D)     99. (D)     100. (B)