Part 1

1.     (A) The woman is putting on some gloves.

        (B) The lens of an equipment are being cleaned.

        (C) The scientific instrument has been placed in a case.

        (D) The woman is inspecting something on a table.

2.     (A) Books are being arranged on the shelf.

        (B) They are working at the table.

        (C) The woman is writing on the board.

        (D) They’re studying English at the library.

3.     (A) The car is being parked in front of the house.

        (B) Trees are being planted near the road.

        (C) The vehicles are standing by the road.

        (D) Pedestrians are crossing the road together.

4.     (A) People are boarding an aircraft.

        (B) Some people are gathered near the bus.

        (C) The bus has stopped at a traffic sign.

        (D) Some people are waiting to check in to a hotel.

5.     (A) Farmers are cutting grass in a pasture.

        (B) Animals are being fed at a barn.

        (C) A fence runs along the edge of the road.

        (D) Some workers are fixing the fence in a garden.

6.     (A) Some items have been arranged on the shelf.

        (B) The man is standing on a ladder against the wall.

        (C) Some bottles are being labeled by the woman.

        (D) They are stacking some boxes in a warehouse.

Part 2

7.   Where did Mr. Yang go?

        (A) About a week ago.

        (B) To the warehouse.

        (C) With his family.

8.   Why did you miss your flight?

        (A) I woke up late this morning.

        (B) There were too many applicants.

        (C) I miss them very much.

9.   Did you bring your business cards?

        (A) I don’t think it will.

        (B) He brought something new.

        (C) Yes, they’re in my briefcase.

10.  You’ll be coming to London for the International publishers’ conference, won’t you?

        (A) I hope so.

        (B) No, I don’t want one.

        (C) Yes, international flight.

11.  Which restaurant should we invite the guests at?

        (A) It starts at seven o’clock tonight.

        (B) How about the one Tom recommended?

        (C) Around 200 people including guest speakers.

12.  Would you like to try the new Indian restaurant?

        (A) I’ll take the check, please.

        (B) Sure, I heard its food is excellent.

        (C) We should visit the country one more time.

13.  When will the marketing proposal be completed?

        (A) By the end of Wednesday.

        (B) I think Ms. Wilson is the one.

        (C) I can’t complain.

14.   I heard it’s going to rain this afternoon.

        (A) Do you have an umbrella with you?

        (B) I’d rather take the train instead.

        (C) Sometime tomorrow will be better for me.

15.  Should we send the invitation card today or next week?

        (A) Let’s invite everyone to the party.

        (B) They’re predicting rain for tomorrow.

        (C) Next Monday might be better.

16.  The mail has just arrived, right?

        (A) Actually, it came early this morning.

        (B) We should put them in the outgoing box.

        (C) Yes, it’s just the right size.

17.  How many applications did we receive today?

        (A) Three years of experience in sales.

        (B) We should mail it by three o’clock.

        (C) I haven’t counted them yet.

18.  Isn’t Mr. Elliot attending the seminar in Singapore?

        (A) That’s what I heard.

        (B) Sorry, I’m too busy today.

        (C) Yes, at the international terminal.

19.  We need to ask for more time to finish this article.

        (A) No, I don’t need anything, thank you.

        (B) Are there any problems?

        (C) The performance was finished earlier.

20.  What should we call our new line of clothes?

        (A) Something fun and easy to remember.

        (B) I don’t go shopping that often.

        (C) Let’s find out the dress code of the party.

21.  Who was the man standing next to you?

        (A) It’s right next to the door.

        (B) I’ll be waiting for you here when you come back.

        (C) Someone I met at the new employees’ orientation.

22.  Haven’t you read over our benefits policy?

        (A) It was so interesting that I want to watch it again.

        (B) Yes, I have a pen right here.

        (C) No. I haven’t had time yet.

23.  What do you think will happen when the merger deal is signed?

        (A) We might have to find a new job.

        (B) The sign needs to be replaced right away.

        (C) Sure, we need to be there as soon as possible.

24.  Has the dishwasher been fixed yet?

        (A) No, but someone is coming this afternoon.

        (B) Yes, the interest rate has been fixed.

        (C) They’ll fax everything today.

25.  How may I help you?

        (A) I’m looking for some winter coats.

        (B) Sure, I’d love to assist you in any ways.

        (C) By express or regular delivery.

26.  Why haven’t the reimbursement of the travel expenses been processed yet?

        (A) Some receipts were missing.

        (B) The shipping procedure has to be changed.

        (C) There were some delays at the airport.

27.  When can we expect to receive shipment of auto parts?

        (A) By later this week.

        (B) The expected costs went up.

        (C) Put them in the delivery area.

28.   I need twenty copies of this report by tomorrow.

        (A) Do you want them to be color-copied?

        (B) I don’t need anything, thank you.

        (C) Tomorrow is better for me.

29.  Do you have some time to review the agenda or are you busy?

        (A) I can look at it now.

        (B) I’m not late for the meeting.

        (C) It should be ready in no time.

30.  Do we have to pack the boxes by tomorrow?

        (A) Yes, let’s use different materials.

        (B) They usually use the air-mail.

        (C) We still have a few more days.

31.  Why don’t we work on the competitor analysis this afternoon?

        (A) No, the competition is getting fierce.

        (B) I don’t usually work on the weekend.

        (C) Actually, tomorrow is better for me.

Part 3

Questions 32 through 34 refer to the following conversation with three speakers.

M     Cindy, can you help the building design for CamTech today? It’s supposed to be finished by the end of the week and there’s still a lot to do.

W1   I’d be happy to help, but I can’t do it today. I have a meeting with a potential client this afternoon.

M     Well, that could easily be handled by any employee. CamTech is one of the biggest accounts and you’ve worked with them before.

W1   Okay, then. I’ll check if someone can cover this meeting for me. Maria, can you come over here?

W2   Yes, what is it Ms. Novak? Mr. Yang?

M     Cindy has an important project to deal with this afternoon and we’re wondering if you could meet one of the new clients this afternoon.

W1   All you have to do is just to interview them about what they want and how much they’re willing to spend.

W2   Okay, just give me any materials related to them before the meeting.

M     Well, if everything is all set, I’ll let Greg, the project manager, know about it right away. He is going to be so relieved.

Questions 35 through 37 refer to the following conversation.

W   Hi, I just received 24 conference chairs I ordered from your company’s website, but two of the chair legs are broken. I think there must have a problem with the delivery.

M    Oh, I’m really sorry about that. Would you like me to send you the replacements?

W   No, that’s not necessary. Now that I’ve seen them, I think 22 chairs will be enough for our needs. So, I think I want a refund for the two chairs.

M    We can do that. I’ll refund your money to your account. Meanwhile, I email you a prepaid shipping label so you can send the broken chairs back to us.

Questions 38 through 40 refer to the following conversation.

W   Charlie, can you take me home after work today? My car is still in the shop.

M    Sorry, I have to leave work early today. I have to go to the airport to pick up Mr. Yamamoto from the Tokyo office. His plane should arrive around three.

W   Oh, well. I guess I can take the bus, then. The bus station is not that far from here, right?

M    No, it’s only a couple of blocks down Maple Street. Do you want me to give you more detailed directions?

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.

W    Hey, Matt. You like Ben Taylor, right? Have you seen the new movie where he plays a role of a secret agent? The review in the newspaper said it is really exciting and moving. It broke the record of box-office sales.

M    No. My friends and I tried to buy tickets last Saturday but they were sold out. So, I was disappointed.

W    Well, the article said more theaters will be showing the movie from next week. Why don’t you check its official website for more locations?

Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.

M    Have you reviewed the resume of Steven Johnson? His experiences are pretty impressive.

W   I have noticed he won pretty big contracts from a big international trader last year, too. Do you think he would be a good fit for our company?

M    Well, we have to see him in person before making any decision. Should I arrange a formal interview with him?

W   Actually, I’ll be out of town next week, so why don’t we set up a schedule in the following week?

Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.

W   Edward, I was wondering if you can help me. I’ve been trying to access my e-mail account and I keep getting an error message that I’m using the incorrect password.

M    Well, I don’t think I can help you with that. Why don’t you call Technical Support? They should be able to reset your password.

W   I’ve been trying to talk with them already. They must have left for the day.

M    There might be a special number we could use after hours for tech problems. Let me look it up in our online directory.

Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hello, Ms. Diaz. I’m returning your call about the wedding invitations you ordered. You said that the event no longer being held at Hilton Plaza. Is that correct?

W   Yes, We’ve decided to use a different hotel which is more conveniently located for our guests.

M    We don’t usually allow last-minute change without any penalty, but you’re in luck. We haven’t started printing them yet.

W   That’s good news. The new place is the Ball Room of the Mountain Lodge Hotel.

M    Well, it’s not accurate to receive the information through the phone. Could you please log onto our online account and update your order?

W   I’ll do that. The only problem is I won’t have access to a computer by the end of the day today.

M    That’s okay. We won’t start working on yours until tomorrow morning. Just make sure you get everything spelled right on your order.

Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation.

W    I just read an annual report for Mandy’s division and their sales have almost doubled since she became the manager of her sales team.

M    I agree. I think she is really talented in terms of motivating her staff. I heard she encourages everyone to share their sales strategies at a weekly meeting.

W    Yes, I think that helps new sales representatives to improve their skills a lot. Maybe we should ask other managers to follow Mandy’s example.

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.

W   Hello, This is Angela from Summerville Health Clinic. Your sales person dropped some information on one of your new products, the Easy Thermo?

M    Yes, we started supplying these to many pediatric hospitals and they all loved it. Easy Thermo looks friendly and is easy to operate. So, children are less scared of medical procedures, not to mention its accuracy.

W   Well, our staff would like to see the product and try them on ourselves. Could you send us samples?

M    Sorry, ma’am. We don’t give out sample equipment, but I would be glad to visit and show you the product in person. I think the short demonstration will answer any questions you might have.

Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation.

M    Hi, Stella. I’m having trouble getting the sales figures for the international market. I need those numbers for my presentation tomorrow.

W   Those records should be in the company online database. Don’t you have the password to use it?

M    I do, but for some reasons, it’s not working this morning. I already talked with someone in the technical support. But, it’s not fixed yet and I’m in a hurry.

W   Well, I should have that data in my computer. I can email them to you. Let me know if you haven’t received them in a few minutes.

Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation.

W    Hey, Kendrick. Have you heard the news that we finally purchased digital microscopes in our laboratory?

M    Really? That is good news. I’m a little surprised though since those microscopes are rather expensive and I thought we already spent our budget for this year.

W    I guess the administration has finally realized the importance of having high-quality equipment at a teaching hospital like ours.

M    True. With these advanced and improved images, it would be much easier to train our medical students from this semester.

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation with three speakers and list.

W    Hey, George, Hi Scott. We’re thinking about selling some of the new natural tiles that have been introduced to the market. Do you think our customers will like the ceramic ones?

M1   Well, I heard they’ve been sold in other locations and customers actually favor them over other types of tiles.

M2   They are supposed to be environmentally friendly and good for your health, too.

M1    But aren’t the ceramic ones are much more expensive than the regular tiles?

M2   True, but they are usually cheaper ‘than the natural marble ones.

W     Some of our customers would like to have affordable construction materials. There is no point in bringing them in if our customers won’t like them.

M1   I’m sure the manufacturer has a wide selection of new tiles. Why don’t we take a look at its website?

W     Good idea. There should be some new ceramic tiles with a reasonable price range.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation and invitation.

W    Hi, the radio announcer at your station just mentioned the details of a play that is about to open next week. I’m calling because he gave the wrong information about it.

M    Oh, thanks for calling. We used the information from an official invitation that the production sent us. Something must have changed after that.

W    Well, there was a last-minute change and we had to move the performance to Marcus Theater. The time is still at seven though.

M    I’ll make sure that the announcer will give an update right away with the information about the new venue. Thanks and good luck on the opening night.

Part 4

Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following broadcast.

Good morning, this is Jeffrey Morgan in the weather room with your hourly weather update. We will have more unseasonably warm weather today. We can expect sunny skies with temperatures approaching almost 17 degrees Celsius in some parts. The national weather bureau said the high pressure system flowing from the Pacific Ocean is keeping us from winter rains and winds. Things are likely to change from next week, though. The high pressure system will begin to break down from Monday afternoon and the high temperature should drop down to below ten degrees, which is the average at this time of the year. It is 5 o’clock now, and we will have the next weather report in exactly one hour along with hourly traffic updates.

Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following advertisement.

The Oasis Art Supplies is pleased to announce the opening of its newest store in Grover City. Like all of our other stores, we guarantee that our new location will sell quality art materials at the lowest prices. To celebrate the grand opening, we are hosting a special contest this Saturday. You can submit any kind of art you made and visitors to the store will vote on their three favorites. The lucky winners will receive 500 dollars of art supplies from our store. For complete schedules for the contest and other activities that we have planned for the day, please visit our website at We hope to see you all there.

Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following introduction.

I know you guys have a lot of work to do, so let’s get started. First, I’m happy to announce that two new graphic designers will be joining our department and if any of you can help with their training next week, I’d really appreciate it. Please let me know after the meeting if you’re available for them next week. Next, I’d like to mention that everything is right on schedule for next month’s release of new stationery. We’ve worked for the last 6 months to create new logos and characters for this line, and the advertising team has been working hard to make the next month’s launching successful. So, I’d like to introduce David from the advertising department to show how it’s going to be done. David, I’ll let you take it from here.

Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following talk.

Thank you all for volunteering to be on the interview committee. My name is Ben Wiley, personnel manager for new recruits, and I’ll be in charge of conducting this year’s peer interview process. We have over 50 candidates competing for 3 positions we’re offering this year. From tomorrow, you’ll start the first round of interviews where you talk to the applicants and have lunch with them. After that, you’ll be given a score sheet to mark their impression and communications skills. Sometime next week, personnel director will conduct second interviews. Your scores will play an important role when the president makes a final decision early next month. Now, let me hand out the envelopes that contain the resumes of your assigned interviewees and their profiles.

Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following announcement.

Hello everyone. Let me start off by making a short announcement. I’d like to remind you that we’ll be doing some maintenance work on our electrical system this weekend. We’ve found a potential hazard in workplace from last week’s regular system check-up and have decided to work on it. Electronic power throughout the building will be shut off at 8 p.m. on Friday and will be back on Sunday afternoon. The work should take about 48 hours, so everything should be done by the end of the day on Sunday. All systems will be up and running on Monday when you come back to work. To prevent any damage to your equipment, please turn off your computers and other electronic devices before you leave work on Friday afternoon. We’re sorry to cause you any trouble, but the regular safety inspection and maintenance job are a necessary part of our company procedures for us to work safely and efficiently. Thank you for your cooperation.

Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following talk.

Good morning everyone, before we begin the weekly meeting, I’d like to introduce our new senior vice president for overseas sales, Rachel Park. As you know, we have interviewed a number of qualified applicants and Rachel was our top choice. She has extensive experience in overseas sales. She used to work in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and Seoul. At her last job, she was in charge of managing Asian branches at AD-Pro, our major competitor. We are thrilled that she has accepted our offer. Please welcome Ms. Park and I hope everyone stays after the meeting to say hello to Rachel and have some refreshments.

Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following telephone message.

Hello, Mr. Mitchell, this is Amy Watson at General Laboratory in San Paolo. We have received your resume for the position of mechanical engineer and we are very impressed with it. Especially, our senior managers would meet with you to discuss your career at the General Laboratory. Are you available to visit our lab sometime next week? Ideally, if you could visit us before Thursday, you could meet most of our senior engineers since most of our engineers are really busy on Fridays. We’re so excited to finally meet you in person. Please give me a call back at 11-55-575-2145 with your preferences and I’ll take care of your flight and hotel arrangements.

Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following telephone message and schedule.

Hello this is Dennis Wales from Brooks Industries. I’m calling about a mistake on the bill we received early today. We’re being charged for four deliveries of materials made in August for one ton of steel pipes and two spools of copper wires. As you know, we usually get four deliveries each month, but in August our production was down for a while because of some equipment problems. So, we received only three deliveries on the August 5th, August 12th, and August 27th. Other information on payment method and order quantity on these dates are correct but the incorrect charge for another delivery must be erased from our account. We’ve been doing business with your company for over a year and this has never happened before. Can you please send us a corrected statement as soon as possible and I hope this kind of mistake won’t happen again.

Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following announcement and ticket.

Can I have your attention, please? We have an urgent announcement for all passengers for Singapore Airlines flight SL902 leaving for Chicago in one hour. Due to the congested condition of the runway, the departure gate for flight 902 to Chicago has been changed from 15B to 12A. The departure time for this flight is 9:45 a.m. as is printed on your boarding pass. We’re truly sorry for the inconvenience. Once again, all passengers with tickets for the flight SL902 are advised to proceed to Gate 12A for 9:45 departure. The agents at the boarding gate will help you with the process. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult with a gate agent or use one of our information hot-line telephones available at each terminal. Thank you.

Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following announcement and schedule.

Good morning everyone and welcome to your first day at Kingsville Electronics. My name is May and I am the sales manager of the South New York region. Let me start off by saying how happy I’m to have you as a part of the Kingsville Electronics sales team. I’m thrilled to have such a talented group of new employees in our sales force. Since you’ve already received your company manuals, we will start up today by reviewing some of the most important department procedures and policies. We will have a short break at noon and then in the afternoon, you will meet some of the senior sales representatives and other colleagues you’ll work with. Oh, there is an error in your printed schedule. There will be a change, a switch, in times for the last two sessions. Some of the senior sales agents won’t be here until 3 so we’ll postpone it a little bit. Our team has continuously topped the sales record of the national average and we hope you could do the same excellent job in the future.

Answer Key

Answer Key

1. (D)     2. (B)     3. (C)     4. (B)     5. (C)

6. (A)     7. (B)     8. (A)     9. (C)     10. (A)

11. (B)     12. (B)     13. (A)     14. (A)     15. (C)

16. (A)     17. (C)     18. (A)     19. (B)     20. (A)

21. (C)     22. (C)     23. (A)     24. (A)     25. (A)

26. (A)     27. (A)     28. (A)     29. (A)     30. (C)

31. (C)     32. (D)     33. (D)     34. (C)     35. (A)

36. (C)     37. (D)     38. (A)     39. (C)     40. (D)

41. (A)     42. (D)     43. (C)     44. (A)     45. (D)

46. (D)     47. (B)     48. (B)     49. (D)     50. (C)

51. (B)     52. (A)     53. (D)     54. (D)     55. (B)

56. (C)     57. (A)     58. (D)     59. (D)     60. (B)

61. (D)     62. (D)     63. (C)     64. (B)     65. (A)

66. (C)     67. (C)     68. (C)     69. (C)     70. (B)

71. (B)     72. (D)     73. (C)     74. (B)     75. (A)

76. (C)     77. (A)     78. (B)     79. (C)     80. (C)

81. (C)     82. (B)     83. (C)     84. (D)     85. (A)

86. (C)     87. (C)     88. (D)     89. (C)     90. (B)

91. (D)     92. (A)     93. (C)     94. (D)     95. (C)

96. (A)     97. (D)     98. (D)     99. (B)     100. (C)