Part 5

Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

101. Relative housing values have dropped more than 10 percent from ——- peak in the first half of the year.

          (A) they

          (B) their

          (C) them

          (D) theirs

102. The botanical garden ——- on the south side of the island and can easily be found on any map.

          (A) is located

          (B) locates

          (C) locating

          (D) was locating

103. A special luncheon for the advertising team will be ——- in the main banquet hall of the Phalya Hotel.

          (A) staged

          (B) referred

          (C) held

          (D) went

104. Because it is taking ——- long for the staff to get used to the software, the office manager is planning to organize a training workshop.

          (A) immediately

          (B) unexpectedly

          (C) exactly

          (D) attentively

105. ——- newly-hired employees on the management level should attend the training workshop about the company values.

          (A) Neither

          (B) Every

          (C) Each

          (D) All

106. Masara Bankole, an award-winning ——- at the Toronto Star, has agreed to host radio show for charity fundraising.

          (A) journal

          (B) journalist

          (C) journalism

          (D) journalistic

107. Although a sufficient number of rooms in the company housing were offered, several attendees chose to stay at a ——- hotel instead.

          (A) next

          (B) closest

          (C) nearby

          (D) brief

108. Halloween costumes of the faculty members are welcome but entirely ——-.

          (A) open

          (B) single

          (C) available

          (D) optional

109. Saitama Vehicles Company is expected to reach this year’s sales goal by ——- record sales numbers in the third quarter of the year.

          (A) arriving

          (B) cautioning

          (C) sympathizing

          (D) achieving

110. Image Horizon Corporation announced this morning that its chief financial officer, Julia Park, will ——- Maholia Green as chief executive officer on March 22.

          (A) organize

          (B) accomplish

          (C) replace

          (D) account

111. Montaz Motorcycles wants to make the partnership between the product and research department ——-.

          (A) strength

          (B) strengthens

          (C) stronger

          (D) strongly

112. The display in the Raymond Art Gallery will feature a number of ——- creative art works by promising contemporary artists.

          (A) amaze

          (B) amazed

          (C) amazement

          (D) amazingly

113. Whether the tour members take a sightseeing cruise on the waterway ——- spend the day visiting the museum, they will be relaxed and comfortable.

          (A) both

          (B) also

          (C) nor

          (D) or

114. The new innovative diesel engine works ——- than the other competitive engines of other companies.

          (A) quiet

          (B) quietly

          (C) more quiet

          (D) more quietly

115. The proposed service center would provide additional services ——- Kovac Industry customers in the region.

          (A) up

          (B) to

          (C) of

          (D) out

116. The Gift Boy company has a system to automatically send ——- of every online order by e-mail.

          (A) confirms

          (B) confirmed

          (C) confirming

          (D) confirmation

117. Reed-Winton Machines——- announced that its researchers are in the final stages of developing a revolutionary new natural gas-powered engine.

          (A) recently

          (B) financially

          (C) permanently

          (D) hardly

118. Guests who are interested in tomorrow’s ——- to Ko Kret Island may join the tour group by signing up at the reception desk.

          (A) excursion

          (B) itinerary

          (C) reservation

          (D) proposal

119. Of all the customers ——- responded to the survey, 80 percent usually purchase industrial products online.

          (A) who

          (B) whose

          (C) they

          (D) what

120. The Library of the National Assembly is ——- to all members of the public, but books cannot be checked out.

          (A) invited

          (B) right

          (C) open

          (D) intended

121. The recruiter in charge of the vacancy will examine the applications and contact the candidates ——- the next five working days.

          (A) toward

          (B) between

          (C) among

          (D) within

122. Due to ——- weather conditions, all ships scheduled to depart from Port Bremerhaven have been delayed.

          (A) functional

          (B) unfavorable

          (C) promoted

          (D) incomplete

123. In the last decade, there has been ——- little medical research achievement regarding the factors that can affect human memory.

          (A) remarkably

          (B) remarked

          (C) remark

          (D) remarking

124. The proper ——- of steps must be followed to ensure that the television is mounted on the wall securely.

          (A) expertise

          (B) direction

          (C) sequence

          (D) range

125. Mr. Fernandez called to ask if his Monday morning meeting could be postponed ——- later in the week.

          (A) during

          (B) when

          (C) since

          (D) until

126. The Delain Technology is aggressively seeking seasoned computer programmers with ——- skills that enable them to solve the clients’ most demanding security needs.

          (A) specialize

          (B) specialized

          (C) specializing

          (D) specialization

127. Watertrek Power company has recently had to ——- the rate it charges for electricity due to rising expenses.

          (A) pretend

          (B) repair

          (C) remind

          (D) increase

128. Venetian Blinds Company’s colorful blinds and curtains are guaranteed to ——- your home atmosphere.

          (A) enhance

          (B) illustrate

          (C) describe

          (D) accelerate

129. The Kilimanjaro Espresso Chain distributes mugs instead of ——- promotional items because of their durability and visibility.

          (A) other

          (B) another

          (C) another one

          (D) each other

130. At a retirement dinner last week, Kenichi Tatsumi ——- for his 30 years of service to the Range Engineering Group.

          (A) honored

          (B) had honored

          (C) to be honored

          (D) was honored

Part 6

Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word, phrase, or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 131-134 refer to the following information.

Terms and Conditions

1. BJ Ltd. incorporated in Vancouver provides the Worldwide Trading Chat (WTC) on the Internet (

2. Prices are subject to change without prior notice and all prices are in Canadian dollar unless stated —131.—-.

3. WTC possesses the right to project any advertising or other materials and remove them immediately without stating a reason. In this case the customer will be refunded of prepaid advertising fees for the remaining period.

4. The customers are to —132.—- copyrights of their advertisements to WTC without questions. —133.—-.

5. In case of an interruption or a termination of the advertisement on the Internet, WTC should replace the ad on an alternative website for the time being or —134.—- the duration of advertising.

131.  (A) whereas

          (B) otherwise

          (C) except

          (D) without

132.  (A) occur

          (B) operate

          (C) issue

          (D) assign

133.  (A) This includes the artwork and wording used in the customer’s advertisement.

          (B) Large amounts of advertising are purchased by local governments as well.

          (C) WTC created the first commercial broadcast advertising business model.

          (D) This year customer-satisfaction scores in our industry declined to an average of 50%.

134.  (A) extends

          (B) to extend

          (C) extending

          (D) extend

Questions 135-138 refer to the following information.

Thank you for your order of woofers, tweeters, and mid-ranges. Knowing how important it is for you to make speaker repairs —135.—- a timely basis, we shipped the bulk of the order 12/04/16, the same day we received it.

You ordered 12 tweeters and I regret that we were only able to send 8. The remaining 4 have been back-ordered for shipment this Wednesday, 12/04.

These will be shipped through 2nd Day Air by Friday, 12/06. You will —136.—- for shipping of the initial order of 12 woofers, 12 mid-ranges, and 8 tweeters. —137.—-.

You will not, however, be asked to pay for the backorder shipment of 4 tweeters. Please let us —138.—- if this meets with your approval. We appreciate your business.

135.  (A) at

          (B) on

          (C) with

          (D) from

136.  (A) charge

          (B) in charge

          (C) be in charge

          (D) be charged

137.  (A) No invoices had been found for any of the goods.

          (B) The accounting department has paid all of the monthly invoices.

          (C) Total shipping charges, as invoiced, will be $52.40.

          (D) Again, we have attached a copy of the invoice for your reference.

138.  (A) to know

          (B) knowing

          (C) know

          (D) be known

Questions 139-142 refer to the following information.

Small Business Credit Coach (SBCC) does not —139.—- loans or refer clients to lending institutions.

We do, however, have an outstanding reputation for advising clients in credit repair and in the design of business plans and financial statements that are —140.—- to lenders.

Many of our clients, who now manage some of the most successful companies in the Northwest, came to us ready for bankruptcy and business closure. We tailor our program to meet the specific need of each client, addressing a client’s biggest obstacle to achieve good credit and sound financing. For example, we coach clients in solutions such as loan consolidation and we educate clients in creative resolution of debt. All of our coaches are —141.—- business people and many are retired from lending institutions. —142.—-. SBCC has the experience to help you earn the credit and capital you need to make your vision happen.

139.  (A) finance

          (B) financed

          (C) financial

          (D) financially

140.  (A) attractive

          (B) easy

          (C) expensive

          (D) available

141.  (A) retire

          (B) retires

          (C) retired

          (D) retirement

142.  (A) Due to the economic recession, many companies have experienced cuts to their budget.

          (B) A good plan would help clients to retire in comfort and safety.

          (C) Prospective employees should ask about pension plans before accepting a job offer.

          (D) We offer workshops in business strategy and financial planning.

Questions 143-146 refer to the following letter.

November 28
John Cook
Director of Human resources
Global Enterprises
Prentice Hall Street
Englewood, SF 41689

Dear Mr. Cook,

I am sorry to inform you that I must —143.—- your offer. I was very interested in the excellent job offer as a vice president but after careful consideration I have accepted another offer —144.—- fits me better with my skills and career goals. I really enjoyed the interview and greatly appreciate the time and effort you and Monica Langley put in. —145.—-.

I would not —146.—- to apply again at Global enterprises when I seek another job in the future.

Thank you again.

Very truly yours,
James D. Thompson

143.  (A) request

          (B) raise

          (C) decline

          (D) accept

144.  (A) which

          (B) what

          (C} whom

          (D) in that

145.  (A) However, the job opening that you were interested in was filled by another candidate just last week.

          (B) I truly hope that my rejection of the job offer does not cause trouble for either of you.

          (C) Attached please find my resume, cover letter and some samples of my work.

          (D) I look forward to hearing from you regarding my attached resume and application.

146.  (A) confiscate

          (B) waver

          (C) deteriorate

          (D) alleviate

Part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 147-148 refer to the following notice.

Notice to Brickston Residents

Beginning on May 1st, the schedule for trash collection will change.

Please note, however, that recycling pickup and service fees will remain unchanged. Brickston Sanitation workers will now conduct a trash pickup on Thursdays. Please remember to place your trash receptacles at the curb by 7:00 A.M. on pickup day. If Thursday falls on a holiday, please put out your bins by 7:00 A.M., the next day, Friday. For further information concerning a holiday pickup schedule, service fee descriptions, as well as a description of recyclable items, please visit our website at Thank you for your cooperation.

Brickston Sanitation

147. What is the purpose of the notice?

          (A) To announce new service fees

          (B) To explain how to obtain recycling bins

          (C) To provide information about deliveries

          (D) To introduce schedule changes

148. What is NOT found on the website?

          (A) The online bill payment form

          (B) The kinds of items that are recyclable

          (C) The amount of the service fee

          (D) The dates of alternate service

Questions 149-150 refer to the following text message chain.

Bruce Martin

Where was everyone in the sales department yesterday? I stopped by around one o’clock, but I saw you all gone! What happened?

9:45 A.M.

Julia Benton

We had a farewell party during lunch time for all the temporary workers in our department. Yesterday was their last day. We wanted to thank them for all their hard work.

9:48 A.M.

Bruce Martin

That sounds great. Where did you go?

9:49 A.M.

Julia Benton

To that restaurant at Santaville Road. They serve delicious Italian food and the price is very reasonable.

9:49 A.M.

Bruce Martin

I know. Also, there is all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta, salad, and desert available.

9:50 A.M.

149. At 9:45 A.M., what does Mr. Martin most likely mean when he writes, “I saw you all gone”?

          (A) He was disappointed that the presentation was cancelled yesterday.

          (B) He was embarrassed that a client was out when he called.

          (C) He thought the lunch was scheduled for today.

          (D) He was surprised that the sales employees were not in the office.

150. Why was the party held?

          (A) To say good-bye to some employees

          (B) To welcome new temporary employees

          (C) To announce a promotion

          (D) To celebrate an anniversary

Questions 151-152 refer to the following message.

FOR: Ted Williamson
DATE: Friday, March 21
TIME: 4:10 P.M.
CALLER: Sheila Davis
PHONE: 213-555-9642


Ms. Davis is wondering if she can come to the interview earlier than initially scheduled. It was supposed to be on Monday at 3:00, but she wants to know if you can meet at 2:00 instead. Please call or email her as soon as possible. She mentioned that she will bring all the reference letters you requested to the meeting. She’s also going to fax or email you a copy of her resume by the end of the day.

TAKEN BY: Wanda Finkelstein

151. Why did Ms. Davis call Mr. Williamson?

          (A) To ask for a reference letter

          (B) To request a copy of his resume

          (C) To arrange an earlier meeting time

          (D) To cancel a meeting

152. What does Ms. Davis say she is going to do?

          (A) Fax or email a copy of her resume

          (B) Come to the meeting later

          (C) Have a conference call

          (D) Find a different job

Questions 153-154 refer to the following e-mail.

From: Katherine Hall <>

To: All Staff

Subject: Temporary closing of the Boulders View Office

Date: January 15


Dear Employees,

This is to inform all employees that the Boulders View Office will be closed for renovations from March 1 through March 10.

During that time, we request that Boulders View employees report to work at the Koger Center office. Sharperson will arrange for transport of your office computers and files moved temporarily to the Koger Center office.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation.

All questions regarding this task should be directed to Rick Marshall at extension 1405.

Thank you.

Katherine Hall

153. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

          (A) To announce that a building will be closed for remodeling

          (B) To inform employees about a new computer system

          (C) To request volunteers for a special project

          (D) To apologize for a delay

154. According to the e-mail, what is Sharperson Company requesting its employees?

          (A) Work from home

          (B) Take time off

          (C) Attend computer training

          (D) Work at a different location

Questions 155-158 refer to the following announcement.

Important Announcement


Maria Valdez, Vice President, Public Relations

Give back to the community by joining Dixon Outreach

On September 7th, Dixon Supermarkets, Inc., will be introducing a program called Dixon Outreach, which is designed to give our company and employees a chance to give back to the community. Dixon Outreach will be organizing volunteer opportunities including food drives, construction projects, child mentoring, and hospital visits. — [ 1] –.

To participate in the program, please visit, where you will also find more details. Enrollment process involves completing and submitting a registration form as well as a questionnaire about what kinds of volunteer activities you are interested in. — [2] –.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Hugh Lucas in Human Resources Department. — [3] –. We are excited about the new prog ram and look forward to your participation. — [4] –.

155. Who is organizing the program described in the announcement?

          (A) A hospital

          (B) A construction company

          (C) A school

          (D) A grocery store chain

156. What is NOT stated as a possible volunteer activity for interested individuals?

          (A) Building homes for the less fortunate

          (B) Visiting sick patients

          (C) Donating clothes

          (D) Collecting food

157. How can interested individuals enroll in the program?

          (A) By sending Ms. Valdez an e-mail

          (B) By attending an introductory meeting

          (C) By contacting Mr. Lucas

          (D) By visiting a website

158. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

          “After submission of the questionnaire, you will receive information about upcoming activities based on your preferences.”

          (A) [1]

          (B) [2]

          (C) [3]

          (D) [4]

Questions 159-161 refer to the following e-mail.

To : All employees – Bailey Bradford & Dupont

From : Scott Weber <>

Date : November 28

RE : Save the date!


I’m pleased to announce the details of our upcoming event to honor Alan Parson’s 40 years of service with Bailey Bradford & Dupont. Alan joined our company as a summer intern. After completing his undergraduate degree, Mr. Parsons headed for law school and soon joined us on a full-time basis. After many years of hard work, he eventually became a partner for the firm. Mr. Parsons will be retiring next month but will still remain on our board. Ralph Simmons, one of Mr. Parson’s oldest colleagues and close friends, will speak and highlight Alan’s accomplishments and his passionate commitment to our firm during his tenure.

The event will take place on Thursday, December 17th. Please confirm your attendance by replying to this e-mail by next Wednesday or call Mr. Parson’s assistant at extension 2213 or my assistant, Sally at extension 2219.

We look forward to a wonderful turn out.


Best Regards,
Scott Weber, Chairman of BBD

159. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

          (A) To invite employees to a retirement celebration

          (B) To announce the promotion of an employee to a partner

          (C) To announce the hiring of a new assistant

          (D) To encourage attendance at a seminar

160. What was Mr. Parson’s position when he started working at Bailey Bradford & Dupont?

          (A) A partner

          (B) An intern

          (C) A chairman

          (D) A lawyer

161. What method of response is NOT suggested?

          (A) Calling Mr. Parson’s secretary

          (B) Replying to an e-mail

          (C) Contacting Mr. Weber’s secretary

          (D) Sending a fax

Question 162-165 refer to the following online chat discussion.

Sarah Johnson

4:31 P.M.

Mr. Simon, would it be alright if I take a day off next Tuesday? I still have some vacation time left.

Albert Simon

4:35 P.M.

Well, the problem is a team of inspectors from the State Health Department will come to our facility next Tuesday, so I’d like you to be here.

Sarah Johnson

4:36 P.M.

Oh, I’m sorry. It slipped my mind.

Albert Sarah

4:37 P.M.

Would it be possible to take your vacation time for another day instead? How about next Wednesday or Thursday?

Sarah Johnson

4:38 P.M.

Let me check my calendar and come up with another day.

Albert Simon

4:38 P.M.

Thank you, Ms. Johnson. If their standards are not met, we will be fined.

Sarah Johnson

4:39 P.M.

I know. Our reputation for one of the leading health providers has to be upheld.

Albert Simon

4:40 P.M.

Also, don’t forget that executives will be visiting our workstations tomorrow.

Sarah Johnson

4:41 P.M.

Okay. They want to ensure that our employees are prepared for the inspection, don’t they?

162. What does Ms. Johnson request?

          (A) Clean all workstations

          (B) Time off from work

          (C) Go to each workstation

          (D) Consult with health inspectors

163. At 4:36 P.M., what does Ms. Johnson most likely mean when she writes, “It slipped my mind”?

          (A) She regretted to tell him about the problem.

          (B) She forgot about the inspection.

          (C) She fell down while commuting to work.

          (D) She was able to take her vacation.

164. What is indicated about the inspection?

          (A) The facility will close for renovation after the inspection.

          (B) They have to pay a penalty if they fail the inspection.

          (C) There will be a second inspection next month.

          (D) Employees who fail to meet standards will be fired.

165. What will executives do to prepare for the inspection?

          (A) Go to every workstation tomorrow

          (B) Consult with Mr. Simon and Ms. Johnson

          (C) Clean all the workstations

          (D) Visit the State Health Department

Questions 166-169 refer to the following article.

New York (June 3) – World renowned photographer Elliot Stanbury has been cataloguing the ever-changing Manhattan skyline for the past fifteen years. His impressive collection is available for viewing on his website,, which he updates weekly. — [1] –.

The site includes photos and information about new developments which have appeared since he started his collection. He even has a montage that shows a photo from every month of the ·past 15 years taken from the same location. — [2] –.

Mr. Stanbury’s website draws hundreds of visitors daily, especially tourists, photographers, and even those interested in New York real estate. Paul Lewin, for example, uses the website as a valuable resource. As an architect, he said Mr. Stanbury’s project “keeps me aware of what the current design trends are.” – [3] -.

Mr. Stanbury said, “He couldn’t be prouder of his work and is glad that others share in his joy.” He went on to say that “my job is a lot easier now than it was when I first started thanks to the Internet and digital photography.” — [4] –.

166. What is the subject of the article?

          (A) A photographer’s collection

          (B) New trends in real estate market

          (C) The tourism board of New York

          (D) Famous buildings in Manhattan

167. The word “draws” in paragraph 3, line 1, is closest in meaning to

          (A) describes

          (B) demonstrates

          (C) attracts

          (D) encourages

168. Who is Paul Lewin?

          (A) A real estate agent

          (B) A photographer

          (C) A friend

          (D) An architect

169. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

          “The rate at which the city has evolved is simply staggering.”

          (A) [1]

          (B) [2]

          (C) [3]

          (D) [4]

Questions 170-172 refer to the following letter.

Carlisle Information Systems
Melbourne, Australia

October 17
95-7 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu
Seoul, South Korea 137-765


Dear Mr. Pak,

Carlisle Information Systems is pleased to offer you a position as a senior programmer in our Melbourne office. We are confident that your experience and specialized skills will make you a valuable asset to our company. As we discussed on our recent pho ne conversation and upon your acceptance of this offer, Carlisle Information System’s compensation package will include:

Salary: AUD $70,000 annually, paid in monthly installments benefits: Two weeks of annual leave and a retirement plan Bonuses: Eligible for up to 5% of your annual salary paid bi-annually based on performance.

In addition to the above, we are offering relocation assistance. Please contact Sheila Gregory,, for information and support with your moving process.

To indicate acceptance of the above, please sign and date the attached contract. In addition, complete the accompanying paperwork for Human Resources and return all documents promptly. Once we establish your start date, our office will schedule an orientation during which you will meet with your supervisor, Victoria Fox, and tour the Melbourne facility.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
We look forward to welcoming you to our team.



Walter M. Moody
Vice President

170. What is the purpose of the letter?

          (A) To announce the opening of a new office

          (B) To inform of a promotion within the company

          (C) To confirm a job offer

          (D) To introduce a new benefits package

171. What benefit is NOT mentioned?

          (A) Assistance in moving to Melbourne

          (B) Stock options

          (C) Vacation time

          (D) A bonus program

172. What is Mr. Pak asked to do?

          (A) Submit an application form

          (B) Contact his new supervisor

          (C) Schedule a tour of the facility

          (D) Send in a contract

Questions 173-175 refer to the following letter.

Highland Park Preservation Society

September 30

Arnold Braxton
145 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V5K 1B2

Dear Mr. Braxton,

Thank you for your generous donation to the Highland Park Preservation Society. The foundation you’ve contributed to aims to raise awareness amongst local residents of this region to ensure proper care and maintenance for the Highland Park. There are many different aspects to this campaign. We have engaged the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation to give presentations to students in local schools about the park ‘s history. We’re organizing our annual Park Clean-Up Day on September 3rd for anyone in the region. Volunteers will assist in picking up litter, repairing benches and planting flowers and trees around historic buildings in an ongoing effort to restore and maintain the rich history and tradition of this special place. All community members are encouraged to attend, so if you are interested, please give us a call at 777-2388. A group of residents will also be creating a website where you can read about our ongoing efforts and upcoming events. Many people are working very hard on this initiative so we thank you again for you financial contribution.

Kindest Regards,

Leslie O’Neal
Chairman of the Highland Park Preservation Society

173. What is the activity that a group of residents will be involved in?

          (A) Planting flowers and trees at a new school

          (B) Giving tours of a historical district

          (C) Preparing a website for the Preservation Society

          (D) Renovating the Preservation Society’s offices

174. What is Mr. Braxton invited to do?

          (A) Give a presentation at local schools

          (B) Volunteer at an annual event

          (C) Read about the historical landmark

          (D) Apply for a tax credit

175. What is NOT mentioned as an activity by the Preservation Society?

          (A) Presentations by an expert

          (B) Publication of a newsletter

          (C) Maintenance of the historical places

          (D) Creating a website

Questions 176-180 refer to the following bulletin board and letter.

Subject : Phone Problem

Date : February 4

ID : Marc Bergetz



I bought a new mobile phone at one of your stores a little over a month ago and have been experiencing problems with it. When talking on the phone it has a tendency to cut off in mid-conversation which is particularly frustrating. I am unsure as to the actual cause but I believe either the speaker on the phone is not working properly or the connection is poor. The microphone is working normally.

This is the first time I have had problems using a mobile phone from my residence. I assume there is a fault with the equipment itself. I have also tried using the phone at my office which is quite far from my house, but I still couldn’t figure out whether the problem is due to my phone or the phone of the person I was talking to.
I would like to return my mobile phone. Please assist me on this matter.

Dear customer,

Thant? you for your recent request. We’ve checked our customer database, and it shows that you purchased your mobile phone, model XRS 456, on December 27th from our Eglinton store. We are deeply sorry that you are having problems with your new phone.

In the event that the phone you purchased is defective then it may need to be returned to the manufacturer. However, we have currently been replacing our transmission towers near your location, and it may have been the reason for the problems you mention. Unfortunately, as a technical support specialist, I don’t have the authority to help you with your particular request. Should you need any further assistance, please visit one of our BT&T stores.

To find your nearest BT&T store please visit


Peter Straghan
Technical Support Assistant

176. What is the Mr. Bergetz’s problem?

          (A) He was charged more than he actually used.

          (B) He cannot use some features of the phone.

          (C) A conversation is interrupted.

          (D) The recipient of the call cannot hear well.

177. Why does Mr. Bergetz think this problem caused by his equipment?

          (A) Another phone worked well.

          (B) His phone appears to be missing a part.

          (C) He hasn’t extended the phone service contract.

          (D) There is visible damage to his phone.

178. Where is BT&T carrying out the transmission replacement?

          (A) At its Eglinton store

          (B) At its main office

          (C) Near Mr. Bergetz’s home

          (D) Near Mr. Bergetz’s office

179. What hasn’t Mr. Straghan talked about in his writing?

          (A) The purchase date of the phone

          (B) The name of the company which manufactured the phone

          (C) The place where Mr. Bergetz purchased his phone

          (D) The website where Mr. Bergetz can find more information

180. What is it that Mr. Straghan is unable to help Mr. Bergetz with?

          (A) Finding the repair center

          (B) How to get an exchange

          (C) Advice on returning the item

          (D) How to extend the warranty

Questions 181-185 refer to the following web page and letter.

Zoomii Inc.

Come visit one of our stores and find out why we’re the largest Minneapolis online and offline bookstore. At Zoomii, we believe in making our customers happy and that’s why we offer

* The largest selection of books including the newest releases

* 18 stores in convenient locations: You are never far from a Zoomii bookstore and we offer 24-hour service on the website.

* Excellent customer service: Our trained professionals are ready and willing to help you in any way they can.

* Prompt delivery: We guarantee delivery within 2 business days or less.

Same day delivery is only available within the same city.

To find a store near you, visit our website. Check out the stores and read some customer reviews.


June 1
Jeff Dunham
President, Zoomii
1501 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 65426

Dear Dunham,

I am a longtime customer of Zoomii and have loved the selections, prices and services that I’ve received. However, I was disappointed by this experience with your store, especially in light of the claims made in the latest Zoomii brochure.

I purchased a new magazine at your website on May 28 and it arrived 5 days later. Besides, this is not what I ordered! I called the customer service center to discuss the problem and I was told that the item I want is currently sold out and that I would have to wait for one week to get it. Furthermore, I was told that I would even have to charge a delivery fee. I expected that Zoomii would provide complimentary delivery service to replace an item that was delivered in error.

As these problems, I would like to cancel my order and want a full refund. I hope your store will do a better work in the future to live up to its promise to keep your customers satisfied.


Carol Gracias

181. What kind of business is Zoomii?

          (A) An interior design

          (B) A call center

          (C) A bookstore

          (D) An advertisement

182. What information is given on the website?

          (A) Q&A

          (B) Customer opinion

          (C) Store history

          (D) Related web pages

183. What is the main purpose of this letter?

          (A) To order a new brochure

          (B) To cancel the visit to Zoomii

          (C) To schedule a task with Jeff Dunham

          (D) To complain about the unsatisfactory service

184. What is implied about Carol Gracias?

          (A) She is the new client of Zoomii.

          (B) She purchased an item on the shop.

          (C) She has recently read a Zoomii’s advertisement.

          (D) She will receive an exchange.

185. Which claim of the advertisement is disputed by the letter?

          (A) Zoomii keeps a variety of goods.

          (B) Zoomii delivers within 2 business days or less.

          (C) Zoomii has many stores.

          (D) Zoomii has trained personnel.

Questions 186-190 refer to the following information, schedule and e-mail.

How to effectively apply for tax credits for your business

Over the months of February and March, Lyn Garrah will be holding her workshop I entitled “How to effectively apply for tax credits for your business” in selected cities throughout Canada.

Dr. Garrah is an advisor for the Canada Tax and Revenue Agency and her most recent book, “Tax Secrets” won last year’s Time Award for the most helpful business book of the year.

The workshop begins at 8:30 A.M. and ends at 4:30 P.M. in each city. The registration fee is $225 per attendee.

A continental breakfast and a buffet lunch, as well as a signed copy of Tax Secrets, are included with the cost of registration.

One Day Workshop

The one-day workshop will be held on four separate dates.

  Date Location
1 February 10. Royal York Hotel (Toronto)
2 February 20. Downtown Marriot (Montreal)
3 March 15. Great Wolf Lodge (Calgary)
4 March 22. Park Hyatt Hotel (Vancouver)

To: Lyn Garrah <>

From: Bill Jaques <>

Date: January 8

Subject: Your Workshop


Dear Dr. Garrah:

Please let me start by saying that I have enjoyed your work. I followed your business columns in the New York Times for years, and then read your articles when you were a market analyst for the Toronto Star. I am thrilled to hear that you will be here in Toronto on the 10th.

I am interested in learning more about ways that I can save on taxes for my small business. I’m hoping that you could let me know if those subjects will be covered in your workshop.


Bill Jaques
Kensington Industries

186. What is the topic of the workshop?

          (A) Ensuring safety of employees in the workplace

          (B) Investing successfully in the stock market

          (C) Knowing how to speak to the media

          (D) Understanding how to file taxes more effectively

187. What is included in the registration fee?

          (A) An award winning book

          (B) A subscription to a newspaper

          (C) A membership at an organization

          (D) Accommodation at a local hotel

188. What is suggested about Dr. Garrah?

          (A) She is a former colleague of Bill Jaques.

          (B) She has experience working in journalism.

          (C) She works as an accountant for Kensington Industries.

          (D) She teaches at the college in Montreal.

189. Where is Mr. Jaques interested in attending the workshop?

          (A) At the Royal York Hotel

          (B) At the Great Wolf Lodge

          (C) At the Park Hyatt Hotel

          (D) At the Downtown Marriot

190. In the e-mail, the word “covered” in paragraph 2, line 2, is closest in meaning to

          (A) substituted

          (B) encouraged

          (C) discussed

          (D) protected

Questions 191-195 refer to the following advertisement, invitation and e-mail.

Samui Thai Restaurant Celebrates an Anniversary!

As a way of thanking our loyal customers for their continued support over the past decade, we’re celebrating with discounts, prizes, and a party.

Take advantage of these special promotions during our anniversary month.

– Every Monday in this month, we are offering buy one entree, get one free.

– Every Friday, we are offering half price appetizers.

– All non-alcoholic drinks are complimentary all month long.

– For every time customers eat at the restaurant before May 30, they will be entered in a drawing to win a prize in our 10 Years, 10 Prizes Raffle.

Hope to see you many times this month!

We invite you to come join us
in celebrating our 10-year anniversary.

Don’t miss out on our anniversary party
on Saturday, May 30, from 6 to 10 P.M.
at Samui Thai Restaurant

* Come enjoy the following at the party:
– complimentary samplings of our most popular dishes
– drawings for our raffle throughout the evening
– demonstrations on Thai cooking methods
– dance music played by local favorite DJ Groove from 8-10 P.M.

Salakjit Sukree,

To : Salakjit Sukree <>

From : Prashant Despande <>

Date : Monday, May 26

Subject: Samui Anniversary Party


Dear Salakjit,

I’m really looking forward to the anniversary party this weekend! My girlfriend and I are planning to arrive and begin setting up the equipment and speakers around 7 P.M. I should be ready to start playing the music by 8 P.M.

Also, I’d like to ask if you mind my girlfriend setting up a small table where she can sell my latest CD of dance music. I’m planning to bring about 50 copies. If for some reason this is a problem, please let me know.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that while I was at work today, I overheard some people talking about the flyer you posted here at the gym. They were talking about how much they love your restaurant and how they wouldn’t miss the anniversary party. I think you will have a great turnout!

One more thing, I’ll be out of town until Friday evening with limited access to my e-mail, so if you have any questions or concerns, please give me on my mobile phone at (804) 615-3626.

See you soon,


191. What is the topic of the upcoming event?

          (A) The closing of a business

          (B) The anniversary of a business

          (C) The change in the ownership of a business

          (D) The grand opening of a business

192. What is NOT included in the event?

          (A) Complimentary food

          (B) Cooking lessons

          (C) An open bar

          (D) A live DJ

193. When will the winner of drawings be selected?

          (A) Every Monday

          (B) Every Friday

          (C) On the last day of the month

          (D) During the party

194. Who is Prashant Despande?

          (A) A DJ

          (B) A chef

          (C) A bartender

          (D) A singer

195. What is suggested about Prashant Despande?

          (A) He works at the restaurant.

          (B) He works at a gym.

          (C) He is the organizer of the party.

          (D) He will bartend at the party.

Questions 196-200 refer to the following memo, itinerary and e-mail.

From : Andrea Hogan, Sent on behalf of the President

To : Michael Lawless, Executive Vice President, Sales

Date : September 29

Subject : Meeting in Sydney

The itinerary has been revised for your October trip to Sydney. I’ve included an additional flight to Melbourne so that you can attend the Sales conference before continuing on to the meeting in Sydney. Your return flight from Sydney to Wellington will remain unchanged.

Mr. Rafter’s flight does not arrive until a couple of hours before the meeting with Mr. Farrelly. Therefore, in case of a delay, he’s asked that you speak with him from Melbourne to prepare for the meeting. Don’t forget that the meeting has been rescheduled from 2 P.M. to 4 P.M.

Feel free to contact me if you require clarification or additional changes.

Flight   ANZ423 departing Wellington at 10:25 AM. October 18.

             Arriving in Melbourne 2:50 P.M. October 18.

Flight   V845 departing Melbourne at 12:15 P.M. on October 20.

             Arriving in Sydney 1:55 P.M. October 20.

Flight   ANZ435 departing Sydney at 3:00 P.M. October 26

             Arriving in Wellington 8:30 P.M. October 26

To: Andrea Hogan <>

From: Paul Mclvor <>

Date: September 22

Subject: Accommodations for Mr. Rafter and Mr. Lawless


As per our phone conversation, this e-mail is the confirmation of the special arrangements for Mr. Rafter and Mr. Lawless’ stay at The Opera House Hotel. I have booked two adjoining suites for them. Both suites are fully equipped with wireless Internet along with a working desk and chair. I will also ensure that the documents that you will be sending by fax from your company’s head office in San Francisco will be left in Mr. Rafter’s room for him to review upon arrival. I have also made arrangements for a car service to pick both of them up at the airport at their respective arrival times and brought directly to the hotel without delay.

A small conference room has also been reserved for 4 P.M. on October 20. Please tell Mr. Rafter and Mr. Lawless that they can proceed directly to conference room C on the third floor. It’s located adjacent to the fitness center and next to our banquet hall.

Finally, I’ve reserved a table for four people at the hotel restaurant at 6:30 P.M. on October 20. As requested, the meal will be charged to Mr. Rafter’s account.

Please let me know if I have forgotten anything. We look forward to being of service.

Paul Mclvor

Client Service Manager
Opera House Hotel, Sydney

196. What is the main purpose of Ms. Hogan’s message?

          (A) To request a new date for the meeting

          (B) To confirm a change in travel plans

          (C) To confirm who will attend the conference

          (D) To request an upgrade for a return flight

197. Where will the sales conference be held?

          (A) In Melbourne

          (B) In Sydney

          (C) In Wellington

          (D) In San Francisco

198. What is suggested about Michael Lawless?

          (A) His flight won’t arrive until two hours before the meeting.

          (B) His return flight to Wellington will be changed to October 18.

          (C) He will leave Melbourne around at noon on October 20.

          (D) He will have a meeting next month in San Francisco office.

199. Where will Mr. Rafter retrieve the fax from upon arrival?

          (A) It will be at the front desk.

          (B) It will be in his room.

          (C) It will be in the conference room.

          (D) It will be in the restaurant.

200. What is NOT mentioned about the guest rooms that have been reserved?

          (A) They are adjoining suites.

          (B) They have wireless internet.

          (C) They are adjacent to the fitness center.

          (D) They have a working desk and chair.

Answer Key

Answer Key

101. (B)   102. (A)   103. (C)   104. (B)   105. (D)

106. (B)   107. (C)   108. (D)   109. (D)   110. (C)

111. (C)   112. (D)   113. (D)   114. (D)   115. (B)

116. (D)   117. (A)   118. (A)   119. (A)   120. (C)

121. (D)   122. (B)   123. (A)   124. (C)   125. (D)

126. (B)   127. (D)   128. (A)   129. (A)   130. (D)

131. (B)   132. (D)   133. (A)   134. (D)   135. (B)

136. (D)   137. (C)   138. (C)   139. (A)   140. (A)

141. (C)   142. (D)   143. (C)   144. (A)   145. (B)

146. (B)   147. (D)   148. (A)   149. (D)   150. (A)

151. (C)   152. (A)   153. (A)   154. (D)   155. (D)

156. (C)   157. (D)   158. (B)   159. (A)   160. (B)

161. (D)   162. (B)   163. (B)   164. (B)   165. (A)

166. (A)   167. (C)   168. (D)   169. (B)   170. (C)

171. (B)   172. (D)   173. (C)   174. (B)   175. (B)

176. (C)   177. (A)   178. (C)   179. (B)   180. (C)

181. (C)   182. (B)   183. (D)   184. (C)   185. (B)

186. (D)   187. (A)   188. (B)   189. (A)   190. (C)

191. (B)   192. (C)   193. (D)   194. (A)   195. (B)

196. (B)   197. (A)   198. (C)   199. (B)   200. (C)