Part 5

Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

101. If the loan period has expired, you cannot ——- the loan via the Internet.

          (A) renew

          (B) remodel

          (C) reappear

          (D) revolve

102. The new ——- should understand how to report hazards that he may come across.

          (A) employment

          (B) employee

          (C) employs

          (D) employ

103. The evaluation will be based primarily on some of the references rather than ——- the presentation itself.

          (A) for

          (B) on

          (C) in

          (D) to

104. I spent an evening with Barry and found ——- to be a very agreeable man with a great business mind.

          (A) he

          (B) his

          (C) him

          (D) himself

105. Please remember to dress——- for the fall awards meeting this Wednesday at 6:30 P.M.

          (A) appropriate

          (B) appropriates

          (C) appropriately

          (D) appropriation

106. The first step in developing an ——- advertising and promotional strategy is to understand the difference between the two concepts.

          (A) eligible

          (B) adhesive

          (C) effective

          (D) impressed

107. Brazilian country-pop music duo Lucas and Mateus are scheduled ——- in Cape Verde in December.

          (A) is performing

          (B) will perform

          (C) to perform

          (D) performance

108. Mr. Daraghme expects a——- rise in banks’ credit portfolios, particularly in short-term loans.

          (A) continuation

          (B) continue

          (C) continues

          (D) continuing

109. Employees should ensure stage platforms are ——- fastened to the lifting device they are attached to.

          (A) securely

          (B) security

          (C) secure

          (D) secured

110. Call centers can ——- sales representatives with more extensive training on new products.

          (A) offer

          (B) arrange

          (C) contribute

          (D) provide

111. Of the three engineers, one is very experienced, but ——- are not.

          (A) another

          (B) the other

          (C) the others

          (D) other

112. Voda’s founding partners attribute the company’s success ——- a strong focus on customer service.

          (A) in

          (B) to

          (C) on

          (D) of

113. Effective next year, Gordon Argyle, the project officer, ——- responsible for the oversight and completion of the project.

          (A) was

          (B) will be

          (C) to be

          (D) has been

114. Occasionally, sponsors remit payments ——- to researchers or their departments.

          (A) directly

          (B) accurately

          (C) remotely

          (D) sharply

115. We will bring this meeting to a close ——- there are any further questions or comments.

          (A) unless

          (B) when

          (C) as far as

          (D) now that

116. The entire amount must be paid on ——- before the date of the installment.

          (A) when

          (B) neither

          (C) or

          (D) either

117. In addition to——- population growth, developing countries must also deal with the quality of their human resources.

          (A) modest

          (B) diverse

          (C) excessive

          (D) ordinary

118. Contracts made under certain conditions are necessarily incomplete and may require renegotiation when ——- contingencies occur.

          (A) unexpected

          (B) improper


          (D) infirm

119. The circulation staff can provide assistance in ——- books that are not on the shelves and in recalling books that are in circulation.

          (A) located

          (B) locating

          (C) will locate

          (D) to locate

120. Fast Connecting Tools will increase production and quality while ——- costs.

          (A) reducing

          (B) losing

          (C) preventing

          (D) leaving

121. The large crowd was far ——- the expectations of the event’s organizers.

          (A) beyond

          (B) overt

          (C) topped

          (D) plus

122. The second special session is again under way, and this one will hopefully be more ——- than the last one.

          (A) applicable

          (B) promising

          (C) obtained

          (D) submissive

123. ——- his leadership, this innovative method has been tested and is being implemented by thousands of workers in a broad range of organizations.

          (A) About

          (B) To

          (C) Under

          (D) Upon

124. The Blackberry Gate construction project is ——- on schedule, with an anticipated completion date of the end of the first week in October.

          (A) most current

          (B) more current

          (C) current

          (D) currently

125. Remember there is other important information ——- within this document, so make sure to take the time to review the entire contents before the meeting.

          (A) contain

          (B) containing

          (C) contained

          (D) container

126. Those who want to receive the document should call the manager and request that the document——- to the office.

          (A) be sent

          (B) were sent

          (C) is send

          (D) will send

127. We can attract and keep businesses in the region ——- providing the services they demand.

          (A) to

          (B) by

          (C) since

          (D) until

128. Throughout the discussion session, each proposal was reviewed, and the participants raised questions and ——- clarification.

          (A) illustrated

          (B) lifted

          (C) sought

          (D) held

129. The Human Electronics Corporation has a comprehensive Web site with ——- aimed at all different business sectors.

          (A) guided

          (B) guided with

          (C) guidance

          (D) guide

130. The Sales Department generated $1 .75 billion in sales during the second quarter, which was in line ——- last year’s sales figure.

          (A) with

          (B) in front

          (C) near

          (D) to

Part 6

Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word, phrase, or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 131-134 refer to the following information.

Customers who use the C-Media device will —131.—- be able to download audio language courses from any location to add to their collection of digital audio files. C-Media device is already famous for being equipped with wireless technology to enable users to quickly access music and other data over the Internet.

The audio language courses were created by U-Tech, Inc., —132.—- has been producing downloadable audio educational courses since 2010.

Each —133.—- will last from twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the content.


131. (A) then

          (B) lately

          (C) soon

          (D) still

132. (A) what

          (B) which

          (C) whoever

          (D) where

133. (A) performance

          (B) meeting

          (C) lesson

          (D) classification

134. (A) Enclosed please find a check refunding your full purchase price.

          (B) Late cancellations or no-shows will be charged a penalty of $5.00.

          (C) A list of language courses will be posted online as soon as it becomes available.

          (D) Openings are still available for nearly all of the courses offered on the company webpage.

Questions 135-138 refer to the following letter.

October 15
Human Resources Administrator

Dear Mr. Crowley:

Your advertisement for senior researchers in the August issue of Megabyte caught my attention. Having worked in the field of computer science for the last ten years, I believe I have the —135.—- and knowledge needed to be an excellent senior researcher in your company.

Over the last decade, I have had the opportunity to establish connections with many different companies and I believe my experience with these companies would be an asset for your firm. —136.—, I am very committed to enhancing customer satisfaction and teamwork.

I am also —137.—- in the senior researcher position because new technologies have made it possible to conduct research in exciting and interesting ways. I would like to explore how these technologies may be applied in research development.


You can reach me by phone at (354) 593-0582.

Sincerely yours,


135. (A) skillful

          (B) skillfully

          (C) skilled

          (D) skills

136. (A) Even so

          (B) Instead

          (C) In addition

          (D) On the contrary

137. (A) interested

          (B) advanced

          (C) impartial

          (D) important

138. (A) I have made up my mind to join your company next week.

          (B) I welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and objectives with you,

          (C) After thoughtful consideration, I have decided not to accept your offer of employment.

          (D) It was a difficult decision to make, and I am grateful for the time you have made to talk about the position.

Questions 139-142 refer to the following letter.

September 15, 2016
Michael Zegen
1100 Danville Avenue
Belleville, IL 5001

Dear Mr. Zegen,

On September 25, we will —139.—- your 10th anniversary as an employee of the Manning Firm.

Since you first started working for the company, you have been a distinguished hardworking salesman. We have noted how diligently you worked to become an expert in the field.

We are aware that the development and success of our business is contingent on having highly motivated and competent employees, such as —140.—-.

We will be holding a company dinner in recognition of the —141.—- contributions you have made to the growth of the company.

142.—-. You may bring your family to the dinner. We look forward to seeing you at the dinner.

Sincerely yours,

139. (A) join

          (B) contain

          (C) prosper

          (D) celebrate

140. (A) yourself

          (B) them

          (C) herself

          (D) their

141. (A) significance

          (B) significant

          (C) significantly

          (D) signification

142. (A) There is a chance of rain on the day we originally chose.

          (B) The dinner will be held on September 25 at 6:00 PM in The Blue Room of the Deerfield Hotel.

          (C) We wanted to have the picnic outdoors so that employees could participate in the team-building exercise.

          (D) We asked the Deerfield Hotel if we could hold the lunch in its Blue Room instead,

Questions 143-146 refer to the following letter.

Customer Service
Correia Appliances
32 Juan Avenue
Fairfield, Australia

Dear Customer Service:

I recently ordered a digital camera from your online shop. But when I received it yesterday, I found that there were small cracks on the lenses as well as scratches on the viewing screen.

According to your website, your company —143.—- items in the best condition possible.

If there are any faults with the items, they will be replaced with new ones. —144.—-, I request an immediate exchange of this item for a new one.

The maker is Sony, and the model number is 1-3935. I have attached the invoice. Please send a new item to the same address —145.—- on it. —146.—-.

I hope to receive the new item as soon as possible.

Thanks very much.


Ketan Chauhan

143. (A) deliver

          (B) delivery

          (C) deliverable

          (D) delivers

144. (A) In spite of

          (B) Therefore

          (C) Because of

          (D) Although

145. (A) writing

          (B) written

          (C) wrote

          (D) write

146. (A) Since I’m returning a defective item, I expect you to pick up the shipping charges.

          (B) We appreciate your business, and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

          (C) So I’d like to return the delivered product and receive a refund.

          (D) I am writing to request a copy of the full assembly directions for the model I purchased.

Part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 147-148 refer to the following advertisement.

Tired of carrying home heavy boxes of detergent?

Tired of paying expensive water bills?

Concerned about pollution and preserving our natural resources?

Why not purchase an Eco Washer, the remarkable washing machine that saves your money while protecting our environment?

   • The Eco Washer uses one-third the detergent than the other models do!

   • It uses 50% less of our precious water than other brands use.

   • Yet, it attacks dirt particles effortlessly.

   • Even ground-in stains disappear easily.

The Eco Washer guarantees a spotless wash!

147. According to the advertisement, why is the Eco Washer environmentally friendly?

          (A) It uses biodegradable soap.

          (B) It requires less water.

          (C) It consumes less electricity.

          (D) It is made of recycled materials.

148. What is one advertised advantage of the Eco Washer?

          (A) It is compact and lightweight.

          (B) It washes clothes quickly.

          (C) It is inexpensive to buy.

          (D) It gets clothes very clean.

Questions 149-150 refer to the following text message chain.

Peter Lewis   9:00 A.M.

Hello, Ms. Lena. This is Peter Lewis from CPM Industries. I’m sending this message regarding your interview last week. We’ve made a decision to offer you a job as a graphic designer.

Jill Lena   9:03 A.M.

Thank you, Mr. Lewis. It’s a relief to hear the news. I was waiting all day long.

Jill Lena   9:04 A.M.

And I’m absolutely going to accept the offer. I believe working for CPM Industries is a perfect opportunity to use my skills and ability for my future career.

Peter Lewis   9:07 A.M.

Oh great! When do you think you can start working? And you still need to come here to fill out some papers beforehand. How about tomorrow around 3pm?

Jill Lena   9:08 A.M.

That’s okay. And I can start whenever you want me to. Let’s talk about it in detail later when we meet.

149. At 9:03, what does Jill Lena mean when she writes, “It’s a relief to hear the news”?

          (A) She does not worry about her employment any more.

          (B) She is happy to be assigned new project.

          (C) She is starting working.

          (D) She is willing to fill out a document.

150. When will Ms. Lena probably start work?

          (A) At the end of the month

          (B) As late as possible

          (C) Whenever is needed

          (D) Later today

Questions 151-153 refer to the following advertisement.

Sunrise Business School Presentation Skills Workshop

Communicating ideas and information clearly and powerfully is one of the keys to success.

Why, then, do so many people fear the prospect of speaking in front of an audience?
The answer is that they lack confidence because they do not have a plan.

This workshop will give you that plan. You will study and practice strategies to master the three essential components of effective presentations: analysis, writing, and communication.

Learn how to;

`• customize your talk to fit your purpose and the needs of the audience.

`• organize your information for maximum impact.

`• get the audience’s attention and good will.

`• use your eyes, voice, and body language to enhance your message.

Instructor: Marisol Catano, Business Communications Specialist.
Course #XGH-512, Schedule: 5 sessions, November 18-December 16, Mondays, 6-9 P.M.

Students will be expected to prepare and deliver three short presentations and evaluate talks given by classmates. No textbook is required.

151. What will participants learn to do in this workshop?

          (A) Plan speeches

          (B) Study effectively

          (C) Conduct research

          (D) Write business letters

152. What information is included in this advertisement?

          (A) The number of students the class will have

          (B) The number of times the class will meet

          (C) The number of homework assignments the students will be given

          (D) The number of the classroom where the workshop will be held

153. What does the advertisement say students will be asked to do?

          (A) Buy Professor Catano’s textbook

          (B) Complete homework assignments

          (C) Listen to tapes of famous speakers

          (D) Analyze the work of classmates

Questions 154-155 refer to the following letter.

Dear Mr. Richard:

I would love to invite you to our quarterly club meeting which will take place this year on March 25. The meeting will be held in the club’s own Manna Hall at 7:00 p.m.

This will be an occasion to express any new ideas about the club. It is time to consider whether improvements can be made to meet our members’ needs. We will also discuss a change in the cost of quarterly membership. As this affects you personally, your attendance at the meeting would be appreciated.

After the meeting, some light refreshments will be served. Please notify us whether you will be able to attend.

Yours sincerely,

David Kim

154. What is the main purpose of this letter?

          (A) To inform Mr. Richard of the rise in membership price

          (B) To inform Mr. Richard of the attendance of David Kim

          (C) To notify Mr. Richard of the membership expiration date

          (D) To invite Mr. Richard to the meeting

155. What will be offered to the members after the discussions are finished?

          (A) Entertainment

          (B) A reception

          (C) Food and drink

          (D) A gift certificate

Questions 156-159 refer to the following e-mail.

From: Ben Stuart <>

To: Ms. Janet Brown <>

Subject: Thank you.

We appreciate your attention to our products. — [1] –. We can serve these types in glass bottles (250ML, 500ML, 750ML, 1000ML), in tins (3L, 5L, 10L, 18L), in 190kg drums and in bulk. And upon request, we can supply black and green olives in various types of packaging such as: glass jars, PETs and tins.

— [2] –. Also, we produce and export high quality olive oil soap. — [3] –. Our soaps are hand-made and 100% natural. We can provide these products under our registered brand name “Olive Land” as soon as you want. We have enclosed for you a price list of our products, a catalog, and an order form. You may fill out the form and return it to us. — [4] –.

Please contact us for further details. We look forward to doing business with you.

Ben Stuart
Export manager, Merlin’s Olive Land

156. What is stated about Olive Land?

          (A) They have many branches around the world.

          (B) They sell all sorts of natural products.

          (C) Their soaps contain no artificial components.

          (D) The price of delivery is not free.

157. What does the recipient have to do if she wants to order products?

          (A) Call the export manager of the company.

          (B) Fill out and send back the order form.

          (C) Contact a representative in person.

          (D) Visit the nearest branch.

158. What is NOT being sent with this e-mail?

          (A) A price list of the products

          (B) A catalog

          (C) An order form

          (D) A company brochure

159. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4) does the following sentence best belong?

          “We would be happy to supply you with any types of olive oil (extra virgin, virgin, refined).”

          (A) [1]

          (B) [2]

          (C) [3]

          (D) [4]

Questions 160-161 refer to the following advertisement.

Tennis Lessons at Wonderful Country Club

Instructor: former world-ranked ATP professional Albert Hans

* A finalist in the U.S. Open, Albert Hans brings his expertise to Wonderful Country Club for the 2016 season. Work on both your skills and strategies with this tennis veteran.

* Guaranteed tennis court time may be purchased in advance for a particular day and time each week.

* To apply for a “special reservation,” complete a registration card for the lottery drawing to be held Monday, January 23.

* Cards must be returned to the recreation department no later than Friday, January 27 to be entered in the drawing.

* Prime Time Rate: $20.00 per court hour

* Non- Prime Time Rate: $15.00 per court hour

* Prime Times: Monday- Friday: 8 a.m. – 12 Noon/ 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.

                            Saturday & Sunday: 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

* Non-Prime Times: Monday- Friday: 6 a.m. – 8 a.m. / 12 Noon – 5 p.m.

                                    Saturday & Sunday: 6 a.m. – 8 a.m.

160. How does a person apply for a special reservation?

          (A) By returning the card

          (B) By being one of the first callers

          (C) By waiting in line

          (D) By random drawing of cards

161. How much will a court cost per hour if reserved on Monday at 11 a.m.?

          (A) $10.00

          (B) $15.00

          (C) $20.00

          (D) $30.00

Question 162-165 refer to the following memo.

From: Allan B. Johnson, Executive Director
To: USMA Members
Re: CME Director Search

The South Carolina Medical Association is receiving applications for the CME Director’s position.

— [1] –. The SC Medical Association is the major CME provider in South Carolina, with over 5,000 individual registrations per year and a $2 million annual budget. Three assistant directors and seven support staff report directly to the CME Director. — [2] –. The Association has 8,000 members and a 200 seat, state-of-the-art auditorium for CME programs.

A strong business background and marketing skills are required. — [3] –. With a competitive benefits package, salary will be based on experience.

Send cover letter, resume and salary requirements to Allan B. Johnson, Executive Di rector, SC Medical Association, P.O. Box 3799, Columbia, SC 28944. — [4] –. For a detailed job description, contact Kim Vaughan at (800) 662-8508 or email at

I will be attending the USMA meeting in Toronto in August and would be willing to meet with applicants at that time. Please call Kim to arrange an appointment.

162. Where will Johnson interview applicants?

          (A) In Columbia

          (B) In Washington

          (C) In Toronto

          (D) In Calgary

163. How many people does the auditorium hold?

          (A) 100

          (B) 200

          (C) 5000

          (D) 8000

164. What professional experience is necessary?

          (A) Medicine

          (B) Publishing

          (C) Finance

          (D) Marketing

165. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

          “A medical degree is preferred but not necessary.”

          (A) [1]

          (B) [2]

          (C) [3]

          (D) [4]

Questions 166-168 refer to the following article.

The New Face of an Old Favorite

Reviewed by Michael Tulin

The Marina Restaurant reopened recently with a new look and ambience. The formal dining atmosphere has given way to a relaxed setting more in tune with the new millennium. The ‘new’ Marina Restaurant is full of beautiful, vibrant colors and fabrics. An assortment of paper lanterns from Tibet, Bali, and Thailand hang from exposed beams, infusing the place with a warm, cozy glow.

The dark wood panels and the black and white uniforms of the old Marina are a thing of the past, but the restaurant’s tradition of providing high-quality food still remains. With Chef Pak Theo’s menu of innovative Italian cuisine and Sharifah Ainun’s sumptuous Malay buffet, the restaurant continues to offer the best Western and local cuisine. The service continues to be the most attentive in town.

“The restaurant still offers the best selection of both Western and local fares”, says proprietor Brian Tan. “And you never have to wait more than 15 minutes for your meals. That makes us the top choice for the lunchtime crowd for miles around.”

166. What makes the new Marina Restaurant different from the old one?

          (A) It is more colorfully decorated.

          (B) It no longer offers Western cuisine.

          (C) It has a more formal look.

          (D) The staff now wears black-and-white uniforms.

167. Who owns the restaurant?

          (A) Michael Tulin

          (B) Pak Theo

          (C) Sharifah Ainun

          (D) Brian Tan

168. What is NOT mentioned as an attraction of the restaurant?

          (A) It offers a wide selection of food.

          (B) The service is fast.

          (C) The prices are reasonable.

          (D) It has a relaxed atmosphere.

Questions 169-172 refer to the online chat discussion.

Elice Eve

11:11 A.M.

Hi, all. I just finished the cost-cutting report Glen asked me to do.

Bill Ham

11:12 A.M.

This document contains the data for the last two quarters, doesn’t it?

Elice Eve

11:13 A.M.

Sure, Bill.
Should I send it to both of you by e-mail?

Glen Powell

11:14 A.M.

Actually, could you please print out a copy and put it in my in-box, Elice?
I’ll read it on the plane this evening. Is there anything you want to let me know about right now?

Elice Eve

11:16 A.M.

Your suspicions were certainly on target, Glen. Our profit margin was way down last quarter. It’s because the costs have been up. We had to pay the high taxes, but the main problem is with our communications providers.
Our phone and Internet costs are much higher than they need to be.

Glen Powell

11:16 A.M.

Do you have any solution, Elice? If so, explain it to me now in brief.

Bill Ham

11 :17 A.M.

Hmm, I think it’s better to have a meeting for this issue at the earliest possible date.

169. What had Mr. Powell asked Ms. Eve to do?

          (A) Conduct a financial review

          (B) Make a reservation for a flight

          (C) Prepare a marketing report

          (D) Contact the phone company

170. What can be inferred about Glen?

          (A) He is launching a new product.

          (B) He is about to take a trip.

          (C) He is negotiating a tax payment.

          (D) He is about to make some personnel changes.

171. 11:16, what does Elice Eve mean when she writes, “Your suspicions were certainly on target”?

          (A) Mr. Powell should go on a business trip.

          (B) Telecommunication company raise service costs.

          (C) There are no proper solutions to cut cost.

          (D) Proceeds recently were on a downward slide.

172. What will Elice most likely do next?

          (A) She will offer some solution to the problem.

          (B) She will find a new tax accountant.

          (C) She will devise new marketing strategies.

          (D) She will review the report.

Questions 173-175 refer to the following notice.


Huan Samuels, president and CEO of Delta One Investment, today announced on behalf of executive board members the creation of a new position: vice president for International Affairs. “We have had a committee specially designated for this project hard at work for the last three months. Mike Yang finally got back to me today with the final decision. We’re going to go with an outsider – John Racine of Black Securities. We offer our warmest congratulations.” The company has been going through a period of unprecedented growth, and has been said to be hampered by a lackluster overseas program. The creation of this new position should help remedy that situation, although it is unknown if the chosen vice president will be able to adapt his domestic experience to the international market. Keeping up his optimism, Samuels said of the appointment “I trust the Yang group’s decision implicitly. When the board assembled them for this task, I said that their choice would be final, and it is.”

173. Who will occupy the new position?

          (A) Mr. Black

          (B) Mike Yang

          (C) John Racine

          (D) Huan Samuels

174. What can be said about the new vice president?

          (A) He has little international experience.

          (B) His specialty is security.

          (C) He has supervised a period of growth.

          (D) He was promoted from within the firm.

175. Who announced the creation of a new position?

          (A) The president

          (B) Vice president

          (C) John Racine

          (D) Black securities

Questions 176-180 refer to the following letter and e-mail.

May 2

William Kresky
Greenery House Apartments
252 Maple Boulevard
Boston 2321 MA

Dear Mr. Kresky,

I have been renting a one-bedroom apartment in your building on Maple Boulevard for the past 2 years. Overall, I have had a pleasant experience living here. However, on April 6, the electrical system in my apartment stopped working. I contacted the manager, Ms. Myers and she sent a maintenance person to fix the problem the following day.

After spending three hours trying to repair the system, Mr. Simpson told me that he needed to order a part in order to fix the system correctly. It took 5 days for the part to arrive and be installed. While I acknowledge Ms. Myers and Mr. Simpson did everything they could to repair the system as quickly as possible, I was still without light almost a week. According to my rental agreement, electricity is included in my monthly rental payment; I feel I should receive financial compensation for my recent suffering. I paid $700 in rental last month and I think I’m entitled to $200 in compensation. I was forced to use several portable battery powered lamps and flashlights to lighten over 5 days.

If you have further question, contact me at 888-423-1421 or email me at


Elaine Allen
Apartment 8-A

To: Elaine Allen

From: William Kresky

Date: May 12 10:26

Subject: Electrical problem

Dear Ms. Allen,

I am very sorry to hear that the electrical system in your apartment was out of commission for such an extended period of time. I fully understand the inconvenience this might have caused. I will be mailing you a reimbursement check in the amount that you requested. You have been a loyal tenant, and hope that will continue well into the future.


William Kresky

Owner, Greenery House Apartment

176. For how long has Ms. Allen lived at the current residence?

          (A) For one year

          (B) For two years

          (C) For three years

          (D) For five years

177. Why Ms. Allen contacted Ms. Myers?

          (A) To discontinue a service

          (B) To report a problem

          (C) To apply for a lease

          (D) To order a part

178. Who most likely is Mr. Simpson?

          (A) The building owner

          (B) The management officer

          (C) A tenant

          (D) A repairman

179. In the letter, the word “acknowledge” in paragraph 2, line 3, is closest in meaning to

          (A) prefer

          (B) recognize

          (C) report

          (D) conduct

180. How much money does Mr. Kresky agree to send Ms. Allen?

          (A) $100

          (B) $ 200

          (C) $ 500

          (D) $ 700

Questions 181-185 refer to the following announcement and form.

The Art and Society Council
the first event in our artist’s forum series
An evening with Jonathan Tsu
On Tuesday, July 24, at 7 P.M.
at Kelly Theater

In a vivid account of his life as a male ballet dancer, Mr. Tsu will discuss his 20-year dancing career, his travels all over the world, his work with leading musicians and his long collaboration with ballerina Sujin Kang.

Admission fee – $20.00
Special student price – $15.00
Post-event reception: 8:30 P.M. – 10 P.M (Reservations required)

To reserve a seat, contact the Art and Society Council membership coordinator at 1-800-555-7324.

Become a member of the Art and Society Council!

Membership offers these benefits:

   * Free admission to all Art and Society Council events

   * Invitations to post-event receptions

   * Complimentary subscriptions to our monthly magazine, Culture Today

Membership is $50 per year for individuals, $70 per year for families.

Name ___________________________

Address _________________________

Telephone _______________________

Amount enclosed ______________________

Mail completed form to:

Sandra Hardcastle

Membership Coordinator

Art and Society Council

305 Jefferson Avenue. New York. NY 10023

181. What is this announcement about?

          (A) A ballet performance

          (B) An art exhibit

          (C) A talk

          (D) A musical

182. Who is Jonathan Tsu?

          (A) A composer

          (B) A writer

          (C) A dancer

          (D) A painter

183. What does family member to the Art and Society Council cost?

          (A) $15

          (B) $20

          (C) $50

          (D) $70

184. What is indicated about the event on July 24?

          (A) Art and Society Council member must pay $20 for admission.

          (B) Tickets are available on the website of Art and Society Council.

          (C) It features a presentation by student of Tsu.

          (D) Members of Art and Society Council get free admission.

185. What should people do if they want to attend post-event reception on July 24?

          (A) Contact Jonathan Tsu’s assistant

          (B) Buy a ticket at Kelly Theater

          (C) Speak to Ms. Kang

          (D) Call Sandra Hardcastle

Questions 186-190 refer to the following report, e-mail and text message.

900 Eagle Rock Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Phone 213-755-9008
Fax 213-755-9010

Temporary Employment

Name of the Employee: Sandra Culver

Ultimate Staffing Representative : Hector Morales

Week Beginning : July 10

Assignment : Sherrington Accounting Services





Hr./ Min.


Jul 10

8:00 A.M.

4:30 P.M.

8 / 30


Jul 11

8:00 A.M.

4:00 P.M.

7 / 00


Jul 12

9:00 A.M.

5:30 P.M.

8 / 30


Jul 13

8:00 A.M.

4:00 P.M.

8 / 00


Jul 14

8:00 A.M.

4:00 P.M.

8 / 00

TOTAL 40 / 00

Signature : Sandra Culver

Date: Jul 17

Employees are expected to take an unpaid lunch break of one-half hour each day.
Employees must receive approval from their managers at their work assignment if they work over time. (more than 40 hours per week); Managers are to email the assigned Ultimate Staffing representative.

To : Sandra Culver (
From : Hector Morales (
CC : Melinda Burgess (
Subject: Weekly Time Report
Attachment : weeklyreport.doc
Date : July 18

I’ m writing concerning the weekly time report you submitted for the hours you worked last week at Sherrington Accounting Services. The report indicates that you worked 40 hours last week, but I received an e-mail from Melinda Burgess approving 3 hours of overtime to assist with a company event on the evening of Jul 12. If this information is correct, I will need you to revise the report to reflect those 3 additional hours and then I would be happy to approve it for you. I would like to make sure that you are compensated properly.

From : Sandra Culver
Received : July 19, 9:33 A.M.

Mr. Morales, thank you for adjusting my payroll information. I confirm that I worked over time a week ago. Due to an unexpected schedule, I’m not certain whether I will be paid or not.
I sent an e-mail with the document you required. Please check out the information.

Also, I really want to be given more assignments like this time.
If possible, I will carry out allocated duties very well. I’m looking forward to your response.

186. What does the information in the work record suggest about Ms. Culver?

          (A) She has half an hour every day for lunch.

          (B) She ended work every day at 4 p.m.

          (C) She submitted her time report on Friday.

          (D) She worked the same number of hours every day.

187. According to the e-mail, for what day did Ms. Culver incorrectly record her work hours?

          (A) Monday

          (B) Tuesday

          (C) Wednesday

          (D) Thursday

188. Who most likely is Ms. Burgess?

          (A) An Ultimate Staffing Representative

          (B) A temporary employee

          (C) An employment specialist

          (D) A Manager at Sherrington Accounting Services

189. In the e-mail, the word “reflect” in line 4, is closest in meaning to

          (A) include

          (B) return

          (C) copy

          (D) consider

190. What does Mr. Morales ask Ms. Culver to do?

          (A) Assist with a special event

          (B) Accept additional temporary work

          (C) Extend her assignment with Ultimate Staffing

          (D) Make changes to her time report

Questions 191-195 refer to the following announcement, information, and form.

Key Solutions for
Business Workshops on Improving Your Business

Key Solutions hosts a series of workshops for businesses looking to expand, train managers, attract new customers, develop products. Key Solutions delivers a series of dynamic and informative workshops relating to key business processes.

Register online at

About Key Solution

1. Growth Strategy gives plenty of ideas, insights, and inspiration to help your company grow.

     Thursday March 26 9 A.M. – 12 noon   Cost £ 70

2. Management and Motivation explains how you can execute strategies most effectively and what you can do to encourage your team to work at its highest performance level.

     Thursday, April 23 9 A.M. – 1 P.M.   Cost £ 120

3. Customer Life Cycle recommends resources and tactics to help you retain your present customers and attract potential customers.

     Thursday, May 21 9 A.M. – 12 noon   Cost £ 100

4. Product Development inspires you how to revitalize and speed up your process for creating new products by studying several cases in detail.

     Thursday, July 16 9 A.M. – 2 P.M.   Cost £ 140


Name : Louise Jackson

Address : 100 Rice Avenue Houston, Texas 77005

Phone No. : 7750 555 6733

E-mail :

Workshop Number : 3

Date: May 21

Comments: Some of my colleagues in the office may also be interested in attending.

Do you offer special rates for groups?

191. What is the purpose of the announcement?

          (A) To notify schedule changes of a workshop

          (B) To confirm registration for a workshop

          (C) To advertise a series of workshops

          (D) To encourage business people to offer workshops

192. In the announcement, the word “delivers” in line 4 is closest in meaning to

          (A) invites


          (C) transfers

          (D) presents

193. What is NOT a subject for workshops?

          (A) How to extend a product life

          (B) How to increase the number of customers

          (C) Strategies for developing new products

          (D) Methods for motivating employees

194. What is the fee for the workshop Louise Jackson plans to attend?

          (A) £ 70

          (B) £ 100

          (C) £ 120

          (D) £ 140

195. What does Louise Jackson want to know?

          (A) Where the presentation will be made

          (B) What a workshop covers

          (C) Whether groups receive a discount

          (D) When classes will be held

Questions 196-200 refer to the following e-mails and form.

To: Anna Simpson [

From: Nelson Oliver [

Sub: Acknowledgement

Date: September 4

This is to acknowledge receipt for the following submissions which we plan to publish in the next four issues of Publishing Professional’s Magazine. The agreed-upon payment amount and publishing date is indicated on the document accompanied with this e-mail. You should receive payment for each article within 90 days of the publication.

Any way, thank you for writing for our magazine. Our widely read publication is written for professionals in the publishing and journalism industry. It’s been in print continuously for the past century. I appreciate your contribution to its continued success. Please, feel free to send proposals for future articles via our website or by e-mail. We attempt to read and respond to submissions within four to six weeks of receiving them.


Nelson Oliver, Assistant Editor
Publishing Professionals Magazine 1-800-555-8786

Publishing Professional’s Magazine

Attachment : payment schedule            To : Anna Simpson

Title Amount Date
Publishing Digitally $175 October 1
Investigative Reporting $155 November 1
Writing Responsibly $195 December 1
Maximizing Advertising Space $205 January 1

To: Nelson Oliver (

From: Anna Simpson (

Subject: Payment

Date: January 3

It has been just over 90 days since your October 1st publication and I haven’t received the payment for that contribution. Would you please confirm that payment has been sent and let me know when I can expect to receive it? Thank you.


Anna Simpson

196. What did Mr. Oliver receive from Ms. Simpson?

          (A) A receipt

          (B) A magazine

          (C) An article

          (D) A payment

197. What is indicated about the ‘Publishing Professional’s Magazine’?

          (A) It has a new website.

          (B) It has been published for 10 years.

          (C) It will only publish digitally after October 1.

          (D) It accepts proposals for articles.

198. In the first e-mail, the word “via” in paragraph 2, line 4, is closest in meaning to

          (A) submitting

          (B) searching

          (C) using

          (D) stopping

199. What is the purpose of the second e-mail?

          (A) To request a refund

          (B) To inquire about a payment

          (C) To sign up for a subscription

          (D) To report a publication error

200. What amount of money does Ms. Simpson request?

          (A) $175

          (B) $155

          (C) $195

          (D) $205

Answer Key

Answer Key

101. (A)   102. (B)   103. (B)   104. (C)   105. (C)

106. (C)   107. (C)   108. (D)   109. (A)   110. (D)

111. (C)   112. (B)   113. (B)   114. (A)   115. (A)

116. (C)   117. (C)   118. (A)   119. (B)   120. (A)

121. (A)   122. (B)   123. (C)   124. (D)   125. (C)

126. (A)   127. (B)   128. (C)   129. (C)   130. (A)

131. (C)   132. (B)   133. (C)   134. (C)   135. (D)

136. (C)   137. (A)   138. (B)   139. (D)   140. (A)

141. (B)   142. (B)   143. (D)   144. (B)   145. (B)

146. (A)   147. (B)   148. (D)   149. (A)   150. (C)

151. (A)   152. (B)   153. (D)   154. (D)   155. (C)

156. (C)   157. (B)   158. (D)   159. (A)   160. (D)

161. (C)   162. (C)   163. (B)   164. (D)   165. (C)

166. (A)   167. (D)   168. (C)   169. (A)   170. (B)

171. (D)   172. (A)   173. (C)   174. (A)   175. (A)

176. (B)   177. (B)   178. (D)   179. (B)   180. (B)

181. (C)   182. (C)   183. (D)   184. (D)   185. (D)

186. (A)   187. (C)   188. (D)   189. (A)   190. (D)

191. (C)   192. (D)   193. (A)   194. (B)   195. (C)

196. (C)   197. (D)   198. (C)   199. (B)   200. (A)