Part 5

Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

101. Instructions posted above the rear exit ——- the procedures for emergency evacuations.

          (A) outline

          (B) outlining

          (C) to outline

          (D) outlines

102. Minerit manufactures ——- that meet customers’ expectations as well as their changing requirements over time.

          (A) production

          (B) producer

          (C) products

          (D) productive

103. Because of the nature of our work, the company laboratory is an area ——- to outside visitors.

          (A) restricted

          (B) restrained

          (C) replaced

          (D) recognized

104. In order to reach her full ——- as a translator, Ms. Rose traveled around the globe and met as many different kinds of people as she could.

          (A) potent

          (B) potential

          (C) potency

          (D) potentially

105. People felt that the cost of water and other much needed supplies was too high, ——- according to the company, prices were at an all-time low.

          (A) to

          (B) while

          (C) as

          (D) nearby

106. Special season tickets at the Killington Ski Resort made it ——- for frequent skiers to enjoy the sport at substantial savings.

          (A) possible

          (B) possibility

          (C) possibly

          (D) possibilities

107. ——- of the International Pensions Conference are expected to register at the main desk before entering the convention hall.

          (A) Attendant

          (B) Attendees

          (C) Attending

          (D) Attention

108. If you think you might wind up owing a lot of taxes for the year, ——- can increase the size of your year-end charitable donations to reduce your tax liability.

          (A) your

          (B) you

          (C) yours

          (D) yourself

109. The corporation’s legal advisor warned the managing director not to sign the contract because some of the clauses it contains are overly ——-.

          (A) ambitious

          (B) optimized

          (C) confused

          (D) vague

110. Political parties are prohibited from accepting ——- of more than 200 dollars other than from a particular list of sources.

          (A) donating

          (B) donates

          (C) donations

          (D) donated

111. Mr. Ross is one of the few ——- using the Internet to expand the capabilities of psychiatry for those who have been previously unable to take advantage of it.

          (A) physicism

          (B) physi9ians

          (C) physics

          (D) physical

112. With the new daily disposable contact lenses, you can skip the ——- of cleaning your lenses every day.

          (A) disruptions

          (B) ingenuity

          (C) hassles

          (D) sanitation

113. The ——- may suspend the network access rights of employees if he considers it necessary in order to protect the integrity of the network.

          (A) manage

          (B) managing

          (C) manager

          (D) managed

114. The ——- request people make to the city government is to improve the road conditions during the rush hour.

          (A) frequently

          (B) more frequent

          (C) most frequent

          (D) some frequent

115. Because of technology, it is possible for businesses to be run ——- remote places in the country.

          (A) by

          (B) for

          (C) among

          (D) from

116. Ms. Silverstein had ——- finished her report when the department head called her into his office.

          (A) barely

          (B) so

          (C) very

          (D) no sooner

117. Because today is the 3rd anniversary of this store, all customers with coupons can get incredible discounts ——- 85 percent off.

          (A) at

          (B) for

          (C) up to


118. After ——- examining the contract, the applicant found the conditions to be less than satisfactory.

          (A) close

          (B) closely

          (C) closest

          (D) closer

119. After a lengthy debate, it was decided that there was ——- need to purchase additional office equipment.

          (A) no

          (B) not

          (C) none

          (D) never

120. ——- of the outcome of the joint research, the two companies are willing to work together again in the future.

          (A) Regard

          (B) Regarding

          (C) Regardless

          (D) Regards

121. The building committee has narrowed down the list of contractors to those ——- bids are within the budget.

          (A) who

          (B) which

          (C) whom

          (D) whose

122. Hand-carried baggage should be stowed in the overhead compartment or ——- the seat in front of you.

          (A) of

          (B) between

          (C) among

          (D) under

123. Errors or omissions on this statement should be reported ——- to the issuing office.

          (A) predictably

          (B) durably

          (C) promptly

          (D) spontaneously

124. Survey ——- indicate that franchising is by far the most common way for American restaurant companies to expand into foreign markets.

          (A) found

          (B) foundation

          (C) findings

          (D) finding

125. ——- many improvements have been made to the proposal, I don’t think the board of directors will approve it.

          (A) Although

          (B) Because

          (C) Despite

          (D) Due to

126. If you are stopped by the police and suspected of drunk driving, you will be ——- to take some type of test to determine your blood alcohol level.

          (A) asked

          (B) asking

          (C) ask

          (D) to ask

127. As networks have become more ——-, the knowledge needed for installation and maintenance has also increased.

          (A) sophisticate

          (B) sophisticated

          (C) sophisticating

          (D) sophistication

128. ——- your travel agent or Hertz to determine the amount of all charges applicable to your rental.

          (A) Call

          (B) To call

          (C) Calling

          (D) Called

129. Many posters and ads were distributed ——- throughout the region in the hope of finding the perfect candidate.

          (A) widely

          (B) wider

          (C) wide

          (D) widest

130. Ms. Roland will be away on a business trip from Monday to Wednesday ——- can be reached by e-mail in her absence.

          (A) which

          (B) that

          (C) but

          (D) though

Part 6

Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word, phrase, or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 131-134 refer to the following e-mail.

From: Sebastian Stan <>
To: Elizabeth Olsen <>
Date: April 22
Subject: International Convention of Psychotherapists

I am writing to —131.—- receipt of your letter inquiring about the International Convention of Psychotherapists scheduled for June 8-10 of this year. We are pleased and delighted that our advertisement for the convention has created so much —132.—-.

Since the American Association of Psychotherapists publicized the convention inviting psychotherapists from around the world to share their professional perspectives on the effects of TV violence on children, the number of responses has been —133.—-.

Our program will include keynote lectures, group and individual presentations and continuing education workshops. —134.—–. This schedule is subject to change, however. We will keep you posted once you have registered for the event.

Thank you for inquiring and we hope to see you at the convention.

131.  (A) schedule

          (B) confirm

          (C) apply

          (D) delay

132.  (A) interesting

          (B) interested

          (C) interest

          (D) interests

133.  (A) predictable

          (B) reduced

          (C) debatable

          (D) overwhelming

134.  (A) If you are not satisfied with our service, a 100% money-back guarantee will be offered.

          (B) Your flight is departing at 11 a.m. tomorrow and the return flight will be at 3 p.m. next Wednesday.

          (C) It was originally scheduled for tomorrow but I made a change because of your business trip to Canada.

          (D) I have included a brochure on the event and a schedule of activities for the three days.

Questions 135-138 refer to the following letter.

December 7
Kate Winslet
1100 Bedford Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30071

Dear Ms. Winslet,

135.—-. As a way of thanking the public for its continued support, we are offering spectacular benefits for the new season, from February to June 2015. —136.—- you subscribe now for the theater’s next season, you will get up to 30% off the single ticket price, the best seats available, ticket exchange if you need to come at a different time, and guest ticket discounts.

Our newly-renovated theater boasts a larger stage, better sound and special seating to accommodate individuals with disabilities.

These amenities are certain to match the excellence of the —137.—- scheduled for the season.

The —138.—- brochure provides a list of the shows as well as the date and time.

We do hope you will renew your subscription for the upcoming season.

Thank you once again for your support.

Sincerely yours,

Aaron Paul

135.  (A) I am writing this letter in response to the infuriating treatment I received at the Brooks Theater.

          (B) This is to notify all staff of the new safety rules approved at the supervisor meeting.

          (C) Now we have branch offices in Chicago, New York and will open one more in Boston next month.

          (D) We are pleased to announce that the Brooks Theater has reopened following a 3-month renovation.

136.  (A) Even

          (B) Instead


          (D) If

137.  (A) paintings

          (B) performances

          (C) menus

          (D) magazines

138.  (A) enclosed

          (B) enclosure

          (C) enclose

          (D) enclosing

Questions 139-142 refer to the following notice.

Construction of a swimming pool at the southern end of the apartment complex —139.—- on March 12.

Rizzo Pool and Spa Construction will be working from 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. during the weekdays over the next few months. —140.—-.

Although every effort will be made to keep noise to a minimum, this project will involve substantial excavation. Heavy earthmoving —141.—- will be used to prepare the site and construct pool.

It will also be necessary to —142.—- of the waste materials periodically until the project is completed.

For everyone’s safety, please observe all the restrictions posted around the work zone.

Thank you.

139.  (A) began

          (B) beginning

          (C) has begun

          (D) will begin

140.  (A) The condominiums being built recently are vulnerable to fires.

          (B) We conducted safety examinations on the condominiums.

          (C) Their rate of progress will depend on weather conditions.

          (D) This facility is specifically recommended to those searching for a quiet environment.

141.  (A) tournaments

          (B) equipment

          (C) penalties

          (D) pavement

142.  (A) relieve

          (B) consist

          (C) dispose

          (D) notify

Questions 143-146 refer to the following notice.

Mervo Merchandise Returns

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may return your item within 30 days of—-143.— your order.

We will accept the request of all items purchased from Online Fashion provided they are in their original —144.—-. Simply complete the form that was enclosed with your order and return the items back to us.


If your merchandise is —146.—-, please do not send the form. Instead, phone 2483-3456 and report the problem.

143.  (A) receiving

          (B) receive

          (C) received

          (D) will receive

144.  (A) placement

          (B) location

          (C) production

          (D) condition

145.  (A) If you need your order quickly, just pay $10 extra for two-to-three day shipping.

          (B) This procedure should be followed only for items that appear to be unwashed or unworn.

          (C) If you are not a cardholder, then download an application from our website,

          (D) Mervo customers should stop using it and write to us for a full refund.

146.  (A) expensive

          (B) customized

          (C) appealing

          (D) defective

Part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 147-148 refer to the following advertisement.


Sporting Goods
360 Midlothian Turnpike

Glen Allen, VA 23235

Moving Sale

Take advantage of some huge

discounts on:


athletic apparel


Store hours: Mon-Sat 10a.m. – 8p.m.

                       Sun 12p.m. – 6p.m.

                       Closed from May 1st – May 8th

New location: (Opening on May 9th)

                          2508 Regency Avenue

                          Glen Allen, VA 23232

Contact us: Call us at (804) 740-4687

                      Or visit our website:

The sale ends on our last day at this location, so be sure to come by before April 30th!

147. Why is Disco Sporting Goods having a sale?

          (A) It is making room for new merchandise.

          (B) It is relocating its store.

          (C) It is celebrating a special holiday.

          (D) It is going out of business.

148. What is the final day of the sale?

          (A) April 30th

          (B) May 1st

          (C) May 8th

          (D) May 9th

Questions 149-150 refer to the following text message chain.

Shintaro Shimosawa

Let’s try something different for lunch today!
How about some Indian food at the restaurant down the street?
11:10 A.M.

Shintaro Shimosawa

They’ve recently opened and are becoming quite famous for tasty food.

11 :12 A.M.

Ben Sinclair

Oh, I already took my family there last weekend, but it was not as impressive as people say. There were too many people and the service wasn’t good because it was too busy.

11:14 A.M.

Shintaro Shimosawa

Really? I had no idea. Where should we go then?

11:16 A.M.

Ben Sinclair

Well, why don’t we just have some delivery food we’ve not had before?
Actually, there is still much to be done before the meeting this afternoon. I’m all booked up today.

11:19 A.M.

149. At 11 :19, what does Mr. Sinclair mean when he writes, “I’m all booked up today”?

          (A) He made a reservation for lunch with clients.

          (B) He has no enough time due to arrangement for a meeting.

          (C) He wants Mr. Shimosawa to give him help for a meeting.

          (D) He and his colleague need simple meal.

150. What will Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Shimosawa probably do?

          (A) Go out to eat

          (B) Leave for the day

          (C) Take a walk

          (D) Order some food

Questions 151-152 refer to the following e-mail.

From : Sebastian Maples

To : Samai Resort Managers

Sub : Dream Travels

Date : August 21st

I am happy to share with you that we are in the final negotiating stage with Dream Travels to become one of its preferred resorts for their exotic destinations. I would like to announce that Dream Travels’ CEO Gene Smith is coming to our resort next Wednesday for a final inspection. He has requested during his visit a full tour of the resort Please reserve one of the ocean front rooms for 1 night; have an agenda ready for him that includes a tour of the hotel in the afternoon; and make a dinner reservation at Aspas Restaurant in the evening. I have arranged for a car to pick him up from the airport at 11 :00 A.M. on Wednesday.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Sebastian Maples

151. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

          (A) To announce the hiring of a new CEO

          (B) To book a vacation at Samai Resort

          (C) To request a tour of the resort be arranged for their visitor

          (D) To arrange an airport pick-up for a guest

152. What will Mr. Smith do on Wednesday evening?

          (A) Inspect the resort

          (B) Arrive at the airport

          (C) Attend a meeting

          (D) Have dinner at Aspas Restaurant

Questions 153-155 refer to the following notice.


Atam International Airport would like to inform passengers that wireless Internet has recently been installed throughout all terminals. Our wireless service provides easy-to-use access so you can use the Internet and send or receive e-mail 24 hours a day. The service is complimentary. All you need to get connected to the Internet is a laptop computer.

If you do not have a laptop computer but would like to access the Internet, computer stations are located throughout Terminal B for your convenience and are marked by blue signs. This service is available at the nominal charge of one euro per ten minutes and is accessible 7 days a week from 6 A.M. until midnight. If you require technical assistance or more information or if you are dissatisfied with the service, come to our Help Desk, located at Gate 20 in Terminal A. We are happy to do all we can to better serve you.

153. What is the purpose of this notice?

          (A) To request assistance

          (B) To advertise merchandise

          (C) To publicize service

          (D) To provide directions

154. What does the notice state about the computer station?

          (A) It is indicated in blue sign.

          (B) It is available 24 hours a day.

          (C) It is located in Terminal A.

          (D) It is available free of charge.

155. What are users asked to do when they need a help?

          (A) Call computer service center

          (B) Go to Gate 20

          (C) Send e-mail to airport manager

          (D) Contact computer manager

Questions 156-157 refer to the following e-mail.

From: Nicole Manning <>

To: Brett Palik <>

Subject: Welcome message from Expense Link Inc.

Date: March 4

Dear Mr. Palik:

Greetings from Expense Link Incorporated. As you may be aware, Wingate Medical Supply has recently contracted with us to be their electronic expense management provider. To ensure that your business expenses are recorded accurately and that your reimbursement payments are made to you on time, please set up your personal account in our system as soon as possible.

First, go to and log on using the temporary user name and password below.
User name: user_bpalik
Password: eli080new

Next, follow the instructions on the welcome page to choose a new user name and password. Then, you will be prompted to enter your bank account information for direct deposit reimbursement. Once these steps are complete, you will be able to manage and fi le your expense reports on our site.

We encourage you to take our online tutorial to familiarize yourself with how the reports are organized into different categories such as meals, supplies, and mileage. Of course, our customer service staff is always eager to help if you have any questions.


Nicole Manning
Client Registration Specialist

156. Why was the e-mail sent to Mr. Palik?

          (A) To assign him a new e-mail address

          (B) To remind him of an upcoming training class

          (C) To give him details of a new company procedure

          (D) To offer new banking services

157. What is suggested about Mr. Palik?

          (A) He contacted the customer service department.

          (B) He incurs expenses associated with his job.

          (C) He had a problem with filing his previous expense report.

          (D) He recently took the online tutorial.

Questions 158-160 refer to the following job announcement.

PLI Computer Systems, a leading premier IT Services company in the region is seeking a Senior Human Resources Manager.

Reporting to the Human Resources Director, you will be a strategic business partner. You would take a proactive and leading role in managing the HR functions such as talent management, compensation and benefits, employee communication and engagement. — [1] –. The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management or Business Management and at least 5 years of experience in Human Resources. — [2] –. He or she should be meticulous, have excellent interpersonal skills and be a team player. — [3] –. Must have the ability to be a strategic thinker and planner to the business and able to achieve operational excellence through optimizing daily operations.

Suitable applicants are invited to send in a detailed resume and cover letter to stating present and expected salaries. — [4] –. The deadline for application is August 1st.The successful candidate is expected to start work on September 15th.

158. What is NOT a requirement for the position?

          (A) Experience in the IT industry

          (B) A university education

          (C) Interpersonal skills

          (D) Experience in Human Resources industry

159. What information are applicants required to provide?

          (A) The amount of money they would like to earn while on the job

          (B) The names of people familiar with their skills and work experience

          (C) The location of the job they are applying for

          (D) The date on which they are available to start the job

160. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

          “Moreover, you will be the leader for some of the HR initiatives such as Employee Engagement.”

          (A) [1]

          (B) [2]

          (C) [3]

          (D) [4]

Question 161-164 refer to the following online chat discussion.

Julia Stiles

11:24 A.M.

Richard, did you get any messages from the technical support team about my desktop?

I’ll be needing it for a presentation tomorrow. All related data are in the computer.


11:26 A.M.

Yes, but I’m sorry to say that they’ll send a technician to look over your computer tomorrow around 3.

Julia Stiles

11:28 A.M.

Oh no. That’s going to be too late then. I’m meeting my new client at 2 o’clock tomorrow to propose ways to boost the sales in her company. It is my first time to meet her in person.
So I need to make a good impression to win the contract. Please keep in touch.


11:30 A.M.

Sure. I understand how important the presentation is to execute the contract. I’ll let you know after making the call.

161. What problem does Ms. Stiles have?

          (A) Her presentation materials are inaccessible.

          (B) There are a number of mistakes in her report.

          (C) The technical support team is out of contact.

          (D) The meeting is canceled due to inclement weather.

162. When was the technician supposed to arrive?

          (A) In the morning today

          (B) In the afternoon today

          (C) Tomorrow

          (D) Yesterday

163. At 11 :28, what does Julia Stiles mean when she writes, “Please keep in touch”?

          (A) An engineer should be sent immediately the next day.

          (B) She needs to meet her potential customer.

          (C) Richard must ask a technician for settlement on the spot.

          (D) She wants to cancel the reservation for repair.

164. What will Mr. Willson do next?

          (A) Make a call

          (B) Help her presentation

          (C) Contact her client

          (D) Repair her computer

Questions 165-167 refer to the following memo.

To: All Tour Guides

From: John Stock

Date: September 12

RE: Reminders

Dear Staff,

Please remember that your appearance and behavior define Asian Trails Tour Company. We want our company to remain a symbol of the quality and reliability. Therefore, please be reminded of the following:

1) Guides must wear assigned uniforms, including name tags, at all times.

2) Guides should use the corporate greeting with every customer they see and offer to assist guests when appropriate.

3) Employees must be on time for every tour and report their time of arrival and departure to the tour manager.

As managing director, I depend on your hard work and professionalism so that we can remain Southeast Asia’s number one choice for overland tours. I appreciate your continued service.

John Stock

165. What is the purpose of the memo?

          (A) To introduce some new tour guides

          (B) To remind employees of requested practices

          (C) To announce changes in uniforms

          (D) To inform employees of customer complaints

166. According to the memo, what should employees do?

          (A) Wear name tags at work

          (B) Greet customers with a hand shake

          (C) Report their break times

          (D) Arrive to work 15 minutes early

167. Who is John Stock?

          (A) A previous customer

          (B) A tour manager

          (C) A tour guide

          (D) A managing director

Questions 168-171 refer to the following letter.

Chaweng Oceanfront Resort

July 31st

To Whom It May Concern,

For the past 6 weeks, we have had the pleasure of having Michael Spencer in our resort as an English teacher. — [1] –.

I have received nothing but excellent feedback from our staff about his classes which are said to be very engaging, interactive, and most of all fun. — [2] –. Michael has built a great rapport with his students. He is liked by everybody here at Chaweng Oceanfront Resort and I have received many requests for his return next year to continue his teachings.

Personally, I have noticed a great improvement in English in our staff. I am also very happy with the increase of their test scores. — [3] –. Not only did he focus on English in his classes but also on customer service, which is especially noticeable in our front desk and restaurant staff. I can say with confidence that Michael has exceeded our expectations.

It has been a pleasure getting to know Michael, and I highly recommend him as a trainer in any resort. — [4] –. I hope to work with him again very soon and this is a feeling I share with all the staff here at Chaweng Oceanfront Resort.


Omapat Panish
General Manager

168. In what kind of business does Mr. Panish work?

          (A) In a language school

          (B) In a restaurant

          (C) In a resort

          (D) In an accounting firm

169. The word “engaging” in paragraph 2, line 2, is closest in meaning to

          (A) interesting

          (B) startling

          (C) convincing

          (D) promising

170. What can be inferred about Michael Spencer?

          (A) He worked as a teacher at Chaweng Oceanfront Resort last year.

          (B) He currently works for Mr. Panish.

          (C) He led a training session at Chaweng Oceanfront Resort.

          (D) He teaches courses at a university.

171. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

          “Most of them have an increase of more than 10% and some even 20% since the beginning of the course.”

          (A) [1]

          (B) [2]

          (C) [3]

          (D) [4]

Questions 172-175 refer to the following article.

Dress for Less
By Kristine Johansen

San Francisco (November 17) – A women’s clothing chain that recently opened a store at 2806 Rinesford Street is filling a niche that has been largely overlooked by other retailers.

The Fantastic Fashion clothing chain is owned and operated by Victoria Nelson, a former fashion model with extensive industry experience. Noting that high-end boutiques are plentiful in San Francisco and most other metropolitan areas, she said, “My mission is to make the latest fashion designs affordable to all women, especially those who want to look great but can’t afford designer prices.”

Ms. Nelson does this by selling clothes and accessories created by relatively unknown but talented fashion designers who are new to the marketplace. By doing this, she has been able to deliver the combination of high fashion with reasonable prices. “My customers like the notion that they’re helping new designers get attention,” she said.

Local resident, Ashley Buck, who works as an administrative assistant, said her co-worker complimented her on an outfit she purchased at Fantastic Fashion last week, so she returned this week to add some more items to her wardrobe. She said, “The salespeople are always helpful in suggesting styles that are flattering my figure.” The dress Ms. Buck purchased was designed by Natalie Rosenbaum, 26, a recent graduate from the Fashion and Design Institute in New York.

The first Fantastic Fashion store opened in Chicago last year and a second store opened in Boston in May. The San Francisco store opened last month. Another store, to be located in Seattle, will open at the end of this month. Ms. Nelson said she hopes to enter the international market with a store in Milan within the next three years.

172. In what section of the newspaper would the article most likely be found?

          (A) Business

          (B) Classifieds

          (C) Real estate

          (D) Travel

173. The word “notion” in paragraph 3, line 4 is closest in meaning to

          (A) impulse

          (B) idea

          (C) attitude

          (D) intention

174. Who is indicated in the article as a fashion designer?

          (A) Kristine Johansen

          (B) Victoria Nelson

          (C) Ashley Buck

          (D) Natalie Rosenbaum

175. What is suggested about Fantastic Fashion stores?

          (A) Their marketing plan is similar to many other women’s clothing stores.

          (B) Their salespeople are skilled in helping customers.

          (C) Most of their customers have large budgets for clothing.

          (D) The clothing sold there is made by well-known designers.

Questions 176-180 refer to the following advertisement and e-mail.

CVR Conference Center

Nestled in a picturesque community, CVR Conference Center is a unique 8,000 square foot facility ideal for all types of events from business meetings to social gatherings. Whether you need a room for a business meeting, seminar, wedding or banquet, CVR Conference Center can accommodate all group sizes. CVR Conference Center will be glad to assist with a list of recommended caterers who are well recognized for their creativity, nutritional value and presentation. We have a dedicated team of staff available to assist you in planning your next event.

Reservations for our facilities are recommended to be made well in advance. Please send an email to our reservations manager, Enrique Gonzales, with the following information:

– Your name, company name (if applicable), and your contact information
– The type of event
– The desired date and time of your event
– The approximate number of attendees
– The best way and time to contact you

Discounts are available for educational, governmental and non-profit organizations. For more information, please visit our website at

From: William Peterson <>

To: George Lauer <>

Re: Facility rental

Date: August 23

Dear Mr. Lauer,

My name is William Peterson, and I am the HR manager at Misawa Technical Services. We are interested in booking a room for a corporate training seminar to be held on October 13 from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Would it be possible to make an appointment to tour your conference center and see which facilities best fit our needs? I would also like to know whether audiovisual equipment is available. Feel free to reply via e-mail anytime or you can reach me on my mobile phone at 904-383-4849 on weekdays before 7 P.M.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.


William Peterson
Human Resources Manager
Misawa Technical Services

176. What is the subject of the advertisement?

          (A) A business seminar

          (B) A conference facility

          (C) A catering service

          (D) A hotel

177. Which group is NOT offered a discount?

          (A) Religious organizations

          (B) Educational institutions

          (C) Non-profit organizations

          (D) Government agencies

178. What detail requested in the advertisement does Mr. Peterson not include in his e-mail?

          (A) A telephone number where he can be reached

          (B) The number of expected guests

          (C) The date of the event

          (D) A time when he can be reached

179. What type of event is Mr. Peterson planning?

          (A) A corporate seminar

          (B) A wedding reception

          (C) A corporate banquet

          (D) A team building activity

180. What does Mr. Peterson ask Mr. Lauer?

          (A) Whether he can change the date of his event

          (B) Whether audiovisual equipment is available

          (C) If CVR can refer him to a catering service

          (D) Whether he will receive a discount

Questions 181-185 refer to the following article and e-mail.

Sydney, Australia (February 2) – The International Convention of Architecture (ICA) held its annual conference and an awards banquet in Sydney at The First Plaza Hotel. ICA, a global organization whose membership includes many critically acclaimed architects, recently announced its 10th annual architectural awards. This year, the focus of the awards was aimed at the environment since ICA added 2 new awards : the Green Building Award and the Cooper Environmental Design Award, named after renowned architect and pioneer Mr. Andrew Cooper, who dedicated his career to conserving nature with his designs and was the former President of the Green Project Council.

A panel, composed of members that are recognized professionals in their own fields of architecture, business, education, publishing, and culture, deliberated the nominations and the winners were announced at the awards banquet.

Deserving special attention was the Cooper Award won by Smith and Haigh Studios. This firm, based in San Francisco, has focused on the environment for the past 7 years and has attracted a great deal of attention in the industry and set future standards very high in architectural design.

To : David Haigh <>
From :Jonathan Cols <>
Date: March 3
Subject: Congratulations

Dear Mr. Haigh,

I want to congratulate you on winning the Cooper Award from ICA. Excite-Blades is an international IT company, based in New York and Melbourne, that was awarded the Green IT Awards last year.

Since we are both companies dedicated to the environment, we would like to meet with you at your office to discuss the hiring of your studio to design our new office building in Los Angeles. We strongly believe sustainable and environmentally friendly office space is the way of the future and will assist in reducing the effects on the environment. Based on your design portfolio and in the hopes of continuing our commitment to the environment, we believe your company would be the perfect choice to work with.

Please let me know a convenient time for you to meet with me and I look forward to working together.


Jonathan Cols

181. What is the purpose of Mr. Cols’ e-mail?

          (A) To thank him for his work on a project

          (B) To discuss the hiring of his firm for a new project

          (C) To reschedule a meeting with Mr. Haigh

          (D) To nominate his company for an award

182. What is indicated about Smith and Haigh Studios?

          (A) They have offices in Sydney.

          (B) They need a new office building.

          (C) They are an architectural firm.

          (D) They have been in business for 7 years.

183. What do Smith and Haigh Studios and Excite-Blades have in common?

          (A) They are both concerned about the environment.

          (B) They are both based in San Francisco.

          (C) They have both received awards from ICA.

          (D) They both attended the ICA awards in Sydney.

184. Where will Mr. Cols and Mr. Haigh most likely meet?

          (A) In Sydney

          (B) In San Francisco

          (C) In Los Angeles

          (D) In New York

185. What is indicated about Excite-Blades?

          (A) It is an architectural firm.

          (B) They have won several awards for their dedication to the environment.

          (C) They do business internationally.

          (D) They received the Cooper Environmental Award last year.

Questions 186-190 refer to the following advertisement, information, and e-mail.

French Quarter Suites

Come experience the atmosphere of the French Quarter in the heart of New Orleans. Our boutique style hotel is very intimate and well received by our loyal customers. Our rooms are nicely-appointed and have been equipped with all the modern amenities including HD TV and wireless internet.

French Quarter Suites offers four unique room options. If you want to enjoy the exotic atmosphere, please visit our website, to get more detail of our services.

French Quarter Suites

Comfort: For one or two guests. Includes a queen-sized bed and private bathroom with shower.

• $152 per night, plus tax and fees.

Terrace: Comparable to the Comfort but facing all the action on the street. Soak in the ambience and the cool evening breeze from a private terrace.

• $167 per night, plus tax and fees.

Gold: Spacious room with two queen-sized beds and a sitting area with a couch and love seat. Also includes a desk with a comfortable office chair. Private bath and shower.

• $199 per night, plus tax and fees.

Mardi Gras Suite: Includes two bedrooms with queen-sized beds. A private bath with jacuzzi in each room.

Big seating area that is open to a large private balcony overlooking street level.

• $235, plus tax and fees.

To make a booking, contact
or visit our website at



Date: April 4

Subject: Room upgrade

I’ve been attempting to modify my reservation online without success. For some reason the page freezes whenever I try to access my booking. It turns out that my wife will be accompanying me on my trip, so I’d like to upgrade to a Terrace instead of the room I originally requested.

I was also wondering if you have any vegetarian meals on your room service menu. My wife doesn’t eat meat, and we enjoy ordering from room service so hopefully your hotel has some reasonable options. I apologize for any inconvenience this last minute upgrade may cause. My wife and I are really hoping you’ll be able to accommodate our request. We’ve always wanted to experience the view of the French Quarter from our room. We have close friends who stayed in this room a couple of years ago and highly recommended it.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Steven Moore

186. What is mentioned about the hotel?

          (A) It sits on a historic site.

          (B) It has modern amenities.

          (C) It is under new management.

          (D) It has recently been renovated.

187. What is stated about the room Mr. Moore requests in his e-mail?

          (A) It can accommodate up to 4 guests.

          (B) It is furnished with a desk and chair.

          (C) It has enough room for an additional bed.

          (D) It offers a view of the street.

188. What does Mr. Moore inquire about?

          (A) The check-out time

          (B) The price of each type of room

          (C) The availability of vegetarian options

          (D) The distance to Bourbon Street

189. What type of room did Mr. Moore’s friends have when they stayed in the hotel on an earlier occasion?

          (A) A Comfort room

          (B) A Terrace room

          (C) A Gold room

          (D) A Mardi Gras suite

190. What is NOT indicated by Mr. Moore in the e-mail?

          (A) His wife is a vegetarian.

          (B) He will be visiting New Orleans with his wife.

          (C) He hopes to upgrade his room at the last minute.

          (D) He will spend his first day sightseeing.

Questions 191-195 refer to the following notice, information, and article.


The downtown bus service that connects the east and west sides of the city recently removed the bus stop for southbound service on Emerson Avenue near Tall Street. (The northbound bus stop is still in place.) The removal allows developers of the new 30-story condominium at Marveling Terrace to occupy the sidewalk on that part of Emerson Avenue for construction access. As an alternative transportation option, city residents can catch the downtown bus heading eastbound on Tall Street, mid-block between Emerson Avenue and Helm Street.

The downtown bus route connects Avery Street Seaport with Hobson City, making stops at many important destinations. Since it’s free, you can hop on and off as often as you like.

Operational Information :

– Service is provided seven days a week.

– Daily service starting at 9 A.M., ending with a final run at 8:30 P.M.

– Stops along the route include Hobson City, Avery Street Seaport, and dozens in between.

Please note: Passengers are permitted to carry bundles, packages, folded baby strollers, folded shopping carts, etc. aboard our buses except during the hours of 2 P.M. – 7 P.M. or when/where it would cause inconvenience to other passengers or block the aisles.

Marveling Terrace

In the vacant lot bordered by Melvin Street, Tall Street, and Emerson Avenue, a 30-story, 280-unit condominium building known as Marveling Terrace will be developed by the Hopkins Organization. Ground is scheduled to be broken before the end of this year, with construction expected to be complete in three years.

The building will be configured in a U-shape with three sections of differing heights. The river-facing west wing will rise 14 floors above street level, and the city-facing east wing will rise 13 floors; both will feature landscaped roof gardens and sitting areas for building residents and their guests to enjoy. A 30-story south-facing building, housing a magnificent four-story glass enclosed lobby, complete with concierge and doorman, will connect the two wings.

191. Which. bus stop is out of service?

          (A) Eastbound

          (B) Westbound

          (C) Southbound

          (D) Northbound

192. When are large items NOT allowed on the buses?

          (A) At 9 A.M.

          (B) At 2 P.M.

          (C) At 7:30 P.M.

          (D) At 8:30 P.M.

193. How long will citizens have to use buses at Tall Street?

          (A) One year

          (B) Two years

          (C) Three years

          (D) Four years

194. In the article, the word ‘bordered’ in paragraph 1, line 1, is closest in meaning to


          (B) routed

          (C) supplied

          (D) edged

195. What is NOT mentioned about Marveling Terrace?

          (A) It will include roof gardens.

          (B) It is designed to include various building levels.

          (C) It is currently an empty lot of land.

          (D) The east wing will face the river.

Questions 196-200 refer to the following e-mail, document, and letter.

To: Miniature World <>

From: Patricia Manton <>

Subject: Order ID# 5128

To whom it may concern,

I have recently purchased several pieces of miniatures to decorate my clothing store. When I received the kit, I was delighted to find that the model showed all the details of the original’s construction and nothing was damaged during the shipment.

The products that I had to assemble were challenging to put together. However one item (#48321) did not arrive with assembly instructions. My customer ID number is 3367 and Order ID number is 5128. I attached a copy of the invoice for further reference.

I purchased from your store in the past and was surprised that such an oversight was made this time.

I would greatly appreciate it if relevant instructions could be sent to me at this e-mail address as soon as possible.


Patricia Manton

Miniature World
604 Ferris Street Oak Park,
CA 98021

ORDER DATE : June 11
ORDER ID : 5128
DATE : June 22

Client billing and shipping address

Name : Patricia Manton                CUSTOMER NAME : Patricia Manton

Street: 117 Court St                       CUSTMER ID : 3367

City : Bennington

County : Gilmore

Country : Canada

Postal Code : 2W5 3D4

Products Purchased

Item No.

Item Description


Unit Price

Total Price


Doll House-A?





Furnishing Set -C1





Furniture Set -D2





Sailing Ship-S23




Subtotal : $6,050
Shipping : $280
Total : $6,330

Miniature World

Dear, Patricia Manton,

First, we are very sorry for your inconveniences. As you requested, the instruction for your item is attached in this e-mail. If you have any other question, we will handle it promptly and sincerely. As a token of our apology, we are offering a free delivery service for the products in the same line you have experienced discomforts in.

Once again, thank you for your purchase and we look forward to continuing the next deals with you.

196. What is the purpose of this mail?

          (A) To request a new invoice

          (B) To report the damaged item

          (C) To ask for the missing instructions

          (D) To exchange the purchased item

197. What does Ms. Manton say she is delighted with?

          (A) The variety of merchandise

          (B) The accuracy of the miniature

          (C) The quick delivery

          (D) The reasonable price

198. In the e-mail, the word “assemble” in paragraph 2, in line 1, is closest in meaning to

          (A) organize

          (B) meet

          (C) collect

          (D) build

199. How can Patricia most likely purchase the item without a shipping cost in the future?

          (A) Buying miniatures within a specific period

          (B) Placing an order over $ 5,000

          (C) Presenting a voucher she has given

          (D) Purchasing the other sailing ship models

200. How much did she pay for the shipping?

          (A) $280

          (B) $340

          (C) $570

          (D) $1,450

Answer Key

Answer Key

101. (A)   102. (C)   103. (A)   104. (B)   105. (B)

106. (A)   107. (B)   108. (B)   109. (D)   110. (C)

111. (B)   112. (C)   113. (C)   114. (C)   115. (D)

116. (A)   117. (C)   118. (B)   119. (A)   120. (C)

121. (D)   122. (D)   123. (C)   124. (C)   125. (A)

126. (A)   127. (B)   128. (A)   129. (A)   130. (C)

131. (B)   132. (C)   133. (D)   134. (D)   135. (D)

136. (D)   137. (B)   138. (A)   139. (D)   140. (C)

141. (B)   142. (C)   143. (A)   144. (D)   145. (B)

146. (D)   147. (B)   148. (A)   149. (B)   150. (D)

151. (C)   152. (D)   153. (C)   154. (A)   155. (B)

156. (C)   157. (B)   158. (A)   159. (A)   160. (A)

161. (A)   162. (C)   163. (C)   164. (A)   165. (B)

166. (A)   167. (D)   168. (C)   169. (A)   170. (C)

171. (C)   172. (A)   173. (B)   174. (D)   175. (B)

176. (B)   177. (A)   178. (B)   179. (A)   180. (B)

181. (B)   182. (C)   183. (A)   184. (B)   185. (C)

186. (B)   187. (D)   188. (C)   189. (B)   190. (D)

191. (C)   192. (B)   193. (C)   194. (D)   195. (D)

196. (C)   197. (B)   198. (D)   199. (D)   200. (A)