Part 5

Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

101. Mr. Dornan was supposed to purchase the tickets to the opera, but he thought that they were too ——-.

          (A) expense

          (B) expensive

          (C) expensiveness

          (D) expensively

102. ——- who are interested in attending the marketing conference should report to the marketing director.

          (A) Anybody

          (B) Another


          (D) Each

103. At the office, you will be——- for your personal ID card, which will include your name, photo, and ID number.

          (A) photographed

          (B) photography

          (C) photographs

          (D) photograph

104. Visitors ——- to show their passport or photo identification whenever they have to check-in a hotel.

          (A) requests

          (B) are requested

          (C) to request

          (D) requesting

105. Safety checks will start at 1:00 in the afternoon in the Manila facility, and its manufacturing processes cannot recommence ——- they have been finished.

          (A) while

          (B) until

          (C) that


106. Mr. Rosenblatt’s presentation is scheduled to begin ——- approximately 9:00 A.M.

          (A) in

          (B) on

          (C) for

          (D) at

107. Workers who make use of company vehicles must ——- a legal and up-to-date driver’s license.

          (A) review

          (B) assign

          (C) possess

          (D) specify

108. Guests will ——- the Executive Lounge on the third floor adjacent to the Grand Ballroom.

          (A) find

          (B) stay

          (C) relax

          (D) spend

109. A team ——- of architects and engineers will go to the site to discuss strategies for expanding the factory.

          (A) consists

          (B) will consist

          (C) consisting

          (D) to be consisted

110. Davis Goss has had more than 10 years of experience as a creative ——- for JSU.

          (A) consult

          (B) consulted

          (C) consultant

          (D) consultation

111. ProPoint Graphics has ——- impressed me with its creativity and design work.

          (A) consistently

          (B) consist

          (C) consisted

          (D) consistent

112. The trip to Hong Kong was a good experience, and I would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a good ——- for money.

          (A) value

          (B) price

          (C) discount

          (D) cost

113. Almost one out of every four employees complained of ——- being tired during the day.

          (A) frequent

          (B) frequently

          (C) frequency

          (D) frequented

114. It’s certain that the demand for water will fall so much ——- the water from the channel will not be needed.

          (A) that

          (B) than

          (C) although

          (D) besides

115. Telstra’s wireless network is ——- faster than any other network listed in the brochure.

          (A) more

          (B) most

          (C) much

          (D) many

116. ——- Mr. Ryan lied about his degree on his resume, or there’s been a cover-up.

          (A) Before

          (B) Either

          (C) Whatever

          (D) Both

117. In the last session in the series for sales representatives, attendees will practice drawing up a business ——- that is aimed at potential clients.

          (A) venture

          (B) routine

          (C) reference

          (D) proposal

118. If fewer than 80% of the staff select the correct option, we should consider ——- the homepage.

          (A) redesigning

          (B) redesign

          (C) redesigned

          (D) redesigns

119. According to the map, the Hotel Saphir is ——- located in an eastern suburb of Paris in Marne la Vallee.

          (A) willingly

          (B) absolutely

          (C) certainly

          (D) agreeably

120. Some large banks are ——- enough to sell their potentially non-performing assets in advance.

          (A) alert

          (B) observable

          (C) discovering

          (D) obvious

121. The companies are ——- recruiting college graduates and professionals with disabilities.

          (A) active

          (B) activity

          (C) actively

          (D) activate

122. Any fragile merchandise manufactured by Beauty China calls for ——- handling to avoid breaking during shipping.

          (A) casual

          (B) careful

          (C) grateful

          (D) typical

123. ——- a few flaws with the awfully designed package, the actual software is pretty good.

          (A) Toward

          (B) Beside

          (C) Despite

          (D) Unless

124. The ——- published by the information desk is insufficient by itself to meet the requirements the visitors need.

          (A) textbook

          (B) guidance

          (C) biography

          (D) brochure

125. Institutions may require a particular program or may choose to develop a program to ——- the requirements.

          (A) meet

          (B) build

          (C) serve

          (D) face

126. The highly——- new book from Monty Roberts will be on sale next year on September 1.

          (A) anxious

          (B) introduced

          (C) renewable

          (D) anticipated

127. Conan has developed an even faster and more efficient network printer to join the ranks of its ——- popular range.

          (A) fascinated

          (B) already

          (C) before

          (D) intended

128. The agreement would see the three companies work together ——- the bio-tech industry.

          (A) to promote

          (B) promote

          (C) promoted

          (D) promotes

129. The school had ——- been open in the past two weeks due to the bad road conditions.

          (A) shortly

          (B) minutely

          (C) rapidly

          (D) hardly

130. It is the human resources manager ——- job is to evaluate or terminate the employee.

          (A) whose

          (B) whom

          (C) what

          (D) when

Part 6

Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word, phrase, or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 131-134 refer to the following e-mail.

From: Ives, Andrea <>
To: Kim, Irina <>
Cc: Buris, Emily
Sent: Thursday, February 4, 3:20 P.M.
Subject: Order Status

Dear Ms. Kim,

Thank you for your e-mail inquiry about your book order for ‘The New Drawing on the Right Side of Your Brain.’ I —131.—- Emily Buris, the manager of our distribution centers, to inquire about your order.

Ms. Buris assured me that the order was —132.—- on January 15. She also said that because the book is imported, it takes several days longer than usual book orders. —133.—-. If your order does not arrive by that date, please contact Ms. Buris directly, and she will attempt to remedy the situation.

We hope that you will be completely —134.—- with your purchase, and we look forward to serving you again in the future.

Andrea Ives
Sales Manager, Garend Book Market

131.  (A) contact

          (B) am contacting

          (C) have contacted

          (D) will contact

132.  (A) qualified

          (B) processed

          (C) clarified

          (D) evaluated

133.  (A) We will notify you when the item becomes available for delivery.

          (B) However, we will be able to order the book for you from the publisher within the next week.

          (C) Please confirm receipt of your book order that was shipped out to you last week.

          (D) Under any circumstances, you should receive it by February 7.

134.  (A) familiar

          (B) agreed

          (C) satisfied

          (D) acquainted

Questions 135-138 refer to the following letter.

Dear Home and Office Personnel Representative:

I read your job posting for a store manager with great interest and I’m writing to apply for the job. I believe my qualifications match your requirements. I have —135.—- seven years of retail management experience that includes merchandising, employee management, loss —136.—- and inventory control.


I have enclosed my resume to provide additional information about my education and professional background.

I look forward to hearing from you and would be available to meet on any weekday at your convenience.

Thank you for your —138.—-.


Noriko Asada

135.  (A) even as

          (B) more than

          (C) across

          (D) on to

136.  (A) prevent

          (B) to prevent

          (C) preventable

          (D) prevention

137.  (A) I am also very excited to speak at your conference as a store manager.

          (B) Since I started working for your company, I have been a distinguished hardworking salesman.

          (C) We have noted how diligently you worked to become an expert in the field.

          (D) In addition to extensive retail expertise, I have excellent communication skills.

138.  (A) inquiry

          (B) payment

          (C) schedule

          (D) consideration

Questions 139-142 refer to the following announcement.

A limited number of free tickets are still —139.—- for the March 21 reception to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the Rutherford Art Museum.

The museum is one of the oldest structures in the city and originally it had been the residence of a local business man.

The event —140.—- by the museum director Janet Melson.

The mayor and the members of the Rutherford City Council will also attend. The reception will include a live performance by the Rutherford City Choir and the —141.—- of a new book showing the collection of the museum.


139.  (A) convenient

          (B) available

          (C) independent

          (D) empty

140.  (A) was officiated

          (B) was being officiated

          (C) will be officiated

          (D) will officiate

141.  (A) sequence

          (B) release

          (C) production

          (D) sign

142.  (A) I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

          (B) Any tickets acquired through an Internet website are subject to a 3 dollar fee.

          (C) The tickets are being distributed on a first-come, first-served basis at the information desk, located on the ground floor of the Rutherford Art Museum.

          (D) The Rutherford Art Museum will feature more than a hundred paintings by the renowned painter, Janet Melson.

Questions 143-146 refer to the following notice.

Attention: All staff

The following is to inform you that the welcoming session for recently-hired staff —143.—- place this

Friday, August 13.

Every new employee is —144.—- to be present unless it conflicts with their schedule.

The welcoming session will allow employees to learn more about subjects —145.—- benefit packages, promotion procedures, and office safety initiatives.

The session will be held on the ninth floor of the Hilltop building at 9:30 a.m. —146.—-. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.


Abby Dean
Human Resources

143.  (A) took

          (B) will take

          (C) taking

          (D) will have taken

144.  (A) required

          (B) favored

          (C) included

          (D) reported

145. (A) nevertheless

          (B) as long as

          (C) likewise

          (D) such as

146. (A) Attendees enjoyed all the presentations during the welcoming session.

          (B) All attendees are recommended to review the contract prior the meeting.

          (C) All attendees should bring their employee manual along to the session.

          (D) All attendees were asked to elect a new chairman at the welcoming session.

Part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 147-148 refer to the following announcement.


Melinda’s Antiques

A new antique store with a unique inventory

Located on 5th Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets

We are open from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. Monday to Friday,

9 A.M to 5 P.M. on Saturday and 12 P.M. to 5 P.M. on Sunday.

We specialize in furniture, lighting, and fine arts from the 17th to the mid-20th century.

All our items are in very good condition.

Present this announcement for a 10% discount on the items of your choice.

147. What is announced?

          (A) A change of business hours

          (B) A weeklong sale

          (C) An opening of a new store

          (D) A store is going out of business

148. At what time does Melinda’s Antiques open on Sunday?

          (A) 9 A.M.

          (B) 10 A.M.

          (C) 11 A.M.

          (D) 12 P.M.

Questions 149-150 refer to the following text message chain.

Mira Sorvino

What time should I meet the client at the airport?
I heard that his flight will arrive at 3 p.m. tomorrow.

9: 21 a.m.

Stephen Kenny

I think you don’t have to go there.

9: 27 a.m.

Stephen Kenny

Originally, we were supposed to pick him up, but his secretary called this morning and said he will just take a cab to the hotel.

9: 28 a.m.

Mira Sorvino

That’s very good. I was worried that we wouldn’t have enough time to finish up the report before meeting him.

9: 30 a.m.

Mira Sorvino

So, when do we meet him and where?

9: 32 a.m.

Stephen Kenny

We will see him at the office on Monday.

9: 33 a.m.

149. At 9:30, what does Mira Servino mean when she writes, ‘That’s very good”?

          (A) She can arrive on time at the airport.

          (B) She can pick a client up.

          (C) She can complete a document.

          (D) She can ask Mr. Kenny to fill out the report.

150. Where will Mira meet the client?

          (A) At the office

          (B) At the airport

          (C) At the hotel

          (D) At the client’s office

Questions 151-152 refer to the following announcement.

City Express

Transport Company

City Express Transport Company is pleased to announce improved bus service between Philadelphia and New York City, beginning on March 1st.

● We are adding 10 additional departures per day for a total of 25 (7 days per week).

● Departures will occur every half hour in the morning (6 A.M. – 10 A.M.
    and evening (5 P.M. – 9 P.M.) and every hour from 10 A.M. – 5 P.M.

● Four additional buses will be put into service.

● Each new bus will have a capacity of 100 passengers, instead of 80.

● All buses are equipped with air conditioning.

We are happy to say that fares will remain unchanged for the remainder of this year. The first and last departures of the day will still be at 5:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M., respectively.

151. What is the subject of the announcement?

          (A) A new bus company

          (B) Earlier departure times

          (C) Increased bus service

          (D) Lower fare prices

152. What is NOT true about the buses?

          (A) They run every 30 minutes all day.

          (B) They run every day.

          (C) They travel between Philadelphia and New York City.

          (D) They have air conditioning.

Questions 153-155 refer to the following information.

Driscoll Tools Corporation (DTC)

Shipping and Returns policy

Shipping: Driscoll Tools Corporation (OTC) now ships its high-quality power tools across the globe. Next day, two-day and Saturday delivery options are available; Please contact a sales representative for rates. For online purchases, shipping rates are automatically calculated at the time of purchase. Discount rates are available for bulk purchases.

Returns: OTC offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all products. If customers are not fully satisfied with one of our tools, they can return it for a full refund. No questions asked. No receipt is necessary for returns as we keep track of all orders in our computer system. Items may be returned to any of our 150 stores nationwide regardless of where they were purchased. Online purchases may be returned to any of our store locations or by mailing them to our central warehouse. Shipping costs are not refundable.

153. What does OTC do?

          (A) It sells tools.

          (B) It repairs computers.

          (C) It builds websites.

          (D) It manufactures ships.

154. What delivery option is NOT mentioned?

          (A) Next day delivery

          (B) Two-day delivery

          (C) Saturday delivery

          (D) Same-day delivery

155. What is stated as part of DTC’s return policy?

          (A) Items can be returned for any reason within 60 days.

          (B) Refunds generally include delivery costs.

          (C) Items bought over the Internet can only be returned by mail.

          (D) Returned items do not need to be accompanied by a receipt.

Questions 155-157 refer to the following notice.

Attention Coconut Grove Resort Guests

Please pardon our dust as our facility undergoes some renovations. There will be a few changes that might affect your stay. The rooftop swimming pool will be closed from April 10th through April 20th. However, all guests will receive a free pass to use the pool at the Blue Lagoon Inn next door during this time. The dining area of the restaurant will be closed for the entire month of April, but the kitchen will be fully operational so room service will not be interrupted. Finally, cable television will not be available between 2 A.M. and 5 A.M. from April 5th through April 9th as we upgrade to fiber optic cables.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to speak to a member of our staff. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. These renovations will make the Coconut Grove Resort even more luxurious than it already is. As always, we are committed to ensuring our guests a clean, comfortable, and relaxing stay.

156. What will be continuously available in the Coconut Grove Resort?

          (A) Swimming pool

          (B) Room service

          (C) Restaurant

          (D) Cable television

157. What is the purpose of the notice?

          (A) To alert guests for the changes caused by construction

          (B) To explain construction methods

          (C) To advertise new services in the hotel

          (D) To notify guests of improved facilities

Questions 158-160 refer to the following e-mail.

To: Joshua Dickerson

From: Steven Battle (

Date: Wednesday, August 17 11 :08 A.M.

Subject: Purchase Order #83902-Superior Plumbing Supply


I am currently having difficulty with an order I placed with your company, Superior Plumbing Supply. I placed an order via fax on July 28th (Purchase order #83902), for a kitchen faucet (Model # MV600) and a shower head (Model# WT755). — [1] –. I requested that these items be delivered to the Robinson job site. However, a different kitchen faucet (Model# MV550) was delivered to the Robinson job site last Friday. — [2] –. Please make a note to have your delivery driver pick up this faucet when he or she bring out the correct ones.

— [3] –. As of today, I am still waiting on the kitchen faucet and shower head to be delivered. The Robinson house is ready to open but cannot until these items are installed. I spoke with one of your customer service representatives on Monday and she said the items left your warehouse last Friday and were delivered. However, I think they must have been delivered to the wrong address. — [4] –. Perhaps they confused my order with another. In any event, it is very important that you locate my order and deliver it as soon as possible. I have attached an original copy of purchase order and directions to the Robinson house for your convenience.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Steven Battle
Project Manager
Blue Ridge Custom Homes

158. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

          (A) To request new purchase order forms

          (B) To describe problems with an order

          (C) To explain a new shipping policy

          (D) To cancel a purchase order

159. According to the e-mail, what has been delivered to the Robinson job site?

          (A) Shower head Model # WT755

          (B) Kitchen Faucet Model # MV600

          (C) Kitchen Faucet Model # MV550

          (D) Nothing has been delivered.

160. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

          “We realized it was the wrong one so the box has not been opened.”

          (A) [1]

          (B) [2]

          (C) [3]

          (D) [4]

Question 161-164 refer to the following advertisement.

Do you think movie theaters have gotten too expensive?

Would you rather enjoy movies in the comfort
of your own home?

Hi-Tech Electronics has the perfect solution: a home theater system.

From now through September 30th, all projectors and screens are 10% off the regular price. Theater chairs are 15% off. All DVD players are 20% off, and take 25% off all home theater audio equipment.

Hi-Tech Electronics has been selling high-quality, state-of-the-art electronics for over 25 years. Our competitive prices and the support of our loyal customers have made Hi-Tech Electronics the best electronics store in the area. We are located in the 488 West Broad Street in the Brook Meadows Shopping Center.

Stop by today!

Hi-Tech is your trusted source for the latest electronics.

161. What reason is mentioned in the advertisement for purchasing a home theater system?

          (A) It is more exciting to watch movies at home.

          (B) Movie theaters are too crowded.

          (C) Home theaters are great for entertaining guests.

          (D) Ticket prices are too high.

162. The word “state-of-the-art” in line 8 are closest in meaning to

          (A) attractive

          (B) creative

          (C) modern

          (D) old-fashioned

163. What is stated about Hi-Tech Electronics?

          (A) It is conveniently located.

          (B) Its products are reasonably priced.

          (C) It opened for business recently.

          (D) Its staff is very knowledgeable.

164. How much of a discount is offered on speakers?

          (A) 10%

          (B) 15%

          (C) 20%

          (D) 25%

Questions 165-167 refer to the following letter.

Stallworth Securities

June 4
Ms. Karol Mitchell
1714 Washington Boulevard
Canton, OH 44702

Ms. Mitchell,

Thank you for your interest in Stallworth Securities. I received your application, resume, and cover letter today. After reviewing your resume, I believe you are overqualified for the financial analyst position you applied for. Your qualifications are quite impressive and I think we may have a position that better utilizes your skills.

We are currently looking for an auditor to join our accounting team. I believe you are well qualified for this position as you have extensive experience in the internal auditing. I forwarded your resume to our Accounting Manager, Richard Harris, and he is interested in setting up an interview with you. Mr. Harris may be interested in speaking with your former employers, so I recommend bringing a list of references with you to the interview.

Please call me or send an e-mail at your earliest convenience to let me know if you would be interested in meeting with Mr. Harris about the auditor position.


Samantha Huber
Human Resources Manager
Stallworth Securities

165. What can be inferred from the letter?

          (A) There are several candidates for the position on Mr. Harris’ team.

          (B) Ms. Mitchell has interviewed at Stallworth Securities.

          (C) Mr. Harris has contacted Ms. Mitchell’s former employer.

          (D) Mr. Harris has reviewed Ms. Mitchell’s resume.

166. What position did Ms. Mitchell apply for?

          (A) Auditor

          (B) Financial Analyst

          (C) Accountant

          (D) Human Resources Manager

167. What did Ms. Mitchell probably NOT send to Ms. Huber?

          (A) An application

          (B) A resume

          (C) A cover letter

          (D) A list of references

Questions 168-171 refer to the following online chat discussion.

Marlin Akerman

1:00 P.M.

Mr. Hopkins, have you seen our restaurant’s health and safety records?

Marlin Akerman

1:02 P.M.

I was just informed that most of our employees’ safety certificates have expired.

Sarah Dugo

1:02 P.M.

Really? I’ve never heard about that.

Anthony Hopkins

1:04 P.M.

Yes, Marlin. I know that. We just planned a series of training sessions for 3 months from next week. Our workers are required to attend one of these sessions.

Marlin Akerman

1:07 P.M.

I have checked the schedule already but that training session was only for new employees. We need another session for existing employees who were certified last year.

Sarah Dugo

1:08 P.M.

Well, we don’t have to participate in this workshop, right?

Marlin Akerman

1:09 P.M.

Totally, yes, Sarah.

Anthony Hopkins

1:10 P.M.

Oh, I didn’t know that, Marlin. Could you email me a list of workers whose certificates have expired? Then we can schedule an additional course for them.

Sarah Dugo

1:13 P.M.

I want the information, too. Please give it to me by e-mail.

168. What problem does the Marlin mention?

          (A) A fire alarm system has not been installed.

          (B) Three classes are scheduled at the same time.

          (C) Some records are not correct.

          (D) Some certificates are not valid.

169. What does Marlin say about the workers who were certified last year?

          (A) They will instruct new employees.

          (B) They need to attend a session.

          (C) They should present a certificate.

          (D) They should contact their managers.

170. At 1:10, what does Mr. Hopkins mean when he writes, “Oh, I didn’t know that”?

          (A) Certain certificate should be renewed.

          (B) He should attend a workshop with his staff.

          (C) He is aware of the plan of upcoming event exactly.

          (D) A list of workers who have expired certificates was completed.

171. What does Mr. Hopkins ask Ms. Akerman to do?

          (A) Provide names of workers

          (B) Email directions

          (C) Lead a seminar

          (D) File some documents

Questions 172-175 refer to the following advertisement.

Freedom Bank and Trust Company

Freedom Bank and Trust, one of the leading financial firms in the world, has been in business for nearly 100 years. In the beginning, we were a local bank in Chicago, Illinois providing checking, savings, and loan services. Over time, we have grown to become one of the largest and most diversified financial services companies in North America with operations in 40 states. — [1] –. We have won numerous industry awards, and our firm has been named one of the top five financial firms in America by the American Bankers Association.

To become one of the most successful banks in the country, we have made significant investments in customer service training and internal recognition of our employees for outstanding service. — [2] –. We pride ourselves in offering the best customer services in the industry as indicated by winning the J.R. Lucas Customer Service Award for banking for the past 3 years running. — [3] –. Our customers receive individual attention that other large banks are unable to offer.

— [4] –. Whether you want to open a checking or savings account, apply for a loan, or invest money in your retirement, please visit any of our 724 branch offices across the country.

172. What is stated about Freedom Bank and Trust Company?

          (A) Loan rates are the lowest in the industry.

          (B) They have branches worldwide.

          (C) Most of their business focuses on loan services.

          (D) It has expanded over the years.

173. The word “diversified” in paragraph 1, line 5, is closest in meaning to

          (A) successful

          (B) varied

          (C) controversial

          (D) specialized

174. What work is NOT mentioned as a reason for Freedom Bank and Trust’s outstanding service?

          (A) They provide employees special training.

          (B) They reward employees for good service.

          (C) They offer special attention to customers.

          (D) They conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

175. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

          “Our business now includes retail brokerage services, wealth management, investment banking, mortgage services, and traditional banking.”

          (A) [1]

          (B) [2]

          (C) [3]

          (D) [4]

Questions 176-180 refer to the following memo and e-mail.

To: Tenants of the Glendale Office Complex
From: Ms. Colleen Bullock, Winston & Pretlow Company
Date: June 1

Winston & Pretlow Company is pleased to announce that we have assumed the management of the Glendale Office Complex. We look forward to working with you.

Below is a list of important contacts in our company.

Security Department

          Head of Security, Mr. Edward Ross <>

Maintenance and Operations

          Maintenance Supervisor, Mr. Michael Pittman <>

          (For issues with landscaping and outdoor maintenance, please contact our landscaping contractor directly, Mr. Marshall Weaver of Odyssey Landscape

          Services at

General Management

          Property Manager, Ms. Colleen Bullock <>

Winston & Pretlow Company

From : Mark Tinsley <>

To : Edward Ross < >

Date :June 25

Subject : New key cards

Attachment: Orientation Schedule.doc

My name is Mark Tinsley and I work at Compton Technologies. We are located on the third floor of the Glendale Office Complex. We have hired 5 new employees that will be starting on July I. We have run out of entrance key cards and would like to order some for the new employees. I would appreciate it if you could deliver the key cards by the end of the week. Thank you.


Mark Tinsley

176. What kind of business is Winston & Pretlow Company?

          (A) A property management company

          (B) A security company

          (C) A landscaping company

          (D) A construction company

177. What is indicated in the memo?

          (A) The Glendale Office Complex is seeking new tenants.

          (B) A new landscaping package will be installed.

          (C) Winston & Pretlow Company will hire new staff.

          (D) Various individuals may be contacted for assistance.

178. To what department did Mr. Tinsley write the e-mail?

          (A) Security Department

          (B) Maintenance and Operations

          (C) Landscaping

          (D) General Management

179. What is the purpose of Mr. Tinsley’s e-mail?

          (A) To report a lost key card

          (B) To request additional key cards

          (C) To seek advice on office security

          (D) To request information on leasing some office space

180. In the memo, the word “assumed” in paragraph 1, line 1 is closest in meaning to

          (A) purchased

          (B) relinquished

          (C) taken over


Questions 181-185 refer to the following business card and e-mail.

Nuvotech Biosciences

Aiden Kelly

Vice President of Clinical Research

Suite 109

28 Wilson Street

Sydney, NSW 5025


Phone: (61) 02 2883 9969

E-mail :


To: Aiden Kelly < >

From: Yuri Ito<>

Subject: Follow up

Date: May 5


I enjoyed meeting you at the clinical research conference in Anaheim, California last week. Thank you for telling me about your company’s opening for a clinical research supervisor. I believe I am very qualified for this position. As mentioned in person, I am currently a clinical research specialist at the Strickland University International Clinical Research Center in London. I work on a team aimed at understanding the biological significance of cellular processes. Additionally I serve on the European Union Scientific and Regulatory Committee of Clinical Research, which exposes me to important issues in our field.

As my resume indicates, I spent several years in the United States, first as a biomedical student at Shepherd University and then as an intern at King Health Systems in San Francisco. The training I received at these institutions was very thorough, and living in the US enabled me to become fluent in English. My fluency in Japanese, English, and Mandarin Chinese is particularly helpful in communicating with researchers across the globe.

As per your request, I have attached my resume and some clinical reports I have recently written. I will be traveling to your city next month and would like to stop by your office if you have time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yuri Ito
(020) 8563 3352

181. Why was the e-mail written?

          (A) To follow up on a previous conversation

          (B) To promote an organization

          (C) To inform someone about a job opening

          (D) To confirm an appointment for an interview

182. What is indicated about Mr. Kelly?

          (A) He serves on a clinical research committee.

          (B) He has attended a conference in California.

          (C) He has never met Ms. Ito in person.

          (D) He works in London.

183. What does Ms. Ito express her interest in doing?

          (A) Teaching at Shepherd University

          (B) Serving on the EU Scientific and Regulatory Committee of Clinical Research

          (C) Training at King Health Systems

          (D) Working for Nuvotech Biosciences

184. What is NOT mentioned as one of Ms. Ito’s strengths?

          (A) Ability to speak a few languages

          (B) Expertise in clinical research

          (C) Experience as a supervisor

          (D) Education in biomedicine

185. What country does Ms. Ito want to meet Mr. Kelly in?

          (A) USA

          (B) Australia

          (C) Japan

          (D) China

Questions 186-190 refer to the following memo, table, and e-mail.


From: Allison O’Donnell
To: Marketing Department
Date: August 4
Re: New advertising campaign


At tomorrow’s meeting, we need to make a final decision on which magazine we will advertise in for Zing all purpose cleaner. As you may know, we previously discussed advertising Zing using direct mailers or on the Internet, but we ultimately decided on inserts that will be placed inside magazines.

In preparation for the meeting, please take a look at the attached list of magazines. We originally considered 15 different magazines, but we narrowed it down to these five based on circulations, size, price, and insert limitations. The attached table shows the different options and criteria we must take into consideration as we make a final selection.

The genres of magazines are varied because cleaning products are used by everyone. Therefore, we are not targeting any specific readership. Management has indicated that they prefer the least expensive option. Although its circulation of 95,000 is less than the others, it has the best ratio of price to circulation and also limits the number of inserts. This means our advertisements will not have to compete with a lot of other inserts for the readers’ attention.

Magazine Circulation Frequency Maximum Number of Inserts Rates Additional Notes
Sports Today 180,000 Weekly 8 $225,000  
Home & Garden 165,000 Quarterly No limit $185,000 Targets homeowners
Paparazzi 135,000 Monthly No limit $150,500 Provides entertainment news to a broad audience
Discovery Earth 125,000 Monthly 4 $155,000 Complimentary copy on four major airlines
Health & Fitness 95,000 Monthly 2 $120,000  

To : Allison O’Donnell

From : Christina Hendricks

I’ve checked out the attached list. You recommended the cheapest publication but I don ‘t think the option would be effective and suitable for our product, considering the potential readers. Rather, I think that the other magazines intended for home owners or many people will be more successful. I want us to reconsider this issue more carefully by the next meeting.

186. What does the memo discuss?

          (A) Changing the date of a meeting

          (B) Increasing magazine circulation

          (C) Buying advertising space

          (D) Buying a subscription to a magazine

187. How many magazines were originally considered?

          (A) 5

          (B) 10

          (C) 11

          (D) 15

188. What information was NOT used in selecting a magazine?

          (A) Its advertising rates

          (B) Its total circulation

          (C) Its number of inserts

          (D) Its readership

189. Which magazine is recommended in the memo?

          (A) Home & Garden

          (B) Paparazzi

          (C) Discovery Earth

          (D) Health & Fitness

190. What is indicated about Home & Garden magazine?

          (A) It has the most expensive advertising rates.

          (B) It limits the number of advertising insert.

          (C) It publishes four issues per year.

          (D) It is available on airline flights inserts.

Questions 191-195 refer to the following advertisement, voucher, and e-mail.

Grand Opening of Campbell Studios

Jared Campbell is excited to announce that Campbell Studios is expanding to Barboursville! The new studio will open on April 1st and is located at 421 Kingston Street. We offer a wide range of photographic services including portraits, special event, and commercial photography. We also offer a variety of printing services such as digital prints, calendars, greeting cards, and more. To kick off our first month in Barboursville, we’re offering some special deals for the month of April. If interested, call us now and send an e-mail, and we will send you this special voucher with our schedule promptly. I recommend you and your family to make precious and valuable memory with our studio.

421 Kingston Street, Barboursville WV 51823
Telephone number : (501) 555-8726

April Family and Individual Portrait Specials:

– All portraits taken during the 1st-15th of April will receive a 20% discount.

– All portraits taken during the 16th-30th of April will receive a free 8”x10” picture frame

(valued at $50).

Business hours:

Monday: Closed               Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9 A.M~6 P.M.

Friday: 9 A.M~8 P.M.      Saturday: 8 A.M~6 P.M.                Sunday: 11 A.M~5 P.M.

Appointment and Payment Terms:

Appointments for portraits must be made at least two days in advance and can be made by phone or e-mail. Customers will receive a phone call to confirm their appointment one day prior to their scheduled visit. Any cancellations made less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment will be assessed a $20 fee. A 50% deposit is expected on the day of service.

To: Jared Campbell

From: Alford Willis

Sent: April 10

Re: Baby Portrait

Dear Mr. Campbell:

On the weekend of April 25th, my son and his family will be visiting from Denton for my grandson’s 1st birthday. As a gift for my son, I would like to schedule a baby portrait for Saturday, April 26th at your new Barboursville studio. Do you have any appointments available for that day? An appointment before noon is probably best for the baby. Please reply to this email or call me at (501) 866-9020 and let me know your availability.

By the way, I was recommended to you by friends of mine in Charlestown and Blacksburg. They had family portraits taken in your studios there and said the portraits were fantastic and the service was top notch, so I’m hoping you will have time to schedule this photo shoot.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

191. In the advertisement, what is NOT stated about appointments?

          (A) They can be made by e-mail.

          (B) They will be confirmed by phone.

          (C) They can be made by up to two days in advance.

          (D) They can be cancelled at any time without penalty.

192. In the voucher, the word “assessed” in the last paragraph, line 4 is closest in meaning to

          (A) scheduled

          (B) charged

          (C) refunded

          (D) sent

193. What does Mr. Willis’ e-mail suggest about Jared Campbell?

          (A) He has been in business for 1 year.

          (B) He has worked with Mr. Willis previously.

          (C) He has relatives living in Charlestown.

          (D) He has studios in different cities.

194. What will Mr. Willis probably receive on the day of the photo session?

          (A) A calendar

          (B) A 20% discount

          (C) A cash rebate of $50

          (D) A picture frame

195. Where does Mr. Willis want to have the photo session?

          (A) In Denton

          (B) In Charlestown

          (C) In Barboursville

          (D) In Blacksburg

Questions 196-200 refer to the letter, information, and e-mail.

Dear Mr. Berkley,

As we discussed, I attended the Jump Junior Dance Competition yesterday and took some photographs that I think will be perfect for your magazine.

I have attached the pictures to this letter and have labeled each picture with a name and short description. To make things easier, I have summarized the information. I recommend you to consult these attachments. I hope you will be able to use these for your article about the competition.


Esther Simon

Esther Simon

Independent Photographer

Picture name Picture description






All the finalists in the competition

The winner, Jennifer Shine on the stage

Ms. Shine at the awards ceremony

Ms. Shine hugging her coach, Matthew Collage

Judges evaluating a performance

From: Derek Berkley <>

To: Esther Simon <>

Date: September 10 09: 15:26

Dear Mrs. Simon

Thank you so much for the pictures! I looked over your work with the other editors and decided that “Shine-3” would be great to put on the front page. We would also like to use “Shine-1 “and “Judges” in the article that one of our reporters is writing about the competition.

We are offering to pay you our set fee of $50 per picture. Please let me know if this is acceptable and I will send out a contract for your review and signature.


Derek Berkley
Flipside Dance Magazine
Branch Drive 1646

196. Why did Mrs. Simon contact Mr. Berkley?

          (A) To enter a dance competition

          (B) To subscribe to a magazine

          (C) To arrange to have her pictures taken

          (D) To offer items for sale

197. What did Mrs. Simon send with her letter?

          (A) Her recent work

          (B) Contact information for a dancer

          (C) List of competition participants

          (D) A schedule for a competition

198. What does Mr. Berkley want to display on the front page?

          (A) A picture of Ms. Shine performing

          (B) A picture of the competition judges

          (C) A picture of Ms. Shine with Mr. Collage

          (D) A picture of the competition finalists

199. What does the e-mail imply about Mr. Berkley?

          (A) He wrote the article about sports.

          (B) He works with an editing team.

          (C) He was a judge at the dance competition.

          (D) He is a new employee at Flipside Dance Magazine.

200. What does Mr. Berkley want Mrs. Simon to do next?

          (A) Confirm a price

          (B) Contact an editor

          (C) Write an article

          (D) Attend a competition

Answer Key

Answer Key

101. (B)   102. (C)   103. (A)   104. (B)   105. (B)

106. (D)   107. (C)   108. (A)   109. (C)   110. (C)

111. (A)   112. (A)   113. (B)   114. (A)   115. (C)

116. (B)   117. (D)   118. (A)   119. (D)   120. (A)

121. (C)   122. (B)   123. (C)   124. (D)   125. (A)

126. (D)   127. (B)   128. (A)   129. (D)   130. (A)

131. (C)   132. (B)   133. (D)   134. (C)   135. (B)

136. (D)   137. (D)   138. (D)   139. (B)   140. (C)

141. (B)   142. (C)   143. (B)   144. (A)   145. (D)

146. (C)   147. (C)   148. (D)   149. (C)   150. (A)

151. (C)   152. (A)   153. (A)   154. (D)   155. (D)

156. (B)   157. (A)   158. (B)   159. (C)   160. (B)

161. (D)   162. (C)   163. (B)   164. (D)   165. (D)

166. (B)   167. (D)   168. (D)   169. (B)   170. (C)

171. (A)   172. (D)   173. (B)   174. (D)   175. (A)

176. (A)   177. (D)   178. (A)   179. (B)   180. (C)

181. (A)   182. (B)   183. (D)   184. (C)   185. (B)

186. (C)   187. (D)   188. (D)   189. (D)   190. (C)

191. (D)   192. (B)   193. (D)   194. (D)   195. (C)

196. (D)   197. (A)   198. (C)   199. (B)   200. (A)