Part 5

Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

101. The company’s approach to dealing with change is to examine it ——- before taking any action.

          (A) thought

          (B) thoughtful

          (C) thoughtfully

          (D) thoughtfulness

102. A new list of employee phone numbers will ——- on the intranet next Wednesday.

          (A) post

          (B) to be posted

          (C) posts

          (D) be posted

103. ——- international pressure, the government decided not to follow the environmental policies.

          (A) According

          (B) Whenever

          (C) Unless

          (D) Despite

104. We failed to reach a ——- on the issue of expanding business at the meeting.

          (A) retention


          (C) sympathy

          (D) dispute

105. Any employees who need office supplies should submit a request ——- to the purchasing director.

          (A) briefly

          (B) directly

          (C) freely

          (D) nearly

106. It is ——- that employees wear protective clothing in this area since the site is very dangerous.

          (A) secluded

          (B) essential

          (C) competent

          (D) spontaneous

107. Mr. Armitage has requested that ——- related to the upcoming charity bazaar be reported separately.


          (B) expensively

          (C) expensive


108. Only ——- merchandise is subject to conditions in the return policy within 14 days of invoice date.

          (A) deliberate

          (B) untrue

          (C) defective

          (D) unavailable

109. Sending a letter of apology, promptly after a customer’s complaint, is a highly recommended——-.

          (A) practice

          (B) reference

          (C) plot

          (D) resource

110. Many regional relief facilities will be receiving ——- of canned foods and other necessities from wealthy businessmen.

          (A) donating

          (B) donate

          (C) donations

          (D) donated

111. The company offers the most ——- collection of auto parts and accessories in the industry.

          (A) extensive

          (B) distracted

          (C) spacious

          (D) occasional

112. The speech by the CEO clearly disrupted the office by ——- the employees from their work.

          (A) refusing

          (B) distracting

          (C) experiencing

          (D) comprising

113. The new software’s compatibility and convenience will be of great help in ——- the complicated paperwork.

          (A) to streamline

          (B) streamlined

          (C) streamlining

          (D) streamlines

114. Tamsin Mutual will stop accepting applications ——- the administrative position has been filled.

          (A) while

          (B) once

          (C) despite

          (D) whereas

115. The sports business is a ——- profitable industry, so the construction of new sporting facilities is a current trend nationwide.

          (A) softly

          (B) closely

          (C) highly

          (D) tightly

116. Establishing marketing strategies is one of the most ——- and time-intensive tasks at the company.

          (A) demanding

          (B) demanded

          (C) demands

          (D) demandingly

117. The photocopier is out of service, so an experienced ——– has been called in to begin repair work immediately.

          (A) technician

          (B) certificate

          (C) factory

          (D) generator

118. Due to the labor dispute at the airport, Mr. Robinson ——- his business trip to New York until he could find alternate transportation.

          (A) should be postponed

          (B) had to postpone

          (C) to postpone

          (D) postponing

119. Although the new mutual fund has been performing well, experts warn that there is a possibility of substantial ——-.

          (A) lose

          (B) losing

          (C) lost

          (D) loss

120. Our company policy requires employees ——- in accordance with federal safety regulations at all times.

          (A) acting

          (B) acted

          (C) are acting

          (D) to act

121. Ms. Tyler is a very talented artist ——- works are being displayed in an art gallery on First Avenue.

          (A) who

          (B) whom

          (C) whose

          (D) which

122. The number of freelance journalists has increased ——- in recent years at a significantly faster rate than that of dependent journalists.

          (A) remark

          (B) remarking

          (C) remarkably

          (D) remarkable

123. A new state law forbids the selling of clients’ personal information ——- written consent.

          (A) except

          (B) without

          (C) within

          (D) between

124. Management has been ——- employees in the Marketing Department to come up with good ideas for the new project.

          (A) encourage

          (B) encouraged

          (C) encouraging

          (D) encouragement

125. ——- the costs of transportation and production were significantly lower than those of other companies, IVC Inc. still failed to balance between profit and loss.

          (A) In spite of

          (B) In light of

          (C) Nevertheless

          (D) Eventhough

126. Although our organization had not made any ——- transactions, we were charged with doing that and had to testify in court.

          (A) reserved

          (B) extinct

          (C) anxious

          (D) improper

127. Two sports arenas and a large shopping center are now being erected in the Varma area, which was——- a limited development district.

          (A) immediately

          (B) evenly

          (C) formerly

          (D) consecutively

128. The National Independent Financial Association is an organization ——- to helping investment professionals advise their clients.

          (A) serious

          (B) dedicated

          (C) supportable

          (D) distributed

129. Studies have shown that Emun’s new vacuum cleaning system is ——- more effective than other systems of its kind on the market.

          (A) significance

          (B) signify

          (C) significant

          (D) significantly

130. The report from the Accounting Department suggested that company’s spending problem has ——- to be adequately addressed.

          (A) already

          (B) yet

          (C) always

          (D) never

Part 6

Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word, phrase, or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 131-134 refer to the following e-mail.

To: All Design & Art Team Members <>
Date: Tuesday, July 14
Re: Updated Agenda

Art Team:
The agenda for the next meeting —131.—-. Please find the finalized version attached to this e-mail.

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to speak with three of our Web site clients, and I want to pass along a few notes on what we need to know. The Lifetime Health Institute specifically requested that —132.—- incorporate several photographs into every page to showcase different medical products. LaPizza Frozen Pizza is pleased with the initial site, but it would like the updated version to be more fanciful. Northridge Consulting needs a —133.—- website for its users. It should have functional and straightforward designs with clear visual elements.


I will see everyone in the Multimedia Room at 10:00 A.M. on Thursday.


Noriko Asada
Technical Art Director

131.  (A) to update

          (B) will be updated

          (C) has been updated

          (D) will update

132.  (A) it

          (B) they

          (C) themselves

          (D) we

133.  (A) healthier

          (B) simpler

          (C) more involved

          (D) more recent

134.  (A) Please keep these clients’ requests in mind as you prepare for our meeting.

          (B) Our lobby renovation will be a great success because of your original design.

          (C) Before the meetings, Mr. Asada always researches the competitors.

          (D) Once you arrive at the hotel, obtain a copy of the meeting’s agenda from the reception.

Questions 135-138 refer to the following letter.

Bayonne Plaza Apartments
C-205 Atlantic Street, Neptune City,
New Jersey E9G 2L8

Dear New Residents,

Congratulations on your recent —135.—- to rent an apartment at Bayonne Plaza.


We trust that you will enjoy coming home to our newly renovated building located on the Atlantic side of the city. You will enjoy the wonderful ocean view and the convenience of living—137.—- walking distance of some of the finest restaurants and historical landmarks in the city.

As a tenant, you are responsible for the activation of electricity and telephone service by your move-in date. Should any maintenance issues arise, an onsite facilities technician is available twenty-four hours a day.

We look forward to serving you. Thank you for —138.—- at Bayonne Plaza.

135.  (A) decision

          (B) decide

          (C) decides

          (D) decisive

136.  (A) This letter confirms that your rental contract has been reviewed and signed.

          (B) This letter confirms your request to relocate your restaurant to our area.

          (C) This letter confirms that your lease contract has nearly expired.

          (D) This letter confirms your reservation at Bayonne Plaza.

137. (A) until

          (B) within

          (C) from

          (D) since

138.  (A) visiting

          (B) going

          (C) hearing

          (D) renting

Questions 139-142 refer to the following letter.

To whom it may concern,

On July 27th, I —139.—- High Skies Flight 725 from Glasgow, Scotland to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The flight itself was very pleasant.

Upon arrival in Rio de Janeiro, I went through immigration and then went to collect my baggage. However, I was extremely—140.—- to learn that my luggage was missing. I reported to your service desk that my baggage was missing. Then, I spent my whole week in Brazil without any luggage.


Since my luggage seems to have disappeared, I am submitting the enclosed list of what was lost in the luggage for reimbursement.

I hope to hear from you —142.—- the next few days. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


David Hoffman

139.  (A) took

          (B) taking

          (C) will take

          (D) have taken

140.  (A) satisfied

          (B) informed

          (C) disappointed

          (D) relieved

141.  (A) After the airplane landed, I claimed my luggage.

          (B) I checked in my luggage and found seats in the departure lounge.

          (C) I still have not received my personal belongings.

          (D) My flight was overbooked and I couldn’t get a seat.

142.  (A) within

          (B) until

          (C) since

          (D) from

Questions 143-146 refer to the following notice.

TO:   All Newly Promoted Managers

This is to let you —143.—- that the orientation for new managers will take place on Tuesday, September 8th.

All newly promoted managers are —144.—- to attend unless they have made other arrangements.

The orientation will address topics —145.—- benefits, the performance-review process, and confidential policies.

A new employee ID and a parking permit will be provided. Please come to the conference room 5 on the twelfth floor of the Jefferson Building by 10:00 A.M.


You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

Emily Burris
Human Resources

143.  (A) know

          (B) to know

          (C) knowing

          (D) known

144.  (A) required

          (B) compared

          (C) included

          (D) reported

145.  (A) so that

          (B) besides

          (C) likewise

          (D) such as

146.  (A) The orientation will promote the understanding of the managerial position.

          (B) Apart from the orientation session, all employees are asked to fill out the survey.

          (C) Those people who fail to attend the orientation will be disqualified.

          (D) The supervisor will give an orientation on the revised employment manual.

Part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 147-148 refer to the following e-mail.

From:   Yunjung Kim (

To:   Customer service representative (

Subject:   Suspension of MobileNet Account # 74382

Date:   November 2


I’d like to suspend my phone service for the months of December and January because I will be traveling abroad during that time.

From my past experience, it is my understanding that this will cause my contract period to extend for two more months, which would mean that my subscription will not end in April but in June.

If this is not the case, please contact me by e-mail to clarify your current contract policy. As always, thank you for your reliable service.


Yunjung Kim

147. What is the main purpose of the e-mail?

          (A) To cancel a cell phone contract

          (B) To report problems with cell phone service

          (C) To request a copy of a contract

          (D) To ask for a service to be suspended temporarily

148. What is suggested about Ms. Kim?

          (A) She was once a customer service representative for MobileNet.

          (B) She is not satisfied with MobileNet’s service.

          (C) She will be leaving the country.

          (D) She decided to cancel the suspension.

Questions 149-150 refer to the following text message chain.

Ron ······························· 11 :21 A.M.

Christine, would you call Dr. Morris and confirm the five o’clock appointment?


Christine ······························· 11:22 A.M.

Did you forget that you have a staff meeting starting at three?


Christine ······························· 11 :23 A.M.

I don’t think you’ll have enough time to get to the hospital by five. As you know, the meeting usually lasts more than two hours.


Ron ······························· 11:25 A.M.

Oh! It completely slipped my mind.


Ron ······························· 11:26 A.M.

Make the appointment for six then, and when you’re done, would you call the sales manager and ask him to come to my office?


Christine ······························· 11:28 A.M.

Sure. If Dr. Morris can’t make it for six, I’ll change your appointment to 9 a.m. tomorrow.

149. Who is Christine talking to?

          (A) A colleague

          (B) A nurse

          (C) A superior

          (D) A secretary

150. At 11 :25, what does Ron mean when he writes, “It completely slipped my mind”?

          (A) He should have contacted the sales manager.

          (B) He might have asked Christine to make a reservation.

          (C) He would have considered an assembly.

          (D) He could have visited a hospital before a meeting.

Questions 151-152 refer to the following e-mail.



Subject:   Banquet photos

Date:   June 5


Dear Ms. Hill:

We received the proofs of the photographs you took at our company banquet. We have chosen

the ones we would like to order, but we seem to have misplaced the order form.

Could you please send over another copy?

Also, we are interested in posting some of your photographs on our company website. However, for legal reasons, we need your permission before we may post them. Please let me know if you authorize this. We are very pleased with the way the photos turned out and will certainly want you again in the future.

Thank you,

Isabella Ortiz

151. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

          (A) To schedule a company event

          (B) To inquire about a fee

          (C) To request an order form

          (D) To ask for a website address

152. Who is Ms. Hill?

          (A) A photographer

          (B) An event planner

          (C) A website designer

          (D) A lawyer

Questions 153-154 refer to the following letter.

Haynes & Company

785 E. Williamsburg Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 74790

July 15

Ms. Zoe Algate
West End Accounting Services
Phoenix, AZ 74785 

Dear Ms. Algate,

Thank you for requesting information about the products offered at Haynes & Company. We sell a variety of products to meet all of your everyday office supply needs. I am enclosing our latest product list and an order form. You will notice that prices vary depending on the quantity ordered because we offer discounts for bulk orders.

I look forward to servicing your company’s needs.

Sincerely yours,


Kyle Hoffer
Sales Representative


153. What kind of company is Haynes & Company?

          (A) An accounting firm

          (B) An office supply dealer

          (C) A delivery company

          (D) An employment agency

154. What does Mr. Hoffer indicate about Haynes & Company’s prices?

          (A) They are reduced for large orders.

          (B) They are listed on the company’s website.

          (C) They are less than those of other businesses.

          (D) They depend on the customer’s location.

Questions 155-157 refer to the following notice.

Richmond International Airport

Attention Airline Passengers:

The Richmond International Airport has recently redesigned its website to provide a broader range of useful information. The site ( now lists all flight schedules and baggage fees, including fees for additional and oversized baggage. You can check in online, pay for baggage fees, and get traffic updates on major highways around the airport to improve your travel experience.

All flight delays or service interruptions will also be posted on the site, which will be continually updated. In the rare event of a major service interruption due to weather or security concerns, our website will display time estimates for flights to be resumed.

We hope the enhanced website will make air travel more convenient for you. We are always looking for ways to improve our site and our service. If you have any questions or suggestions, please fill out our contact form located in the “Contact Us” section of the website.

155. What is the main purpose of the notice?

          (A) To publicize recent changes made to a website

          (B) To inform travelers of airport security procedures

          (C) To notify travelers about upcoming changes in baggage fees

          (D) To provide information on purchasing airline tickets

156. According to the notice, what information is available on the website?

          (A) A list of baggage fees

          (B) Job openings

          (C) Security procedures

          (D) Airline fares

157. How may passengers contact Richmond International Airport?

          (A) By calling an office

          (B) By sending an e-mail

          (C) By visiting the airport

          (D) By filling out a form on the website

Questions 158-160 refer to the following advertisement.

Planning your next vacation?

Check out Gecko International Travel!

Gecko International Travel is an Australian based travel agency offering outstanding vacation packages to a wide variety of destinations. We also have relationships with a number of hotel chains and can help you find the best deals in the best locations. The following packages are some of our most popular and are being offered at a discounted price for the summer season:

A Taste of the Orient: Spend 7 days and 6 nights touring the exquisite far east aboard the Princess cruise ship. The ship departs from Shanghai and docks for special day trips in Fukuoka and Nagasaki, Japan, and Busan, South Korea.

New Zealand Adventure: Take a trip to the extreme sports capital of the world!
This 6 days, 5 nights tour gives you the opportunity to try the exciting activities New Zealand has to offer including hiking, rafting, and cycling. And if you’re brave enough, you can even sky dive or bungee jump! The package includes roundtrip airfare, daily activities, as well as hotel stays.

Southeast Asian Adventure: Explore the famous temples of Southeast Asia on this exclusive 2-week trip. Dr. Nomatamin Suleeja, a well known scholar on the history of the region, will lead travelers on a tour of ancient temples of Cambodia and Thailand including the world famous temples of Angkor Wat. Travelers will enjoy the beautiful scenery, unique cultures, and delicious foods of the region.
This package includes roundtrip airfare, hotel stays, bus fares, and visa fees.

In addition to offering vacation packages and booking flights, Gecko also offers assistance in renting vehicles.

158. What has changed at Gecko International Travel?

          (A) New vacation options have been made.

          (B) Additional tour agents have been hired.

          (C) Prices on vacation packages have been reduced.

          (D) A new office has been opened.

159. Where is Gecko International Travel’s main office?

          (A) Australia

          (B) China

          (C) Thailand

          (D) Japan

160. What is NOT stated about Gecko International Travel?

          (A) It collaborates with hotel chains.

          (B) It helps people reserve rental cars.

          (C) It offers travel insurance.

          (D) It reserves airline tickets.

Question 161-163 refer to the following letter.

First Choice Bank
625 Parham Road
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

February 17
Mr. Peter Kuhn
707 Row Street
Melbourne, Victoria 4500


Dear Mr. Kuhn,

Thank you for your interest in First Choice Bank –[1] –. We received your online application and resume for the Branch Manager position in Heidelburg. — [2] –. However, I was impressed with your resume and think that you would be a good candidate for an Assistant Branch Manager position. — [3] –. We currently have a need for one at our Deer Park branch. I forwarded your resume to the District Manager of that branch, but you will also need to submit a new application online. – [4] -. You should expect to hear from that manager within the week Thank you again for your application and I hope this opportunity is of interest to you.


Leslie Fishburne
Human Resources Representative

161. What does Ms. Fishburne suggest that Mr. Kuhn do?

          (A) Apply in person at the Deer Park branch

          (B) Fill out a new application

          (C) Send an e-mail to the hiring manager at the Deer Park branch

          (D) Enroll in First Choice Bank’s management training program

162. What is the main purpose of the letter?

          (A) To inform an applicant that he is qualified for another position

          (B) To let an applicant know that the job he applied for is no longer vacant

          (C) To arrange an interview with an applicant

          (D) To ask an applicant to provide additional pictures

163. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

          “Unfortunately, we require 2 years of previous managerial experience for that position.”

          (A) [1]

          (B) [2]

          (C) [3]

          (D) [4]

Questions 164-167 refer to the following advertisement.

Active Life

Invites you to activate your life!

Let us help you get in shape, increase your energy,
and feel better about yourself!

■   All new members get the first month free!

■   Afraid of an annual commitment? Don’t worry, our membership renews quarterly.

■   Choose from a broad selection of classes including aerobics, spinning, yoga, and more.

■   We offer family plans at discounted rates.

■   Bring your kids too! Let our childcare specialists supervise your children in our new playroom ($10 / hour).

This Month’s Special !
Join Us This Month and Save 50% off the $200 Enrollment Fee.
1086 Patterson Ave, Houston, TX 84873      832-565-4538

164. What kind of business is Active Life?

          (A) A fitness club

          (B) A vitamin store

          (C) A sporting goods store

          (D) A travel agency

165. How frequently are memberships renewed?

          (A) Once every two weeks

          (B) Once a month

          (C) Once every three months

          (D) Once a year

166. What can new members receive for free?

          (A) Child care services

          (B) Vitamins and nutritional supplements

          (C) One month membership

          (D) Membership for their family

167. What is the original enrollment fee for the current month?

          (A) $50

          (B) $100

          (C) $150

          (D) $200

Questions 168-171 refer to the following e-mail.

From:   Albert McGwire

To:   All department heads

Time:   Tuesday 09:25 A.M.

Subject:   Graduation Program

Hello everyone

This is a quick update on the program for Saturday’s graduation at the Robins Center. Faculty should arrive at the Robins Center and report to the Alumni Hall by 9:45 A. M. You can pick up your cap and gown there. The main ceremony will begin at 10:30 A.M. in the gymnasium. I will make some opening remarks and introduce the main speaker at 10:45 A. M. –[1]–. I am pleased to announce that the Honorable Judge Stevenson has confirmed that he will be able to attend. –[2]–.

Next, graduates and guests will disperse to the designated venues for each department’s ceremony. –[3]–. Each department head is in charge of organizing and managing their respective ceremonies. –[4]–. All of your graduates’ diplomas will be delivered to your venue on Saturday morning . Closing remarks should be given by each department head to conclude each ceremony. The graduation party sponsored by the university will begin in the commons area at 12:30 P.M.

I look forward to hosting another great graduation event.

Albert McGwire
University President

168. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

          (A) To confirm a reservation of a venue

          (B) To provide a schedule of events

          (C) To inform faculty of an updated policy

          (D) To invite people to attend a graduation ceremony

169. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

          “He will deliver the keynote address following my remarks.”

          (A) [1]

          (B) [2]

          (C) [3]

          (D) [4]

170. Where will the keynote address take place?

          (A) In the Alumni Hall

          (B) In the gymnasium

          (C) In the commons area

          (D) In the court room

171. The word “respective” in paragraph 2, line 3, is closest in meaning to

          (A) honored

          (B) respectful


          (D) unfair

Questions 172-175 refer to the online chat discussion.


The property management company wants us to sign a new contract at the end of the month.



Yeah, I’ve heard about it.



Is it already time to sign a new contract? I assume the rent will go up again.



Wow, time goes fast!



That’s right. They’ve raised the rent every year we’ve had our offices here.



In that case, I’m going to call the manager of those renovated properties at the Fox Center.

I know he has a few commercial spaces available, and I’ll bet they’re less expensive than this place.


172. What is the problem in this discussion?

          (A) A lost contract

          (B) Lack of business space

          (C) Expensive renovations

          (D) Increasing rent

173. What does Christopher suggest they do?

          (A) Increase the rent

          (B) Check their profits

          (C) Find a new location

          (D) Pay the moving company

174. At 3:24, what does Anna mean when she writes, “That’s right”?

          (A) More property expenses would be paid.

          (B) A contract should be updated.

          (C) The office was renovated.

          (D) The rent was too expensive.

175. What will Christopher likely do?

          (A) Raise the rent

          (B) Renovate their offices

          (C) Contact the Fox Center manager

          (D) Talk to the property management company

Questions 176-180 refer to the following advertisement and e-mail.

Villa Romano

The historical Villa Romano is the perfect setting for an elegant wedding offering comfort, tranquility, relaxation, luxury, and impeccable service. The large gardens and the new swimming pool also make a nice setting for cocktails, gala evenings, and buffets. We can cater for up to 100 people. Your closest family and guests can sleep in 12 elegant rooms that can be connected if desired. There is a beautiful chapel inside the Villa for your private ceremony. For reservation information, contact our Event Coordinator, Veronica Napoli at or call (713)545-2010.

To:   Vanessa Hamilton <hami1ton12>

From:   Veronica Napoli <>

Date:   May 12

Subject:   Wedding Reservation


Dear Ms. Hamilton:

Thank you for choosing the Villa Romano for your wedding. We will do everything we can to accommodate all of your needs for this special day.

Please send us your deposit of $1,000 by June 10 to reserve the 12 onsite guest rooms.

Also, please let me know the number of guests that you are expecting by August 1. Our catering manager, Bruce Adkins, will be contacting you this week to discuss your reception menu. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Veronica Napoli
Event Coordinator, Villa Romano

176. For whom is the advertisement most likely intended?

          (A) Brides

          (B) Families

          (C) Business professionals

          (D) Retirees

177. What is NOT mentioned as a feature of the Villa Romano?

          (A) A chapel

          (B) A spa

          (C) Adjoining rooms

          (D) A new swimming pool

178. What is suggested about Ms. Hamilton?

          (A) She is canceling her reservation.

          (B) She is hosting a cocktail party.

          (C) She has stayed at the Villa Romano.

          (D) She is getting married.

179. What is true about the event?

          (A) It will take place on August 1.

          (B) Complete payment for the event has been made.

          (C) No more than one hundred people will attend.

          (D) Guests will receive a discount on hotel rooms.

180. What will Ms. Hamilton speak with Adkins about?

          (A) Reserving the chapel

          (B) Making a deposit

          (C) Changing her room assignment

          (D) Choosing food for the reception

Questions 181-185 refer to the following article and e-mail.

On April 1st, Value Plus Airlines opened its doors to travelers looking to purchase low cost tickets but not sacrifice service and reliability. The airline’s first flights are scheduled to begin on May 15th and will fly between New York and Los Angeles. In July, Value Plus will add service from New York to Dallas and to Seattle.

Tickets can be purchased by phone or on the company’s web site. However, to keep costs low, they are not available through travel agencies.

Unlike most other airlines, Value Plus allows travelers to check two pieces of luggage at no extra charge. It also advertises no change fees to reschedule your flight for a different date. Even though it is a budget airline, it still offers free non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. According to Value Plus representatives, it will offer low priced meal options beginning in June. In addition, it claims to offer fast automated check-in procedures at the airport.

To:   George Bryant <>

From:   Sheila Primrose <>

Subject:   Flight issue

Date:   May 19th

Dear Mr. Bryant:

I flew on Value Plus Flight 105 on May 17th, and of course, I was looking forward to affordable, fast, and reliable service as advertised by Value Plus Airlines. Although my flight left on time and I enjoyed the complimentary in-flight refreshments, the speed of the check-in process did not meet my expectations. I arrived at the airport an hour and a half before my flight, but several of the automated check-in machines were not working, which caused me to have to wait in line for almost 50 minutes. This caused me to nearly miss my flight. I understand you are just getting started but I hope these problems will be rectified before my next flight to Los Angeles on June 5th. If not, I will most likely take my business elsewhere.


Sheila Primrose

181. When did Value Plus Airlines start selling tickets?

          (A) April

          (B) May

          (C) June

          (D) July

182. What is indicated about Value Plus Airlines?

          (A) Its first flight was in April.

          (B) It promises to provide quality service and low prices.

          (C) Its tickets can be purchased through travel agencies.

          (D) It is based in Dallas.

183. According to the article, what are Value Plus passengers able to do?

          (A) Enjoy complimentary alcoholic drinks during the flight

          (B) Check-in via the Internet

          (C) Order meals during the flight

          (D) Change their flight schedules for free

184. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

          (A) To cancel a reservation

          (B) To show appreciation

          (C) To complain about the service

          (D) To ask for a complimentary ticket

185. Where will Ms. Primrose most likely depart on June 5th?

          (A) New York

          (B) Los Angeles

          (C) Dallas

          (D) Seattle

Questions 186-190 refer to the following tariff, advertisement, and letter.

Quickfix Technicians Ltd. Maintenance Contract

Purchase Order: KL 539784

Contract Date: September 12

Purchaser: Anderson & Cooper

Equipment: Prestige Laser Printer

Starting Date of Services: September 12

Contract Term: 2 years _X_      3 years_

Contractor: Quickfix Technicians Ltd.

Model: NM 6786

Quickfix Technicians Ltd.


You’ve got the most reliable maintenance service.

There are some guidelines for you:

We will perform regular inspections and maintenance duties for Anderson & Cooper Legal Associates on their Prestige Laser Printers, NM 6786.

The inspection and maintenance will be performed at the purchaser’s workplace and will be provided three times annually until the termination of the contract.

Trained technicians will clean the printers and perform a thorough diagnostics test to check the efficiency of the operating system. If a problem is detected, recommendation for repair will be submitted.

Defective parts will be replaced once the purchaser submits a signed copy of the technician’s written recommendation.

Services provided will not cover damages caused by neglect or improper handling.

William Blundel
Anderson & Cooper legal Associates
75 Freemason Dr.
Philadelphia, PA 07988

August 20
Sarah Ferguson
Quickfix Technicians Ltd.
23 Delaware Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 07934

Dear Ms. Ferguson,

Since our most recent inspection, we have had several difficulties using our Prestige Laser Printer.

I raised the issue with the technician when he was here last for the contractual inspection and maintenance on August 15. The technician informed me that the problems we were experiencing were the result of a faulty part and that he would complete a diagnostic report for us. Unfortunately, since then we have not heard anything more about this report.

Since our next inspection will not occur for another four months, we would like to have your technician return to our offices and complete the repairs as soon as possible. Please inform us as to the earliest date a technician can visit our location.


William Blundel
Anderson & Cooper Legal Associates

186. How long is the contract valid?

          (A) For one year

          (B) For two years

          (C) For three years

          (D) For four years

187. What does the contract NOT indicate about the service?

          (A) It is to be completed by a trained technician.

          (B) It is offered more than once per year.

          (C) It will take place at the purchaser’s place of business.

          (D) It will include the immediate replacement of the damaged parts.

188. What is the purpose of the letter?

          (A) To ask for an extension of a warranty

          (B) To request completion of the repair

          (C) To reschedule a routine inspection

          (D) To question the results of the inspection

189. What does Mr. Blundel want to know?

          (A) When a technician will visit him

          (B) How much is the repair work

          (C) Whom he should talk to about the problem

          (D) How he can get an instruction manual

190. How many times did the company probably receive the service in total?

          (A) One

          (B) Two

          (C) Three

          (D) Four

Questions 191-195 refer to the following e-mail, schedule and letter.

To:   Alexis Marsh <>
From:   Nicholas Gentry <>
Date:   October 3
Re:   Orientation
Attachment:   Orientation Schedule.doc


Dear Alexis,

Welcome to Seneca Medical Sales! We are excited to have someone with your experience in the medical sales industry joining our team. I hope you are feeling comfortable in your new surroundings. I am writing to let you know about our orientation program for new sales representatives. It will be held from October 15 through October 18 at the Innsbrook Training Center. The program starts daily at 8:45 A. M. and ends at 4:45 P. M. Breakfast and lunch will be provided daily free of charge, although attendance at the meals is not mandatory.

I have attached a tentative schedule for the orientation program. Note that one of the activities requires participants to work in a team, and that you have been assigned to Team D. In the next few days, you will receive more information about this and other activities.

I am looking forward to seeing you again. Should you have any questions, feel free to email me or call me at 555-3010, ext 104.


Nicholas Gentry
Employment Representative
Human Resources

Orientation Schedule
Day and Date


October 15

October 16

October 17

October 18







Welcome & Agenda

Review & Agenda

Review & Agenda

Review & Agenda


Selling Skills 101

Interviewing Customers

Time and Territory Management Skills

Competitive Account Analysis







Intro to Healthcare Sales

Building Client Rapport

Closing a Sale

Online Tutorial Session







Sales Presentation Skills

Team A’s presentation

Consultative Selling Skills

Team Meeting
(Teams A & C)
Product line-up
(Teams B & D)







Team Meeting
(Teams A & B)

Product line-up
(Teams C & D)

Team B’s presentation

Team C’s presentation

Team D’s presentation

Date : Oct. 10

Dear Mr. Gentry,

I don’t know whether you were informed that I am not going to participate in orientation program on October 18. Last night, I got a message from the branch in Washington that I have to assist an opening ceremony of a new business at that time. Therefore, I can not give a group presentation on the last day of the orientation. I need to be assigned to another team to do this course.

I’m very sorry to inform you of this schedule conflict. I look forward to your response as soon as possible.

Alexis Marsh

191. In what department does Ms. Marsh work for?

          (A) Advertising

          (B) Accounting

          (C) Human resources

          (D) Sales

192. What is not indicated about Ms. Marsh?

          (A) She will relocate for a new job.

          (B) She will work for a medical sales company.

          (C) She has previous work experience.

          (D) She has met Mr. Gentry before.

193. In the e-mail, the word “mandatory” in paragraph 1, line 6 is closest in meaning to

          (A) desired

          (B) encouraged

          (C) required

          (D) optional

194. When is Ms. Marsh most likely to learn about establishing relationships with clients?

          (A) On Monday

          (B) On Tuesday

          (C) On Wednesday

          (D) On Thursday

195. According to Ms. Marsh’ e-mail, which team can not she most likely be joined?

          (A) Team A

          (B) Team B

          (C) Team C

          (D) Team D

Questions 196-200 refer to the following e-mail, document, and text message chain.

From:   Marcella Wilberger <>

To:   Ricardo Rubio <>

Date :   July 20

Attachment :   Standard EH Reference Form


Hi Ricardo!

I just saw on the GIP website that you recently won the company’s Most Outstanding Employee Award for this year. Congratulations! It’s definitely well deserved and indicates how much you are appreciated at GIP.

Things have been going pretty well for us since I left GIP and moved to El Paso. My husband really loves his new job so far, and we found a really cute house to rent. I’m currently working at a local engineering firm called Affinion. The office is only a five-minute drive from our home, but I’m not fully satisfied with it since it’s neither exciting nor financially rewarding.

Therefore, I’ve been searching for a job opportunity that better suits my interests. I recently interviewed for a promising position with a commercial real estate company. They seem quite interested in me and have asked for a professional reference. I was wondering if you would be willing to fill out the attached form and return it to them. I can’t think of anyone better to evaluate my qualifications, skills, and character. I really appreciate your help.
Please tell everyone at the office my best.

Ellis Holdings

305 Armadillo Avenue, El Paso, TX 78414
Professional Reference Form

Applicant’s Name : Marcella A. Wilberger

Address : 1804 Sierra Vista Boulevard, El Paso TX 78422


Name : Ricardo Rubio                                   Employer : CIP Insurance Company Tulsa OK

Years with the company : 12                      Position : Senior Accountant

How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?

I was her supervisor at CIP for three years and worked with her for a total of six years.

How would you rate the quality of this applicant’s work?

Marcella was a key member of our accounting team here at CIP. She always completed her work thoroughly and efficiently and was well liked by her co-workers. She’s a talented accountant and very dependable.

Are you aware of any potential problems with the applicant?

None. I absolutely give my full endorsement of her.

May we contact you for further information : Yes I No

(If so, please give us a phone number) (869) 410-8700 ext. 3

Please fax completed reference form to (640)723-0198 with attention to Eric Benoli, Human Resources. Thank you.

Ricardo Rubio

11 :30 A.M.

Hello, Marcella. I have just submitted your reference form you requested to Ellis Holdings.



11:31 A.M.

Thank you so much, dear. Is it possible to fax a copy of the document to me?

Ricardo Rubio

11 :36 A.M.

Oh, my gosh. I am on my way to the meeting with clients. Do you need to look over it, right now? I should have forwarded it to you first. I’m sorry.




No, you don’t have to worry about it. I was just wondering. Anyway, I am totally appreciate it.

Ricardo Rubio

11 :45 A.M.

Right after the meeting, I will send you this paper and contact you promptly.

196. In the e-mail, the word “suits” in paragraph 3, line 1, is closest in meaning to

          (A) matches

          (B) clothes

          (C) clashes

          (D) warrants

197. What does Ms. Wilberger say about her current job?

          (A) It involves out of town travel.

          (B) It is close to her home.

          (C) It is well paid.

          (D) It is interesting.

198. What is suggested about Ellis Holdings?

          (A) It is an engineering firm.

          (B) It is a commercial real estate company.

          (C) It is an insurance agency.

          (D) It is a financial institution.

199. What is suggested about Mr. Rubio?

          (A) He is an acquaintance of Eric Benoli.

          (B) He was hired by CIP six years ago.

          (C) He works in the human resources department.

          (D) He holds a supervisory position at CIP.

200. At 11 :36, what does Ricardo mean when she writes, “Oh, my gosh”?

          (A) He forgot to meet her clients.

          (B) He is very pleased with Marcella’s message.

          (C) He feels sorry that she cannot handle Marcella’s request.

          (D) He makes a deal with clients.

Answer Key

Answer Key

101. (C)   102. (D)   103. (D)   104. (B)   105. (B)

106. (B)   107. (D)   108. (C)   109. (A)   110. (C)

111. (A)   112. (B)   113. (C)   114. (B)   115. (C)

116. (A)   117. (A)   118. (B)   119. (D)   120. (D)

121. (C)   122. (C)   123. (B)   124. (C)   125. (D)

126. (D)   127. (C)   128. (B)   129. (D)   130. (B)

131. (C)   132. (D)   133. (B)   134. (A)   135. (A)

136. (A)   137. (B)   138. (D)   139. (A)   140. (C)

141. (C)   142. (A)   143. (A)   144. (A)   145. (D)

146. (A)   147. (D)   148. (C)   149. (C)   150. (C)

151. (C)   152. (A)   153. (B)   154. (A)   155. (A)

156. (A)   157. (D)   158. (C)   159. (A)   160. (C)

161. (B)   162. (A)   163. (B)   164. (A)   165. (C)

166. (C)   167. (D)   168. (B)   169. (B)   170. (B)

171. (C)   172. (D)   173. (C)   174. (A)   175. (C)

176. (A)   177. (B)   178. (D)   179. (C)   180. (D)

181. (A)   182. (B)   183. (D)   184. (C)   185. (A)

186. (B)   187. (D)   188. (B)   189. (A)   190. (C)

191. (D)   192. (A)   193. (C)   194. (B)   195. (D)

196. (A)   197. (B)   198. (B)   199. (D)   200. (C)