Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.







Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), or (C) on your answer sheet.

7. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

8. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

9. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

10. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

11. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

15. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

16. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

20. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

21. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

22. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

25. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

27. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

30. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

31. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

32.  What kind of business do the speakers most likely work for?

        (A) A medical clinic

        (B) A repair shop

        (C) A clothing store

        (D) A car dealership

33.  What has the business recently done?

        (A) Launched a loyalty program

        (B) Changed to a new supplier

        (C) Added an express service

        (D) Expanded its display area

34.  Why is the man pleased?

        (A) Profits will be able to grow.

        (B) More employees will be hired.

        (C) Customers gave positive feedback.

        (D) The woman offered him a promotion.

35.  What product is the conversation about?

        (A) A television

        (B) A smartphone

        (C) A laptop

        (D) A microwave

36.  What caused the team to miss a deadline?

        (A) Some inexperienced employees

        (B) An incomplete order form

        (C) A lack of funds

        (D) A change in regulations

37.  What is scheduled to take place next week?

        (A) A product test

        (B) A customer survey

        (C) A store’s grand opening

        (D) An annual sale

38.  Where does the man most likely work?

        (A) At a hotel

        (B) At a taxi firm

        (C) At a four company

        (D) At a performance hall

39.  What does the man say will take place on Saturday?

        (A) A parade

        (B) An election

        (C) A contest

        (D) A convention

40.  What does the man suggest doing?

        (A) Calling a different branch

        (B) Applying for a group rate

        (C) Registering for an activity quickly

        (D) Checking some prices online

41.  What most likely is the man’s job?

        (A) Real estate agent

        (B) Interior decorator

        (C) Graphic designer

        (D) Construction engineer

42.  What does the woman say she is worried about?

        (A) A small space

        (B) A project deadline

        (C) A monthly fee

        (D) A parking situation

43.  What does the woman ask the man to do?

        (A) Update an invoice

        (B) Send a Web site link

        (C) Provide a catalog

        (D) Set up a meeting

44.  What is the conversation mainly about?

        (A) A business relocation

        (B) An anniversary party

        (C) An art class

        (D) A fundraising event

45.  Why does the man say, “The venue’s staff deals with the furniture”?

        (A) To correct a misunderstanding

        (B) To recommend a business

        (C) To assign a task to the woman

        (D) To explain a price increase

46.  What does the man offer to do?

        (A) Make a final payment

        (B) Contact some clients

        (C) Add images to a homepage

        (D) Check some invitations

47.  According to the woman, what is scheduled to happen on Monday?

        (A) Some new products will arrive.

        (B) Some renovation work will start.

        (C) Some prices will be changed.

        (D) Some demonstrations will be given.

48.  What does the man suggest when he says, “I won’t be going across town anymore”?

        (A) He will give up his skiing hobby.

        (B) He is having trouble with transportation.

        (C) He plans to shop at the woman’s business.

        (D) He is too busy to complete a task.

49.  Why does the woman apologize to the man?

        (A) A catalog is not available.

        (B) An additional fee will be charged.

        (C) A coupon is no longer valid.

        (D) An item has been discontinued.

50.  What is the main topic of the conversation?

        (A) A piece of luggage

        (B) A piece of furniture

        (C) A clothing accessory

        (D) A power tool

51.  What problem does the woman mention about the product?

        (A) It is too heavy.

        (B) It is missing a component.

        (C) It is the wrong size.

        (D) It has a damaged box.

52.  What does Leonard suggest?

        (A) Receiving an item by mail

        (B) Purchasing an extended warranty

        (C) Keeping a receipt

        (D) Contacting a manufacturer

53. Where do the speakers work?

        (A) At a golf club

        (B) At an art institute

        (C) At a shoe factory

        (D) At a community center

54.  What is being discussed?

        (A) Safety regulations

        (B) Private lessons

        (C) Employee salaries

        (D) Online reviews

55.  What is the woman asked to do?

        (A) Print out a sign

        (B) Create a list of supplies

        (C) Make some phone calls

        (D) Repair a machine

56. What kind of work would the woman do for the company?

        (A) Tracking company expenses

        (B) Developing television commercials

        (C) Recruiting foreign employees

        (D) Designing new products

57.  Why is the man being considered for the position?

        (A) She has a degree from a university.

        (B) She used to operate her own business.

        (C) She is able to start on short notice.

        (D) She speaks several languages.

58.  What do the men mention about the office?

        (A) It will be expanded soon.

        (B) It has a convenient location.

        (C) It is in a six-story building.

        (D) It has a modern design.

59.  What kind of business does the woman own?

        (A) A bakery

        (B) A furniture store

        (C) A publishing company

        (D) A seafood restaurant

60.  What does the woman say about younger customers?

        (A) They are concerned about costs.

        (B) They prefer last delivery.

        (C) They are interested in health.

        (D) They use more technology.

61.  According to the woman, how does her business find new customers?

        (A) Through hosting free events

        (B) Through partnering with other businesses

        (C) Through online advertisements

        (D) Through personal recommendations

62.  Where is the conversation taking place?

        (A) At a staff orientation

        (B) At a board meeting

        (C) At a technology fair

        (D) At a product launch event

63.  Look at the graphic. Which step does the man think does not get enough attention?

        (A) Planning

        (B) Site Preparation

        (C) Installation

        (D) System Test

64.  What does the woman plan to do later today?

        (A) Read a brochure

        (B) Schedule an inspection

        (C) Visit a client

        (D) Place an order

65.  Where are the speakers?

        (A) At an investment bank

        (B) At a home improvement store

        (C) At a printing shop

        (D) At a delivery company

66.  Look at the graphic. What item is the man wondering about?

        (A) A window

        (B) Some carpeting

        (C) A space heater

        (D) A television

67.  What does the man agree to do?

        (A) Provide an invoice

        (B) Talk to a staff member

        (C) Hire a specialist

        (D) Post a revised schedule

68.  Where are the speakers?

        (A) At a newsstand

        (B) At a government office

        (C) At a laboratory

        (D) At a café

69.  What kind of project are the speakers discussing?

        (A) A sales presentation

        (B) A magazine layout

        (C) A budget review

        (D) A training program

70.  Look at the graphic. Why is the man unable to meet with the photographer?

        (A) He has an interview.

        (B) He is going to the airport.

        (C) He has a workshop.

        (D) He will host a conference call.

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

71.  What kind of business is recruiting staff?

        (A) A train company

        (B) A botanical garden

        (C) An airline

        (D) A supermarket chain

72.  According to the advertisement, what is the business famous for?

        (A) Improving safety standards

        (B) Winning industry awards

        (C) Providing excellent customer service

        (D) Performing environmental research

73.  What benefit of the job is mentioned?

        (A) High hourly wages

        (B) Complimentary admission

        (C) Flexible working hours

        (D) Specialist training

74.  Where do the listeners most likely work?

        (A) At a convenience store

        (B) At a car rental company

        (C) At a camping store

        (D) At an electronics shop

75.  What does the management team want the staff to do?

        (A) Improve their product knowledge

        (B) Arrive for their shifts earlier

        (C) Help customers to pack up items

        (D) Promote a new line of goods

76.  How can customers enroll in a drawing?

        (A) By attending an event

        (B) By writing a review

        (C) By buying a product

        (D) By completing a survey

77.  What kind of event are the listeners planning?

        (A) A grand opening

        (B) A career fair

        (C) A training workshop

        (D) A community parade

78.  Why is the speaker pleased?

        (A) A lot of employees are willing to help.

        (B) An offer was accepted.

        (C) High attendance is expected.

        (D) Some financial donations were made.

79.  According to the speaker, what is Anthony in charge of?

        (A) Arranging transportation

        (B) Creating a schedule

        (C) Designing some signs

        (D) Updating a Web site

80.  What is the purpose of the call?

        (A) To report missing items

        (B) To request a discount

        (C) To set up a meeting

        (D) To introduce a colleague

81.  What does the speaker suggest when she says, “I’m meeting with Ms. Riley the day after tomorrow”?

        (A) A schedule should be updated.

        (B) An event has been postponed.

        (C) A memo was incorrect.

        (D) A request should be processed urgently.

82.  What has changed at the speaker’s business?

        (A) The mailing address

        (B) The number of employees

        (C) The hours of operation

        (D) The delivery fees

83.  What does the speaker say the company has had trouble with?

        (A) Matching competitors’ prices

        (B) Finding a reliable supplier

        (C) Running effective advertisements

        (D) Training new employees

84.  What did the speaker do last week?

        (A) He conducted some job interviews.

        (B) He analyzed some survey results.

        (C) He visited a potential business partner.

        (D) He checked the quality of some goods.

85.  What does the manager want to do?

        (A) Implement performance evaluations

        (B) Expand the business overseas

        (C) Get suggestions from employees

        (D) Rearrange a display case

86.  What will today’s podcast be about?

        (A) Increasing productivity

        (B) Giving public speeches

        (C) Attracting customers

        (D) Managing finances

87.  What industry does Holly Keating work in?

        (A) Commercial advertising

        (B) Fashion design

        (C) Home decorating

        (D) Computer programming

88.  According to the speaker, what can be found on a Web site?

        (A) Training videos

        (B) Some driving directions

        (C) A list of trends

        (D) Job opening information

89.  What problem does the speaker apologize for?

        (A) A price increase

        (B) A ticketing error

        (C) A lack of luggage space

        (D) A misprint on a schedule

90.  Why does the speaker most likely say, “That stop will be right after the palace”?

        (A) To complain about a delay

        (B) To ask listeners to hold their questions

        (C) To encourage participation in a photo

        (D) To suggest having a meal later

91.  What will the listeners most likely do at Lumpini Park?

        (A) Watch a contest

        (B) Join a sporting event

        (C) Have a picnic

        (D) Hear a lecture

92.  What goal does Greenville currently have?

        (A) Repairing damaged streets

        (B) Improving road safety

        (C) Reducing traffic congestion

        (D) Making parking easier

93.  Why does the speaker say, “Brookfield residents have been using it for a year”?

        (A) To offer reassurance

        (B) To ask for assistance

        (C) To suggest sharing a cost

        (D) To request a newer product

94.  What are the listeners asked to do?

        (A) Sign up for an event

        (B) Submit topic ideas

        (C) Share their questions

        (D) Call city officials

95.  Why has the event’s date been changed?

        (A) Severe weather is expected.

        (B) Some supplies did not arrive.

        (C) A venue underwent some damage.

        (D) A performer had a scheduling conflict.

96.  Look at the graphic. Which event does the speaker plan to attend?

        (A) Ace Brothers

        (B) Winter Winds

        (C) Maple Journey

        (D) Zach Lewis Comedy

97.  What does the speaker suggest doing?

        (A) Upgrading to better seats

        (B) Using public transportation

        (C) Checking ticket availability

        (D) Sharing a meal before an event

98.  What most likely is the speaker’s job?

        (A) Government safety inspector

        (B) Financial analyst

        (C) Maintenance manager

        (D) Security guard

99.  Look at the graphic. Which phase will be worked on this week?

        (A) Phase 1

        (B) Phase 2

        (C) Phase 3

        (D) Phase 4

100. What will be sent to the listener?

        (A) Some test results

        (B) Some product samples

        (C) An adjusted contract

        (D) Directions to a site

Answer Key

Answer Key

01.  (B)   02.  (C)   03.  (D)   04.  (A)   05.  (A)

06.  (B)   07.  (A)   08.  (B)   09.  (C)   10.  (A)

11.  (A)   12.  (B)   13.  (B)   14.  (C)   15.  (B)

16.  (A)   17.  (A)   18.  (B)   19.  (C)   20.  (A)

21.  (B)   22.  (C)   23.  (C)   24.  (B)   25.  (A)

26.  (C)   27.  (B)   28.  (A)   29.  (C)   30.  (C)

31.  (B)   32.  (B)   33.  (C)   34.  (A)   35.  (C)

36.  (D)   37.  (A)   38.  (C)   39.  (A)   40.  (C)

41.  (A)   42.  (D)   43.  (B)   44.  (D)   45.  (A)

46.  (C)   47.  (A)   48.  (C)   49.  (A)   50.  (D)

51.  (B)   52.  (A)   53.  (A)   54.  (B)   55.  (C)

56.  (C)   57.  (D)   58.  (B)   59.  (A)   60.  (C)

61.  (D)   62.  (C)   63.  (B)   64.  (A)   65.  (A)

66.  (C)   67.  (B)   68.  (D)   69.  (B)   70.  (B)

71.  (B)   72.  (D)   73.  (A)   74.  (C)   75.  (A)

76.  (D)   77.  (B)   78.  (A)   79.  (A)   80.  (A)

81.  (D)   82.  (C)   83.  (B)   84.  (D)   85.  (C)

86.  (A)   87.  (C)   88.  (D)   89.  (C)   90.  (D)

91.  (A)   92.  (D)   93.  (A)   94.  (C)   95.  (A)

96.  (B)   97.  (C)   98.  (C)   99.  (B)   100.  (A)