Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.







Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), or (C) on your answer sheet.

7. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

8. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

9. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

10. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

11. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

12. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

13. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

14. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

15. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

16. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

17. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

18. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

19. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

20. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

21. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

22. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

23. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

24. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

25. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

26. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

27. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

28. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

29. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

30. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

31. Mark your answer on your answer sheet.

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

32.  Where do the speakers work?

        (A) At a factory

        (B) At a grocery store

        (C) At a music studio

        (D) At a coffee shop

33.  According to the woman, why will the business be busy today?

        (A) Some celebrities will visit the business.

        (B) Some items are currently on sale.

        (C) An event will be held in the neighborhood.

        (D) A competitor has recently closed.

34.  What does the woman say she will do?

        (A) Unlock an entrance

        (B) Move a display

        (C) Return some items

        (D) Call a coworker

35.  What is the conversation mainly about?

        (A) Upgrading a Web site

        (B) Printing business cards

        (C) Moving to a new office

        (D) Getting a business loan

36.  Why will the man send an e-mail to the woman?

        (A) To show past clients’ projects

        (B) To recommend a product

        (C) To request a payment

        (D) To confirm a design

37.  According to the woman, what will happen on July 7?

        (A) A new employee will begin work.

        (B) A price for a service will increase.

        (C) A business will have a grand opening.

        (D) An office will close earlier than usual.

38.  What kind of business do the speakers work for?

        (A) A real estate agency

        (B) A financial institution

        (C) A construction company

        (D) A post office

39.  What were the speakers disappointed by?

        (A) Low attendance at an event

        (B) Problems with a supply order

        (C) Negative customer comments

        (D) A lack of qualified employees

40.  What is Patricia asked to do?

        (A) Organize a meeting

        (B) Contact a customer

        (C) Visit a Web site

        (D) Take some photographs

41.  What is the conversation mainly about?

        (A) Some travel arrangements

        (B) A recruitment effort

        (C) A renovation project

        (D) A training session

42.  What does the woman plan to do tomorrow?

        (A) Print copies of a schedule

        (B) Set up some equipment

        (C) Post an advertisement

        (D) Give a presentation

43.  What does the man recommend doing?

        (A) Making repairs to a sound system

        (B) Postponing an industry event

        (C) Creating online materials

        (D) Booking meeting spaces

44.  Where does the woman most likely work?

        (A) At a fashion magazine firm

        (B) At a courier service

        (C) At a newspaper publisher

        (D) At a jewelry store

45.  What does the man suggest when he says, “The celebration is this evening”?

        (A) He cannot put off making a purchase.

        (B) He wants to postpone the event.

        (C) He needs to correct a scheduling error.

        (D) He is inviting the woman to a party.

46.  What does the man ask the woman to do?

        (A) Bring over a manager

        (B) Check a storage area

        (C) Call a different branch

        (D) Place an order online

47.  Where does the woman work?

        (A) At a recording studio

        (B) At a sports arena

        (C) At a concert hall

        (D) At a radio station

48.  According to the man, what was the problem last year?

        (A) There were not enough seats.

        (B) The staff was unprofessional.

        (C) Some ticket machines malfunctioned.

        (D) There was a scheduling conflict.

49.  What will the woman send to the man in three days?

        (A) A contract

        (B) A pamphlet

        (C) A map

        (D) An invoice

50.  Where is the conversation most likely taking place?

        (A) At a furniture store

        (B) At a graphic design company

        (C) At a city park

        (D) At a museum

51.  According to the man, why did he want to assign the task to the woman?

        (A) She is familiar with a client.

        (B) She is able to work additional hours.

        (C) She has completed similar projects before.

        (D) She has experience leading a team.

52.  What does the man think the woman should do?

        (A) Pick up some supplies from Gina

        (B) Complete a request form

        (C) Delegate a project to a coworker

        (D) Meet a client in person

53. What business does the man operate?

        (A) A supermarket

        (B) A bakery

        (C) A repair shop

        (D) An electronics store

54.  According to the man, what is the problem with a product?

        (A) It does not turn off automatically.

        (B) Its alarm is too quiet to hear.

        (C) It does not heat up quickly enough.

        (D) It has a cracked display screen.

55.  What does the woman instruct the man to do?

        (A) Unplug the equipment

        (B) Clean off a sensor

        (C) Read a user manual

        (D) Watch an online tutorial

56. Where is the conversation taking place?

        (A) At an appliances store

        (B) At a public library

        (C) At a manufacturing facility

        (D) At a commercial building

57.  Why does the man say, “They need a second run”?

        (A) To apologize for a lack of space

        (B) To explain why he cannot help

        (C) To complain about a colleague’s work

        (D) To request a rush order

58.  What do the speakers plan to do at eight o’clock?

        (A) Assign some new tasks

        (B) Ride together in a truck

        (C) Take a break

        (D) Empty some trash containers

59.  What industry do the speakers work in?

        (A) Publishing

        (B) Finance

        (C) Manufacturing

        (D) Education

60.  Why is the man worried?

        (A) Government regulations are not met.

        (B) The prices are too expensive.

        (C) Some materials are harmful.

        (D) The company is understaffed.

61.  What event will take place in Toronto in May?

        (A) A press conference

        (B) A job fair

        (C) A company anniversary

        (D) A sports competition

62.  Why does the man plan to move to the Fairmont neighborhood?

        (A) He will start a new business.

        (B) He will transfer to a new job.

        (C) He wants to be closer to work.

        (D) He wants to live with his family.

63.  Look at the graphic. Which building has an apartment that the man is interested in?

        (A) Max Tower

        (B) Westway Apartments

        (C) Emerson Suites

        (D) Springview

64.  What will the woman most likely do next?

        (A) Download a map

        (B) Print a receipt

        (C) Sign a contract

        (D) Book a tour

65.  What task has the woman been assigned?

        (A) Preparing photos of a site

        (B) Writing a company description

        (C) Making updates to a Web site

        (D) Researching some tourist activities

66.  Look at the graphic. In which section would the speakers’ business most likely appear?

        (A) Section A

        (B) Section B

        (C) Section C

        (D) Section D

67.  What benefit of the guidebook does the man mention?

        (A) It has many discount offers.

        (B) It has a wide distribution network.

        (C) It offers a space for free advertisements.

        (D) It is updated every other week.

68.  What problem does the man mention?

        (A) His reservation was canceled.

        (B) His meeting ran late.

        (C) He took the wrong bus.

        (D) He had car trouble.

69.  What is the woman asked to do?

        (A) Greet a client

        (B) Approve an expense

        (C) Reserve a rental car

        (D) Set up a screen

70.  Look at the graphic. Where is the man near now?

        (A) Elmhurst Street

        (B) Hartford Street

        (C) Caldwell Street

        (D) Austin Street

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

71.  What is the speaker mainly discussing?

        (A) A construction project

        (B) A reading program

        (C) A VIP visitor

        (D) A budget surplus

72.  What does the speaker suggest changing?

        (A) The duration of an event

        (B) The promotional method

        (C) The location of a class

        (D) The number of volunteers

73.  What are the listeners asked to do?

        (A) Sign a form

        (B) Share some feedback

        (C) Take notes

        (D) E-mail some information

74.  What does the speaker say has been delayed?

        (A) The installation of security equipment.

        (B) The renewal of an apartment lease

        (C) The repaving of a parking lot

        (D) The tour of an apartment building

75.  Why does the speaker make an apology?

        (A) A reservation was given to another tenant.

        (B) A company has increased its prices.

        (C) She used poor-quality materials.

        (D) She provided some incorrect information.

76.  What is the listener asked to do?

        (A) Pick up a pass

        (B) Place an order

        (C) Move some items

        (D) Approve a schedule

77.  Where does the speaker work?

        (A) At a movie production company

        (B) At a national park

        (C) At a community theater

        (D) At a manufacturing facility

78.  According to the speaker, what should the listeners do first?

        (A) Go to the information desk

        (B) Put on protective gear

        (C) Join a membership

        (D) Read some information

79.  What does the speaker say the listeners will receive at the end of the tour?

        (A) A feedback form

        (B) A meal voucher

        (C) Some samples

        (D) A partial refund

80.  Who most likely is the speaker?

        (A) A job trainer

        (B) An author

        (C) A company president

        (D) A security officer

81.  Why does the speaker say, “You can get your questions answered right away”?

        (A) To recommend a service

        (B) To explain a schedule change

        (C) To thank her colleagues

        (D) To disagree with an opinion

82.  What will take place at 4 P.M.?

        (A) A group photo

        (B) A formal speech

        (C) A refreshments break

        (D) A special election

83.  What kind of business does Mr. Naidu own?

        (A) An accounting firm

        (B) A travel agency

        (C) A recruitment firm

        (D) A retail shop

84.  What will Mr. Naidu discuss during the broadcast?

        (A) Business negotiations

        (B) Security measures

        (C) Time-saving advice

        (D) Market trends

85.  What does the speaker encourage the listeners to do?

        (A) Call the station

        (B) Try a new service

        (C) Subscribe to a newsletter

        (D) E-mail some questions

86.  What are the listeners asked to do?

        (A) Wait at a checkout area

        (B) Promote an event

        (C) Set up a display

        (D) Unload items quickly

87.  What does the speaker suggest when he says, “we haven’t done anything”?

        (A) The listeners are working less efficiently than expected.

        (B) The listeners should not feel responsible for an error.

        (C) The listeners do not need to worry about a regulation.

        (D) The listeners can find items in their usual place.

88.  What does the speaker mention about the schedule issued on June 3?

        (A) It was distributed late.

        (B) It uses a new policy.

        (C) It has been changed.

        (D) It is posted in the break room.

89.  What is the main topic of the report?

        (A) A political debate

        (B) A community festival

        (C) A cleanup project

        (D) A business acquisition

90.  According to the speaker, what has a local business done?

        (A) Donated some supplies

        (B) Offered to train workers

        (C) Posted informational signs

        (D) Planned a meal

91.  According to the speaker, what can listeners do on the Web site?

        (A) Enter a prize drawing

        (B) Sign up for an activity

        (C) Download an event schedule

        (D) View some pictures

92.  What does the speaker’s business most likely specialize in?

        (A) Trade relations

        (B) Renewable energy

        (C) Chemical manufacturing

        (D) Computer technology

93.  Why does the speaker say, “they cut their bills by eighty percent”?

        (A) To support a claim

        (B) To praise a competitor

        (C) To explain a fee

        (D) To correct an error

94.  What does the speaker plan to do on Tuesday?

        (A) Visit the listener’s office

        (B) Sign a contract

        (C) Take a business trip

        (D) Attend a conference

95.  Who is the broadcast intended for?

        (A) Parents

        (B) Nutritionists

        (C) Fitness instructors

        (D) Professional chefs

96.  Look at the graphic. Which recipe has the speaker tried adjusting?

        (A) Pineapple

        (B) Grape

        (C) Mango

        (D) Strawberry

97.  What are the listeners encouraged to do?

        (A) Upload some images

        (B) Add comments online

        (C) Try a kitchen appliance

        (D) Create their own recipes

98.  What are the listeners reminded to do?

        (A) Turn off their cell phones

        (B) Wear their visitor badges

        (C) Indicate a meal preference

        (D) Retrieve their belongings

99.  Look at the graphic. Which talk has been replaced?

        (A) Bad Design and How to Fix It

        (B) Making Cooperative Games

        (C) Advancements in Virtual Reality

        (D) Marketing Your First Game

100. Who is Daniel Holland?

        (A) An event planner

        (B) A building manager

        (C) A conference presenter

        (D) An award nominee

Answer Key

Answer Key

01.  (B)   02.  (A)   03.  (D)   04.  (C)   05.  (B)

06.  (D)   07.  (B)   08.  (A)   09.  (B)   10.  (C)

11.  (C)   12.  (C)   13.  (B)   14.  (A)   15.  (A)

16.  (A)   17.  (B)   18.  (C)   19.  (A)   20.  (C)

21.  (A)   22.  (A)   23.  (A)   24.  (C)   25.  (B)

26.  (C)   27.  (C)   28.  (A)   29.  (B)   30.  (C)

31.  (C)   32.  (B)   33.  (C)   34.  (B)   35.  (B)

36.  (D)   37.  (A)   38.  (A)   39.  (A)   40.  (D)

41.  (B)   42.  (A)   43.  (D)   44.  (D)   45.  (A)

46.  (B)   47.  (C)   48.  (A)   49.  (A)   50.  (B)

51.  (A)   52.  (C)   53.  (B)   54.  (A)   55.  (C)

56.  (D)   57.  (B)   58.  (D)   59.  (A)   60.  (D)

61.  (B)   62.  (C)   63.  (C)   64.  (D)   65.  (B)

66.  (D)   67.  (B)   68.  (D)   69.  (A)   70.  (A)

71.  (B)   72.  (A)   73.  (A)   74.  (C)   75.  (D)

76.  (A)   77.  (A)   78.  (D)   79.  (B)   80.  (A)

81.  (D)   82.  (C)   83.  (A)   84.  (C)   85.  (D)

86.  (B)   87.  (D)   88.  (C)   89.  (C)   90.  (A)

91.  (D)   92.  (B)   93.  (A)   94.  (C)   95.  (A)

96.  (D)   97.  (B)   98.  (C)   99.  (C)   100.  (B)